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                                             Saving on a Road Trip the Smart Way
                                                              By Tom Tessin

   You just planned your road trip for the summer and you’re getting excited while you do your
research. What if I told you there were a million and one ways to save money on your next trip and all it
took was a little browsing over an article? Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, I’m here today to show you
how you can save a few bucks on you next road trip and still see everything you want to while driving
the roads of the earth.

 Eat at the no names – When it comes to a road trip, many Americans find themselves becoming very
comfortable with corporations and their buildings. What does this mean? Most Americans don’t want to
taste what America offers, instead they want to eat with what they are familiar with. This includes
restaurants like TGIFridays and McDonalds. Instead of eating at these places, try the mom and pop
shops. You’ll be surprised at what you can find that relates to deals. Most places offer early bird and
late bird specials that will blow away corporate America prices. Make sure you check out these places
when you’re on the road, you might find a hidden gem with great food!

 Go big with snacks – Instead of stopping at every gas station you see and filling up on one dollar bags
of chips, go out to the grocery store before your trip and buy eight pack of sodas and big bag of chips.
Not only will you save on money, you’ll also get more food for your money. If you don’t have a lot of
room, get a simple small cooler that can fit a few sodas and store them in there and keep the rest
warm. A eight pack of soda should only cost you a few dollars compared to the gas stations that
charge you a dollar fifty for one bottle.

 Find the cheap gas – If you have a PDA or GPS system, you’re already in the running to find the
cheapest gas. Most PDAs and GPS systems today have software that will enable you to find the
cheapest gas in your area. If you use this software all the time while travelling, this can save you a few
dollars alone. If you don’t have a GPS system, try and travel off the highway a little bit, the gas stations
that are expensive tend to be next to the highway. If you can avoid these, this may lead you to one of
the cheaper gas stations.

 Going on a road trip can be a blast and it’s even more exciting when you can save a lot of money.
When you travel, just use your head. Don’t stay at the Hilton if you’re going to be there for a few hours,
instead, stay at a place that only charges forty dollars a night. When you’re not going to be somewhere
for a long time, it’s pointless to stay at a fancy place. The next time you go on a road trip, be sure to

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keep these tips in mind.

Save on gas and find more of Tom's work at

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                                         Road Trip? Use Gas Cards to Save Money
                                                            By Loren Yadeski

Road trips can be a very enjoyable form of recreation. There are a lot of adrenalin pumping activities
you can do on the road. However, the current high gas prices may prevent you from fully enjoying this
past time to its fullest. If you are planning on a road trip, then you must be looking for a gas saving tip.
Luckily, there is a way of stretching and saving your gas money and this is by using gas cards.

 Basically, there are two types of gas cards- credit and prepaid. The credit gas card work just like your
ordinary credit card only that you save if used to pay for gas purchases. This type of credit card offers
rebates on gas purchases. Every time you use your card to pay for gas purchases, you earn rebates
in the form of rewards points. The current rebates in the gas credit card market are usually from 2% to
5%. This is only a small percentage but if used against your accumulated gas consumption, results to
big savings. Road trips usually use up a lot of gas, so imagine the savings you will earn if you use gas

 In using gas cards, you have to be careful to pay your balance in full and on time every billing period.
If not, your balance will be charged with an annual percentage or APR and this interest can eat out
your savings. The rates vary, depending on the card company, usually from 9.99% to 16.99%.

 A prepaid gas card on the other hand, is a type of gas rebate card that you can have more control on.
The amount that is carried by the card can be controlled since you load it with a certain amount before
it can be used. The good thing is, aside from the regular rebate, loads are often sold at a discount.
With prepaid gas cards, you get more chances on bigger savings.

 If you decide to use gas cards for your road trip, there are several things that you need to consider.
The first thing is the percentage rebate of the card; you should go for cards that offer that rebate but
beware of introductory rates. Some card offers introductory rates of up to 10%. While it is okay to go
with cards that offer introductory rates, be sure that what you get in the regular period is still the highest
percentage rebate. Another thing you should consider is the form of rewards; cash back rewards offer
more chances for bigger savings. And lastly, be wary of fees and interests of gas credit cards. Most
cards do no have annual fees, so choose a card that doesn't have one. And the APR is also
something you should think about , if you plan to maintain a balance on your card.

 Gas cards offers you an opportunity for gas money savings for your road trip. A great way to enjoy
your road trip to its fullest! offers free applications for gas credit cards online. Apply for a gas card
today at

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