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Network Performance Testing


Testing your managed network is a important facet of the workday. Having a inefficient system can be disastrous , and cost your company money. In this guide we detail how you can best test your network performance.

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									                       Network Performance Testing

              How reliability is gained through persistent testing of network systems

Network performance test is necessary as speed of the internet connectivity has become a
passion as we move on from the dial up modems to high speed ADSL connections. This
obsession with the speed of the internet is matched with no other things than the virtual need
for more speed. At some juncture, almost everyone doubts that the internet connection might
not be performing as well as it should. The need for network performance test arises at this
point of time. These tests are available online and it is essential to take these tests to rest the
doubt arising in your mind.

The working of these network performance tests is relatively simple. You have to download a
file from the server and in certain cases uploaded. The average speed for both the
downloading and uploading are measured separately. With such a calculation, the speed for
both uploading and downloading operations can be reported.

However, this network performance test has several limitations. There are certain factors that
contribute to erroneous and misleading results. Tests based in a particular country might not
report speed with accuracy for other countries. As an example, the distances and re-routing
would have an effect on the upload and download rates automatically. As a consequence the
speed will be affected.

Network Performance Testing
Certain applications that use the internet while the test is in process could affect the result.
These applications might be running unnoticed for example, instant messaging programs,
internet radio, windows update. Having a firewall that is running can impair the working of the
network performance test and bring it to a complete halt.

It is a fact that all connections run at a speed that is constant. They go through both slow and
fast phases. For some reason or the other, it could be that during the testing period the
connection fails to perform the way it normally would.

In the event of bad result in the network performance test, there is nothing much that can be
done. One option will be to ring up the broadband internet provider and enquire about the
poor performance. In most cases they are unable to do anything directly. If the bad results
continue to persist, then it is time to switch over to a different service provider. Do a proper
survey before changing the existing one.

Network performance tests may not be accurate, but it is the very first indicator that there is
problem with your broadband service and it is not efficient and fast. Providing inkling about
the internet connectivity and speed can be of great help in solving the problem of a slow

Network Performance Testing

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