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					                                                                           Wastewater Management Unit      Phone:     5662 9224
 Applying to Install or Alter a
                                                                           9 Smith Street                  Fax:       5662 3754
 Septic Tank System                                                        Private Bag 4
                                                                                                           TTY:       5662 9371
                                                                           Leongatha VIC 3953

       STEP 1:            Consult with a local plumber regarding siting of a suitable septic system and assist in the preparation of a site plan.
                          Note that the plumber may charge for this initial service. See STEP 3 for minimum information required.
       STEP 2:            Lodge the application along with the minimum required documentation below.
    Completed application form and appropriate fee (see fee schedule attached)
    1 current copy of land title (current to within 2 months)
    1 copy of property plan (for rural properties greater than 1 hectare)
    1 copy floor plan to scale and clearly showing dimensions
    1 copy of the septic plan to scale (not less than 1:100) indicating the following features:
             position of all streets and laneways adjacent to the property.
             position of all vegetation (bushes and trees) on the site.
             locations and dimensions of all existing or proposed: buildings, garages and sheds, tennis courts, streams,
              dams, bores, wells, water tanks, fences swimming pools, excavations, driveways, storm water drains, water
              pipes, power & phone lines, existing septic systems, tree canopies, garden beds landscape features &
              easements that are located on the property or up to 60 metres downhill from lowest trench.
             location of the proposed septic tank system including all waste water pipe work from the house and all
              plumbing fixtures, and the liquid capacities of septic tanks.
             Label the position of North.
    Is there a sign or number on the property?
    Are gates to property locked? If locked, please advise where key can be accessed for entry.
    The position of proposed building corners have been clearly pegged out.

       STEP 3:            Council may request a Land Capability Assessment or require amended plans after conducting an initial site
                          inspection. A site inspection for your property will be carried out without prior notice.

       STEP 4:            Once Council has issued a Permit to Install, it is recommended that you obtain detailed quotes from your plumber.

  Please be aware that commencing septic tank system onsite works without a ‘Permit to Install’
                                        is prohibited.
 Septic Tank System Fees Schedule - 2005 / 2006
  Permit to Install                                                $485.00            Permit to Alter - Major Works                         $310.00
  Permit to Install - Discount                                     $430.00            Permit to Alter - Minor Works                         $245.00
  (submitted with Planning Permit Application)
  Renewal of expired Septic Tank permit to current EPA             $235.00            Request for Assessment of the wastewater disposal $120.00
  requirements.                                                                       system for a constructed dwelling.

  Request for Consent for proposed dwelling building               $200.00            Request for Consent for occupancy of a constructed $200.00
  permit if no septic permit has been issued.                                         dwelling if no Permit to Use has been issued.

  Request for copies of existing septic system plans.              $80.00             Additional documentation review (Plumbers reports). $120.00

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\0cb34535-e55c-412d-bf30-e69f12c904f0.doc    Version 1.1 – 26/09/2005

Interim Standards for wastewater management now apply in some areas of South Gippsland Shire Council. These
standards have been negotiated with the Environment Protection Authority – Gippsland Region to increase the
protection of surface water or groundwater quality. They now apply in the following areas:

Venus Bay and Sandy Point (sandy soils)
All properties are to install a Secondary Treatment system, e.g. mechanical treatment plant or septic tank and sand filter
with at least 250 Square Metres of Subsurface Drip Irrigation Drippers (3 bedroom house), with root inhibitor impregnated
products. The following specific requirements apply:
 Irrigation systems requiring dosing with liquid herbicide are not approved due to potential contamination of
 Recycled water is not to be used for growing fruit or vegetables.
 The irrigation area must be operated so as to prevent any run off of recycled water beyond property boundary. No
     manual taps are to be used to manually regulate the operation of drippers.
 All storm water or water tank overflow must be diverted at least 1 metre away from the irrigation area to an appropriate
     soak pit.
 The irrigation system must be a permanently fixed system with distribution pipelines buried at a minimum depth of 100
     mm but greater than 1.5 metres above maximum groundwater level.
 Drippers are to be effectively spaced not more than 600mm apart and supplied so that recycled water is evenly
     distributed over the irrigation area.
 The irrigation area must be a permanent dedicated area within the property until some form of town sewerage is
 No drippers are to be located within 15 metres of any ground water bores.
 Prior to use, weeds must be removed from the site, the irrigation area must be planted out, landscaped and must be
     protected from damage through landscaping or other methods so as to prevent vehicular movement from damaging
     the system to the satisfaction of Council.
 A suitable location for a potential future pump out tank(s) of at least 7000 litres or 7 days capacity must be designated
     and marked on submitted plans. Tanks have to be installed to protect groundwater and must:
 be anchored to prevent them floating.
 have a grinder pump to fill them if above ground.

The following Second Stage Permit Conditions shall be activated in the event that:
    1. The interim requirements do not adequately protect public health or environmental sustainability;
    2. Groundwater requires additional protection; or
    3. Town sewer is not provided in a timely manner.

   Make additional area available for wastewater disposal by undertaking the following:
               o Decommission water bores;
               o Remove vegetable gardens where applicable;
               o Install irrigation pipes with protective covers in existing paved areas, e.g. driveway.
   Requirements for increased servicing and sampling during the middle week of all school holidays. Quarterly sampling
    may be necessary on all systems because of the danger wastewater may be leaving the property via the groundwater.
   Reduce nutrient loading of site by undertaking the following:
   Install a solid waste treatment system for toilet waste, e.g. Composting Toilets.
   Implement nutrient cropping techniques, e.g. harvest vegetation. This must be taken to Council’s transfer station for
   Install storage tanks and Water Meters, Rain / Evaporation or barometric sensors to hold pump well activation during
    high rainfall periods and minimise and monitor wastewater loadings.
   Install a pump out tank(s) of at least 7000 litres or 7 days capacity. This tank will require the following:
               o service by a Council pumping contractor on a weekly basis
               o 75% and 100% alarms including a floating conduit indicator
               o appropriate venting, insect proofing and secure pump out connection points.
               o child proofing, riser pipes and saddles for access. Australian Standards for construction etc.
               o positioning and anchoring if necessary to prevent floating when pumped out.
               o plans accurately showing location of pumping point and suction connection type.
               o distinguishing signage to ensure they are not mistaken for drinking or fire fighting storage.
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Records Use Only:                                                                                  Wastewater Management Unit
                                                                    Application to                 9 Smith Street, Private Bag 4        ST- 20       -
                                                                    Install*/Alter*                Leongatha VIC 3953
                                                                    Septic Tank                    Phone:     5662 9224                 Property Key #:
                                                                    System                         Fax:       5662 3754
                                                                                                   TTY:       5662 9371
                                                                    (*Delete one)                  Email:

 LAND Details (Address and title particulars of land for existing or proposed installations)
 Street / Road Name & House No.
 Township                                                               Parish
 Lot No.                            LP/CP                              CA                                Section

 Postal Address                                                                                          Post Code
  Phone                                             Fax                                                 Mobile
      1.    I hereby apply for permission to have a septic tank system installed/altered by a registered plumber and drainer;
      2.    I acknowledge the following constraints apply to the area of land dedicated for the disposal/treatment of septic effluent:
                 a.    No vehicular traffic;
                 b.    No access by livestock such as horses and cattle;
                 c.    No construction of driveways (unless specially constructed to Council’s satisfaction), footpaths, swimming pools
                       or sheds;
                 d.    No covering with plastic or clay;
                 e.    No raising ground level with additional soil or the like after initial construction has been completed;
      3.    I approve of the location and system proposed in this application; and
      4.    I give permission for information regarding this application to be made available to the persons listed below (Applicant,
            Plumber, Building Surveyor) where appropriate.
 Signature of OWNER:                                                                                    Date:

 APPLICANTS Name (making an application as agent of owner)
 Role (circle): Owner / Plumber / Builder / Other (state)

 Postal Address                                                                                          Post Code
  Phone                                             Fax                                                 Mobile
 I hereby apply for permission to install/alter a septic system and supply the following information.

 Signature of APPLICANT:                                                                                Date:

 Postal Address                                                                                          Licence Number
  Phone                                             Fax                                                 Mobile

 Please advise plumber or drainer that:                                                                     Send Permit to Install to Plumber?
 Council must be notified at least 48 Hours prior to system installation to allow an inspection of system to be undertaken. If
 cancellation is required 4 Hours Notice must be given or fee may apply.
 Postal Address                                                                                          Post Code
  Phone                                             Fax                                                 Mobile

 SGSC Use Only
 Received:                           Entered:                           Fee type/s and amount/s:     $             Total Amount Paid:     $

                                                                                                                   Receipt No:
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 PROPERTY AND SYSTEM SPECIFICATION (Complete all relevant specifications)                                    Condition codes: All licences to have (MS STAN)

 Type of Premises                    House               Factory            Office            Shop             Other (specify)
 Number of rooms could be used as bedrooms (including study)?
 Average number of persons expected to use the system daily?

 List number of toilet (water closets) and other fixtures that will be connected to the system:

           Toilets (WC)               Sinks             Baths                       Basins               Showers                      Troughs

           Garbage Disposal Units                        Spa            Capacity:               L          Other – please specify

 High risk fixtures                  Spa > 200 L                   Pool Back Wash or chlorinated spa                    Summer grey water diversion
                                      (HRSPA)                        (HRCL)                                                (HRGW)

 Primary Treatment                   Septic Tank volume                      1800 L (PT1800ST)                  Worm Farm (specify type)
                                                                                                                  (PT______), (DT WORM)
                                      (circle or specify) (MAIN1)             3200 L (PT3200ST)                                    Worm Farm Type
                                      Septic Tank material                    Plastic (PTCA038/93)               Composting Toilet Type (PT______)
                                      (circle or specify)                     Concrete                            Type
                                                                                                                 Reed Bed (LxWxD as per plan - septic tank
                                                                                                                  required) (STCA033/92)

 Secondary                           Sand Filter                         Length                                 Treatment Plant (specify volume & type)
                                      (STCA1/99LT, STCA1/99SD,
 Treatment                            STCA1/99SF, PT3200ST,
                                                                                                                  (STCA______, MAIN 2)

 (where required on small             MAIN 4)                             Width                                   Tank Volume:
 or sandy township
 allotments)                         Amended Soil (STCA75/02)            Depth                                   Type:

                                                                                                                 Triple Worm Farm (STCA090/04), (DT WORM)

 Distribution                        Gravity (DT CONDI)                 Pump                          Rotor (DT SPLIT)               Computerised
 Method                                                                   (DT PUMP) / (DTWORM)

 Method of Effluent                   (MAIN 6)
                                                                     Length        Width         Depth
                                     Plastic Arching                                                            Surface Irrigation                    Spray
                                      Trench                                                                      (DPCA035/93)
                                      (DPAT, DPPATN)                                                                                                    Dripper

                                     Slotted P.V.C                                                              Sub surface Dripper Irrigation
                                                                                                                  (DPSUBSUR, DPWFLOW, DP INTERIM, DP SUB C,
                                      Trench                                                                      DP SUB G, DP SUB S)
                                      (ETRNS, ETRS)

                                     Reed Bed (DP NIIMI,                                                             Irrigation Total Area                      m2

 Offsite Discharge?                  Proposed Discharge Location:

                                      Proposed Discharge Sampling Point:
                                      (DP OFFSI, MAIN5)

 I declare that the information I have given is true and have prepared the application in accordance with Council’s and EPA

 Signature of APPLICANT:                                                                                                    Date:

 Floor plan of house attached                    
 Plan of effluent area attached                  


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