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                                      Putting Aids For Your Putting Stoke
                                                   By Brad Myers

   We all see others with putting aids to help them shoot lower scores. Should you invest in these?
Well you maybe surprised that my answer is…maybe. The reason that I say this is that you need to
have a couple of questions answered first. The first question is: Do you putt in an arc? The second
question being: Do I move the putter straight back and straight through during my stroke? The answers
to these two simple questions will provide you with the information that you need to go and purchase
the correct putting aids that will help improve your putting stroke and to lower your scores.

 What are putting aids? The definition of putting aids is vast. However, most are described as devices
made to help you become a better putter. One example of putting aids would be an indoor putting
green. Indoor putting greens are strips of artificial turf that usually measure between six and twelve feet
long. They look like a putting surface and you can practice inside or outside. These will give you a very
realistic feeling to your practice time. Most of these are easy to set up and take down in very little time.
They are used in offices as well as homes and can be taken on the road if you travel quite often.

Putting Aids – Stan Utley Putting Method

 Stan Utley is the author of the book The Art of Putting. In it, he concludes that the putter, as every
other club during a golf swing, moves around one central point being your spine. With this thinking the
putter head would naturally move in an arc around your spine, this it has become known as the arc
putting method. With this putting theory, it is thought that the putter head is not manipulated during the
putting stroke which in turn leads to a smaller chance for error. Utley has worked with such tour players
as Jay Haas, Peter Jacobson, Darren Clarke and Rocco Mediate.

Putting Aids – Dave Pelz Putting Method

 Dave Pelz began his career as a NASA scientist and brought his analytical thought process to golf and
specifically the short game. Pelz has taken statistics on all aspects of the short game for years. His first
book Putt Like The Pros laid the ground work for the follow up The Putting Bible. It is Pelz belief that
the putter head and putter face should stay on a direct line with your target or target line (for a breaking
putt) throughout the entire stroke. Many critics think that it is impossible to consistently manipulate the
putter head as needed to produce a putt that will roll on the desired line. Pelz currently focuses on his
Phil Mickelson, two-time Masters Champion.

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Putting Aids – TOMI Putting Sytem

 The TOMI Putting System was invented by Marius Filmalter. The TOMI Putting System uses
technology to give you information on your alignment at set-up and impact, the direction of your stroke
path, the amount of rotation in your swing as well as the speed of your putter at impact. No matter
which putting method that you use, this system really measures where you are when it counts the most
and that is impact! The TOMI comes in a personal version as well as a professional version.

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                          Putting Aids - Determine Which Putting Aids Will Work For You
                                                              By Maxx Johnson

Many of my students can benefit from the use of various putting aids or practice aids. It really does not
matter if they subscribe to the Stan Utley Arc Theory or the Dave Pelz Straight Back Straight Trough
Theory. There are multiple putting aids to help you with either method.

 The important part is that you match the putting aids that you are using with the putting theory that you
are following. For example, if you are following the Pelz Putting Method, you would not be helping
yourself by purchasing an arced putting aid. I think that you can deduct that the opposite is true as well.

 So which putting aids should you investigate to improve your stroke this season? We will break it
down the practice aids for you by putting method.

Putting Mat

 No matter which putting method that you use, you can benefit from an indoor putting mat. Since most
of us do not have enough hours in the day, an indoor putting mat allows you to practice at any time of
day and in any type of weather condition. As you use your indoor putting mat, you will be able to focus
on the fundamentals of your putting stroke without feeling any pressure of making a putt.

Putting Arc

 Obviously, the putting arc is one of the putting aids that would help you develop more of an Utley
putting stroke. The calculations have already been made so the heel of your putter rides along the
practice aid and gives you the proper feeling as well as the proper visual of where the putter should be
traveling during the stroke to insure proper contact.

Putting Mirror

 A putting mirror can help you no matter which theory that you employ. Depending on the size of the
putting mirror, you can insure that your eyes are over the ball or just inside of the ball in the address
position. Many of the putting mirrors that are available for sale also have lines on the mirror itself.
These lines are there so that you can monitor the alignment of your shoulders and are pointing down
your target line.

Putt Track

 If you are implementing the Pelz putting method you will be looking for a putting track. These can
come in many different forms. Some allow you to put your putter into two rails that will insure the putter
moves straight back and straight through. Others will have you place the heel or toe of the putter
against a straight rail to insure the proper movement. Either of these practice aids will allow you to see
and visualize the straight back and straight through motion needed.

Bullseye Cup

Putting aids like this will reduce the size of the cup. Some do it by placing more and more rings into

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the hole that you are working with as others are one unit and just allows you a smaller opening to make
the putt. The positives to these practice aids are that they are small enough to carry in your golf bag
and will work with either putting method.

 Once the decision is made on which method to use, you can quickly improve your putting and lower
your scores by implementing the above putting aids into your practice routine.

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