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									                            Purple Heart Car Donation
                            Ins and Outs of donating your car to Purple Heart

Purple Heart car donation program is a set up where people can donate cars to this program
which will take the benefits from this and help the wounded and disabled veterans. This car
donation program has a huge appeal among the people as they are given an opportunity to
show their support to the troops which fight for the mass’s freedom and liberty. People don’t
mind donating their cars to institutions like Purple Heart car donation as they feel that by a
small step like this, they are able to show their gratitude to the people who guard and protect
their nation. People can donate cars, trucks, RVs and even boats to the Purple Heart car
donation program. The entire procedure of car donation is very easy and simple with Purple
Heart car donation program. The towing of the vehicle is also free. This foundation also
provides vehicle pick up within a period of 24 hours if it is necessary.

This philanthropic establishment has been able to provide numerous local services and
programs which are very beneficial to the disabled and wounded veterans. This non profit
organization known as the Military Order of the Purple Heart has been doing such work for
the veterans for the past 75 years. There are numerous people who prefer to donate their cars
to Purple Heart car donation program rather than giving it off to some broker for really low
prices as the satisfaction this gives can never be compared to the money received by selling
the car to a used cars showroom. Purple Heart car donation program has managed to get over
500,000 donors to donate their vehicles to this establishment.

Purple Heart Car Donation
The entire process of car donation is both convenient and gratifying. The car donation is also
one hundred percent tax deductible. The entire procedure is extremely quick and easy. The
person who is interested in donating his car to Purple Heart car donation program will just
have to contact the organization by either calling or by visiting the website. Then one can just
fill the car donation form which is present on the website. Then the person will be asked to
schedule the pickup of the vehicle with the towing company. The company will also collect the
keys and the title of the car and give you a receipt which shows that the car was taken along
with the keys and title for Purple Heart car donation program. As soon as Purple Heart Car
donation program receives your car, they will mail the receipt for the tax deductible by IRS.
This might take about a fortnight’s time.

Even though one might not get any money from the entire transaction, there are instances
where it is more beneficial to give away the vehicle rather than trying to sell it. You will also
not have to spend anything on repairs as this establishment will take in both running as well as
non running vehicles.

Purple Heart Car Donation

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