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					                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                          Putting Tips - Golf Putting and Conditioning and Mental Training
                                                                By Paul Hobart

    The most interesting fact about putting is that it is a mental game. There are certain unique styles
players come up with and hone to perfection, so choose a style you are comfortable with. Putting
mechanics are really quite important; practice them regularly but don't spend hours behind perfecting

 Practicing is the name of the game. And this applies to any game on Earth. As the saying goes,
practice makes perfect, and it really can't be more relevant to any game than golfing itself. It is vital if
you want to improve your golfing skills. There are three crucial aspects to golfing you must always
keep in mind.

 First is your ability to swing well. Always try to hit the ball on the center of your club, and definitely not
from the side of the club head, as this way the ball can never make a straight trajectory for itself. So,
remember: hit the ball with the center of your club. Otherwise you'll just be too frustrated to enjoy the

 Then just when your club comes in contact with the ball, learn to add speed to the club head - then
and there. You really have to master this skill to get better at your game.

 And above all, trust your instincts and intuitions. That's what primarily golf is about. Sure, there are the
technicalities, but what's most important is getting a hang of the feel of the game. It has less to do with
the staunch rules that, once taken too seriously, become the bane of the player, and more as an art
form instead.

 You'll often find yourself desperately trying to make that perfect, age-old good stroke and yet seeing
the ball meander away, victim to circumstances and factors over which you have little or no control. So,
instead of compulsively trying to perfect your roll, try and get with the flow of the game, keeping in mind
the technicalities but not letting your natural flair for the game get bogged down by it.

Conditioning and Mental Training

 Conditioning and mental training are important regarding the effectiveness and indispensable nature
of fitness in any form of sport. The same is true in case of golf.

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

 Golf fitness systems have been developed for these reasons. And these are held as basic to the sport,
apart from specific related training programs. Thus the learners of the game profit most when the
instructor and the trainer work on a collaborative basis. Maximum optimization of training can be had at
such a condition, which is also ideal to the development of a golfer's overall game.

1. Conditioning

 With age it is only natural that muscles should tire. Over 50 is the age at which golfers can experience
some problems like reduced drives and inaccurate hits which can make the overall score much higher
and make the game quite uninteresting at best. As the decline in a golfer's form can have reasons to
do with his golfing muscles, it is important to deal with this in some detail, tackling fitness and
conditioning head up.

 Strength in golf is directly proportional to distance of the drive. The latter depends heavily on the
velocity and the acceleration gained during the backswing. More power can be initiated with flexibility.
When you can combine all these, the result leads to longer drives. The solution to this is stretching out,
specifically your golf muscles, making them fitter.

2. Mental Training

 Mental training is a means of improving the concentration and accuracy of your putts. The best way to
hone in your mental training lies in envisioning correct drives and putts in your home turf. If you get to
your holes mentally, you can do it on the turf as well. Just allow 10 minutes for this essential piece of

 Prepare a well-designed plan plus a 'stick to it' attitude and there you have it. You will be better
prepared to meet success in the future.

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                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                        Putting - The Must Haves
                                             By Brad Myers

 Roughly half the golf strokes you take during a round of golf occur with your putting stroke while on the
putting green. If you want to improve your handicap, improving your putting is the quickest way to have
your golf scores come down. You can hit a bad drive and still make a par however hit a bad putt and
you can not make up that stroke. Putting training aids along with the tips below will improve your
putting stroke and lower your handicap.

Tips for your putting setup:

First, as you address the golf ball, the golf ball should be positioned equal to where the logo would be
positioned on your left chest for a right handed golfer and positioned on your right chest for a left
handed golfer. With this is forward golf ball position, the putter will not be descending but ascending
through impact and the golf ball. The golf ball will be placed forward of the bottom of your swing arc. In
addition, your arms should hang freely and hang straight down and not out. In addition, you should be
able to take your address position and drop a golf ball from in-between your eyes. This ball should drop
and hit the ball on the ground.

Second, simply set up with sixty to seventy percent (again it is individual) of your weight on your left
foot for right handed golfers or on your right foot for left handed golfers. When you make your stroke,
your weight will not shift. It will stay in the same place. Again, setting your weight forward will make
sure that the putt will be hit while you are in balance and you do not have has many moving parts.

Now to finish your golf set up, as you look down at the golf ball, move your hands so they are just
forward of the golf ball. As you make your putting stroke, your hands will return to this same position at
impact and then through to your finish position. With your hands ahead of the ball at impact, the
momentum of your putter is more likely to be moving forward towards the hole. In English this means
your ball will be starting on the target line more often than not.

Tips for your putting stroke

Relieve some of that tension in your putting stroke, pay attention to your stroke by saying the words
.one thousand one.. Take the putter back as you say .one thousand.. On your forward swing say .one..
Why would this help? This allows your brain to process information better and uses your athleticism to
hit the putt. The result will be less tension in your body. Use this putting tip while you use a putting aid
such as The Putting Arc or the Putting Track. As you implement this into your putting stroke, you will
find that your brain and body will work together and your distance or lag putting will improve. You will
have a putting stroke with feel and rhythm quickly. In turn, an improved handicap will be yours.

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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