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                                               Road Atlas and Its Useful Information
                                                             By David H. Urmann

  Are you a traveler and explorer? Road Atlas is available to serve you. Road atlases are available in
various levels and shapes. It is a reference that will enable you to find needed information regarding
your target destinations.

 Are you interested in traveling? Do you always enjoy having road trips and being in one place you
don’t even know? Do you always lose your way while traveling? Well, the answers are all in a road

 Road atlases are available in various levels and shapes. A road atlas is a reference wherein you will
be able to find needed information regarding your destination. It is a guide to better understanding
about a common place. Maximizing road atlas will enable you to learn how to read maps and its
details. Motoring institutions in developed nations having excellent road systems like North America,
Europe, New Zealand, and Australia generate road maps for its people. Road atlas is specifically built
for public workers that identify and maintain roads not only by name but by its road log number.

It is very difficult to read and analyze maps. So, here are some tips on how to read maps or road atlas.

 Step one.
 Distinguish the place and location where you want to go. Determine if you like a short cut direction,
scenic route or a direct ways. These have edges in following road directions but if you are in a hurry
and do need a short period of time, you should prefer the short cut ways.

 Step two.
 Purchase maps of the city you want to go. Make sure that it includes street level images and major
cities in where you will go to pass by.

 Step three.
 Use the index of the map to look for the place you desire to travel. Indexes are arranged alphabetically
for easy step findings. Next to the town name is a sequence of numbers or letters or both which tells
the location of the town or city. You can specify the place according to the grid formation of the map.

Step four.

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

Plan your course. Be sure to pay attention to the directness of the road or way. It is a great help if you
will remember the landmarks that you will see while traveling. Read the legend of the map to see
where the four lanes are and roads for lesser speed.

Step five.
Estimate the miles that you will need to travel. Know also the hour of traveling per kilometers or miles.

 Key Features of a Road Atlas
 •Regional roads data were obtained from Public Works Street Centerline.
 •Information about state roads free ways and major city streets were attained from the Major Roads.
 •Hydrology details were from State department of Natural Resources.
 •City borders data were obtained from the Auditor’s Municipalities.
 •Fire stations and schools information were from the Auditor’s Office Public Buildings, services and
 •Range lines, section and township were developed by PLSS.
 •Bridges data were come from the Public Works Bridge.
 •Signals data were come from the Public Works Signal.

Advantages of having a Road Atlas
•Best materials for travelers and explorers
•Time saving
•Gives geographical information

Types of Road Atlas
•Printed maps
•Book form road atlas
•Multimedia or online maps

Tips of having an unforgettable road experience
•Know first where to go.
•Find the best road foods.
•Stay safe on the road.
•Be alert for roadside emergencies.
•Know the different road signs.
•Estimate the gas costs.
•Enjoy the road trip!

For more information on Reading A Road Atlas and Updation Of Road Atlas  please visit our
website and

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                       Grab An Atlas And Learn
                                          By Martin Stoleman

 One of my favorite things about life is the ability to learn. >From a young age my parents instilled in
me and my siblings the fact that learning is a privilege that should not be taken lightly. We were never
allowed to take school for granted and we were always encouraged to do extra learning. My mom
could magically turn almost any activity into an opportunity for learning something new. I loved that
about her. She was always bringing us out into the garden with her to learn about growing good
vegetables or she was taking us to the market to practice our addition skills. On my thirteenth birthday
my parents got me an atlas and told me to enjoy learning about the world from it. I still own the atlas
I got on that birthday.

My parents words came true and it became one of my favorite ways to study and learn. My atlas
symbolized for me all of the wonder I held about different parts of the world. My desire to travel and
experience other cultures began as I read and studied other countries and continents in my atlas. I
wasn't sure where Namibia was, but I was quite sure that someday I wanted to visit Namibia and see
the cities that I read in the atlas.

I'm convinced that one of the best things that parents can do for their children is to instill a wonder and
a curiousity about the world in them. We cannot afford to keep our children sheltered in our own towns,
states or even countries. We must teach them to think about and care about places and peoples that
are all around the world. Buying an atlas and studying it together can be a great first step to teaching
your children about the world. Or head to a local library and study the atlas there. Get your children
asking questions about places they see and then find sources that will teach you about those places.
Keep them asking questions even if you cannot answer the questions.

Learning about the world will benefit your children no matter what they end up doing or being. Make a
commitment to getting them an atlas and asking them to learn a new country or a new capital city
every so often. Teach them to be global thinkers and to care about what is happening in the countries
they are learning in the atlas. What a great gift you can give your children. And the world.

Martin Stoleman loves pouring over his atlas with his own son. He thinks all parents need to make their
children aware of the world. See for more.

Emmaus Road Ministries
Southern Gospel Ministry.
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                                           Presented by Daniel Toriola

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