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									            The Wright Brothers

Jill Botkins
Gwen Miller
Julie Eickmeyer
Stephanie McIntire
Stephanie Waldbillig
          Table of Contents
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Introduction to unit                     3
Content to be covered (daily schedule)   4-6
Objectives for the unit                  7-8
Activities for the week                  9-14
Evaluation                               15-19
Resources                                20-32
 In favor of Dayton history, we want to educate our
  children on famous people from the area where
  they are growing up. Two of the most famous
  from this area are the Wright brothers, Orville and
 This 6 day unit on the Wright brothers and their
  famous flights is geared toward third grade
  students through activities, books, videos, and
  field trips.
   Concepts and Vocabulary
    Wilbur and Orville Wright   Katherine Wright
    Wright Flyer                Kitty Hawk
    Trial and Error             Aviation
    The Wright Cycle Company    Native
    Sequence of Events          History
    Bicycles                    Biplanes
    Prefixes of Bi &Uni         Aerodynamics
    Tinker                      Track
    Prone                       Dejected
    Overseas                    Gliders
1. Who are the Wright brothers?
    A brief introduction to Orville and Wilbur
    Wright will be conducted on the first day of the
    unit. Subject discussed will be the history of
    their lives.
2. The Origin of Flight…
    Basic information about flight before and during
    the lives of the Wright brothers will be taught on
    the second day. If time allows, students will
    compare and contrast the Wright Flyer with
    modern day planes.
        Content Continued…
3. How did they fly?
    On the third day we will discuss how, when, and
    why the Wright brothers moved their test flight
    to Kitty Hawk. A video will be viewed.
4. Field Trip…
    Today we will take a field trip to the Carillon
    Historical Park. Students will participate in the
    Wright Brother’s Educational Program. They
    will also see the actual Wright Flyer and a
    replica of the print shop and the bicycle shop.
        Content Continued…
5. The Wright brother’s travel…
   The fourth day we will discuss other places of
   testing the flyer around the world, and why they
   decided to test the flyer in these locations.
6. Wrap-Up…
   Students will discuss what they have learned in
   this unit and prepare a time line of the lives of
   the Wright brothers.
The students will…
1. Complete a KWL chart with the teacher.
2. Discuss and review the book read by the teacher.
3. View a video of the Wright brothers.
4. Demonstrate their understanding of aerodynamics
    by creating paper airplane designs.
5. Learn about various weather concepts.
6. Compare and contrast local weather conditions
    with those at Kitty Hawk, NC.
      Objectives Continued…
7. Fully experience the Carillon Historical Park.
8. Write about experiences at Carillon Historical
9. Plot the Wright brothers’ travels on an
    interactive globe and display them on a map.
10. Create an original art project about the lives of
    Wilbur & Orville.
11. Create a time line on the lives of the Wright
12. Complete a written examination with minimum
    75% accuracy.
Introduction - The teacher will introduce who
  the Wright brother’s were by reading
  Taking Flight: The Story of the Wright
  Brothers written by Stephen Krensky.
Development – Students will discuss and
  review the information from the above
Culminating Activity – Students will
  collaborate on a KWL chart as a class.
       Activities Continued…
Introduction – Students will view the first 5
  minutes of the video (The Wright Brothers at
  Kitty Hawk).
Development – Students will take an in depth
  look at several attempts at flight prior to the
  Wright brothers. We will also look at the
  original Wright Flyers (A & B).
Culminating Activity – Students will experiment
  with aerodynamics by creating their own paper
  airplane designs and testing them. A
  discussion will follow on what worked and
      Activities Continued…
Introduction – Students will finish the video
  from day two. (about 20 minutes)
Development – We will have a discussion of
  the geography of North Carolina including
  weather and atmospheric conditions.
Culminating Activity – An analysis of current
  weather conditions in our area in
  comparison to those at Kitty Hawk.
        Activities Continued…
Introduction – Prepare students with rules,
  expectations, and a summary of the day’s
Development – Students will fully experience
  the Carillon Historical Park exhibit on the
  Wright Brothers.
Culminating Activities - Students will have a
  discussion on what they saw and learned.
  Students will then illustrate and write about
  what they experienced.
        Activities Continued…
Introduction – Teacher will inform students of the
  variety of travels the Wright brothers took over
Development – Students will plot the Wright
  brothers’ travels on an interactive globe and
  display them on a map.
Culminating Activities – Students will be given the
  choice of creating and performing a skit, making a
  model flyer, or another original art project on the
  Wright brothers.
       Activities Continued…
Introduction - Review information from the
    whole unit.
Development – Students will create a time
    line on the lives of the Wright brothers.
Culminating Activity – Students will
    complete a written examination with
    minimum 75% accuracy.
Evaluation Questions (Multiple Choice)

  1. The name of the Wright Brother’s bicycle
     shop was___________.
     a) The Wright Cycle Company
     b) The Hanger
     c) The Bike Shop
     d) The Dayton Cyclery
2. Kitty Hawk is located in what state?
   a) Ohio
   b) California
   c) North Carolina
   d) South Carolina

3. Which of the Wright brothers was born in
   a) Orville
   b) Harold
   c) Wilbur
   d) Katherine
4. What year was the Wright brothers first
   successful flight?
   a) 1903
   b) 1930
   c) 1919
   d) 1980

5. The Wright brothers had a _______________.
    a) bicycle shop
    b) print shop
    c) a & b
    d) none of the above
Evaluation Questions (objective)

1. What are the famous Wright brother’s first
   names? ___________ & _____________

2. The Wright brothers had a sister named
   Katherine? True or False
   Evaluation Questions (essay)
    Use Complete Sentences

1. Why did Wilbur and Orville Wright
   choose Kitty Hawk, NC for their test

2. Describe the first test flight of the Wright
   Flyer 1.
     Resources (teacher – books)

   The Wright Brothers: How They Invented the Airplane written by
    Russell Freedman
     (A narrative explaining the origin of the brother’s first airplane)

   Kitty Hawk And Beyond: The Wright Brothers and the Early Years of
    Aviation written by Ronald Geibert & Patrick Noland
     (A lesson in the history of Orville and Wilbur Wright)

   AAA Tour Book State of North Carolina
     (A guide to traveling through North Carolina)

   AAA Tour Book State of Ohio
     (A guide to traveling though Ohio)
    References (teacher – internet)

     (A brief history of Wilbur and Orville including
      pictures of their first flight.)

    (An online exhibit from the Henry Ford Museum)
           References (student – books)
   First Flight: The Story of Tom Tate & The Wright Brothers written by George Shea
    (A small bit about the cooperation Orville and Wilbur has with Tom Tate while
    building the Wright Flyer.)

   Flying High With The Wright Brothers (A Dog’s Tale) written by Mary Maden
    (A tall tale in regards to Wilbur and Orville and their experiences.)

   Wright Brothers And Their Sister written by Lois Miller
    (This book explores the relationship with the Wright’s and their sister Katherine.)

   Value of Patience: The Story of the Wright Brothers written by Spencer Johnson
    (Aviation was not created over night. Follow along with Wilbur and Orville through
    many years of trial and error.)

   The Wright Brothers: A Flying Start written by Elizabeth Macleod
    (It all started with a dream of flying and ended with a mark on history through the
    first airplane.)
            References (student – books)

   The Wright Brothers: Pioneers of American Aviation written by Quentin Reynolds
    (Take a ride with Wilbur and Orville through their moments of revolutionary

   Ghosts Beneath Our Feet written by Betty Wright

   The Wright Brothers: They Gave Us Wings written Charles Ludwig
     (The pioneers if aviation, the Wright Brothers, were the beginning of an era that is
        dependant of flying.)

   The Wright Brothers and Aviation written by Steve Parker
    (Join Wilbur and Orville as they track the monumental steps it took to create the
    aviation forefront of today.)
    References (student – internet)


    (A look at aerodynamics and the origin of flight
    from the god of flight themselves -- NASA)

              References (media – videos)
   The Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk (This Is America Charlie Brown Series)
     (A child friendly look at all of the attempts before the Wright Brothers and during their trials of the
        Wright Flyer.)

   The Wright Brothers (Animated Hero Classics)
    (The history of the first flight and the steps it took to get there.)

   The Wright Stuff
    (Wilbur and Orville had all of the components necessary to fly including determination and

   Wilbur & Orville Wright (Scientist & Inventors Set)
    (The video take a scientific look at what it took to get the first flight off the ground.)

   School House Rock: America Rock
    (A look at the the great moments of history, from Wilbur and Orville to Thomas Edison and
    many others.)
    References (media – computer

   Maptastic Voyage: Explore the World of
    Map Making and Geography CD-ROM

   USA Explorer CD-ROM game (Learn
    about the geography of the U.S. through
    exploration and clues.)
     References (media – maps)

   Cram United States History Maps (A map
    of the U.S.)

   Cram World Map (A map of the World.)
    References (media – interactive
   Geosafari: School Model
    (quiz game)

   Talking Globe: Interactive Quiz Game by
      References (media – activity

   Geography Skills Activity Kit
     (Build the knowledge of your student’s geography skills through many
        activities and games.)

   Super Stunts: World’s Best Paper Planes
    (Much like Wilbur and Orville, learn how to build great paper
    airplanes that out fly the old models.)

   Cool Geography
     (A great game on the components of geography.)

   Geography Wizards For Kids
     (A interactive game that allows students to act as the wizard that uncovers
       the secret geographic location.)
     References (media – posters)

   Poster of Wright Brothers

   Poster of Wright Flyer

   Poster of First Flight
      Reference (media – music)

   Great Years In American History Music of
    Historical Events
    (Music from the era of Wilbur and Orville.)

   The Song of the Wright Boys
    (A song about the Wright Brothers and their
    trials in aviation.)
    References (media – models &
   Model of Wright Flyer

   Replica of Wright Brother’s Bicycle Shop

   Replica of Wright Brother’s Print Shop

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