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    Canada Border Services Agency – Speech From the Throne

   There is no role more fundamental than the protection of its citizens.

   That is why the Government established the Department of Public Safety and
    Emergency Preparedness, appointed a National Security Advisor to the Prime
    Minister, established the Cabinet Committee on Security, Public Health and
    Emergencies, and the new Canada Border Services Agency.

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    Canada Border Services Agency – Speech From the Throne

   The Government will develop, with its domestic partners, Canada’s first
    national security policy which will serve as a blueprint for effectively securing
    Canada in a way that strengthens the open nature of our society.
   Building on the successes of the Smart Border initiative, the Government will
    engage with the United States to further strengthen North American security
    while facilitating the flow of commerce and travellers.

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Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

                       The creation of the department of PSEP will
                        enable a truly integrated response to all
                        manner of emergencies and threats to our
                        security, whether they be be health-related,
                        natural disasters or from terrorists

                       It brings together, in one place, the core
                        functions of:

                             National security and intelligence

                             Policing and enforcement

                             Corrections and crime prevention

                             Border services

                             Emergency preparedness

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Benefits of Integration and Consolidation

               Restructuring of government is not a change
                in commitment; renewed focus simply
                means working smarter to protect public
                health and safety while enabling the efficient
                movement of goods and people across our

               Inter-agency cooperation will help achieve
                the proper balance between facilitation and

               Harmonizing procedures will reduce
                duplication; resulting increased efficiencies
                will benefit government, business and
                individual Canadians

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           Benefits – Providing an Integrated Response

     Minister for Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada

 Royal               Canadian       Canada
                                                    Correctional      National      Canada
Canadian             Security       Border
                                                     Service of        Parole      Firearms
Mounted          Intelligence       Services          Canada           Board        Centre
 Police            Service          Agency

                                WILL INTEGRATE

            Customs                Immigration                Import inspection
            program              Intelligence and              at ports of entry
            (CCRA)                    (CIC)                        (CFIA)

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Canada Border Services Agency – Key Customs Activities

                       Ensure commercial goods, travellers and
                        conveyances crossing the border comply
                        with Canadian laws

                       Identify and interdict high risk individuals
                        and goods

                       Work with law enforcement agencies to
                        maintain border integrity and ensure
                        national security

                       Support trade negotiations

                       Conduct compliance audit reviews

                       Carry out dumping and subsidy

                       Act on behalf of other federal departments
                        at the border

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Canada Border Services Agency – Key Immigration Activities

                       Identify and interdict high-risk individuals
                        overseas before they arrive in Canada. In 2002,
                        68% of attempted illegal entries by air (over
                        6,000 persons) were stopped before they got to

                       Immigration intelligence screens immigrants,
                        refugees, and visitors entering or remaining in
                        Canada. In 2003, over 23,000 background
                        checks were conducted on visitor applications
                        abroad, and on 1,200 immigrant applications

                       Investigate, arrest, detain and remove people
                        who are in violation of Canada’s immigration
                        laws, in particular, criminals and individuals
                        who pose security threats

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Canada Border Services Agency – Key CFIA Activities

                      Ensure food safety and plant and animal
                       health by identifying and interdicting high
                       risk regulated commodities at airports,
                       land ports and seaports

                      Responsible for the enforcement of 13
                       federal acts and regulations

                      Tightening security and preparing for

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                     Two Sides of the Same Coin

                             Two sides of
    Facilitation                                    Enforcement
                            the same coin

                             Facilitation and     Maintain vigilance in
Uphold Canadian values                             securing our border
                           enforcement are not
 of respect for privacy                           points of entry and in
   and human rights        mutually exclusive,
                                                  addressing threats to
                            but essential and    public health and safety

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         Customs Border Services Agency – June 1, 2004

                         Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness
                                     The Honourable Anne McLellan

                   President (Alain Jolicoeur) / Executive Vice-President (Denis Lefebvre)

                           Program                                                     Corporate

                                                                                        Legal Council
      VP Admissibility                         VP Enforcement

VP Strategy and Coordination          VP Innovation and Technology

       VP Operations                         VP Human Resources

                         VP Controllership

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          WHAT WE DO

Canada Border Services Agency – Highlights

             CBSA consolidates key functions previously
             spread among CCRA, CIC, and CFIA
                  1,369 service points across Canada and 38
                   locations abroad
                  Serves 170,000 commercial importers (40,000
                   releases daily) and over 98 million travellers
                   (300,000 travellers daily) each year
                  Two billion dollars in two-way trade crosses
                   the Canada-U.S. border every single day
                  Kept $501 million worth of narcotics off the
                   streets annually
                  Last year, 104 missing children were recovered
                  $60M in contraband detection technology
                  Year to date, there have been 1,279 currency
                   seizures representing more than $36 million
                  Over 6,400 inadmissible persons intercepted
                   overseas (2003)
                  8,609 removals from Canada (2003)
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Canada      Inland Activities
              Customs & Immigration Intelligence,
              Customs Investigations and
              Immigration Enforcement


              Customs post-release & verification
                                                                                          Secondary Immigration
                                                                                                 (CIC)                                                 Border
              Appeals                                                                                                                                  patrol

         Canada/                                                                                                   Primary Agricultural /
            US            Customs, Primary and
                                                       Primary Immigration                                         Food Requirements
          IBETS                Secondary                                     Canada / USA Border                        Inspection

            Inland Activities
                                                                                                                                               Border patrol (CBP)
                                                                                           Secondary Immigration
              Customs & Immigration Intelligence,

              Customs Investigations and Immigration
                                                                                                                               Common to CBSA and CBP
                                                                                                                                 Other Canadian Agencies
              Customs post-release & verification
                                                                                                                                      Unique to CBP
                                                                                                                                      Unique to CBSA
                                                                                                                                    Other DHS Bureau

                                                                                                                                    Other USA Agency
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  Canada Border Services Agency – Functions

                  Port Operations

      Trade        Enforcement        Intelligence

Innovation Management               International

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           WHAT WE DO
          Port Operations

                  Port Operations Activities

PORT OPERATIONS           Secure Canada’s borders against threats to
                           the health, safety and security of Canadians,
                           and to Canada’s environmental, trade and
                           economic interests
                          Facilitate the entry into Canada of legitimate
                           goods and travellers while ensuring that risks
                           to security are identified and prevented
                          Prevent the illegal entry of high risk persons
                           into Canada – our intervention at the border
                           helps fight international terrorism, people
                           smuggling, the trafficking of women and
                           children, and illegal immigration
                          Play a vital role in protecting the food supply
                           and public health, by ensuring that imported
                           agricultural goods meet Canada’s quality

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                                  Border Service Locations

We operate in a real-time environment, providing
 service at air, sea, and land border points – 24
   hours a day, 7 days a week at some of our
                  busiest locations                                     Immigration
                                                                         Points - 37
    There are 1,369 service locations                              Inland
            across Canada including:                                                Other - 72
  Small Vessel Marina Reporting Sites      473            Alternate    62
Commercial Vessel Reporting Stations       222             Service
                              Airports     198              Sites
                 Land Border Offices       119               71                                 Small Vessel
                          Warehouses       115                                                    Marina
             Alternative Service Sites     71                                                  Reporting Sites
                                                               Warehouses - 115                     473
                        Inland Offices     62
          Immigration Service Points       37                   Land Border
                                                                Offices - 119
                                  Other                                     Airports         Vessel
                              Rail Sites   22                                 198          Reporting
                        Ferry Terminals    11                                              Sites - 222
         Airports which Process Cargo      9
                    Cruise Ship Offices    8
      Locations serviced by an Acting      8
Customs & Excise Enforcement Officer
              Postal Processing Plants     5
  Airports used for Military Clearances    5
                Casual Refund Centres      4

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              Port Operations at a Glance – Annual Results

                 VOLUMETRICS                                TRAVELLER DISTRIBUTION BY MODE

    Travellers entering Canada     98 million                             Other – 3%

           Highways Travellers     77 million                       Air
  Percentage processed within      93%                             18%
 wait time service standard (10
 minutes Monday-Thursday, 20                                                    Highway
        minutes Friday-Sunday                                                     79%
                  Air Travellers   18 million
Percentage processed within 20     89 %
        minute wait time target

               Other Travellers    3 million
                                                            TRAVELLER DISTRIBUTION BY STATUS
          Commercial releases      11 million
                     per year
            Courier Shipments      24 million
        Import Duties Collected    $3.3 billion                    Returning
                                                                   Residents       Visitors
                 GST Collected     $22 billion
                                                                     47%               53%
     Value of drugs kept off the   $501 million
         Commercial Importers      170,000
    Missing children recovered     104

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Detector Dogs for CBSA

                       DETECTOR DOG TEAMS

     Detector dog and handler teams         Drugs,            Plants &
                     across Canada        firearms,             food

                               Pacific    11              3
                               Prairie    6               1
                Greater Toronto Area      10              5
         Windsor / St. Clair, Fort Erie   6               -
                     Northern Ontario     3               1
                              Québec      7               4
                              Atlantic    5               1

                                 Total    48              15

                                               63 teams in total

      Between January 2000 and December 2003 dog teams have
       uncovered over $670 million worth of drugs and firearms
                  resulting in over 2,500 seizures

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          WHAT WE DO

                               Verification Process

Compliance with        CANADIAN
health, safety, and     BORDER
must be checked
as travellers         VERIFICATION
and / or goods
                      UPON ENTRY
enter Canada

                                     Compliance with                         Clients may
                                     trade requirements                        dispute
                                     can be verified
                                     later, based on
                                     importer’s records                      decisions
                                     (e.g. tariff             VERIFICATION   via redress
                                     classification, rates
                                     of duty, valuation)
                                                             AFTER RELEASE

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Annual Trade Results – Fiscal Year 2002 / 2003

                               Value of imports   $348 billion

                         Gross import duties
                                                  $3.3 billion

                                 GST collected     $22 billion

                    Duties and taxes relieved       $2 billion

                   Customs redress disputes
                   (Adjudications and Trade)      Over 8,000

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          WHAT WE DO

              Key Enforcement Programs

                                     Marine Program
                                     Airport Program

                                  Cross Border Currency

                                    Missing Children

                       Recovered Stolen Property and Vehicles

                                    Firearms Program




                        Management of Detector Dogs Program

                       Control of International Garbage Disposal


                                     Officer Powers
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Detection Technologies Acquired or In Process of Being Acquired

   ENFORCEMENT        Pallet VACIS

                      Radiation Portal Detectors

                      Radiation Carborne Detectors

                      Chemical and Biological Agent Detectors

                      COMET Tool Trucks

                      Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV’s)

                      Explosive Detection Ionscans

                      Mobile X-Ray Vans for Airports

                      Stationary Baggage X-ray systems

                      Rollin X-ray Systems - New design to replace retired units

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                 Enforcement Programs – Annual Results

              INVESTIGATIONS                                REMOVAL OF INDIVIDUALS FROM CANADA

Customs related investigations    1,960                            Removal orders issued    44,373
                    in 2002/03                                                  annually
   Amount seized for Customs      $29.5 million                        Escorted removals    1,471
           related infractions
                                                            Removals from Canada in 2003    8,609
   Food related investigations    347
                                                                       Criminals removed    1,496
    Interceptions of prohibited   57,200
    Immigration investigations    29,731                                    HEARINGS

                                                                   Admissibility Hearings   2,561
                DETENTIONS                                                     concluded
                                                                      Appeals concluded     4,171
 Persons detained annually for    11,509
       Immigration infractions
 Detention reviews conducted      11,282

                                                                  Number of prosecutions    86
                                                            Number of offense convictions   93

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          WHAT WE DO

               CBSA Intelligence Function

                        Identifies people or goods posing a threat to
                         the health and safety of Canadians so
                         legitimate cross-border traffic can flow freely

                        A focal point for interoperability and
                         information sharing with CBSA’s partners
                         and for promoting intelligence-based

                        Involved in the planning, collection,
                         analysis, and dissemination of intelligence
                         regarding threats to CBSA programs

                        Composed of Migration Integrity Officers
                         abroad, NHQ intelligence units, and regional
                         intelligence units in Canada

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               CBSA Intelligence Function

                       Strategic    Intelligence

                       Tactical    Intelligence

                       Intelligence   Coordination

                       International    Network –
                       Pushing the Borders Out

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               CBSA Intelligence Function

                      National     Risk Assessment
                       Centre (NRAC)

                      Interoperability

                      Counter      Terrorism and Counter

                      Emergency       Preparedness

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               CBSA Intelligence Function

                       Intelligence   Partnerships –

                       Intelligence   Partnerships –

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          WHAT WE DO

        Constantly Evolving, at a Rapid Pace

                       The border is dynamic, we must
                        continuously change and adapt

                       Over the last 20 years, we have made a
                        huge investment in reengineering how
                        we do business

                       $770 million in funding for our change
                        agenda, from 2000 - 2009

                       We have developed a tremendous capacity
                        to build new border programs and

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              An Ambitious Change Agenda

                        The Canada-U.S. Smart Border
                         Declaration is a key driver in the CBSA’s
                         change agenda

                        CBSA is responsible for 11 of the 32
                         Smart Border Action Plan initiatives

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              Some of Our Major Projects

MANAGEMENT            CBSA is responsible for 11 of the 32 Smart
                       Border Action Plan Initiatives:
                            Alternate Inspection Services ( NEXUS)
                            Joint Passenger Analysis Units (JPAUs)
                            Marine Benchmarking Study
                            Immigration Officers Overseas / Migration
                             Integrity Officers (MIOs)
                            Harmonized Commercial Processing (FAST,
                            Clearance Away From the Border
                            Joint Facilities
                            Customs Data
                            In-transit Container Targeting at Seaports
                            Removal of Deportees
                            API / PNR

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          WHAT WE DO

          International Relations – Overview

INTERNATIONAL      Managing a border in this century is an
                   international affair.
                   CBSA is a major player in a vast international

                      Smart Border Action        U.N. High Commission
                       Plan with the U.S.          for Refugees
                      Bilateral and              International Air
                       multilateral trade          Transport Association /
                       agreements                  International Civil
                      World Customs               Aviation Organization
                       Organization               World Trade
                      Asia Pacific Economic       Organization
                       Cooperation                North American Plant
                      International               Protection Association
                       Organization on            Immigration Fraud
                       Migration                   Conference
                      G8                         Interpol International
                                                   Conference on
                                                   Fraudulent Documents
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Strategic Agenda – Commitment to Enhanced Security & an Open Border

              Protecting the Integrity of Canada’s Borders

               The CBSA identifies people and goods which pose a
               threat to Canadians’ health and safety so legitimate
               cross-border traffic can flow freely

              Risk Management Business
               CBSA is in the risk management business.

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Strategic Agenda – Commitment to Enhanced Security & an Open Border

              Pushing the Borders Out
               The CBSA will manage risks away from our border, not
               only to protect Canadians but also to enhance trade.

              Smarter Border Management
               The CBSA is instituting new joint measures with its US
               partners to improve the effectiveness of its border services.

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Strategic Agenda – Commitment to Enhanced Security & an Open Border

              Building Capacity for Flexible & Integrated Responses
              Within PSEP
                  Promote integrated responses to policy, program, and
                   corporate issues within portfolio
                  Identify best practices across the public safety
                   community, and provide effective and timely direction
                   to a variety of agencies

              Enhanced Inter-operability and Information Sharing
                  Ability to share intelligence and information across
                   organizational lines will be a key component of the
                   Department’s activities
                  Develop common approaches to risk management, to
                   information systems, and to the development of
                   knowledge regarding public safety issues

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Strategic Agenda – Commitment to Enhanced Security & an Open Border

              Expanded Partnerships
                  Responsible for improving the coordination of federal,
                   provincial, and municipal responses to public safety
                   threats and emergencies
                  Work closely with a wide range of federal partners
                  Strengthen relations and dialogue with our clients to
                   better meet their evolving needs

              Single Window

                  CBSA is uniquely positioned to integrate the border
                   management function of 16 federal departments and
                   agencies, and 7 provinces.

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Strategic Agenda – Commitment to Enhanced Security & an Open Border

              Improved Community and Stakeholder Involvement

               The new Department will work in close collaboration with
               business, labour, advocacy groups, and other important
               stakeholders across Canada

              Stronger Infrastructure

               Canada’s border infrastructure is critical to the success
               of our economy.

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Strategic Agenda – Commitment to Enhanced Security & an Open Border

              Facilitating International Trade

                  Enhance trade and promote Canada and Canadian
                   business competitiveness

              International Scope
                  Managing a border in this century is an international

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Priorities for Action

    Maintain current service standards

    Build a new Agency fully capable of
    meeting the challenges of the future

    Strengthen security by building on our
    partnerships with other key players

    Ensure we are better connected, within
    government and internationally

    Strengthen our partnerships with the
    private sector

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   Our approach to creating a more secure
    border to facilitate trade and ensure free
    movement of legitimate travellers and cargo
    will continue to evolve as we harness the
    power of technology, new partnerships and
    new programs to meet emerging challenges

   Much effort is required to address the
    relentless pressures confronting our
    economy and society – from new strategies
    by terrorists to destabilize the western
    world, to threats to our food supply that
    can cripple our economy

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   The CBSA is the logical next step in this
    evolutionary process of strengthening our
    border – continuing work initiated and
    ensuring improved outcomes by providing
    more permanency and integration

   To ensure we get it right, we will need to
    work closely with our stakeholders and
    important partners

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