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									                                 FLOWERS BY
                        JENNIFER MORRISON FLORISTS
                              2 SPITTAL STREET
                                    FK8 1DU

                                 TEL: 01786 463872
                                 FAX: 01786 446818

                     Visit us on the Web:     www.jmflowers.com

                    WEDDING PRICE LIST

Jennifer Morrison Florists is situated in Stirling town centre. The shop is located in a
listed building in a historical part of the town and in close proximity to Stirling Castle,
the main hotels and the town’s Registry Office.

Jennifer Morrison Florists is a well-established family run business and we pride
ourselves in the quality of service and the product we provide.

Flowers can be used in a variety of ways for your wedding, sometimes in small
quantities simply to reflect a theme or in larger quantities to help set the theme.
Whatever you decide will depend very much on your own personal taste and on your
own budget.

It would be helpful if you have identified your budget when you call to arrange your
flowers. This will help us work with you and provide ideas to make your day special.

We provide a complete service and we are happy to spend time with you, so please
come and talk to us. We have a great deal of experience in designing wedding flowers
and can offer you good practical advice, helping you achieve the effect you want. We
have a wide variety of books in our shop to help you with ideas and colours. Please
bring with you as much information as possible about colours and styles. You may,
for example, have a sample of material you could bring with you.

It would be helpful if you could give us a quick call and tell us when you would like
to call in. The reason we ask for this is that we want to be able to set aside time for

All the following prices depend very much so on the variety, size and availability of
Shower bouquets from:             £70

Posy style in a holder from:      £60

Hand Tie Bouquets from:           £65

Smaller types available from:     £30
(using less expensive flowers )

Shower Bouquets from:             £65

Posy style in a holder from:      £50

Hand Tie Bouquets from:           £45

Smaller types available from:     £30
(using less expensive flowers )

Baskets from:                     £15

Hand Ties from:                   £15

Polmanders from:                  £25

All round, child size from:                                   £30
Adult size from:                                              £40

Alice band, child size from:                                  £27
Adult size from:                                              £35

Loose wired flowers: for hair also available from £7.50 per person depending on
variety of flowers used.

Combs from:                                           £10

Carnation Buttonhole:                                 £2.50

Heather (fresh) when available:                       £3

Heather (silk):                                       £3

Thistle Buttonhole:                                   £3
(This is a very popular item.)

Single flower buttonhole from:                        £3.75

Corsage for outfit from:                              £6

Wrist corsage from:                                   £7.50

Handbag spray from:                                   £7.50

Selection of silk flower corsages from:               £4.50
(Made to order)
Small:                                                        £60

Medium:                                                       £80

Large:                                                        £100

All Round with candle in the middle from:                     £70

Altar arrangements from:                                      £30

Pew Bows from:                                                £2.50

Pew Ends from:                                                £8

Large basket for front entrance to church, from:              £50

We also provide a silk pedestal hire service – please ask for details.

Table posy arrangements from:                                 £12

Table posy with taper candle from:                            £15

Table posy with thick church candle from:                     £20

Top table arrangements from:                                  £30

Cake top arrangements from:                                   £12.50

Hire of glass Lily vase (including Lily and Beargrass):       £10

Basket arrangements from:                                     £20

Posy arrangements from:                                       £15

Cello Bouquets from:                                          £15

Hand Tie in water from:                                       £25
All our weddings are special to us. We only book one wedding per day so please book
early to avoid disappointment.

We require all our wedding bookings to be made with a £50 deposit, and to be paid in
full 2 weeks prior to wedding delivery day. This £50 deposit is non refundable but is
deducted from final payment. There is a small handling charge for the delivery of
your flowers. This depends largely on the distance involved.

Due to additional staffing costs, Sunday weddings will incur an additional 10%

Please phone to book an appointment to call into the shop to talk about your needs for
your special day.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Jennifer Morrisons Florist

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