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					Manual of Seduction
for Husbands, Single Men and Players

By Franco,
Pickup artist

A book for men to learn
how to become irresistible seducers
and improve their relationships with women.

Book I of the
“Encyclopedia of Pickup, Seduction and Female Relationships for the modern man”

         This book is a trademark owned by Matrix Nova. The content of the book,
          structure & presentation is Copyright © 2004 by Matrix Nova. All Rights
            Reserved. Any attempt to use the book for commercial purposes or
                      illegally distribute it will be legally prosecuted.
Table of Contents

    Introduction................................................................................................................................ 4

Part 1 - The Right Attitude
    Genetics, seduction`s best friend .............................................................................................. 8
    Woman's primordial instincts ..................................................................................................16
    The subservient frame and the PNP-mechanism.................................................................... 22
    Woman's language and seduction ........................................................................................... 32
    Woman's emotional states ....................................................................................................... 38
    The alpha male and the alpha attitude .................................................................................... 44
    The nice guy syndrome ............................................................................................................ 49

Part 2 - Seduction in Practice
    The phases of a seduction ........................................................................................................ 52
    Find out about her values and give her what she wants ......................................................... 64
    The concept of the frame of an interaction ............................................................................. 67
    Cocky and funny ....................................................................................................................... 69
    Mental state .............................................................................................................................. 74
    Human relationships are made of exchanges ......................................................................... 76
    Rejecting her and telling her why or simply rejecting her forever ......................................... 78
    Finding out about her values & system of beliefs.................................................................... 84
    The phase of physical contact .................................................................................................. 87
    The rule of the fast approach ................................................................................................... 90
    Patterns and hidden commands .............................................................................................. 92
    Female tests and how to overcome them to seduce a woman ................................................ 94
    A list of the principal female tests and their meaning ............................................................ 98
    The most powerful aphrodisiac on the planet: challenge ..................................................... 101
    The concept of context (frame) .............................................................................................. 109
    The concept of reframing .........................................................................................................111
    The slut guilt neutralizing defense.......................................................................................... 112
    Tests never end........................................................................................................................ 114
    Manipulation, lack of respect, inducing feelings of guilt ....................................................... 121
    Social proof ............................................................................................................................. 128
    Fidelity and seduction, a new context ................................................................................... 131
    The cognitive distortion of the only option ............................................................................135
    MLTR. Multiple Long-Term Relationships............................................................................139
    Techniques for building a MLTR ............................................................................................143
    The bad guy..............................................................................................................................145
    Psychologically disturbed women...........................................................................................149

Manual Of Seduction                                                                                                                             2
    Attraction .................................................................................................................................153
    The important meaning of qualification................................................................................. 157
    Fast rate PNP technique..........................................................................................................163
    Bust her “balls” ........................................................................................................................165
    Soft signs................................................................................................................................. 168
    Being a single man and living alone .......................................................................................174
    A new context ..........................................................................................................................176
    Being a playboy........................................................................................................................179
    Being a husband and father ................................................................................................... 180

Manual Of Seduction                                                                                                                              3

This book teaches men how to realize a dream, which until now has been considered the
privilege of a few: how to become an irresistible seducer. This book is a basic
manual of seduction.
      This manual is the first book of an Encyclopedia of Pickup, Seduction & Female
Relationships for the modern man I am going to publish step by step. In the upcoming
books I will approach in detail more advanced issues like Street pickup, Female
relationship management, Multiple Long Term Relationship, Group dynamics and
Seduction and so on.
      Studying and putting in practice what I teach in this and the following books will
get you laid like hell and will significantly improve your relationships with women.
      With the help of this book you will be able to conquer and bring to bed even the
most beautiful and hot women.
      This first book is for the average man who wants to get started in a systematic and
thorough way in the art of seduction.
      This book can be used to improve your relationships with woman in general. Single
men can use it to have success with women and to find the woman of their life.
Husbands can use it for improving their relationship with their own wife.
      The use you put this book to depends on what you want. I can only teach you how
to do it.
      When your approach happens in the correct way and takes into account the
structure and different means of expression of the female language even the most
beautiful and feminine women will respond to your seduction in the most positive way.
      The correct approach is made by several steps:
      a. Finding a woman.
      b. Establishing Initial contact (Opening and Small talk.)
      c. Establishing Rapport & Comfort (Rapport & Comfort are not needed in all cases)
& Building Attraction. I believe that these 3 stages happen contemporarily.
      d. Seducing her.
      f. Closing her (seducing her into having sex with you) or rejecting her and telling
her why or simply rejecting her without any explanation, i.e. ending the relationship
with her forever.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                    4
      What? Is that so complicated? Yes. It is complicated. Nothing can be obtained in
life without application. But it works! The terminology above comes in part from sales
and marketing but it can be applied to seduction as well: "From the first contact with the
client to the close”, "From the first contact with the woman to the love making.”
      By using the above structure you will achieve results in seducing women just like in
every man’s dream. The language I use may seem a little bit cynical, but it gives a clear
picture of what really happens in a well performed seduction. After all, adult love is
about taking and giving in the same amount, without regrets. Any other kind of love is a
        Everything I will teach in this book will seem to you quite different from what
Dad, Mom and your teachers told you about women. Maybe I will even shock you a little
bit. Maybe you will need some time to recover.
      Also, at the beginning you may be a little bit bored. Some concepts will seem
complicated and difficult to assimilate. Anyway I guarantee: if you put into practice only
20% of what I teach here, you will find it difficult to find the time to meet all the women
who will fall for you.
      At that point you will be satisfied that you have read this book and put it into
      The results you will get with the help of my book will depend basically on what you
      You can use my book to become an irresistible seducer.
      You can use it to improve the quality of a long-term relationship with your own
woman in your own marriage.
      You can use my book to build for yourself a harem of very beautiful women. You
can use it to improve your relationship with your girlfriend. It's all up to you.
      This book also teaches how to maintain many simultaneous love relationships
(MLTR = Multiple Long Term Relationships) without having to tell a single lie and in an
extremely satisfactory way, both for you and for the women involved.
      This book contains both theoretical and practical parts. However, you can skip the
theoretical parts if you want.
      You will get results anyway by applying the techniques in the book.
      If you really want to become a skilled artist in the field of seduction, I would advise
you anyway to study the theory, too.
      Knowledge of the psychological and biological laws behind the seduction process
and the mastering of their application make the difference between a novice and an

Manual Of Seduction                                                                        5
      An artist in the art of seduction who is aware of the psychological and biological
processes behind the relationship between a man and a woman can satisfy practically
every dream in his relationship with a woman.
         The book is based on an understanding of evolutionary psychology, of female
psychology, of the differences between male and female psychology and in general on
knowledge of the biology and physiology of the woman.
      Psychological studies, biological studies, magnetic resonance and isotopic studies
(brain imaging techniques) of the male and female brains are yielding all the time more
and more evidence of an essential fact: man and woman are different, much more
different than what we could imagine.
      The male and female brains work in different ways and speak different languages,
particularly on the emotional level.
      For the woman, language does not have only a logical meaning - as it does for most
men - but also and especially an emotional meaning. This does not mean that men do
not have feelings.
      Men do have feelings, but they are able to keep their feelings at a level of lesser
importance than are women in love and social relationships.
      For this reasons words such as “flower”, “sky” or “eyes” or “mouth” or even entire
phrases may have very different meanings in different contexts for a man or for a
woman. They can be felt in a totally different way by a woman in spite of the fact that on
a rational level these are words with the same meaning for both genders.
      Thus whole phrases and whole concepts may be interpreted in completely different
ways by a man or a woman.
      This difference between the genders is the basis for happiness in love. The same
difference, however, also creates a constant tension between the sexes, which is at the
basis of sexual attraction.
      Sadly the same differences are also the source of some difficulties and problems
experimented by couples in love relationships.
      Getting to know the differences between the sexes and being able to apply them to
seduction will give you the possibility of learning how to become an irresistible seducer.
The same skills will help you to improve your relationships with women.
      Being aware of the different language and different psychology of the woman can
make a man able to waken the sexual desire of a woman and keep her in a state of
constant excitation.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                     6
     In that way the man can make a relationship very satisfactory on both an emotional
and a sexual level, for both himself and the woman. Thank God, no more strange
headaches from her, but rather a constant sexual interest!
     One important thing: the art of seduction cannot be learned only from books! This
manual will help you to find the right way. Without the use of your brain and legs,
however, you will not get results of any kind. You must do the field work!
     To become an expert seducer you need to meet women and talk to them. No theory
can substitute constant practice.
     The only way to get results and to learn and improve in the art of seduction is
constant practice. After all what waits for you at the end of the road is such a pleasant
     Nothing can be obtained in life without application and dedication. Not even
     So read this book, start your field work and learn how to do it!

Manual Of Seduction                                                                     7

Genetics, seduction`s best friend

Evolution, biology and genetics influence women’s behavior - and of course men’s
behavior - much more than what we might believe. Nature gave us organs for
reproduction and also gave us a strong reproductive instinct.
      Most men and women, however, do not realize how much the instinct to procreate
influences our behavior in the same way as hunger and thirst do.
      Most men and women believe that our behavior in the area of love and sex is a
matter of free choice.
      In reality, however, we have free choice much less than we would like to believe.
      Our very strong sexual need assures the proliferation and the expansion of the
human race by using a reward that is very difficult to refuse: pleasure.
      Throughout the history of the world men have been masters of the art of the war
and conquer.
      Women - on the other hand - have been the mistresses of the art of survival, human
relationships and love relationships.
      Throughout history women have been mistresses of wielding their power over men.
And they have done this in such a subtle way that most men have never even noticed it.
      Indeed most of the men on the planet still don't see it.
      Now we know that evolution makes of us slaves of our instincts much more than
what we might have believed before.
      You might say now:” Is this news?” and you would be right. The basic argument
seems to be very simple. In reality, though it is not as simple as it might seem at first
      Read on and you will notice that there are fine particulars in this argument that not
so many are aware of. But knowledge of these “fine particulars” can make the difference

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      8
for you between a life spent without the joy of sex and love with women and a satisfying
sexual and emotional life.
       In fact, if you learn to recognize and apply these “fine particulars”, you will be also
able to bring to your bed the most beautiful of women.
       We are used to believing that the reproductive instinct causes women and men to
work together for a common purpose. Sadly things are not that way. The truth is very
different from the romantic vision that parents and school try to sell to us.
       The news is that the reproductive instinct puts men and women in completely
different positions with regard to love and matters of sex.
       The reproductive instinct influences in a completely different way the behavior of
men and women, both in the phase of seduction and later in long-term relationships.
       The principal purpose of the primordial instincts in us is to help the spread of the
best genes. When someone chooses a mate who is more beautiful, more intelligent,
taller, nobler and stronger than another, he/she instinctively acts under the drive of the
primordial instincts.
       Man’s and woman’s bodies prepare themselves in the phase of seduction for the
procreation of a new human being to whom they transfer the genes of beauty,
intelligence, height, nobility and so on.
       These instincts are hardwired in our brain. They influence our behavior in a deeply
rooted way.
       But there are complications.
       Evolution and biology do not know what democracy is. Man and woman have
different instinctual functions. And here is the point where both happiness and problems
       In the game of evolution, man’s function is to be the spreader of the genes.
       Man can also act as the selector - one of the purposes of this book is to teach you
how to become a selector - but man’s natural instinct is to spread his genes.
       Man can afford this because if he makes a mistake he can correct it very easily by
making pregnant another woman in a very short time.
       Practically speaking a man can afford to cause pregnancy in a woman with “not so
good genes”: for example, not such good hair, ugly eyes, some disease, not very
intelligent, because he can cause pregnancy in another better woman in the course of the
same evening or the next day.
       Practically speaking as well men can afford “not caring too much” about the quality
of the genes of the woman.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                         9
      The function of the woman - on the other hand - contains in a much more
imperative way, being the selector of the genes. Woman cannot afford “to make a
mistake” in the choice of the partner.
      This is due to the length of time of carrying the child and her and her child’s deep
need for protection from other individuals after the child’s birth. Instincts force the
woman to be much more careful in the choice of a partner because - once made pregnant
- she cannot repeat the process so easily.
      Nature and instincts do not know about abortion and contraception.
      The woman’s evolutionary job is to be a judge of men at her instinctual level with
the purpose of choosing the man with the best genes in addition to other qualities.
      Of course, men and women can live with the illusion of being free or of being able
to become free from the influence of these primordial levels of instinct. In reality no one
of us can free him/herself from these instincts.
      They influence our behavior - in one way or another- at a very deep level, mostly
without our even being conscious of it.
      From an evolutionary point of view man and woman have completely different
      Man has a strong and deep instinct to spread his genes to as large a number of
beautiful and genetically perfect women as possible.
      Woman needs to bind to herself only one genetically perfect man for a stable long
term relationship, long and stable enough to become pregnant, give birth to one of more
children, a relationship stable and long enough to last for a long period after the birth of
the child/children.
      Woman also needs protection from men/society during the years from birth of her
children at least until the time they are able to take care of themselves.
      The fact that the society and the liberation of women have already in many highly
developed societies given to the woman the possibility of going through the reproductive
period and the period of the growth of the children without the need for a man does not
eliminate woman's primordial instincts. Instincts evolve very slowly.
      Assuming that men’s highly logical brain potential and superior physical strength
will not be needed in future to survive wars or other catastrophes - which is very unlikely
to happen - possibly in some hundreds of years, certain instincts in men and women
could come to assume a different evolutionary purpose.
      But, at least from the point of view of the men and women living in this generation,
that is unlikely to happen. Right now as I write, brave men, soldiers, are fighting and

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      10
dying in Iraq and Afghanistan. Man’s body and the logic of his brain give an absolute
superiority in matters like hunting and war.
      Practically speaking woman's behavior is still influenced by those primordial
instincts from hundreds and millions of years ago. I will demonstrate this in this book.
Knowledge of these instincts and how to use them with the positive intent of seducing
women is an essential point if you want to become an artist in the field of seduction.
      With the help of this book you will learn how to act on a woman's instincts in such
an effective way that she will not be able to resist you.
      This is the reason in this book we are interested in genetics and evolution.
      Nature gave to men a very strong, almost irresistible sexual drive the purpose of
which is to force them to cause a large number of pregnancies in a large number of
      At this point you might say:” What discovery? We already knew all this!” Wait a
moment guys! Things are not that simple. As a matter of fact they are very complex.
      Slowly I will have you noticing the “fine particulars”, thereby helping you to get laid
as much as you want.
      Reading this book you will slowly notice the complexity of the phenomenon called
seduction and how you can use this new knowledge to bring very beautiful women into
your bed.
      The best way to do it is to start to put into practice what I am going to write here:
soon you will notice that seduction follows constant, almost scientific laws.
      So let’s start. Let’s start to put theory into practice!
      Especially important from the point of view of seduction is this principle:
       “Woman is forced by instincts to be a selector. This is an instinct she cannot
overcome. If you succeed in understanding which are the selective criteria of the woman
and present yourself as the male who possesses these criteria, you will become
irresistible to her.”
      Woman has an “evolutionary detector”, which activates itself in the presence of a
male and his testosterone. This evolutionary detector functions in an automatic and
stereotypical fashion, almost like the systems controlling thirst, hunger or aggression or
the direction of one's movements.
      The purpose of this evolutionary detector is to select the best male to make her
pregnant and protect her after the birth of the child.
      Like any biological system, however, the female evolutionary biological detector is
not perfect and makes mistakes, just as any other human biological system.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                        11
      For example, the system regulating hunger can make mistakes. The brain is not a
perfect system and the functioning of the brain can be influenced from the outside.
      The brain itself can make huge mistakes. These are also called “cognitive mistakes.”
      An example of a situation where the brain makes a big mistake is when under the
influence of endorphins, it feels alcohol to be important to the body.
      Endorphins cause pleasure when a person drinks alcohol and make the brain
“believe” that alcohol is indispensable to the brain itself. Another example is chocolate.
      It causes pleasure and a person feels it is needed, while in fact the person only gets
problems such as of overweight, high cholesterol and damage to the teeth.
      The brain makes mistakes when you eat too much and become overweight or it
makes mistakes when you do not eat enough and suffer from anorexia.
      The central principle of this book is: an experienced seducer is able to recognize the
above mentioned “fine signs” coming from a woman's evolutionary detector. Then he is
able to influence this detector so that he makes her feel a deep erotic desire for him and
has her wanting to have sex with him.
      I teach you in this book how a woman's genetic evolutionary detector works and
how you can recognize the "soft signs" coming from it, how to be able to read then and
react to them in the proper way so that you have the woman assured at a deep level that
you are the man with the better genes. This happens with words, actions or even
      Woman's evolutionary detector in fact is not perfect and can be influenced from the
      Luckily this evolutionary detector is not as effective as an IBM computer: in that
case your possibilities of competing with other males on the planet such as the US
President, Bill Gates or Arnold Schwarzenegger or some rock artist would be zero. On
the other hand - luckily - they cannot seduce all the women on the planet.
      So women have in some way to “adjust” themselves to you. I am, of course,
inserting some humor here.
      Anyway ladies have invented a wonderful way to solve this problem. They can be in
the company of their romance novels and wait all their life for the Perfect Prince. They
can live all their life without having a complete and fulfilling emotional and sexual
relationship and wait for HIM.
      They can even get married and still go waiting for HIM.
      So many husbands may never know WHY she is not interested in sex. Those
husbands could not imagine that the reason is her evolutionary detector, which tells to
her:” He is not perfect enough!”

Manual Of Seduction                                                                       12
      But don't get scared already. There is also good news.
      As I said the good news is that the female evolutionary detector is not perfect and
can be influenced from the outside.
      This system is in the brain of the woman and just like the system controlling
hunger or the weight of the body it can make mistakes.
      For example, a woman can fall deeply in love for a criminal or a bullying idiot on a
beach because her instinctual evolutionary detector tells her: “He is so self-confident and
cocky. He surely is superior as a man!” Does this sound familiar?
      This is a case where woman's evolutionary system makes a mistake. I teach you
with this book how to have these “mistakes” happen with just you.
      Don't worry about your physical looks. I guarantee that your physical appearance -
at least if you don't stink or brush your teeth only once a month - is relatively
      The judgment a woman's instinctual detector gives of you depends very often on
the way you present yourself to her, i.e. from the very beginning you are the one to put
yourself in a good or bad position.
      Most men do not notice that they are the first ones to mess up their own
seductions. Here are some examples from real life. Read these phrases and descriptions
of some typical male subservient attitudes.
      He: (after having shown sexual interest for her):”I am sorry Darling I did not want
to offend you. I am sorry. I need you so much.”
      Wrong! You are asking for forgiveness for something you did. You are also asking
for forgiveness for the fact that you desire her sexually. Her evolutionary detector
interprets on the instinctual level: ”He is a weak man, he asks for forgiveness for the fact
that he is a man, he has not very good genes, better let him go, he is not for me!”
      He: (after having expressed in a very direct way his sexual interest for her) “Don't
be silly my, little baby! Come here. Give me a kiss. You know: you are not the first one to
tell me I am a bastard. And the fact is: yes, I am a bastard. The worst you ever met in
your life!” (This is said playfully: she cannot know now if he is for real or not.)
      This is much, much better. She interprets on an instinctual level:” He is not asking
for forgiveness. He even tries to kiss me! He asks for respect. He tells to me that he will
take me. He does not even try to excuse himself! If he can be so cocky and self-sure only
God knows how many women are after him!”
      In fact, if a man is wanted by many women it means that his genes must be the
best. Only women know this.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                       13
      She comes half an hour later than agreed and he says: “Don't worry my dear. I have
been waiting you under the rain and I would wait you forever even if we were at the
North Pole.” And she interprets on the instinctual level: “Look, what a pussy. I do
whatever I want to him and he does not even complain! He is a weak man!”
      At that point woman's evolutionary detector tells her in a split second that he has
very bad genes and she looses any sexual interest for him she may have had. She treats
him as a friend or even worst as a “girlfriend.”
      She comes half and hour later than agreed and he is not there.
      She looks around and after a while receives a text message on her mobile:” I’m at
the gym. Stay where you are and I'll be there soon!”
      She reacts:” Look what a bastard. It was only half an hour! And he does not give a
shit! He's more concerned about taking care of himself and I am not able to make him do
what I want! He surely is a wonderful male!”
      Are women so cruel? Of course they are not. Only their evolutionary detector is.
Because in every woman there are two levels:
      - The primitive evolutionary level. The evolutionary detector we have been talking
about is a part of this level.
      - The social level. This is the one which has been given to the woman by her
parents, society, and education.
      Women have already recognized these two levels in men for centuries.
      For this reason many women say about men: “they are all pigs” and as far as love
and sex are concerned women are used saying that: “Men have their brain between their
legs.” This is how they perceive man’s instinctual, evolutionary level.
      In this book you will learn to recognize the evolutionary, instinctual level of the
woman and learn techniques for influencing it so that you can seduce a woman
      Of course, when a man behaves in a really kind and nice way, a woman´ s social
level tells her:” He loves me and is trying to do everything for me.” That is what her
parents and teachers told her from the time she was a little girl. Anyway, a deep sense of
frustration remains in her after she says that to herself.
      That is because at a deeper level, her instinctual level interprets things in a very
different way: if he asks a lot for forgiveness for himself and is forced to be so kind to get
love, that means he is “cheap” in evolutionary terms.
      At the end of the day or at the end of a long relationship lasting many years the
element which determines extent of her sexual interest in a man is not the social level. It
is the evolutionary level.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                        14
      If you behave like a pussy her sexual interest for you goes below the level of zero at
the speed of light! your relationship with her is sooner or later ruined!
      The corollary of this is that every man on this planet has at least two women: the
social woman and the evolutionary woman. In fact every woman has in herself these two
parts. To become a seducer or to keep alive a relationship with a woman you need to
learn how to dialogue with both her levels at the same time.
      The way you behave and present yourself establishes in which place in the genetic
and evolutionary hierarchy a woman's evolutionary detector puts you.
      If you behave so that her instinctual level puts you on a high level in the
evolutionary hierarchy, her sexual interest and her attraction for you will remain high.
      If on the other hand you behave so that her instinctual level puts you on a low level
in the hierarchy she starts to treat you like a friend, a “boring husband” or even worse as
a “girlfriend.”
      Important warning! It is absolutely not necessary to be brutal or violent! On the
contrary: violence towards a woman is interpreted by the woman as a sign of weakness,
whereas the ability to be in control in any situation without resorting to violence is seen
instead as a sign of a dominant male, who possesses a superior genetic constitution.
      A genetically superior male is always in control of himself and the situation.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                       15
Woman's primordial instincts
and how to use them to seduce women
in an irresistible way

The basic principle is: “In every woman there are two levels: the socio-rational level and
the evolutionary primordial, instinctual level.” Read this phrase dozens of times and
remember it! Even better, write it on the mirror you use to shave yourself in the
      If you want to become an expert seducer you need to remember this always.
      If you ask a woman why she spends so much time in front of the mirror to do her
make-up or why she uses clothes which emphasize her breasts and legs, she will almost
probably answer:
      ”I do it for myself.” Or: “It makes me feel good.”
      Most women are sincere when they answer this way. It is the social part of them
which answers in this way. But the part “between their legs” feels differently.
      The reality is that the primordial part of the woman prepares herself in this way to
attract the male with the best genes.
      Even if she has only one man in her life or no man at all, when she makes herself up
she does that for the “Prince of her dreams.”
      If you want to be a husband and have a great relationship with a woman prepare
yourself to be that Prince.
      If you are not at the level for that role, prepare yourself for trouble, sooner or later.
I am not joking! That’s the way things are on the primordial feminine level.
      Her instincts give her the possibility of really surrendering sexually only to her
Prince, no matter whether that Prince is Bill Gates, James Bond or a member of a Hell’s
Angels motorcycle gang, who comes dirty, ugly and full of muscles to take her, puts his
hand on her rear and orders: “Let’s go, bitch, to have a ride on my motorbike!”
      A clear proof of how women wait for their Prince is jealousy. Based on some recent
studies jealousy is a strategy of Nature for increasing the likelihood of having more
children. A jealous man will be more prone to make a woman pregnant, due to the fear
of another male doing the same to her.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                         16
      A jealous man, unsure and hypersensitive is able to see the deep evolutionary
motives of men and women, without the smallest mistake: she is the selector; she has to
attract the man with the best genes. Jealous men, with their sensitiveness sense much
better than others a basic truth: woman is the selector, so she chooses the best one. If
she cannot choose right then and there, she waits for the best one and chooses him at the
right moment.
      So it is only a question of time.
      The jealous man is afraid of not being in possession of the best genes. By the way
that is also very true: there will be always someone around with better genes! For
example, this could be Bill Gates.
      The jealous individual feels instinctively hidden realities which other people don't
see. The woman makes herself beautiful to give herself to the winner!
      The winner will be the one to be rewarded with the most beautiful lady, as a sign of
superiority! However, women have to compete all the time with other women. This
competition between women can be at worst extremely tough and remind a really bloody
fight for survival, the magnitude of which men are rarely aware.
      To become a seducer you need to learn to dialogue at the same time with the two
levels in every woman: the primitive and the social.
      You need to learn to “speak” to “two women” at the same time.
      1. The social and rational woman is the part of her who says:” I make up only for
myself” or “I don't make up. I am beautiful just as I am.” or even worse:” I am a feminist.
I don't make up at all” and then goes around with tight jeans and a 10-euro t-shirt,
leaving nothing to the imagination.
      2. The primordial woman is the part of her making up to attract the best males. She
is the selector and selects the best males. The reason she makes up and dresses in a
classy and sensual manner or moves her rear in a sensual way on the streets is this one.
      This is the most important level for seduction and this is the level you need to get to
know about in order to bring her into your bed.
      To become an expert seducer, you need to get to know how this level functions.
      You need to dialogue with the primitive level while at the same time “keeping an
eye” on the social and rational level. In this way you will succeed in seducing her.
      Like this:” Yes. I know. Men have been oppressing women so much throughout
history. There is a strange light in your eyes today. Is there something you would like to
tell me?” and then you put your hand on her forearm.
      Things, of course, are not that simple, but this could be a good basic example.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                        17
      After this the seducer goes on talking with her about feelings and emotions and
goes on touching her until she surrenders. He comes across as extremely self-confident
(see later the concept of Alpha male) because he does not give her a chance to influence
him with her words and he shows dominance.
      He goes on anyway with his seduction while keeping her social part busy with the
conversation. The primitive part of her gets excited in the presence of such a self-
confident man and she surrenders.
      So the technique of seduction consists in the ability to dialogue at the same time
with both the social and the primordial levels of the woman.
      You need to be able in the Approach phase as well as in the following Rapport &
Comfort phase and Attraction phase to dialogue with both levels at the same time.
      The primordial level has two purposes:
      1. To have the man give her his sperm with the best possible genetic material. She is
forced to be a selector, able to choose the best ones.
      2. To convince the man to be faithful and loyal to her for the time needed to bring a
child into this world and to take care of the child.
      In countries where woman is completely independent from man, the above
instincts are nevertheless present and still influence the behavior of the woman.
      Social factors do not eliminate instincts.
      I know that this argument will elicit discussion among female readers and maybe
also among some men. The best way to test whether what I say true is to do the field
      When you get some field experience in seduction, you will soon notice that
woman's behavior is completely under the influence of those two instincts.
      Try to believe.
      To reach the two above described purposes she has to manipulate the man and
make him dependent upon her by using sex and any other means, legal or illegal.
      An effective way can be to make him feel guilty; another can be to be maternal to
him to have him become dependent. The means used can be several and infinite.
Anyway, the most effective way to have a male dependent is of course sex!
      After having obtained the male with the better genes, the woman needs to obtain
his fidelity in order to protect the children. For thousands of years lacking a man's
protection would have meant for the woman her own death and the death of her children
as well.
      In the modern society a woman can be completely independent of a male's
protection - like it happens for independent women living in countries with a high social

Manual Of Seduction                                                                     18
level such as the Scandinavian countries - or she can be dependent upon a man for all of
her life in countries at low a economic level.
        Anyway, independent of social factors, a woman's behavior on a primordial
instinctual level is this: she has to have a man remain faithful to her for a certain period.
She has also to deal with the competition from other females all the time. To obtain what
she needs, she is willing and able to do almost anything.
        She cannot take the risk that her man would go on to inseminate other women.
These instincts are hardwired in a woman's brain and she cannot act against them or at
least she can only “try” to act against them.
        Now a very important subject from the point of view of seduction: a less romantic
aspect of these biological and genetic instincts is that as soon as the woman feels she has
obtained her purpose - having her man dependent on her using various means - she
starts to slowly loose her interest in him on the sexual level.
        This happens if the man has stopped being a challenge for her!!!
        She is forced to decrease the amount of sex because if she gives everything to her
man, his “hunger is satisfied” and she can risk loosing his support. Then the man would
have no reason anymore to support her and do what she says. On the other hand, if she
refuses of sex completely, there is the risk that he could find other women and she could
loose him completely.
        These factors are the basis of the PNP mechanism (PNP = Positive Negative
Positive stimulus.)
        I will describe this mechanism later in this book. Here I will tell you only briefly
about the PNP mechanism, which I will describe in more detail later in this book.
        A woman's strategy for keeping a man faithful to her is: give him sex (P) and refuse
it little bit (N) and give him sex again (P) in an alternate fashion.
        Due to this mechanism there is a basic attitude in the woman you need to get to
know if you want to become an expert seducer. You can use woman's primordial and
biological aspects to seduce her in only one way:
        “In words, acts and omissions you need to demonstrate to her that she cannot have
        You want a happy marriage with a beautiful and sexually active woman? Give her a
“little bit” of yourself but keep her always in uncertainty so that she can never be sure of
having you.
        You want to keep alive rapport with the woman you have seduced? The technique is
the same: she must never be sure of having you.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                        19
      You must be for her a constant challenge. Women are biologically programmed to
feel as the “Prince of their dreams” only the man whom they cannot have.
      A simple example: I am sure, that women married to tough leaders, who are
complaining all the time about how their men “are all the time at work” in reality highly
admire their men on a primordial level because those men are for their women a
constant challenge.
      She can never be sure to having him and that makes him interesting and
unattainable. He - who has such good genes - is always out there “on the road” in
meetings and executives committees, with female secretaries and female colleagues in
short skirts close to him.
      Acting in such a way that you are always for her a challenge, you put your woman's
evolutionary detector into a state of alert. This results in an exponential growth of her
sexual interest for you.
      At this point I see you already shouting: “But this is so easy! Why didn't I think of it
before?” Wrong! It is not easy. It is very difficult.
      You will be obliged to train yourself constantly to obtain this with all the mental
strength you have because Nature created for the man a trap, seduction’s enemy number
one: “the subservient frame.”
      In fact men too are “slaves of genetics and evolution.” A man's brain also makes
mistakes as well as woman's brain.
      The subservient frame is an aberration of the normal instinct of protection that a
virile man normally feels for the woman and the children. When a ship goes down, the
Captain shouts: “women and children first!” A strong and healthy man feels a natural
instinct to protect other human beings whom he perceives as “weaker.”
      A woman can influence this male instinct in such an effective way that she can put
the man in a state of complete psychological slavery.
      The slavery starts when you are put by her or you put yourself in a subservient
mental frame.
      Nature programmed man by giving him a strong instinct to be protective of a
      This instinct expresses itself as an invincible need to protect, help, please the
woman, partly for absolutely non-egoistic purposes and partly to obtain sex and
      This instinct goes - in particular in modern society - against the interests of the
man. In a couple-relationship it often brings to a slow death to a woman's sexual desire

Manual Of Seduction                                                                        20
and also often leads to divorce. Let's learn to recognize the subservient mental frame and
eliminate it.
     The subservient frame is seduction's enemy number one.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                     21
The subservient frame and the PNP- mechanism

The PNP mechanism is a behavioral psychological and biological mechanism creating
       To be able to have a man connected to her for a time long enough for procreation
and for her children to reach independence a woman subconsciously uses the PNP
mechanism and puts the man - without his noticing it - in a mental state called the
subservient mental state.
       Nature has predisposed the man to fall into woman's PNP mechanism giving him a
strong instinct of protection toward the woman along with a formidable sexual instinct.
       This instinct for protection protects life, but in many males - let’s admit it: the
majority of males - reaches such limits that it puts the man in a state of psychological
dependence upon and enslavement by the woman, which is the subservient mental state.
All men should be kept by law from getting married or involved in a long-term
relationship before they become expert seducers and have laid at least 50 women!
       When a man acts under the influence of the subservient mental state, he speaks
and acts in the subservient mental frame, which we will learn to recognize and eliminate
with the help of this book.
       This frame is one of the major reasons for failure in your attempts to seduce a
woman and the basis for a major loss of sexual interest on the part of the woman in a
marriage or a long-term relationship.
       When a woman succeeds in putting a man into that state two things happen:
       A. The woman slowly looses her sexual interest for that man.
       B. She starts to despise that man and looses respect for him. As you all understand,
it is impossible to love a man whom you despise.
       This process is the cause of many divorces and infidelities in marriage. The process
can be very fast - hours, days - or slower: the duration of a marriage, but it happens
anyway, without mercy and with a mathematical precision.
       We can define the subservient mental state like this:
       “The subservient frame is any word, action and omission by which a man puts
himself in a humiliating position, displays to the woman that he cannot live without her,
is in position of submission to her with the purpose of obtaining from her attention and
sex. It is any word, action and omission, by which a man gives the woman the possibility

Manual Of Seduction                                                                     22
of putting him down psychologically, acting against his interests, lacking respect for
      The subservient state is like a green light, telling the woman that she has reached
her evolutionary purpose: the man is now hers and she owns him. But there is a big
problem in this: it is also like a signal telling her “He is not a real man anymore.” Ironic:
the same mechanism for making her sure to possess a man with the best genes, a
companion and a father for her children has her loosing her sexual interest for her man.
Many men “sense” at that point “something strange” and start to do stupid things like
drinking alcohol or gambling or staying out of the home all the time in order to get
themselves back into the Alpha state (look further in this book for the Alpha and beta
states) but it is already too late.
      In fact how could a woman respect anymore a man who lets her put him from the
first very moment into such a miserable state? How could a woman respect a man who
gives up his dignity for sex and affection? Impossible!
      In this book I teach men how to start a relationship with a woman so that the guy
will never enter the subservient mental state and how the guy can keep himself out of
this state further in the relationship as well and thus enjoy a happy sexual and emotional
relationship with her.
      To become an expert seducer you need to learn how to put yourself in a non-
subservient position toward a woman. A man who is not in a subservient position is an
irresistible aphrodisiac for a woman. I will explain in this book how you can reach this
      But what is the PNP mechanism, which the woman uses to put the man into a
subservient state? To understand it we need now to get interested in a phenomenon
called addiction.
      The mechanism of addiction is the mechanism that has us become dependent on
alcohol, drugs or chocolate and it is practically the same as the mechanism a woman
uses to get the man into a subservient state.
      It happens in this way: when we drink a glass of whisky or we take a drug or we
enjoy chocolate:
      P = we feel deep pleasurable sensations = the pleasure stimulus.
      N = at this point we feel a deep need to drink more or have more drug or chocolate
= absence of the pleasure stimulus.
      P = we are forced to drink another glass or take more drug or the chocolate = again
the pleasure stimulus.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                       23
      The repetition of PNP cycle brings us to a dependence upon alcohol, drugs or
chocolate. The factor bringing us to dependence is pleasure and even more the fact that
the pleasure is not continuous. So in fact, the negative stimulus of the PNP mechanism is
the regulating factor.
      The gratification given by a dose of alcohol or a drug causes a chemical storm in the
brain and brings about the desire to have more pleasure. The brain's chemical
mediators, such as the dopamine, endorphin, and serotonin activate and cause pleasure,
which is at the basis of the addiction.
      Practically speaking, a woman does exactly the same to a man.
      The purpose of her primordial instincts is to have a man attached to her - to be
exact, the one who has the best genes - and to have him desire to impregnate her and
even more to protect her for the time necessary for taking care of the children. And it
happens like this:

     P = She shows us her legs and we get excited.
     N = We try to touch her and she withdraws.
     P = She shows her legs again and we get excited again.


     P = She agrees to make love with us and we feel pleasure.
     N = She refuses to make love with us and we remain alone with our desire.
     P = She agrees again to make love and we get pleasure again.

      In this way the woman elicits a state of addiction to herself which permits her to
have the man attached to her for a time long enough to allow for taking care of her
      Inasmuch as man's sexual instinct is overwhelming, a man cannot resist this and
starts to serve the woman, to do her favors, to buy her flowers and gifts and tries to buy
the chance to have sex with her by using all the means at his disposal.
      This is practically the same mental state as that of the drug abuser when he will do
anything to find himself his next "fix."
      The more a man has an overwhelming sexual instinct, the more effectively woman’s
PNP mechanism works on him.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                     24
         Why does a man remain a slave of the subservient mental state and of the PNP
mechanism? The principal reason is the same as why a woman behaves as she does: it is
hardwired in man's evolutionary instincts.
      Evolution has programmed a man genetically and biologically at the instinctual
level to want sex with a woman in an irresistible and overwhelming way.
      This makes of the man a propagator of genes. This causes the man to do extremely
humiliating acts as paying prostitutes to have sex with him.
      As a young adult I always wondered what puts a man in such a humiliating state as
paying to have sex with prostitutes! - I have had a lot of sex in my life, but I have never
been to a prostitute.
      I have seduced two prostitutes in my life so that I got it for free, yes! But I have
never paid a woman for sex. I would never do that.
      Well, the answer is: evolution and the addiction caused by the mechanism PNP! It
is the instinctual imperative to propagate one's genes.
      This instinct to propagate through pleasure is so strong that a man is ready to pay a
prostitute, who - in the depths of her heart - despises him, while at the same time
making love to him.
      Most men believe that doing a woman favors and being in a subservient mental
frame will result in his seducing her and having sex with her.
      It has the opposite result. She interprets the situation on an instinctual level: he is
mine; I can do with him what I want!
      The more she succeeds in getting him into a subservient frame, the more she looses
interest in that man, while pretending to be still interested.
      Man's subservient behavior enters generally into a marriage or a long term
relationship if it is the woman's intention to obtain a marriage or a long term
      Almost always it leads to an unhappy and unsuccessful relationship.
      At the precise moment the woman senses she has succeeded in having the man
attached to her by using the PNP mechanism she starts to prolong the N (negative
stimulus) of the mechanism, in one way or another.
      I have observed the mechanism in the hundreds of women I have seduced. It
manifests itself with an impressive mathematical precision, sometimes already at the
first meeting.
      The same woman who was at the beginning of the relationship very hot starts
slowly to refuse sex in order to reinforce the man's addiction to the maximum level. I can

Manual Of Seduction                                                                       25
almost hear the accusations of feminists. Modern woman expresses her sexual desire!
We are not nuns anymore!
       It is true: modern woman has learned - thank God! - to accept her sexual desire.
       Let's be realistic anyway! She can very easily use the PNP mechanism with the man,
whom she wants to be the father of her children and feel sexual pleasure with her lover.
That is what women did secretly in the past and do now quite openly in modern society.
       For this reason this is a golden century for lovers and playboys and a dark century
for husbands and fathers. I hope my book will make good seducers and at the same time
help husbands and fathers to put themselves in a win-win position again. A woman has
so many choices nowadays. She can, for example, interrupt her relationship with a man
who is in the role of father and husband. After a while she can find another one willing to
fulfill the role of father to her children, while perhaps having fun with a playboy as well.
There are so many different combinations.
       This takes absolutely nothing away from the existence of the PNP mechanism.
       In fact at an instinctual level she senses that if the man is satisfied all the time - the
"P" of mechanism PNP - he will never develop the “abstinence syndrome” - the "N" of
mechanism PNP. In that case she will never be sure did she have him attached to her for
the long term. This explains very well why so many wives refuse to give sex to their men
while at the same time they sit in parliaments deciding about the abolition of
       Prostitutes help their men out of the power of their PNP mechanism and they even
make money by doing it!
       On an instinctual level a woman senses that if a man does not remain dependent on
her, he will very rapidly be able to go with other women and start the reproductive cycle
with them. This would be very bad business for her. His genes would go in a different
direction. Obviously this is very good business for Nature because this divergence
between man and woman ensures genetic variability!
       A woman cannot afford to make mistakes in the choice of genes. So she needs to
give to the man only that little which is enough to keep him attached to her and not
       She needs to be very good in “dosing out” the "N" of the PNP mechanism.
       I have seduced women who are real artists at this. They are able to prolong the "N"
the PNP mechanism exactly as much as is needed in order to do with the man all what
they want and after which they can think to themselves: “What an idiot!” I have also met
women who are so scared themselves by the power of this mechanism that they told me -

Manual Of Seduction                                                                           26
with absolute sincerity - from the beginning: “I would like to have a man who does not
do always what I want.”
      Very often women tell me during a conversation “I hope you will never let me put
you down!” They know that I am a playboy and they cannot tell tales to me. So they are
sincere with me about this. Being a playboy means hearing stories some other men are
never told.
      And now we arrive at the best part! How to use this mechanism to seduce women
in an irresistible way!!!
      In theory it is very simple. It is enough to invert the PNP mechanism in favor of the
man. In practice, however, it is not as simple as it might seem. You will need application
and practice to succeed in it.
      In fact to succeed you will need to fight against a group of very strong instincts
which nature has given to men.
      Tell me: which one of you has not at least once in your life dreamed of dying with a
military uniform for the Homeland, children and women? Don't lie! I know you have.
      The instincts and the mental frames you will need to fight against are:
      a. The subservient mental frame, which is enemy number one of seduction.
      b. The instinct to protect the woman. - From what for Christ’s sake?
      c. Your sexual desire. The stronger your sexual desire is, the more difficult you will
find it to fight against the subservient mental state. On the contrary, you need to be
conscious about the fact that the more you are sexually active, the more you will need to
be careful not to fall into the trap of her PNP.
      Before you aim your guns at me I say: I don’t mean you should not have sex. I mean
you need only to be aware of this.
      d. The mechanism of addiction in the case the woman has already succeeded in
getting you attached by using her PNP and you are already subservient toward her. This
is an area where this book can help certain husbands and boyfriends a lot.
      The ideal situation is one in which you never remain in that state of addiction to
her and are still able to love her and get love from her. Once you are in the subservient
mental state, however, it is very difficult to get out of it.
      Anyway, Franco tells you in this book how to free yourself from this addiction in
case that has happened to you in the chapter: "The One Option’s Distortion."
      In connection with this argument is very important to read and understand the
chapter: “Fidelity and Seduction: a new context” and also the chapter dedicated to:
“Multiple Long Term Relationships (MLTR.)” A really effective way to get you out of

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      27
addiction is withdrawal from a woman with another woman. We go to this delicate
argument further in this book.
      To invert the PNP in favor of the man:
       “You have to put the woman in a mental state where she is always one step closer
to conquering your exclusivity, without completely succeeding in doing so. You need to
be for her a constant challenge!”
      In practice this means never give to a woman the certainty that she possesses your
      This is exactly the opposite of buying flowers, doing favors, paying her bills, exactly
the opposite of the subservient mental state.
      This is the principal reason for which men who have the reputations of being real
jerks have so much success with women. A woman is compelled to try PNP with them.
      As she does not succeed in it, she is forced by her instincts to try again and again.
Jerks simply take advantage of this.
      An important corollary of this process is:
       “To maintain a woman's excitation and sexual desire on a constantly high level,
you need to never give the woman the sureness of being exclusively her man!”
      This concept can be used as a means for seduction and as a means for keeping alive
a long-term emotional and sexual relationship or a marriage.
      Also, once you have become an expert seducer, you will be able to use PNP to tease
a woman in the same way as a woman uses it to tease a man. If you don't want to be a
husband and you are not looking for a wife, using PNP you can keep your lovers in a
perfect state of constant excitation.
      Let's now go deeper into the practice on how to invert PNP and not be in the
subservient frame of mind.
      Let's observe these two phrases. He wants seduce a really beautiful woman, Mary,
who works in the department close to his.
      A.” Hello Mary, how do you do? It would be so nice to go to movie together. I never
had the courage to tell you this. I like you so much. If you go out with me, if you’ll be my
date I’ll also take you to eat something in a classy restaurant. “
      B. “Hello Mary, how do you do? What a rush today! This evening I have a meeting
at my company and later I’m going to the gym. After that I am packing for my summer
vacation. I have a break between five and six. I’ll be having coffee in my favorite bar.
Would you like to join me, I’d like to hear about your vacation!”
      Do you see the difference? Maybe you see it.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                       28
      Well there is a difference and it is extremely important. The first phrase is
structured in a very subservient way.
      It is the classic approach: I pay for a nice movie and a dinner for you and you go out
with me!
      Your seduction starts very, very badly. She may have received the same invitation
at least a dozen times the same day.
      You are practically telling her: ”I am ready to give myself away for next to nothing, I
am ready to do anything to spend the evening with you.”
      She interprets on the instinctual level: ”He is a weak man, what garbage.” Of
course, unless she is looking for a husband, she turns down the invitation.
      If you marry this woman, her requests will soon become bigger and bigger.
      One day you will find yourself in the situation that she has full access to your bank
account during the day and refuses to give sex to you during the night, or - even worse -
she will fake orgasms when in the bed with you.
      Then she will tell her girlfriends what an impotent idiot you are.
      Phrase b. instead is something really different. He is in effect saying: ”I am a
successful man; I do not have very much time at my disposal. I use my free time to take
care of myself (the gym) and relax (the bar, the coffee.) It’s okay for you come to tell me
something about you. “
      She is invited to qualify herself to him to have the possibility of spending some time
with him (I'll explain what "qualifying" means in terms of seduction later on in the
      He invites her to qualify herself to him and not the other way around.
      This phrase is an example on how you can frame your words in a non-subservient
      It is the beginning of a good seduction. An approach like this means establishing a
strong PNP in your favor from the very beginning.
      So be aware of your words, phrases and attitudes and the way you frame them from
the very beginning when trying to seduce a woman!
      The same thing applies to action and inaction.
      When you have arranged to meet, she always arrives late without apologizing
whereas you always arrive on time without saying anything.
      Good. You believe in being a well-behaved gentleman. You don't say a word and are
always on time. She interprets this as: ”I have him doing what I want. He is not even able
to tell me anything. He is not able to ask for respect!”

Manual Of Seduction                                                                       29
      She calls you only once a week. You call her ten times a day and send her hundreds
text messages a week with your mobile. You believe you are romantic and also showing
erotic interest. She interprets: “I have him doing what I want. He has lost his head
completely for my legs. And what an idiot! He calls me all the time!”
      Yes I know this is so different from what your parents and teachers taught you.
      But that is the way things are! If you want one or more beautiful woman ready to
do anything for you, it is better to start to learn how to touch the right strings or do
without it! The truth hurts, but truth is the best start for changing things for the better.
      From the point of view of seduction the right approach is:
      - When you arrange to meet, arrive a little bit later than her.
      - She calls you five times but maybe you call her once.
      Doing it like that, you will have her considering you to be of superior value when
compared to other men.
      You will be the one who prolongs or shortens the "N" of the PNP. She will not be
the one to do that.
      Based on my experience with women, this maintains their erotic desire on an
extremely high level. But be careful! You need to be good in dosing out the "N.”
      Too long an "N" may have you loosing the woman.
      No one can stand being on the edge for too long a time. You need to give something
too, just like women do. Give just something, but not too much.
      The art of PNP is the art of “the right length of the "N.” It is the art of “the right
length of the Negative Stimulus.”
      So train yourself:
      - To observe the content of what you say to a woman and to eliminate all the
contents framed in a subservient way and substitute them with more appropriate ones.
      - To monitor your action and inaction: are you behaving in a subservient way? Are
you forgetting to say or to do something to get yourself out you coming out from the
subservient frame you put yourself in without noticing? Fix this!
      - Are you the one doing the PNP to her or is she the one doing the PNP to you? You
absolutely need to invert the situation and later you will need to be good in “dosing out”
the "N" in the appropriate way.
      For example: you meet her in a bar and you succeed in picking her up. You obtain
her telephone number. She says she is generally at home at 9pm. You call her and all you
get is an answering machine. Any time you call there is the answering machine.
      Good. It is a test! And it is her attempt to control you by using the PNP.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      30
      She is waiting for the moment you say the magic subservient words to the
answering machine: ”I have been trying to call you for such a long time, Darling! I am
awaiting with anxiety the moment I can meet you! Are you sure you are okay baby?”
      Wrong, wrong, wrong!
      She has already succeeded in doing the PNP on you! Women are fast and very good
in this art. Most men never realize this. By using the answering machine, she has already
succeeded in putting you in a subservient frame.
      The correct approach is: never talk to an answering machine!
      Call her from a private number and talk to her only if she answers. If she does not
answer wait at least one week before calling her again. If there is no sign from her, you
call her only after another week but you don't tell her you miss her, you tell something
along the line:
      ”Hi, How are you? I was in Barbados. What a wonderful place! I met an interesting
type there, an English lady; she told me a really funny story. Listen to this! “
      Then you tell her the funny story and end the conversation without promising her
      You are now the one doing the PNP on her. She will think or better feel on her
instinctual level: “What a self-confident guy! Maybe it would be better to be nicer to him.
Maybe he is already in contact with that English lady.” If she does not contact you, tease
her even more.
      You call her again and tell her another funny story. This time it was a French
female photographer you met in another town. She will not be able to resist. Sooner or
later she will be eager to see you and will do something to show this.
      Obviously the above example is a bit simple and banal. With practice, however, you
will be able to use the above strategy smoothly by “hiding” it in the context of a normal
      An important rule: if you are forced to choose between the women you want to
seduce or break the rule of the PNP, it is in any case always better and in your favor to
loose the woman.
      You would loose her anyway in the long run if the PNP is in her favor - at any rate
you would loose her as a sexual being and loose her respect, too - and even more you
would enter the subservient state in a much more painful way than if you had let her go
from the beginning.
      The PNP must be always in your favor: you must never let yourself to be in a
subservient mental state in the course of a seduction or in a long term relationship.
      Always apply the above rule: it is a formula for masculine erotic happiness.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      31
Woman's language and seduction

Of course, seduction is not only connected with genetics and the instinct to procreate.
Seduction has much to do with psychology as well.
      Neuropsychology is a science studying the way in which our neurological structure
expresses itself on a psychological level. Surprise, surprise! It helps us to understand the
differences between man and woman.
      Also a branch of psychology called NLP (Neurolinguistic programming) helps us to
understand what happens in the field of seduction. NLP is a very broad psychological
science: one of its branches is the study of non-verbal communication and another
branch is the study of mental frames. For example, the subservient mental frame is a
concept of NLP.
      The news is that men and women are different on the neuropsychological level and
they don't even speak the same language. Are you surprised? Again this is something so
different from what your parents and teachers taught you.
      The truth is that the male and female brains are different and for this reason man
and woman are different:
      A. Speak different languages.
      B. Behave in a different way.
      If you are having difficulties in seducing women almost probably this is because
you talk to women using masculine language and women do not understand it.
      Neuropsychological differences between men and woman are very, very subtle.
      A superficial examination would have us believe that a man and a woman, who
speak English or Italian or Spanish, speak the same language. In reality men and women
do not speak the same language.
      To become an expert seducer you need to learn to recognize the differences
between male and female language. You need to become “interpreters of the female
      What is new is that to become a successful seducer you need to learn to talk to a
woman in her own language and to recognize a woman's behavioral models and react
with appropriate behavior.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      32
       One of the most important reasons most men are able to seduce only one woman in
their life - sometimes not even one woman - is that they talk with the woman using male
language and automatically assume that the woman feels and behaves like a man.
       You can learn woman's language and woman's behavioral models with the help of
this book. Once you have learned this, no woman will be able to resist you. You will be
able to speak to her in a way she feels is absolutely irresistible.
       Magnetic resonance and isotopic studies of the brain have shown that men react to
language using only the logical part of the brain and women use both the logical and
emotional parts of the brain.
       A woman's language is different in the following essential points:
       a. Emotions have a larger greater importance for the woman than for the man. Men
are able to communicate to each other for long and indefinite periods only at the logical
       Women communicate both at the logical and at the emotional levels. The
percentage of emotionality in the feminine way of feeling and expressing things is much
greater than in the masculine way of doing so.
       So to effectively communicate with a woman you need to forget logic and
communicate with her emotions.
       If you are not able to communicate with her emotions you will not able to seduce
her. By using logic you will, of course, succeed in bringing “some woman” into bed, but
you will never succeed in really seducing her.
       This will lead to problems in the relationship later on.
       b. Logic does not have such a great importance for a woman than for a man. The
woman can, of course, use logic do to things but the bridge to communicating with her in
seduction is through her emotions.
       A woman rarely does something if “she does not feel like it” or if “she does not feel
feelings.” Even if she does it but without the right emotions then you can be deadly sure
that she is lying.
       This rule is especially true for very beautiful women who are used to being adored
by men and worshipped by society. As we want to seduce the most beautiful women,
then we need to learn how to talk on the emotional level if we want to succeed.
       The same woman who is able to work as a jet pilot or as an engineer will feel in a
total illogical way - from the point of view of a man - in love and social relationships.
       Don't let yourself to be fooled: even if she is an engineer, don't expect her to behave
with you in a logical way. With you she will behave in a totally illogical and immoral way.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                        33
      She will follow in the field of love relationships the law of the jungle even if she tries
in any given moment to get you to believe the contrary.
      You need to remember in particular that at the precise moment a woman is in
contact with a very masculine man, her mental state changes and she starts to feel much
more emotional than in other cases.
      For this reason if you want to seduce a woman who is a jet pilot or works as an
engineer, remember that she will apply logic at her workplace like a man, but when she
is in your presence and senses the presence of a very masculine man, her mental state
will change.
      Then the percentage of emotionality in her speech and behavior will reach
maximum levels.
      One of the purposes of her emotionality is to get your logic messed up and get you
to make “irrational choices” such as making her pregnant and protecting her in the long
term as a provider to her.
      You need also to remember that a woman who is very careful in other interactions
about not causing problems to other individuals such as her parents and friends will, in
the presence of your masculine hormone, become an extremely immoral creature on the
emotional level.
      Some women will, in the presence of your masculine hormone, also become
immoral and wild on the behavioral level and not only the emotional one.
      Practically speaking she will behave with you as though she has the right to feel all
the emotions she wants and has the right to discharge them on you, without the slightest
worry as to how this will affect you and your life.
      Many women, though not all, will also behave with you as though they have the
right to do anything to you, without the slightest worry as to how this will affect you and
your life.
      In other words the law of the jungle will start to rule your interaction and from that
moment she will behave with you in a totally immoral way.
      If you want to seduce many women, it is better for you to keep this in mind and be
prepared for it because this is what you will face.
      From the moment she enters into this emotional and "immoral" mental state her
sensations will guide her in most situations - and particularly in her interactions with
you - so that she will be prone to changing her behavior from one moment to another
with the “rationale” for this change possibly being based on only one word, situation or

Manual Of Seduction                                                                          34
      In a few minutes or an hour her mental state will vary from one feeling to another
trough a feelings chain where the elements connect to each other in a totally illogical
way. Like this:
      Feeling a > b > c > d > e > f
      Here the elements of the chain are not in logical connection between each other but
depend only on how the environment, you and her inner feelings influence her at any
given moment.
      To become an expert seducer you need to learn to put logic aside and enter a new
world where emotions - no matter how illogical - have a predominant meaning on all
that happens in the course of the seduction.
      You need to learn to confront yourself with a reality where the emotion of a
moment has a much more important meaning than the logical chain of thought you are
used to as a man.
      When you are in touch with this feminine mental state, don't worry anymore about
why she behaves in such an illogical way. Focus instead on seducing her basing what you
do only on the emotions she feels at that particular moment.
      Do not even minimally worry about whether she will be behaving in a logical way a
minute, a day or a week later. Most women in fact will not switch to behaving in a logical
way later either, but will instead simply follow the chain of emotions I just told about.
      By trying to force her into a logical interaction you only cause stress to yourself and
to her, especially if you are in an emotional and erotic relationship with her.
      She will simply not follow logic, but emotions.
      c. Words have a much more important meaning in woman's world than in man's
      If you want to become an expert seducer you need to learn to use words in the right
      I will teach you how. Let's learn now on practical level at how we can speak to a
woman in her own language.
      Let's first learn the difference between a logical phrase and an emotional phrase:
      A logical phrase: “Mary, I'm single and I've been living alone for a year. You are
also single. We are both free. I think we could be happy together.”
      An emotional phrase:” Mary I woke up this morning and I felt a strange sense of
predestination. Not even the colors of my room felt the same. What a strange sensation!
Suddenly I saw that there is a tremendous connection between us. I imagined the
sensation of a cup of coffee between us put there on the table, the intensity of a deep,
extraordinary talk.”

Manual Of Seduction                                                                       35
      Do you see the difference? The first phrase is a logical deduction. True, if you use
the logical way to say something, you will surely have your message reach the woman.
But that will take you nowhere in terms of seduction.
      In fact, she does not give a shit about you two being singles and about how
“logically” you could be a couple: with that phrase you gave her absolutely no emotions
to feel.
      Try to imagine you tell a male friend the second phrase: the first thing coming to
his mind will be for sure that you have become gay.
      Well: the second phrase is the effective one in the field of seduction with a woman!
The second phrase expresses the same thing but in a completely different way.
      There are words like “predestination”, “the colors of the room”, “a tremendous
connection.” Those words tell about feelings and deep sensations.
      Let's now imagine that she asks: “What’s your job?”
      A logical phrase: “My name is Mark. I work as a banker in bank.”
      An emotional phrase: “My name is Bond, James Bond. I just landed at a military
airport. What work? For me this is a mission. I'm defending my country’s interests.
Anyway my cover here is that I work in a bank, I’m a banker. What I really do is another
story. Can you keep a secret, Baby?”
      Could you even imagine a male friend talking to you in that way? You would
consider him crazy or gay. Well. It is only your male reaction.
      I can swear that at this moment I have in the set of my MLTRs (see please the
chapter about MLTRs) a few women, who still call me “James” in spite of the fact that I
have been going with them for months already.
      For them I am James Bond. No kidding.
      Just for fun, buy some romance novel from a library and read it. You will find a lot
of phrases that are really vague, complicated, unbelievable and tortuous and most of all
emotional. Women love everything that men hate the most in this area.
      They love everything influencing their mental state and provoking emotions.
Women love exactly what most men hate: emotional over-involvement.
      One interesting thing: most men generally have no clue at all that women love both
positive and negative emotions. They can enjoy the emotions caused by a beautiful
flower as well as the emotions caused by a bill not being paid in time.
      To become an expert seducer you need to learn to put oil on fire. The more drama
you cause her, the more you have her feeling emotions - both positive and negative - and
the more she will love you.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                    36
      Observe her: she is able to feel an interminable chain of emotions about a bill not
being paid on time and then forgets the whole thing in a few hours.
      Do an experiment: try to talk with a woman after one day about the wonderful and
dramatic feelings she felt the day before and watch her answer. The answer will be:”
What? Yesterday? What are you talking about?” You will notice that she does not
remember the emotions of the day before.
      If you talk to women in the emotional way explained above, they will consider you
attractive and interesting. They will consider you attractive because you will cause strong
emotions in them.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                     37
Woman's emotional states

Let's now learn a new concept: the concept of mental state.
          Contrary to what we might like to believe, our mental states are not constant:
they change all the time.
      We can be happy in the morning, sad in the afternoon, angry in the evening, a
minute before in love and a minute later we may hate the one we loved.
      Men tend to use logic to repress emotions for the purpose of keeping their mental
state as constant as possible.
      Women let themselves go and give themselves the permission to slip from one
emotional state to another.
      Men-lead society has conditioned women so that they have learned to hide these
traits of theirs very well, so well indeed that men rarely notice it.
      Women in reality live all the time in a really intense emotional world, functioning
like a chain of emotions, where every emotion leads to the following one, in a never-
ending chain. As we said above:
      Emotion a leads to an emotion b > c > d > e > f and so on.
      She may wake up in the morning and be happy because the birds are singing. She
may become sad looking at her red dress as soon as she remembers that a girlfriend told
her she does not like it. And maybe, after having changed the dress, she can feel full of
life and joy while walking to work.
      She may receive a telephone call from her boyfriend who interrupts her while she
talks, and she may feel he does not understand her and for this reason she might not feel
like buying a newspaper and reading the news and so on.
      She can let herself go with the flow of the emotions and not even feel the presence
of any conflict in spite of the fact that her emotions are irrational and not logically
connected to each other.
      In spite of the bullshit she may tell to you, while seducing a woman keep in mind
this principle:
      A woman never feels guilty about her emotions and is not worried at all about the
integrity of her emotions and behavior as a man would be.
      If she sees a red dress and remembers how her girlfriend told her it does not look
good on her, she will displace this feeling on the environment - i.e. on you if you happen

Manual Of Seduction                                                                    38
to be there at that moment - and she will not give a shit about how this affects you and
      Of course, she can say:” Sorry. I am being very nervous and agitated.”
      But in female language what she really means is:” I don't give a shit about how this
affects you. I am nervous and agitated and that’s all! Live with it!”
      So don't take her seriously. To seduce a woman put even more oil on the fire. Don't
try to understand her “logic.” That would simply drive you crazy and could also ruin the
relationship. For example:
      She: “This red dress is shit! It does not look good on me at all!”
      He: “Don't worry dear! We buy a new one!”
      Wrong! Male logic! You assume that buying a new dress will calm her down. Things
only get worse in that way. Correct approach:
      She: “This red dress is shit! It does not look good on me at all!”
      He: “You're right Sweetie! Imagine if you were a Spanish bull-fighter, you could
stop the bull wearing that dress.”
      Of course she will get pissed off. And you - calmly - put even more oil on the fire.
      He:” Now you remind me even more the bull than the bull-fighter with those angry
      She:” You are a fucking bastard!” But, she now calms down.
      He: “Yes I am. Here, come to your bull!”
      He lets her feel all the emotions connected with the dress, without worrying - not
even for a second - about solving her problem. That is what the deeper primordial part of
her really wants: a man who does not loose his head over her emotions.
      She does not want a man who buys her a new dress any time she feels strange
      For this reason the road for bringing the most beautiful women to bed is:
      1. Learn to “read” a woman's emotions. Read her emotional state at the precise
moment she feels it and realize that there is no guarantee of constancy in her emotions.
      2. Learn to express yourself in her emotional language and communicate with her
emotional STATE as we described above, without worrying about logic at all.
      3. Learn to influence her emotional state to make her feel certain emotions. And
that can be done through language.
      NLP psychology (Neurolinguistic programming) has demonstrated that words and
detailed descriptions cause emotions in others and influence the mental state of others.
      This point is extremely important when it comes to seduction.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                    39
      A general rule is this: using words, descriptions and language you can influence her
mental state.
      When you want to seduce a woman, imagine you are an orchestra director and
imagine that she is the orchestra and her emotions are the music.
      Your dash is to learn to direct her emotions and lead them in a romantic and sexual
direction or better, in any emotional direction which helps you in your seduction.
      And influence her to feel these emotions exactly with you!
      The best of seductions has in principle two steps:
      1. Influencing a woman's emotional state using words, descriptions and language,
with the purpose of having her feel romantic and engaged in sexual emotions - or better -
any emotional state which helps you in your seduction.
      2. Influencing her emotional state using words, description and language to have
her direct those emotions towards you.
      Here are two examples of conversations between a man and a woman. In the first
case the man is not an expert in seduction. In the second case the man has read my book,
has done the field practice and really knows how to direct the “orchestra.”
      Let's say she is a healthy lifestyle freak and wants to keep herself in shape by going
on diets and doing sports.

     Example 1 (wrong approach)

      He:” Hi, how do you do?”
      She:” Hi. I’m okay.”
      He:” Would you like some coffee?”
      She:” No, no I hate coffee! How can you drink a poison like that?” (She puts her
emotions on him, in a typical feminine way)
      He: “Don't be silly. You know very well coffee doesn't damage anyone!”
      She: “Anyway I worry about my health. Thank you very much, but I don't want any
coffee.” (Irritated.)
      He:” A Coca Cola?”
      She:” Even worse! What world are you living in? Don't you know that there is
caffeine in Coca Cola, too?” (She laughs, in a non-respectful way.)
      He:” What’s your problem, Lady? After all I only want to have a little chat with you
to get to know you better. Come on! Let’s go to a bar!” (Irritated, confused, already going
into the subservient frame, uses logic.)
      She: “No, no bars are so noisy! Maybe some other time. Bye!”

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      40
        Of course at this point 98% of men (non-players) will think:” What a fucking
     Well let’s see how an expert player would handle this approach.

      He:” Hi. How are you?”
      She:” I am okay. Thanks.”
      He:” Would you like some coffee?”
      She:” No, no I hate coffee! How can you drink a poison like that?”
      He: “Yes. It is a tremendous poison. It enters your stomach. It bores holes in it.
Slowly a strange pallor comes to your face and you loose consciousness...” (He does not
take her seriously. He tells her that smiling in a slightly sarcastic but funny way.)
      She:” Don't play games please. You should know that health matters have to be
taken seriously.” (She smiles too. She is challenged and is interested in knowing more.
Who is this guy who passes her tests, does not take her emotions seriously and has the
guts to make fun of her?)
      He:” Interesting. You are interested in health matters? Tell me more...”
      She:” Yes. I am a homeopath and I have a healthy lifestyle. I really don't
understand how people can damage their body drinking coffee!” (She smiles and is
relieved. This guy really knows how to communicate!)
      He:” True, true. People do not respect enough their bodies. Why did you choose
homeopathy?” (Genuinely interested.)
      She:” Boring! Are you always so serious?”
      (She tests him again. She tests him to see if he looses his control over such a
personal comment. Women do this to men all the time. See the chapter on women’s tests
for this.)
      He:” Only when I talk to spoiled, little ladies and to protect the bartender from an
emotional breakdown.” (Sarcastic, without loosing is cool, making fun of her)
      She:” Don't make fun of me! Health is such an important thing! (Surprised and
interested: he really must be a self-confident guy! 90% of men would not have passed
these tests!)
      He: ”Very, very seriously! I know a vegetarian restaurant here in town.”
      She: ”Which one?”
      He:” The Little Green Lady.”
      She:” Bastard! Don't make fun of serious things!” (Laughing like hell. He is a hell of
a guy! He does not take her seriously!)
      He:” So let’s go there and have a bite and you can explain how I can get serious.”

Manual Of Seduction                                                                       41
      She:” Really? Come to think of it, I haven’t eaten yet. Now what’s that restaurant
really called?”
         And in a short while they are together in the vegetarian restaurant.
      The Little Green Lady is touching the hand of her new Hero. She is telling him how
good he is at understanding her.
      And only because she feels coffee is bad for your health! This happened because he
is so good in influencing a woman's emotional state.
      In the first example the man took her emotions seriously, used logic, got scared by
her emotional reaction, did not pass her tests and thus went rapidly into conflict. That’s
the way women can rule men with weaker personalities out of their lives with only a few
      In the second example the man did not take her emotions seriously, passed all her
tests, succeeded in influencing her mental state and in attaching her emotions to himself
and got her to go with him to the vegetarian restaurant. Ironically she felt understood
and accepted just because he did not take her seriously, not even for a second.
      She remained particularly impressed by the fact he was so masculine in talking
about her emotions while at the same time he didn’t really give a shit about what she
      This is the secret dream of every woman because a woman does not want to take
responsibility for her emotions. She remained impressed by his self-confidence and
proceeded to go to the restaurant with him. He succeeded in seducing her by showing to
her that he is a leader.
      In fact the meaning of the woman's tests in the second example is:” If he does not
give a shit about my emotional states and at the same time is able to interpret them and
have me going where he wants, that means he is a leader.” All the tests come from her
primordial, instinctual part, looking around for the best genes.
      In a man women look for extremely feminine qualities:
      - The ability to interpret and influence their emotional states.
      And at the same time for extremely masculine qualities:
      - The ability to not give a shit about their emotional states and lead them as a
      For these reasons many men complain that they do not understand women. To
understand a woman to a larger extent, a man should have the leadership abilities of an
Alpha male and at the same time the sensibility of a lesbian.
      Effective players have both these qualities.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                    42
       After you have read and put in practice the knowledge and the techniques of this
book you will be able to use both these qualities at the same time, in the right
proportions and at the right moment. That will turn you into an irresistible seducer.
       In the second example, there is something very important from the point of view of
seduction. The guy in the second example was leading the woman.
       This will be the subject of the next chapter.
       In fact an expert seducer must be able to understand and influence a woman’s
mental states.
       Even more, he knows that every woman is endlessly testing a man for a certain
trait: dominance, the ability to be a leader.
       In fact every woman dreams at a primordial level of meeting and being
impregnated by the:
       Alpha dominant male.
       This will be the argument of the next chapter.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                   43
The alpha male and the alpha attitude

In some animal groups the Alpha male is the male having superior physical and
intellectual skills and taking for himself the right to take sexually all the females of the
group. The Alpha male is the source of life for the group. In fact he is the one with the
best skills in supplying food and fighting dangerous enemies.
      The Beta male is the weaker male, who is forced to wait until the Alpha male dies,
gets sick or is too old to be able to get his share of females. The beta male is also
dependent from the Alpha male for survival.
      In the animal world, the Alpha male's traits are especially connected with physical
strength and ability.
      In the human race such physical traits - in time of peace - are relatively
      Rather the Alpha qualities of the human male are connected with two principal
      - Impudence
      - Leadership
      Also intellectual, emotional qualities and outlook count, but not as much as the
above mentioned.
      Impudence is at a higher level than Leadership and also at a higher level than
intelligence. Don't be surprised at this: an impudent male is able to create a company
with 1000 workers and still be somehow less capable and less intelligent when compared
to some other males.
      So this is a much more important Alpha quality because by his impudence, the
Alpha male puts himself in the position of leader and later due to his leadership and
intelligence qualities he succeeds in his task. Only the qualities of Leadership and
intelligence are not enough for taking command of the group.
      One has to be impudent to do that.
      For this reason a male who is skilled in doing street and bar pickups often succeeds
in his purpose: he shows impudence.
      The impudence is the Alpha quality for excellence and an irresistible turn on for the

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      44
      The Alpha attitude is the attitude you need to assume to be attractive to women to
the maximum level. The attitude is this:
      “In words, actions and omissions i speak, move and behave in such a way that i
never ask for forgiveness about my personality and my sexual desire as a male. i am an
impudent individual.”
      Read this phrase about the Alpha attitude. Put this too on the mirror you look in
when you shave yourself in the morning: only by observing this rule - even if you know
nothing about the seduction techniques contained in this book - your possibilities in the
field of seduction will be much higher.
      There is an important corollary to the Alpha attitude and it is this:
       “In every woman there is at an instinctual level, a deep and incoercible desire to
give herself sexually to the male who shows the alpha attitude.”
      Why? It’s simple. Remember? The woman is the selector of the best genes. When
you assume the Alpha attitude, you are acting on deeper instincts of the female psyche.
      On a deeper level she will feel like this: ”He is so cocky, he is so strong, he never
asks for forgiveness, he is so self-confident, surely has the best genes, surely all the other
women want him, I want him for me! I want to make him mine!”
      Note, the Alpha attitude is not connected with violence. Even in the case of war, if
possible, the most self-confident males use violence only as a last resort.
      An Alpha male is self-confident. A violent male is unsure of himself. Using violence
too easily and especially with women, you only show your impotence.
      Women are masters in smelling out a lack of self-confidence.
      On the other hand, this is the principal reason women fall so easily in love with
bastards, killers, Mafiosi and gentlemen thieves. At an instinctual level the impudent
behavior of an Alpha man acts on them in an irresistible way.
      There are men who have natural Alpha qualities. They are men who are strong,
self-confident and don't ask for forgiveness about their existence in any case. They do
not have problems. But don't get depressed. You can also become an Alpha!
      You can train yourself to become an Alpha. The Alpha quality is an attitude and it
can be learned. It is the same process you went through when you were in the Army and
you were taught all those nasty activities and attitudes you never believed you could do
or have.
      Then one fine day you noticed that you could walk looking straight ahead and with
an extremely impudent attitude. You became an Alpha, at least as far as the Army was

Manual Of Seduction                                                                        45
      Practically speaking what you did was to learn a new attitude. You did not have
      Your sergeant would have your ass if you hadn’t done it! At the beginning you were
forced to repeat movements, to reprehend yourself, you were scared. One day you just
put the uniform on and you felt like you owned the world.
      You can learn the Alpha attitude in the same way. To succeed you need to
concentrate on 3 essential areas:
      1. Language.
      2. Non-verbal expression. (The emotions you communicate to other people with
your facial expressions, look, posture and so on.)
      3. Leadership. (There are only two alternatives: you direct the others or you are
      There is no middle way. Don’t believe the democratic bullshit of the media. In any
group there is always a Leader. If it is not you, it is someone else. Let's start with
language and analyze these two passages:
      a. He: ”I hope I didn’t disturb you. What are you doing tomorrow? Are you busy? It
would be nice to have coffee together.”
      b. He: “Hi. Tomorrow I have a break at the Company at 4 pm and after that I'm
going to the gym. Come and have a coffee with me so you can tell me about that trip of
yours to Africa.”
      You see the differences? Well there are differences and they are very big.
      In the first passage you are in the subservient mental frame (the beta quality par
excellence), you “ask permission”, in effect you talk to the woman as a beta male. When
you do that you can be deadly sure that the more beautiful and the more feminine she is,
the more she will treat you like garbage.
      You present yourself as beta and she treats you as a beta.
      In the second example you are structuring an opportunity for her!
      You assume the position of a leader, put her in the position of entertaining you and
coming to tell you about her trip, you telegraph the message that you are busy all the
time with business meetings and sport commitments, in a word you tell her: ”I am the
Alpha male” and she will treat you as Alpha male.
      Things, however, are not quite that simple.
      Women test continuously and in a very active way an Alpha male's qualities. An
entire chapter of this book is dedicated to woman's tests and the correct way to react to
them. Here is enough to say that, after you have presented yourself to the woman with

Manual Of Seduction                                                                    46
the Alpha attitude, she will start to conduct tests on you to see if you are Alpha or beta
and her tests never end.
       In my opinion a sexually active woman, especially if she has a very strong sexual
instinct, practically never stops testing her male's Alpha qualities. Women do it in an
unconscious and automatic way. It is practically a law of Nature and you need to get used
to it.
       When you have learned the appropriate answers to the tests and learned to react to
them in the appropriate way, this will seem to you as simple as eating and drinking.
       My experience is that the more beautiful and feminine a woman is the more
numerous and difficult to overcome her tests will be. For this reason you need to keep
your eyes - and especially your ears - open.
       An Alpha male's traits are:
       - Impudence: He has the guts to ask for privileges for his group and for himself.
       He fearlessly protects the rights of his group and himself.
       - He never asks for forgiveness for his sexual desire as a male. This is very
important. Only by keeping this attitude with women will your success as a seducer go
up and go up fast.
       - He never asks for forgiveness for his own existence: he walks through the world
proud of himself.
       - He assumes in the social group and in relation to the woman the position of a
leader. The leader of a group or in a situation is not the one who is violent to others or
the one who behaves like a jerk.
       He is the one who has charisma. He is the leader of his group and the one who
structures opportunities for himself and for others.
       - He never assumes the subservient mental frame when relating with other people
or with a woman. The subservient mental frame is a very important subject and there
will be a chapter dedicated to it in this book.
       Regarding non-verbal communication, the qualities of an Alpha male are not
correlated in anyway with violence or the behavior of a jerk. The Alpha male is generally
relaxed and in his non-verbal communication there are no signs of violence.
       The Alpha male uses violence only in extreme cases and only if there are no other
alternatives. One of the most important qualities of the Alpha male is the ability all the
time to find with his attitude solutions to problems which provide an alternative to

Manual Of Seduction                                                                    47
      In the sad case that an Alpha male is in the need of using violence, he tries to
eliminate his enemy by using his maximum strength without showing any joy for the
results he gets. He will also try to avoid humiliating his enemy.
      For this reason the non-verbal attitude of the Alpha male is:
      - Relaxed.
      - Non-aggressive.
      - Self-confident.
      - Open.
      - Communicative.
      One of the principal traits in the Alpha male is his ability to open himself up and
easily establish contact with other individuals - both men and women - He is good in
structuring opportunities, both for himself and for others.
      Alpha males direct people in a creative way.
      In NLP there is an important concept: modeling. When you read my list of the
qualities of Alpha males, you probably found qualities you have in yourself and qualities
you don't have.
      Modeling in NLP means that you can learn to assume determinate traits in your
personality and skills, if you start to “model” them. Read the Alpha male qualities and
start to train yourself - with self-confidence and persistence - to assume them.
      Try to understand which are the Alpha males in your group and model them. You
can begin by making “small changes” in your behavior in the right direction.
      In that way you will get a change process started by observing your frames and
attitudes and by changing them: the more you succeed in doing this, the more you will
notice very important improvements in your social relationships and in your seduction
      Even only small changes in the direction of the frame: “I don't ask for forgiveness
for my sexual desire” will bring you more good looking women than you could even

Manual Of Seduction                                                                   48
The nice guy syndrome

Since you were a little child, your parents, teachers and other authority figures have been
telling you that you need to be sweet and submissive with women.
       They taught you that a perfect gentleman brings flowers to women, opens the doors
for them, pays for the bill at the restaurant, brings the lady home at night, gives her a
little kiss before she gets out of the car and says “good night.” Being that they were your
parents and teachers, you took them seriously and as a young adult you actually liked
what they said to you.
       The sad thing in those teachings is this: in effect what they taught you was how to
behave with women like a woman pleasing a woman. This is the way women see you and
feel you when you behave like this: a feminine guy, a pussy. That kills their attraction for
you for sure!
       This is the nice guy syndrome!
       As soon as you learned those rules of decency and started to put them into practice,
already at school you began to notice something very strange. Behaving in a sweet way
and as a gentleman with women had you winning their approval, of course, but surprise,
surprise! Soon you noticed that your male fellows at school who had the reputation of
being real jerks were bringing to their bed the most beautiful ladies and you: you were
treated like a friend or worse yet like a “girlfriend!”
       Why did that happen?
       Simple: because you behaved like a woman she was never be able to feel attraction
for you. In her genetic code it is written in words of fire that a sweet and submissive man
will never be able to protect her and her children from dangers. She feels at an
instinctual level that, if you are so “malleable” you will not make it in the fight for
       As a consequence of this, her evolutionary detector warns her and she reacts by
loosing automatically her erotic interest and attraction for you.
       If you are already in a long-term relationship or a marriage, she will react to your
being sweet and a gentleman in two ways, depending upon whether she is living in a
modern or in a patriarchal society.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      49
       1. If she lives in a patriarchal society, she will react by forcing herself for moral
reasons to remain in the relationship. Soon she will get depressed and will become a
depressed and frigid woman who complains about everything.
       2. In the case of the modern woman, the chances are that she will soon go to bed
with another man who has very strong Alpha qualities. Maybe she will remain in the
relationship for the sake of convenience and go on fucking Alpha males for the pleasure
of it or she will go to bed with another man with Alpha qualities and leave you.
       Almost probably before she reacts in any way, she will make you loose your cool in
some way - having you feel guilty over some irrelevant subject, nagging about
everything, offending you - so that you will do something stupid like shout, beat her or
feel desperate and depressed.
       After that she will have a reason to justify her behavior - to cheat on you, leave you
- or her depression, if she is not able to leave you for moral reasons.
       In all the above cases: this is bad business for you!
       Did that happen to our fathers and our grandfathers? Surely, but not as often as
now, I think. Wars and difficulties took their illusions away from them already when
they were young.
       They gave to our fathers and grandfathers that hard predator look women love so
much to see on the face of a man.
       Now, have a look at these so called “nice guys” who are on the streets of this post-
modern society of ours. They are used to getting bedside coffee from their mom. They
are used to having their women choosing for them the best colognes and clothes from
department stores.
       Jesus: I love it when I see that scene in store departments! I really do!
       What separates them from women? Nothing!
       And women react in turn: they treat them like friends or even worse like
       In a woman's genetic code it is written: “A strong man is tough, he does not behave
like a girlfriend and makes me feel like a woman. He says what he thinks straight to my
face. He does not ask for forgiveness too much. He is not on his knees in front of me.
Yes, he brings me flowers, but only after he has brought me to bed and if I treat him well.
He corrects me if I lack respect for him.”
       To become an expert seducer put this in your head: the more you buy a woman
flowers, the more you try to please her, the more you are sweet to her, the more you kill
her sexual instinct, no matter if are you trying to seduce her as a playboy, as a single man
or whether are you married to her.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                       50
      For this reason if you want to be a seducer remember this: if you want to have
success with women be cocky, tough, don't be too sweet, don't ask for forgiveness and
don’t let them treat you badly or lack respect for you. Women will try to have you
become sweet to them, but they will give themselves sexually to the first jerk coming
close to them.
      And you will be treated like a girlfriend.
      This does not mean that you should treat women badly. It is enough to behave in
an educated way, but be cocky, direct and never ask for forgiveness for who you are or
for your male aggression in any case.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                 51

The phases of a seduction

As we have said Seduction can be divided into phases.
     It is important to know them all. If you have a clear mental scheme you will be
prepared when in action. You will be then much more effective.
     Once you have become an expert in seduction, you will also be able to perform
variations on the theme, like a virtuoso.
     At the beginning, however, try to follow these phases.
     The phases of seduction are:
     a. Finding a woman
     b. Establishing Initial contact (Opening and Small talk.)
     c. Building Attraction & establishing Rapport & Comfort. I believe that these 3
stages happen contemporarily.
     d. Seducing her.
     e. Closing her = Seducing her into having sex with you or rejecting her and telling
her why or simply rejecting her without any explanation, i.e. ending the relationship
with her forever.
     The Rapport & Comfort phase is not essential with all women. After you have
shown Alpha qualities, some women may want to have sex with you and only after do
they ask you your name. For some other women - especially those with high self-esteem
and those with deep feelings of guilt about sex and attraction - Rapport & Comfort can
be very important. For other women, especially those with fears or shyness, Comfort can
be extremely important.
     Nevertheless you can also succeed in seducing a woman without Rapport &
     You cannot succeed in seducing a woman, however, without Attraction.
Psychologically disturbed women are a possible exception to this.
     Ideally the phases are executed all in the course of a single meeting with the
woman. They can nevertheless also be executed in the course of different meetings.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                  52
Anyway if you meet her in the course of several meetings you will often be in the
situation that you have to start her seduction again from the beginning.
      Women’s emotions follow the law of “here and now” and in most of the cases they
do not have logical and temporal continuity. With a woman you cannot count too much
on the attraction she “had” for you last time you met each other, because her emotions
can be totally different the next time you meet her. In most cases you will need to start
the seduction game any single time from the beginning.
      In the course of the first meeting you should at least obtain her telephone number
or her email and have some chance of meeting her again. You have to build at least some
      If the Attraction is missing, almost probably you will not get results of any kind.
      We will discuss the subject of Attraction later in a whole chapter dedicated to it.
      As a rule I do everything I can to bring to bed a woman between the first and the
third encounter. If I do not succeed in the course of 3 encounters - it rarely happens with
me - I end the interaction with her. Any other interaction would bring me more and
more into the beta friendship frame and only reduce the possibilities of having sex.
Exceptions to this rule are environments where you can meet her for other reasons, for
example, the workplace.
      So this is about having her into bed between 1 - 3 encounters or ending the
interaction. A seduction is a “one way street.” When you go into it you can get a lay. If
you don't get a lay fast in the beginning of the interaction, you get a friend - or an enemy.
      So you need to go for the lay as soon as possible. Let’s call this Franco’s rule
number one: sex in between 1-3 encounters.
      And now let’s describe the phases of seduction:

      a. Finding a woman is the first phase. Where can you find beautiful women?
Answer: everywhere!
      There are plenty of places where you can find beautiful women: bus stops,
restaurants, shops, at the beach, at your workplace (this one not for US citizens!) and in
      Remember that women have been made to feel guilty for centuries about their
      They want sex as much as men but many of them - for fear of being judged as sluts
- are psychologically obliged to hide it from themselves and from others.
      Your job is to help them to free themselves from their fears and inhibitions and
help them to enjoy sex with you.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                       53
      The majority of the women - there are of course exceptions - when put in a social
context under the direct observation of the members of the group rarely will have the
courage to admit their sexual desire for a stranger.
      So an important skill you need to learn from the beginning is to isolate the woman
from the social context.
      The skill of isolating the woman is very important, especially for beginners in the
field of seduction.
      Once you are more expert, you will be able also to overcome the obstacle formed by
the social context, especially when you have learned the meaning of the SGND (Slut
Guilt Neutralizing Defense) and the meaning of Social proof.
      You can find these concepts further on this book.
      There is a complex you need especially to overcome from the beginning: I call it the
“newbie” complex. At the beginning due to the fear of approaching women you will be
prone to making two basic mistakes:
      1. Doing nothing. You will not do approaches at all and limit yourself to reading
this manual. Without approaching women you will not get any results at all. There is no
human activity where you could get some results without constant practice.
      Seduction is not an exception to this rule.
      2. You will approach, but will go fast into the friendship frame or into the role of
her therapist. This is also a huge mistake because being her friend before you bring her
to bed will kill the sexual tension. In that way it is like saying to her: ”I am a beta male.”
      Entering the role of therapist is even worse: women are very effective and fast to
sense unsure behavior. She will let you assume the therapist role, use you as such and
consider you weak and beta.
      Remember: as a rule the purpose of your approach is to bring her to bed. Be
congruent with yourself as an Alpha male should be. Keep the frame you had from the
beginning, i.e. the goal of laying her.
      Women may do everything they can to get you out of that frame, but they will adore
you afterwards for not letting them to force you out of that frame.
      Remember this rule: in our society beauty gives the woman an enormous power in
the field of erotic and emotional relationships. The ability to pickup and seduce women
gives to YOU a power at least as great as a woman's beauty. Without these skills you will
always in your relationships with females be in a position of inferiority because she will
be approached by other males all the time and your choices will be greatly limited
compared to hers.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                        54
      Becoming an expert in pickup and seduction you will get power comparable to the
power a seductive woman has when she enters a bar.
      Different types of approaches:
      1. The classic pickup: everyone can train himself to do it like this. This is the art of
picking up women in bar, streets, restaurants and everywhere. Using the rule of the fast
approach and the knowledge of the female instincts exposed in this book, you will
eventually become a Pickup Artist (PUA.)
      You will be able to pickup and seduce women practically everywhere.
      The classic pickup requires that you have some time to dedicate to it, at least a
couple of evenings every week. The classic pickup can be done in different environments.
The environment also affects very much the level of difficulty.
      There is the street pickup, the bar pickup, the library pickup, the mall pickup and
so on.
      The street pickup is the most difficult because there a woman is exposed to the
maximum social pressure.
      2. The social pickup: this is very good for people who work a lot and do not have too
much time at their disposal such as professionals, politicians, Leaders of any kind. It is
based on the art of linking your social activities with the pickup.
      For example, the female secretary, the female colleague, and the lady you play
tennis with, the lady booking flight tickets for you, the female salesclerk in the shop next
door and so on. I do this kind of pickup when I am very busy at work and do not have
time to go out at night. I dedicate myself to the classic pickup when I have more time.
      3. The Internet pickup: you should do everything to avoid this when you are at the
beginning of your career as a seducer and are still learning! Once you have become
expert in the other forms of pickup you can also use Internet as a mean of pickup.
      If you start from the Internet you will never have the ability to approach on the
streets or other social situations.
      The percentage of beautiful women you can meet in real life is much higher than
the percentage of those you can meet through the Internet. In the Internet there are also
many psychologically disturbed women. When you are expert in other forms of pickup,
then the Internet will not be a danger for you anymore.
      You can dedicate yourself to this kind of pickup only when you are sure you can
approach anyone anywhere in real life without problems.

     B. The Contact. The contact phase is divided into
     - Opening.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                        55
      - Small talk.
      In the opening phase you say something which “opens” the talk. This is the
“Opener.” If you don’t have anything in your mind just say “Hi!” Just like that. You look
at her, smile and say a simple: “Hi!”
      She is sitting close to you in a bar. You are sitting close to her. You know you are
strangers to each other. You assume the Alpha attitude. You demonstrate that you don’t
give a shit about social rules and simply say:” I!”
         One important thing: if you apply the rule of the fast approach, your approach
will seem spontaneous and she will notice it. Doing the approach in such a rapid way,
you will come out as extremely self-confident. The worst idea you can have is to sit for
hours around her, without saying anything and looking needy.
      Practically speaking, if you are around a beautiful woman and you don’t open the
conversation in a few seconds, it will be much more difficult to do it later. Women know
that unsure guys sit or stand around them and do not have the courage to approach
them. Only by approaching her fast will you put yourself above all the other guys she
      Train yourself to evaluate women rapidly and approach within a few seconds of
spotting her.
      When you open, the expression in your voice and your whole non-verbal attitude
are much more important than what you say. Say “Hi” in calm and reassuring way, with
a smile, like you would say it to a woman you have known for a long time. For example, a
few weeks ago I opened with a woman who walked close to me.
      I just looked at her, smiled and said “Hi!”
      She: “Do we know each other?”
      Me: “No. But we can fix that problem now. Where are you going?”
      She: “Home to pack for a trip”
      Me: “Oh. So that’s why you’re walking around with that joyful smile!”
      She: “Yes. It is so nice to go on holidays!”
      Me: “What is the place you have been to you have enjoyed the most?”
      She: “Cape Town, South Africa. It is a wonderful place! You know it?”
      Me: “Yes. It is awesome; I was there couple of years ago. What is it that you liked
the most about Cape Town?”
      She: “That wonderful sea in front of the town. It is such a wonderful view!”
      We stopped at a bar and we went on discussing the places she had been to on
vacation. In the course of the discussion I had her talking about the sensations she felt in
front of the sea, in Cape Town.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      56
      So the “Hi” I told her at the beginning is the so-called opener. In this case I used
the simplest possible opener: “Hi.” Any phrase can be used as an opener. For example, a
question about some food in a food store.
      Or it could be a comment about the weather. Or it could be a question about bus
schedules and so on. Use your imagination. Be natural. Let the whole thing to seem like
“It just happened.” Women adore things when they “just happen.”
      In the above example “Hi” is the opener and the phase where I start to talk about
holidays with her is the small talk. In that phase we start a banal conversation about
whatever theme. In this case we converse about Cape Town. It could be any other theme.
      The part where we are at the bar and I have her talking about the sensations
connected with the sea is connected with Rapport & Comfort. In this particular case the
Attraction was built already from the beginning by the self-confident way I approached
her. I could see that from her Soft Signs. You can find this very important concept
further in this book. This was an exception.
      Building attraction generally requires much more than only a self-confident
      A minute before she had told me she was divorced from a man who did not talk
about feelings.
      So I started to give her descriptions of South Africa - where I really had been myself
- where I put forth emotions and sensations. Like this:
      “A wonderful sea opens itself in front of you while looking at the horizon in that
town. A strange sensation of calm and inner realization takes the soul while the warm
African night slowly wields its power over the scene. Imagine that if we were sitting there
now we could feel the heat of the night on our skin.” And so on.
      That built even more Attraction for me in her.
      This was enough for her to want to see me again. We exchanged telephone
numbers. I was giving her what she could not get in her former relationships. This is an
example where I combined the Find out about Values with the Building of Attraction.
There are many, many other ways to build Attraction in a woman. This is only one of

     C. Establishing Rapport & Comfort & Building Attraction
     Rapport is deep contact between two or more persons, which is more than
superficial contact.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      57
      One or more persons are in a state of Rapport when they feel a sense of comfort in
being with each other and their emotions, thoughts and ideas are in tune with each
      Attention: rapport is not a moralistic concept!
      For example, if one person shouts and the other is quiet there is no rapport. If both
shout or are quiet, if they feel comfortable with each other and in tune to each other then
they have Rapport.
      Now, there is a basic difference between man and woman you need to keep
FIRMLY in mind if you want to become an expert seducer:
      Rapport means something completely different for a man and a woman.
      For a man it is not a big deal if the Rapport is superficial. Men can take very well
and for prolonged times superficial communication between themselves. They are able
to exchange objective data and abstract values for very long time, without problems.
      They don't feel bad about it.
      For women things are more complicated. Women are extremely sensitive about:
      1. The type of emotions words cause in them.
      2. If there is emotional involvement in an interaction between two persons.
      For this reason, when we deal with the attraction and rapport phase of the
seduction we should remember this:
      attraction building & rapport is the phases of seduction where you take note of the
emotions your words and the situations, persons and environment around cause in the
      It is also the phase when you try to build emotional contact with the woman and
have her as emotional as possible.
      Attention! I said emotional and not logical OR rational.
      If a woman asks “What’s your job?” and you answer: “I am a banker.” If a woman
asks: “So why are you a banker?” and you answer: “Because it is a safe work and I am
very well paid.”
      If you go on talking for hours about your bank without any emotional involvement
then you are not building attraction & you did not really reach the rapport phase with
      You are not really “in tune” with her. To reach deeper Rapport with a woman, to
make her comfortable you need to make her emotional.
      You cannot say that you have reached the Attraction & Rapport phases with a
woman if you do not have some emotional exchange with her, if you have not made her

Manual Of Seduction                                                                     58
      You are not really in tune with her because your statements are full of logical and
objective data without any emotional content. That kind of speech leaves women cold
and unsatisfied, even if your ideas are at Einstein's level.
      If you are trying to seduce her into bed from the point of view of the seduction you
are wasting your time.
      After all, is it not the case that 99% of philosophers have been men?
      If a woman asks to you: ”What’s your job?” and you answer in a cocky and funny
way: “My names is Bond, James Bond. I am a spy in her Majesty’s service”, if you add to
the joke a mysterious expression then you are already creating Rapport & Attraction.
      This is because by being funny and direct you already act on her emotional level
and have her emotional.
      Also, in this particular example you hide yourself behind the mystery.
      Women love all strong emotions - both positive and negative ones - and for that
reason they love mystery.
      For example, if you don't say something to a woman, if you don't give her any
information then you come out as much more seductive than if you were to say the truth.
      We will come to this again later.
      The above example about James Bond may be banal, but it illustrates the idea very
well. In reality things are much more complicated. You can do much, much more with
Attraction & Rapport. Let's go on.
      Women generally love two types of words and concepts:
      1. Abstract words: words containing absolute concepts like “love”, ”freedom”,
”stability” and so on.
      2. Emotional words: describing an emotional experience in a detailed way.
      Men do not understand a woman's language because they are more interested in
the logical and practical meaning of words. If they are not poets, they are not interested
in the sensations & emotions connected with words.
      Yes, those of you who love poetry have an advantage in the field of seduction.
      Of course poetry without the Alpha attitude is a suicide in terms of seduction. In
that way you easily become her “girlfriend.” Poetry and an Alpha attitude put together is
an irresistible cocktail for a woman.
      Woman can love words like freedom or warmth or cold with the only purpose of
enjoying the emotions contained in those words. Practically speaking they simply enjoy
them for a hedonistic purpose.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                    59
       Women are hedonists of the emotions. This is a banal example, but imagine if you
were to answer in the following way to a male friend, when he asks what kind of work
you do:
        “This is a very exciting and interesting question. Your question shakes me so
deeply. Yes! My job! Every morning I wake up and go, full of joy into a warm subway full
of strangers. I feel happy when I go to the office. Yes. Think that I am a banker. I am a
particular, romantic banker. During the whole day some very exciting papers come
across my desk and I feel myself so important when I participate in the Nation’s destiny.
After all this is a work of extremely social interest and it makes me feel happy. I feel
fulfilled when I take care of all those papers.”
       Your male friend will believe that you became crazy or will suspect that you are gay.
       Well. Talking to a woman in that way you will give her exactly what she wants.
Even if she is an executive in some company, if she is a modern woman trying to show
the “tough guy attitude”, don't let her fool you: the way to bring her into your bed is
exactly the same with her as with other women.
       This is exactly the way you need to talk to a woman if you want to seduce her. Also,
this is one of the most important means for creating an attraction which is great for
proceeding slowly to the following phase of the seduction.
       So in order to seduce her you need to:
       - Color your speech with emotions, sensations and universal abstract concepts, not
necessarily great emotions but any emotion; both positive and negative ones are very
       - Even more important: you need to learn to follow the course of her emotions.
       - And extremely important is to learn to exchange emotions with her.
       An important concept about women: never keep women from feeling negative
          Women love negative emotions as much as positive ones.
       This is very much different from what your parents and teachers told you, so if a
woman feels negative emotions, don't try to help her, don't try to keep her from feeling
these emotions or you risk coming across as an unattractive “nice guy” and breaking the
Rapport with her resulting in her slowly becoming your enemy.
       Follow this discussion between an expert seducer and a woman:
       He: “I'm a banker. I’ve always wanted, since I was a little child to feel that
wonderful sensation coming from taking care of exciting papers on my table and to feel
the self-confidence coming from a sure job. Every morning birds flying outside my
office's window give me a sense of contact with nature, when I look out.”

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      60
      She: “But don't you get bored when you take care of all those papers every
morning? Yes. I understand you. Your deep contact with nature helps you to deal with
the boredom connected with your work.”
      He: “Also there are human relationships with co-workers. When they are satisfying
they open up new horizons.” And so on.
      I know that most of the men reading this text are already laughing like hell. Some
of you are already bored to death.
      I could not keep myself from laughing when I was writing this. As you can tell from
the subject I choose it was very difficult for me to create a really serious content for the
above speech.
      Now, before you grab your gun, do me a favor. Go out and try to seduce a woman
talking to her in the above described way.
      Then come back and tell me what happened. You will be surprised yourself about
the wonderful results you will get.
      The approach described above will bring into your bed an incredible amount of
really beautiful and sexy ladies!
      When you notice that you are exchanging emotions and sensations with the woman
you want to seduce and when you have succeeded in getting her emotional, then you are
at having real Rapport with her.
      Other signs that you are in the Rapport & Comfort phase are:
      - She feels comfortable around you.
      - She feels trust towards you.
      For a woman, entering rapport on an emotional level with a man - as described
above - means much more than for a man. For her this is like being one step closer to the
      Of course also the kind of more superficial, less emotional and more logical rapport
which men have between each other is a form of rapport but that is not the kind of
rapport which will get you laid.
      If a man succeeds in getting a woman into an emotional kind of rapport and
manages to keep an Alpha attitude at the same time in most cases, he has practically got
the keys for getting her into the bedroom.
      With practice you will notice that women will defend themselves in several ways
against the rising of desire connected with being emotional. One typical way is this:
      “I’m going to the bathroom now.”

Manual Of Seduction                                                                       61
      When she comes back she is colder and more in control. You need to start again to
build rapport and attraction. She did that because she felt she was becoming horny,
while having an emotional exchange with the guy.
      I will tell more about these kinds of female defenses against getting horny in the
upcoming books of my Encyclopedia of Pickup, Seduction and Female Relationships for
the modern man.
      Attraction might be referred to in a more appropriate way with the terms creating
attraction/building attraction.
      In my opinion it can happen with certain women at the same time while there is
deep emotional rapport and with other kind of women without rapport at all.
      Attraction is created by using several techniques meant to have her feeling special
emotions and feelings when she is in your company.
      As women are extremely emotional creatures, the more they feel strong emotions
in your company, the more they get convinced that you are one hell of a guy.
      So attraction = “I feel special emotions and feelings when I am in your company.”
      You will get a clearer idea of what the attraction phase is when you will read the
chapter I have written about it.
      This subject is so important to seduction that a separate chapter is devoted to it in
this book.

      E. Seduction.
      The seduction phase follows naturally upon the phases of Building Attraction,
Rapport & Comfort. When a woman feels herself attracted to you, in your company sex
will seem to her a natural consequence of the feelings and emotions she feels in your
      The seduction phase = “I feel myself so attracted to you in your company that I
want to give myself to you as a woman and to let you take me sexually.”
      We will get back to both attraction and seduction further in this book.

      F. The close.
     The Closing phase is the phase of seduction where you:
     1. Make love to her.
     2. She let's you touch her or kiss her.
     3. She gives you her telephone number, an e-mail address or some other way to
contact her and so on.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                     62
      Of course, a seduction can be considered really complete only when you make love
to her at least once. Kisses, hugs, telephone numbers or e-mail addresses are signs that
you have become expert in pickup and seduction. These are signs that you are now able
enough to attract women.
      Nevertheless, full sexual intercourse with her is the only clear sign of the fact that
you have succeeded in seducing her. A full sexual intercourse means that her
evolutionary detectors considers you good enough genetic material for her to take the
chance of a pregnancy caused by you.
      However, nowadays some women with psychological disturbances and total
inability to share their life with men may try to get pregnant in the course of a one night
      Still, with them too, you will notice how thoroughly their evolutionary detector will
screen you before the one night stand.
      So this applies with some variations also to psychologically disturbed women, a
woman with big psychological problems may also agree to sex with a man she is not
attracted to as a part of her self-destructive behavior.
      When you make love it is very important that she leaves the experience with the
sensation that she had never in her life made love like she did with you.
      You have to make her enjoy it so that she says: “You are the first man in my life
who really made me feel myself like a woman.”
      Never consider a woman a serious option if you did not make love with her.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      63
Find out about her values and give her what she wants

This part can be put in practice during the whole seduction process from the beginning
or later, depending on the situation. It is used as a method for collecting important
information about the woman with the purpose of getting to know better how to seduce
      As we have already seen, it can be also used as a way to feed her back her values
and what is important to her and increase the effectiveness of your seduction.
      If used well and in the correct way, it helps seduction. If used in the wrong way, it
acts against you.
      The correct way to use this technique is to use it so that the woman does not notice
what you are doing.
      Another important thing is: if you use this technique but don’t behave in an Alpha
way and don't create attraction, the seduction will not succeed regardless of what you do.
      In your company she will feel as though she is with a girlfriend. So don’t lean on
this technique as your only mean to seduce.
      This technique is extremely useful for detecting women in whom it is not worth
investing your time. By using this technique you can understand in advance who the
women with psychological problems are.
      You can in this way also discover which are the women who are likely to give you
trouble in some other way. This will enable you to remove them rapidly from your game.
      You use this also to collect information about:
      - Her past.
      - Her family environment.
      - Her father and mother.
      Information about her father is very important for knowing how to seduce her. This
will be covered in the upcoming books of the Encyclopedia of Pickup, Seduction and
Female Relationships for the modern man.
      - Her friends, relatives.
      - Her past relationships with men: very important information for knowing how to
seduce her.
      Used together with the other techniques - so that the woman does not notice it -
this is an extremely effective seduction technique.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                     64
      The technique consists of two phases:
      1. Trying to understand the woman's values: Finding out about her values.
      2. Making her feel that she is in the company of the man with whom she can realize
those values: Giving her what she wants.
      Now let's see how it is done:
      Finding out about her values: we will return to this subject in a different chapter
because it is very important.
      Here I shall describe this technique only briefly.
      Practically speaking in both the small talk phase and in the rapport phase you talk
with her in a discrete way also for the purpose of collecting information about her: the
people and the activities she likes and particularly the type of man she likes.
      Functional values are the things, the events and the people she likes and Inner
values are the sensations and feelings she feels when she is in the company of the things,
the events and the people she likes.
      Practically speaking by using this technique you obtain information about the
mental state she likes to be in. It is very important to collect information about the
sensations and the mental state she likes to have when she is in the company of a man.
      Finding out about her values is a technique directed first at knowing about the
things she likes (functional values) and then which are the sensations and the feelings
she feels when she is in the company of the things, events and people she likes (inner
      This will be described in more detail in another chapter. But now, let's have a look
at the following example:
      He: “You have a dog, don’t you?”
      She: “Yes, how did you know?”
      He: “So you like animals”
      She: “Yes I adore animals” (this is a functional value. She likes animals.)
      He: “What’s your dog’s name?”
      She: “His name is Rolf.”
      He: “Nice name. So you have fun with Rolf.”
      She: “Yes. What a sensation of sweetness and warmth when I am with him!”
       (Those are inner values: the sensations of sweetness and warmth she feels with
      Attention! As I said, finding out about her values has to be done so that she does
not understand what you are doing. If she understands that you are collecting
information for the purpose of getting her into bed, you will get the opposite effect.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                    65
      If you ask too many direct questions, you come out as being pushy and get a very
negative reaction. Even worse, if you give her the impression that you are asking about
her feelings and mental states in order to please her, you put yourself in the subservient
frame; she classifies you as a beta and non-confident and treats you like a girlfriend.
      Giving her what she wants: after a while the seducer and the woman go on talking
about other subjects. The seducer starts to use the information obtained when he found
out about her values for seductive purposes:
      He: “Strange. This evening I feel different.”
      She: “How do you feel this evening?”
      He: “Maybe it is this sense of connection we feel here. There is a strange sense of
sweetness I have not felt for long time.”
      She: “Yes. Tell me.”
      He: “I don't know. The sweetness of this evening in the town makes me feel good.
There is so much passion and warmth in the way you live. It is like we are having an
incredible connection.”
      He just gave her what she wanted: making her experience those feelings with him.
      Remember that NLP has demonstrated how words feed the brain with feelings and
sensations. By describing a pink elephant or a panther we have people "seeing" and
"feeling" a pink elephant or a panther.
      He has her feeling the feelings she considers as pleasurable for her!
      And has her link those feelings to his presence!
      Now that is for a woman a much more valuable experience than for a man!
      At this point the game is done. He lightly touches her hand and if she does not
resist he takes her hand in his own. We are ready for the close.
      Of course, this is only a simple example. In reality it is not that simple, but with
practice you will become an artist and learn to perform all the infinite possible variations
of the above.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      66
The concept of the frame of an interaction

We have already mentioned this elsewhere. Anyway, it is very important to dedicate a
whole chapter to this concept. It is essential for you to understand this and to learn to
apply it to both your pickups and seductions and to your long-term female relationships.
     Once you have learned how to use this, you will have tremendous power over
     “In any type of human interaction there is a frame. The one who determines the
frame also determines the interaction.”
     When a doctor meets a patient and tells him: “We are going to meet at my private
practice today, at 4pm. I need to prescribe some medicine for you.” he is establishing the
frame of the interaction = doctor/patient/medication.
     If a woman starts to blame her own man for everything under the sun that
happens, she is establishing the frame of the interaction, like: “I am pure and perfect and
you are the guilty one by default.”
     If a seducer presents himself as a “free man with liberal ideas” to a woman who has
been put down in her marriage, the seducer himself is establishing the frame: “We are
together and free”, where the interaction happens.
     “The one who establishes the frame of the interaction is the one who influences the
interaction itself.”
     An example:
     She: (on the beach) “I’m so bored!”
     He: “Boredom is such a nasty thing. It would be nice if we could have some fun. We
could have fun if we go and play tennis. Sport kills boredom.”
     A minute later he tells her that there are tennis courts in the tourist center where
they are spending their vacation.
     They go to play tennis. They play a little and he goes on building his frame: “We
seem to match so well when we play tennis. We are a perfect match. We have perfect
     Now it’s just a short way from tennis to a perfect relationship.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                     67
     He starts from the frame: “We both play tennis” then goes to the frame: “We are
perfect together” and then to the frame: “Being that we are so perfect together we like so
much being together” and so on.
     He establishes the frame of the interaction from the very beginning.
     He rules the interaction.
     I will write more about frames later in the book.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                    68
Cocky and funny

Men without experience in seduction believe that being serious, trustful, sweet and
communicative is the right attitude in order to have success with women. This is not so.
To have success with women you need to follow this principle:
      Serious and deep communication is something she has to earn!
      Women easily get bored. They are not as good in enjoying repetitive and obvious
behavior as men. A woman cannot consider as exciting and attractive a man who opens
up to her too much from the beginning.
      With a modern woman from the so-called industrialized countries, it can be a
negative thing also when going further in the relationships.
      It is amazing: women say all the time they would like their men to open up to them
but they secretly love the ones who do not do so.
      With a modern woman it can be a huge mistake to open up to her too much in a
long-term relationship.
      You open up to her? She takes you for granted and starts to feel a deep sense of
boredom. Boredom is something a modern woman simply cannot stand. To help you to
understand this, I’m going to introduce to you a couple of new concepts:
      1. The “Roller Coaster” concept.
      2. The fantasy of the “Prince coming from afar.”
      Let's start from the Roller Coaster. Years of experience and hundreds of
relationships with women have convinced me of a fundamental fact: women are
hedonistic individuals, who get an infinite pleasure when they can feel strong emotions
both positive and negative.
      A man who sees a woman cry starts promptly to ask: “Sweetie, what’s the matter?
Tell me!” Well he is wrong! Unless there has been a catastrophe on a world scale, almost
probably at that moment she is enjoying her emotions. Yes, just like that: she is having
      Women love strong emotions. But there is a corollary: they love strong emotions,
but on the condition that everything happens in a relatively safe way.
      Yes, women love the moment when they have got you pissed off! They feel strong
emotions then. They start to worry about you being pissed off only when they notice that
the situation is becoming dangerous.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                  69
      Practically speaking, women like to feel strong emotions both positive and
negative. So if you want to seduce a woman a calm, serious and understanding attitude is
exactly the opposite of what you need.
      To seduce her you need to have her feel strong emotions both positive and negative.
This feminine trait is exactly the contrary of what a man means when he says: “Don't
break my balls!” A man does not like unstable emotions. A man wants to be in peace.
      This difference between men and women is the cause of many a marriage crisis and
misunderstanding between men and women.
      So the right attitude for seducing a woman is: being cocky and funny. Being direct
and cocky are Alpha qualities. In that way you demonstrate to her that you are not afraid
to “penetrate” her. You show that you consider it a right of yours to be the “owner of the
place” where you are.
      The more you are funny and the more you have this attitude - and have her feel
strong emotions - the more she gets interested in you. Women fear boredom and
emotional deprivation more than death.
      Let's go now to the “Fantasy of the Prince coming from afar.”
      This is exactly the contrary of what your parents and teachers taught you, but I can
tell you for sure that it works with women.
      Do you open up to a woman from the first very moment? Well the answer is NO!
The correct answer is a simple and plain NO!”
      Years of experience with women have convinced me that women consider as Alpha
and genetically superior the “Mysterious Rider coming from the horizon” and the
“Mysterious Prince.”
      The worst approach you can have with a woman if you want to seduce her is to sit
at a table in a bar and tell her: “I’m John. I’m a banker and I am completely mad about
how beautiful you are.”
      Wrong, wrong! She heard that at least hundred of times during the week before she
met you. If you sit at the bar and say: “Listen. Maybe it‘s better we change the bar. I was
here a year ago with a lady and she created such a terrible scene. I had to call the police”
then you are on the right track.
      When she asks you: “So what do you do?” you answer: “I work in bank twice a year.
“ (With a smile, you just said your job is to rob banks) then and only then you are on the
right track.
      She is not expecting John, the “beta” nice guy banker.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      70
      Her genetic code is programmed to wait for the Prince coming from afar. A
delinquent resembles the Prince in the mind of many women I know, much more than
John the “beta banker.”
      Of course, society, women and many academic professionals will repeat this to you
until boredom sets in: “A woman needs a protective man who opens up to her
emotionally and gives her safety, someone who is trustworthy and she can share things
      If we consider only the socially conditioned part of the woman, that concept “may”
be true.
      When we take into consideration, however, the instinctual, genetic and
evolutionary part of the woman, I can guarantee that the above attitude will ruin all your
relationships with women either right then or some years later.
      Why? Simple: the part of her feeling attracted to you is not the social and
conditioned one.
      It is the primordial and evolutionary one as we have been saying since the
      Her evolutionary detector tells her that the Prince has a superior value compared to
John the beta banker and she will behave like that when it comes time to give herself as a
woman to a man.
      So, if you want to seduce her you need to put yourself in the same position as the
Prince. And how do you do it?
      Simple: communication with her is something she has to earn. In a word:
      Show to her that your value is superior to hers.
      Keep yourself on the direct, cocky and funny level; make fun of her and do not open
up to her too easily. This will keep her sexual excitation and attraction to you at its
maximum level. She will feel at her instinctual level:
      “If he makes fun of me and does not give a shit about me, does not tell anything
about himself and wants to have fun, that means he is my Prince.”
      You can discuss this with women, if you like. They will tell you for sure that this is
not true. You can put this attitude into practice with women. I assure you that then your
success with women will grow in an impressive exponential way. On the other hand you
can discuss with her seriously the latest financial news and she will consider you a
girlfriend or the above mentioned “John the beta banker”: the result will be no sex and
no respect from her.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                       71
      On the contrary: if you instead make fun of her, are direct, cocky and funny and
don’t open up to her too much she, will consider you the Mysterious Prince coming from
afar. Then you will take her to bed for sure.
      Try to believe. Instincts work with impressive mathematical precision.
      Let's go now to a few practical examples of how to be direct, cocky and funny as
means for seduction. The formula for success is:
      Cocky and Funny + Your Own Frame.
      When you want to seduce a woman, you need to use your fantasy and create a
frame of interaction in which you move and where you have her move with you. It can be
      For example, once I seduced two women at the same time during a trip with the
frame: “The Sergeant.”
      In effect I was being cocky and funny with the two women in question behaving like
a Sergeant directing his squad. I was giving to them orders as though they were soldiers.
      At first in a lighter cocky and funny way, then harder and harder I began to give
them orders. Then I went on leading both women with playful frames like: “When you
talk to me you say yes sir! Understand?”
      Slowly they began to enjoy this so much that I was “directing the squad” in that
cocky and funny way all the time. Until I gave them the final order: come to bed with me.
I simply ordered both of them to make love with me, at the same time!
      Another frame I often use in my seductions is the James Bond frame. After I make
a pickup, when I call her the first time I may say on the phone: “My name is Bond, James
Bond.” Of course she laughs and considers it a joke, as in part it is.
      She does not see the power in the frame I am using. When later in the interaction
she begins to ask me direct questions, when she tries to get information about me, I go
on playing harder. I tell her I am on special mission and I cannot give her that
      I keep her “on her toes” in that playful way. From there I bring her where I want.
      You won’t believe it, but at the moment, in the circle of my lovers there are at least
3 women calling me: “James” and some of them I call “Lady Bond.”
      Another frame I often use is: “The Godfather.” Out of the blue I may say her: “And
remember. Don’t fuck with me Babe. Capisce?”, or: “The waiter treated us like jerks. You
want me to shoot him in the head, Sweetie?”
      Women love these kinds of interactions. Women love to live their life as though
they were all the time in a movie.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      72
      I have even met some women who identify with the frame so much that they have
to ask whether I am joking or not.
      Some had to ask me: “Franco, are you a member of the Mafia?” and I tell then: “Do
you think I would tell you that, Babe?”
      In spite of the fact that the starting base of the frame is a joke, you can use the
frame to direct her “kindly” to where you want.
      As an example: when I use the James Bond frame, I first put her in the mental state
of being in contact with a mysterious spy. Then I start to call her Lady Bond, so she gets
used to the idea of being my lover.
      From there I bring her where I want.
      Women love this kind of approach because they have been made to feel guilty for
their sexual desire for centuries. For them is much easier to make love with me if they
are “in love with an irresistible spy” than because they have a tremendous need to have a
“great fuck” with me as many men would express the whole situation.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                    73
Mental state

This concept is a little bit complicated. Anyway, if I tell you that once you have learned
this concept, you will have huge possibilities for bringing women to bed, will you go for
it? I knew it: you go for it. Good.
       During the day, without even noticing it, all the time we go through different
mental states. We wake up in the morning and we are happy. We go to our workplace,
something goes wrong and we feel irritated.
       Maybe later we receive some pleasant news and we are back again to the happy
mental state. These changes happen very, very rapidly without our paying attention to
       We just feel them.
       Now the important thing is: the mental state we are in at any given moment has us
seeing the world in a very, very different way, depending on which state we are in at that
       Let's now apply this to seduction. Let's go now to a list of some very important
       - “No one can interact in a positive way with another person if he or she is not in a
positive mental state.”
       - “Mental states are contagious. If I am irritated, I cause irritation. If I am happy, I
cause happiness.”
       - “We can influence our mental state and put ourselves in the desired mental state.
       We can also influence other people’s mental states and have them in the mental
state we want.”
       This means that before you interact with a woman for the purpose of seducing her,
you need to ask yourself: “Am I in the right mental state?”
       If you feel that you are not in the right mental state, then it is better to try to put
yourself in the desired state before you do anything.
       This does not go against the rule of the fast approach because WHEN you are in the
correct state that is the right moment to begin on approaches.
       If you are not in the right mental state, however, you can use techniques to attain it.
This is done using Anchors.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                         74
      An “Anchor” is whatever person, place, thing, music or whatever thing/event which
brings to mind the desired mental state.
      Some examples: if in the town there is a waiter who is a great guy and you have fun
talking with him and whose name is Mark then he is an “Anchor” for a fun state when
      If you go out for a pickup session to seduce women, first go to the bar where Mark
is. Have a chat with him.
      Chances are that talking with him your mental state will become happy and
relaxed. When you are in that state you telegraph to others happiness and relaxation and
you are: seductive!
      If listening to a certain kind of music puts you into the desiderated state, then listen
to that music before you go to approach women.
      Train yourself to recognize situations, places, people, things recalling for you
positive mental states and to put yourself into that state before you interact with the
women you want to seduce.
      Train yourself to observe your own states.
      Realize that when in the proper state, you are likely to come across as very
seductive and when in the wrong state you are likely to come across as boring.
      Calibrating a woman's own states is an advanced skill and I will teach it to you in
the upcoming books of the Encyclopedia of Pickup, Seduction and Female Relationships
for the modern man.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                        75
Human relationships are made of exchanges

This is one of my favorite ones.
      Tell the women you meet that relationships are made of exchanges!
      Women do not like men who are too sweet and submissive. Often men confuse
being a gentleman with being sweet and submissive.
      Men believe they will win women over by behaving like a gentleman and being
sweet, gentle and submissive. Women, however, interpret chivalry in men as a sign of
weakness. For this reason the guy who acts sweet and submissive is left with empty
hands when it comes to women.
      Instincts force women to feel passion for Alpha males.
      An Alpha male is a man who takes what he wants. Even if an Alpha male is a
gentleman, when we come to the subject of taking what he wants the Alpha male behaves
like an Alpha:
      He takes what he wants, without hesitation.
      This is why women fall so easily in love for “gentlemen thieves.”
      In a way women secretly love egocentrism in a man, but they go around saying they
want a generous man who protects them.
      This happens because on an instinctual level, women interpret a man’s egoism as a
sign of strength of character.
      They feel at their instinctual level that if a man will be able to be an egoistic asshole,
he will also be a winner and bring money and safety to her and her children and for
hundreds and hundreds of years it has been just like that: the more egocentric and
asshole guys were the ones who really made the enemy run away and brought home the
best conquests!
      Nowadays it still is like that. Women know it and that’s why nice guys are not lucky
with women. Women's primitive side “reads” nice guys like weak guys who will not
succeed in the struggle for life.
      Women reason like this on their instinctual level: “If he takes me in spite of my
resistance and my tests, it means he is the one who will be able to fight egoistically for
survival and will be able to protect me and my children.”

Manual Of Seduction                                                                          76
      Women’s tests are “fake psychological dangers” that women put in men’s way when
men try to seduce them or whenever they feel it is necessary to be sure to a certain extent
that the man is as Alpha as possible.
      One of the qualities a woman tries to determine in a man with her tests is whether
he has the ability to fight egoistically for his own interests.
      They interpret a man’s personality like this: “He is not letting me and my beauty
influence him. He is not doing what I tell him to do. He is not being sweet to me. On the
contrary, he takes what he wants. Wonderful! He is surely a real man! I can be safe with
      The story of how relationships are made of exchanges I may tell to a woman already
at our first encounter or after a few meetings.
      Men who are not expert in the matter of seducing women would not understand
the meaning of this story. Most men have been educated from the beginning to be in the
subservient frame: they believe that to seduce women they have to give all to them,
without asking for anything in return.
      It is exactly the opposite!
      Giving all to a woman is like a straight road to loosing her soon! Women generally
understand in a few seconds the meaning of the story of how relationships are made of
      The story you should tell her is:
      ”Sweetie, human relationships are made of exchanges. They are based on never
ending giving and receiving. If you give me good things I will give you good things. No
good things from you, no good things from me.”
      Furthermore in your relationship with her, you make sure that you act in a way
consistent with what you told her with the above story.
      She wants to be taken to a dinner with you? Well, what is she going to do for you? If
she does not kiss you and behaves like a bitch, if she does not dress in a feminine way,
then why would you take her to dinner?
      When practicing seduction you will notice that women are extremely sensitive to
this argument.
      You will also notice that the best way to loose the favors of a woman is to have her
feel that you are ready to give her all and demand nothing in return.
      Maybe she will marry you, but after a while her “headaches” in bed will start.
      One day, coming home, you will find her in bed with the bad guy from next door.
Or shall we say the “Alpha male” next door?

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      77
Rejecting her and telling her why or simply rejecting her
forever. When it is better to give up and look for
something better

While seducing women you will often be in a situation in which you need to decide
whether the whole thing is worth continuing or not.
      There is one general rule to follow: seducing a woman must never be such a big
deal that you would be willing to reduce your quality of life for it.
      There is also a paradox. If the woman senses that you are suffering and reducing
your quality of life in order to seduce her, you will obtain the opposite effect: she will
consider you beta and your relationship will suffer from it very, very fast.
      Practically speaking, this means that if you make an effort to seduce a woman and
the situation leads - for one reason or another, depending or not depending on her - to
canceling gym, eating fast, not seeing friends, having problems at work, loosing money
and so on, things are not going well:
      You are in the subservient frame!
      Women know this very well. One of the things a woman will surely test from the
beginning is how much she has you running because of her beauty and her
attractiveness. If you fall into the trap, you will not seduce her anymore and your quality
of life will shortly fall to a miserable level. In fact when a woman tests this, she is
looking for the exact opposite of what she may seem to be looking for: a man who does
not put up with her whims. She is looking for a man who keeps his cool and takes it easy.
      Women are extremely voluble creatures. In the chapter dedicated to “feminine
logic” I will introduce you into the exciting and interesting world of female logic.
      Don't expect for her to feel today and tomorrow in the same way. Feminine thought
does not follow logic. She can feel one sensation today and another completely different
sensation tomorrow.
      The best way to relate to a woman is not to take her seriously! Consider what she
does and feels as related to the precise moment it happens, without even trying to link it
to the past or the future.
      In an emotional sense women really “live in the present.”

Manual Of Seduction                                                                     78
      Every person on this planet has a different system of beliefs. It is statistically
impossible for you to satisfy any kind of value or find an explanation for every kind of
belief and every kind of feeling. Nature offers an enormous variety of women, so it is
absolutely not recommended to remain stuck in a situation which is not giving you what
you want.
      If you don't get what you want in the space of one to three meetings with a woman,
it is better to let her go and move on to someone better. This is especially true for
inexperienced guys. When you have more experience, you will be able also to make some
exceptions to this rule.
      When practicing seduction, you will find yourself in different exciting and
challenging situations, where - for one reason or another - she will not surrender. She
did not find the dress she was looking for from a shop. You have the same nose as her
last boyfriend, who was an asshole; the color of what you wear reminds her of the color
of her cat who died last year: yes, the female mind works this way!
      In this case it is much better to let her go because your time is valuable, because she
is insisting that you go into the subservient frame and because after all, the world is full
of beautiful women and so on.
      There are two options for not wasting precious time:
      a. Rejecting her and telling her why, which means telling her why you don't want to
see her again and give her a chance to fix it.
      b. Rejecting her without any explanation forever. This means practically:
“Goodbye, Sweetie. I wish you all the best and for the rest of your life!” and you cease to
have any further contact with her.
      And now here is an example of rejecting her and telling her why. In this case you
tell her you are not going to see her and you tell her why.
      In this case you tell and make the woman understand that you will not waste your
precious time with her unless she is ready to give at least as much to you as you are
willing to give to her. This is in effect either a direct or indirect way of telling her: “Now I
am temporarily interrupting giving my attention to you because you are not giving to me
in return what I expect from you.”
      Let's look at a practical example:
      You are at a party full of beautiful women and after you approach her she says
something the purpose of which is clearly to put you into the subservient frame.
      Another possibility is that she says something which is lacking in respect for you.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                          79
       With practice you will notice that 90% of women will try that from their very first
interaction with you. For this major group, the lack of respect is a test. It is very easy to
deal with by calling her on her behavior promptly.
       The other 10% are man haters, psychologically disturbed women and it is better to
let them go after having clearly told them to get lost. A normal woman with a very strong
sexual desire can use the lack of respect as a test, but she stops when she realizes that the
man is dealing with it in the proper way: calling her on it.
       A psychologically disturbed woman or a man hater will go on continue with the lack
of respect forever.
       In that case, better let them go from the very beginning because it will not get any
better after a year or two.
       Well let's go to the example. You approach her and she says:
       She: “I am a free woman. I don't like men who try to hit on me only to take me to
       She: “I have a boyfriend and I am very much in love with him!”
       I assume that you approached her in the right way and did not say something
stupid like: “You have such a wonderful smile.” I assume you just opened an average
conversation about something neutral (neutral opener.) I also assume that she was not
flirting with you and was not giving signs of interest.
       Now why does she answer in that way? What told her you are trying to seduce her?
You just talked to her about average subjects, for example, the weather.
       It is obvious that she is trying to qualify you in advance (= you are one of those
losers trying to go behind me all the time) and it is a test for you at the same time.
       In that way she raises the price of her shares (= her value) unilaterally, she tells you
that she will not give you her stuff in exchange for your stuff in the same amount. She
even tries to put you - in a very sneaky way - into the subservient frame = you are the one
who is asking for something from her.
       At that point you unilaterally raise the price of your shares (= your own value), use
the Rejecting her and telling her why and say: (with a smile)
       “Sorry Dear. I’ve got a tremendous headache. You know: I have been working all
day. I cannot listen to personal problems at the moment” (hers.)
       Then you go on to chat with the first beautiful woman at the party who is close to
you. By telling her that you do not have time to listen to her personal problems, you also
let her know why (explanation= you are being a bitch and I’m going to give my attention
to some other woman right now. If you change your behavior though, I may reconsider.)

Manual Of Seduction                                                                         80
        From that moment if she is not ready to pay your price for your attention, she has
to accept the fact that other women will have your attention. The majority of women do
not like very much the idea of your giving attention to other women, especially when it
happens right under their eyes.
        We will approach in a more extensive way how the presence of other women
influences the female psyche in the chapter dedicated to Social proof.
        And now let's dedicate ourselves to the Rejecting her without any explanation
forever. It can be used in these cases:
        1. She repeatedly tries not to give you her good stuff in exchange for your good
stuff, in spite of the fact you made her understand clearly that you are the kind of man
(Alpha) with whom it is not worth behaving that way.
        Prepare yourself also for this possibility.
        I have seduced women who are simply not able to be with a man if they don't feel
they can have him under their control. It may be good to go to bed with this kind of
women, but don't get into a relationship with them. Assuming that you are a strong
Alpha personality like I am, that would mean a never-ending war at home.
        2. She treats you like a dog without any reason and is lacking in respect for you to
such an extent that it is like heading down a dead-end street. This happens in spite of the
fact that you called her clearly and firmly from the very beginning on it. This happens in
spite of the fact that you made perfectly clear from the beginning that you are not the
kind of man whom she can mess with.
        There are also women like this: they try to take the upper hand in the relationship
by using their lack of respect from the first very moment. They know there are thousands
of men ready to buy them food, clothes, vacations and everything and letting them to do
almost anything nasty in return.
        What kind of relationship could you have with a woman you let show her lack of
respect to you more than once? The above women have to be put out of your game from
the beginning.
        Don't give to a woman a chance to lack of respect to you, not even once! Alpha
males do not let other people lack of respect to them. If a woman lacks of respect to you
it is: “Adios!”
        At the beginning, when you are still learning the art of seduction, it is better to use
the Rejecting her and telling her why and Rejecting her without any explanation forever
at the first very signs of disturbing behavior from her.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                         81
      You need to keep in mind that if in front of you there is a woman who is not able to
appreciate you, whereas behind the nearest corner there are many others who can and
many of them may be even more beautiful and more intelligent and very willing to give
you their goodies.
      Every minute of your life that you loose with a woman who does not give something
in return for what you give to her is a minute less spent with others who could appreciate
you. So don’t conduct such bad business!
      You can follow the growth of your seductive qualities by counting the number of
times you need to use the Rejecting techniques. You will notice that as your seductive
qualities become better the times you need to use them decrease all the time.
      Examples of Rejecting her:
      “Sweetie, I’ve a terrible headache. I am afraid I can’t spend this evening with you.”
      “Maybe it is better we don't call each other for a while. You know: in life sometimes
people need their own space.”
      And so on.
      By behaving in that way you obtain the following advantages:
      1. You don't loose precious time you could put to better use: the world if full of
beautiful women.
      2 You keep the Alpha position, which is the only one a woman really respects.
      In fact, if you agree to be in a relationship with a woman who repeatedly tries to
take from you and does not give anything in return, you are giving her a green light
telling her that she can take advantage of you in the future.
      That would in any case lead to problems later: the primordial part of her will never
be able to respect a man, who lets her do that. Instead, using Rejecting techniques you
raise your Value in her eyes promptly.
      Be realistic: if she does not appreciate what you have to give to her, if she does not
give to you at least in the same amount as you give to her, she will not change her
behavior in the future. It will be even worse later on.
      Experience has taught me that if a woman behaves in a certain way at the
beginning of the relationship, she will behave in the same way or even worse later. Most
of the women I know to be real bitches make small tests from the beginning to see how
they can get their way with you. If they see they can do what they want with you, their
behavior changes for the worse all the time.
      So don't let women get their way with you from the very beginning. They will get
horny like hell for it and want even more sex. You will also save yourself from a lot of

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      82
      Also read with attention the chapter “How to recognize psychologically disturbed
women.” I will tell you how to recognize from the beginning the women with whom it is
not worthwhile getting into a relationship with.
      Of course, when you have become an expert, you will also be able to seduce these
“difficult cases.”
      Anyway, no matter how tough and experienced you become in the future, keep in
mind that you will never be able to change another person.
      So be careful about who are the ones you spend your precious time with!
      At the beginning, when you are not yet experienced, it is better to use the Rejecting
techniques at the first signs from her that she does not want to give you at least the same
amount of good things compared to the good things that you are ready to give to her.
      Follow this rule and you will never be sorry.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                     83
Finding out about her values & system of beliefs

At this point we can go on learning better how to find out about her values. We already
started to talk about this when we described the seduction phases.
       There is another basic concept you need to put into your mind if you want to
become an expert seducer:
       Every person on this planet has a different system of beliefs!
       Let's take a banal example: rock music.
       Every person may have his/her system of beliefs connected with rock music. Some
may feel it is the most important art form in the world. Some others may hate rock
music. Yet others may feel indifferent towards it. And someone else does not even know
what rock music is. Possibly some woman was listening to rock music when her
boyfriend dumped her. For this reason she always has bad feelings about rock music and
still someone else may have been listening to rock music when she felt the best orgasm of
her life and maybe for this reason she has an extreme passion for rock music.
       We all make a basic mistake in the course of our human relationships: We are
prone to bringing into the relationship our own values and less prone to paying attention
to the other person’s values and how they influence the relationship.
       Now if you want to become an expert seducer you need to learn to:
       1. Listen, keeping your mouth shut at the right moment.
       2. Learn about the values of the woman you want to seduce.
       3. Have her feel like you are the man with whom she can realize her values.
       Here is another example of how finding out about her values can happen:
       He: “So, you like animals?”
       She: “Yes. I like them very, very much.”
       He: “I once had a dog whose name was Rolf!”
       She: “A dog? Oh my God. I hate dogs.”
       He: “You hate dogs?”
       She: “Yes, but I love cats very much.”
       He: “May I ask why you hate dogs?”
       She: “They are so difficult to take care of. You need to wake up early in the
morning; you can’t go where you want. I like to be free.”
       He: “Freedom is a wonderful thing!” (Freedom = functional value.)

Manual Of Seduction                                                                   84
      She: “Yes. I love the freedom to do what I want. No bonds!”
      He: “I bet you feel very well when you are free.”
      She: “Yes I feel light, fulfilled, and happy.” (Light, fulfilled, happy are her inner
values, the only ones meaningful to her.)
      A seducer does not bring his own values into the conversation. He does not say
what he thinks about dogs and cats. He behaves like a mirror reflecting her thoughts.
      But to what ends? It’s simple. Women take very seriously the subject: “How I feel at
any given moment.” You cannot even imagine how seriously women take this subject!
      In the above example he is collecting information about what she likes and what
she does not like. He tries to get to know what she believes (finding out about her values)
to be later able to have her feel herself realized in his company (giving her what she
wants.) By doing so, he starts to have her feel as though he is the only man in this world
able to make her feel good and realize her values.
      The discussion between her and the seducer could continue in this way:
      He: “You know. Sometimes I feel that one of the happiest moments is when
traveling, I am in an airplane going up during takeoff.”
      She: “Yes. How do you feel then?”
      He: “I feel a wonderful sensation of lightness. You know: I have always been an
adventurous type.”
      She: “Really? Which kind of adventures have you had?”
      He: “I have been traveling in the strangest places in the world. It makes me feel free
and realized.”
      She: “Yes. Freedom is a wonderful thing!”
      He: “Not everyone is able to appreciate how beautiful is the sense of freedom.”
      At this point she starts to think: “Wonderful, finally a man who really understands
me! How I like being in his company. He makes me feel like a woman” and so on. In
effect she starts to feel attraction to him.
      Of course, things are not that easy in practice. The above is only a scheme meant to
help you. Variations on the above theme are in reality endless.
      Finding out about her values is an art. You will become good only with constant
      This technique is effective only if it is linked to other techniques and if you have the
Alpha attitude.
      Used alone it is deleterious to seduction because, without the excitation caused by
your male aggression and your self-confidence, she would feel that being with you is like
being with a girlfriend.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                        85
      She would discuss her feelings and sensations with you the way she would with her
best girlfriend: it would destroy your seduction, because once a woman thinks of a man
as “a friend”, she is not going to change her mind very easily!
      As we said: this technique must be put in practice without her noticing it. You have
to use this technique as a part of normal conversation and collect information in a
discrete way.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                    86
The phase of physical contact

Women have been made to feel guilty about their sexual desire for centuries. Every
woman wants sex at least as much as a man. For many women, however, it is very
difficult to get over the sense of guilt connected with their sexuality. On the other hand
woman's liberation brought about a meaningful change in the attitude of women toward
their sexuality.
      Many women living in modern society do so in an almost schizophrenic state,
where beliefs and attitudes from the Middle Age are mixed with very free-minded or
even libertine attitudes.
      For this reason you need to be ready for everything: some women will consider you
passive and even gay if you don't try to bring them to bed 5 minutes after you first meet.
Other women will consider you a monster if you kiss them on your first encounter.
      Other women will need much time before they can even say the word “sex.” For this
reason it is difficult to establish which the right moment to start the physical approach
is. Anyway there are some general rules you should follow:
      - Every woman is different and for every woman there can be a different “right”
moment to start the physical approach.
      - An approach not leading to sex in a period between one-three meetings is almost
probably something leading to friendship or to a neurotic relationship with a woman. If
she does not agree to make love with you between the first and third meeting, dump her.
      - With the word “sex”, I mean fully satisfying sexual intercourse. Some women use
refusing sex as means of controlling the man from the very first meeting. This type of
woman is a source of never-ending problems later in the relationship, so dump her from
the beginning.
      - Without the physical approach you will not bring her to bed - simple but true. So
there is no seduction without the physical approach. The physical approach has to be
done as soon as possible.
      -Without the physical approach you will become her “girlfriend.” At the precise
moment you become her girlfriend you are classified into the beta category by the
woman. From that moment it will be very difficult to get back from that position.
      - Generally women test in a very intensive way from the beginning if the man is an
Alpha or a beta male. If the man does not try to bring her in a very active and self-

Manual Of Seduction                                                                    87
confident way to bed as soon as possible he is rapidly classified as beta. After that there
is no turning back.
      Yes: women will say a lot of bullshit about “the importance of friendship”, about
“opening up”, about “talking about everything” BUT at the end of the day if you don’t
take her sexually, the primitive part of her classifies you as beta.
      The primitive part of her - her evolutionary detector - will not change its mind
easily after having classified you as beta.
      - No woman can consider as Alpha a man who does not go into the phase of the
physical approach. For this reason, in cases when you are not sure about what to do, it is
always better go for the physical approach anyway.
      How to do it?
      In the course of the attraction and even more in the seduction phase you can start
to touch the woman you want seduce, lightly on her forearm, while being cocky and
funny or lightly touch her fingers. If she accepts it, that is a good sign and you can go on.
If she gives negative feedback by withdrawing, for example, or verbally, you lean back
and stop the approach for a while, without being pushy.
      I have brought to bed women with whom I have needed the following cycle:
physical approach > lean back > physical approach many, many times before they are
ready to surrender. Due to their feelings of guilt about sexuality many women may
surrender to sex only with the mental setup of: “I could not resist him. There was no
other choice.”
      Also women experience sexuality in a different way than men. Men want to go for it
fast. Women want to wait and enjoy the sensations. A woman needs some time to get
used to sex, these length of which can vary consistently from one woman to another.
      So, if she resists you, simply interrupt your approach and after a while try it again.
Don’t make the mistake of stopping your approach at the first signs of resistance because
that is a resistance many women have, almost all women. Of course, not all of them do it
like this. I have also brought women to bed after only 5 minutes conversation and a
simple kiss.
      Remember the basic rules of the Alpha male:
      “I never ask forgiveness for being a man and of having a man’s sexual desire.” For
example, in my life I brought to bed many women by simply telling them - within 5
minutes of our meeting - when we were still in the phase of the small talk:
      “I want to fuck you. Let's go to my flat.”
      And they came. We did not even go through the other steps of seduction.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                       88
      We went to the rapport phase only after making love. This kind of self-confident
attitude is felt by the woman as very exciting.
      Apply this rule and you are never wrong. In her innermost depths a woman
admires an Alpha man who behaves like this. Of course, being too aggressive and
behaving like an idiot are behaviors taken by the woman for what they are: non-
confident behavior. And such non-confident behavior brings you to being rejected.
Women love men who are in control of themselves and others. Violence and other bad
behavior are signs of a lack of control and, as such, of weakness.
      Demonstrate your sexual interest for her in a direct and natural way, without
asking - not even once - forgiveness for the fact you want her sexually. This attitude will
bring the best results for you.
      This book is about seduction and we don't teach here how to make love well.
Anyway it is very important that you learn to satisfy a woman in a complete way. One of
the most important criteria she has when she chooses a man - women just talk about this
to girlfriends - is the ability the man has to satisfy a woman sexually.
      So get to it! If you are not a natural talent and in case you feel you are unsure on the
sexual level, there are many books and web sites where you can find important
information for improving your sexual skills.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                        89
The rule of the fast approach

Many of you will surely be afraid of making approaches. The fear of approaching can be
so strong in some men to keep them completely from talking to women.
       You can consider yourself an expert seducer only when you are able to approach
any woman in any situation, without problems.
       The fear of approaching is one of the basic problems that men who starting to study
seduction complain about. It is like the fear of flying. There is only one cure for the fear
of flying: travel all the time by airplane.
       There is only a way to win over the fear of approaching. It is the rule of the fast
approach. If you use this rule in the space of a few years you will be able to approach any
woman in any situation.
       It is very important to learn this. A very beautiful woman - even if married - can
have on the “love markets”, a value comparable to Ferrari or Nokia, using only her body.
As long as you don’t master the art of approaching women and seducing them, your
value will be - compared to the value of the beautiful woman you are with - comparable
to that of a cheap watch, bought in some tourist trap.
       I’m not kidding. Our society values feminine beauty so much that without
mastering the art of seduction you will be always wondering what happens next when
you are walking with your beautiful wife or fiancée.
       She will be approached all the time by men and will be in a position of power.
       On the contrary: if she knows that you can walk into a bar and come out of it with
the telephone numbers of five really beautiful ladies eager to hear from you, the situation
is once again in balance. So think about it!
       The rule of the fast approach is:
       “You have to talk to a woman you want to seduce within seconds since the moment
you see her.”
       It means that when you are trying to pick her up you have to talk to a woman before
a few seconds are gone since the moment you spot her. This is because you will not have
time to think. The more you think the more you will invent excuses to explain why you
are not approaching her, your fear will grow and it will become stronger every minute.
       If nothing else comes to mind, use a simple “Hi!”

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      90
      Train yourself in bars, restaurants, on the streets to smile at women you like and
say to them a simple: “Hi!” You will notice that the majority of them - used as they are to
beta guys who are afraid to approach - will notice your Alpha attitude and will answer
with an even more cordial: “Hi!” After that it is easy to begin talking.
      You can open her up with almost anything. For example:
      “Listen; do you know where X Street is?”
      “Can you take a picture of me with this camera?” You give her the camera.
      “What's the time?”
      And so on.
      This is an argument I will approach in a much more detailed way when I will
publish the upcoming books of my Encyclopedia of Pickup, Seduction and Female
Relationships for the modern man.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      91
Patterns and hidden commands

A pattern is a phrase directed to influence a woman's mind:
      1. To be attracted to the seducer.
      2. To feel erotic feelings towards the seducer.
      Patterns are used all the time in marketing. We just don't notice it. For example the
phrase:” Loosing weight pleasurably with Real Chocolate”, where Real Chocolate is some
random chocolate commercial product. Maybe the slogan is written close to the figure of
a slim and beautiful woman.
      This is practically a pattern. The phrase is intended to use words to obtain a certain
psychological effect on the potential buyers. In this case:
      Get slim and enjoy = you eat Real Chocolate and get slim at the same time. You will
not notice it but, the next time you see Real Chocolate in a market, the chances you will
buy it are pretty high.
      This is because at a certain level in your psyche, you will "feel" that you will get slim
if you eat that chocolate.
      Even children know that eating chocolate makes you fat. Still - in spite of that - you
will sometimes find yourself eating Real Chocolate and you will feel like you are loosing
      Subliminal influence is at work here.
      Examples of patterns which can be used in seduction:
      "Did you ever think about a wonderful vacation in the Tropics? Think me & you on
a comfortable boat, resting together while the waves of the sea relax us, the sun
penetrates your skin and you feel a sense of warmth taking all the tension off of you."
      Comfortable, warmth = erotic sensations.
      Me & you, waves make us relax = expressions linking the seducer to the woman,
like in a prophecy.
      The sun penetrates your skin = hidden sexual command.
      An hidden command is a word or a phrase, with an erotic or seductive meaning,
seeming to refer to “something else” and being there “as a coincidence.”
      In the above example the hidden command “sun penetrates your skin” is directed
at forming in woman's mind the image of being penetrated by the seducer.
      A man can laugh at this but women are aroused first of all by words.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                         92
      This means of seduction may seem stupid or even crazy to a man. Due to the
difference in the language and the structure of the emotions in a woman - we have been
discussing it in the preceding chapters - these phrases have for the woman an extremely
seductive meaning.
      This is in effect what women mean when they complain that men are not able to
express emotions.
      If you give women what they want, they will give you what you want!

Manual Of Seduction                                                                 93
Female tests and how to overcome them to seduce a

This is an EXTREMELY important chapter.
      If you understand the concept of feminine tests and you learn to react to them in
the right way, you will surely be able to seduce as many women as you want.
      As we said THE subservient FRAME is seduction’s enemy number one.
      It is a mental scheme used only by beta men.
      Alpha men don’t justify themselves, they don’t ask for forgiveness, they don’t
submit to other people.
      Feminine tests are tests a woman does partly unconsciously, partly consciously
right after she begins to get to know a man, to find out if he is Alpha or beta.
      Feminine tests start right at the first meeting just after you say “hello” to each other
or even before that on the phone.
      95% of the men have the problem that:
      1. They are not able to recognize the tests.
      2. They are not able to react in the appropriate way.
      The more a man passes her tests, the more a woman surrenders to him sexually.
The tests are intended for selecting the most self-confident, strongest and most
aggressive males to have sex with them, for the purpose of giving birth to children.
      The reason we are interested in female tests here is this: the more you learn to pass
them, the more a woman's defenses lower and the more you succeed in bringing her to
      So, if you react in an appropriate way to tests, she will be forced by her primordial
instinct to choose you.
      A woman's tests are extremely numerous and of different types. There are no limits
to female tests. The only limit is fantasy. At the end of this chapter I will present you
with a list of the principal female tests and their meaning.
      The general principle to be followed is this:
      Any word, attitude or action from a woman must be considered a test until the
contrary is proven. They must be considered tests especially if they are meant to find out

Manual Of Seduction                                                                        94
something about your personality or qualities, in particular if they are directed to find if
whether you are an Alpha male and if whether you behave like an Alpha.
      Let's look some examples:
      You are at the beginning of your second meeting with her and:
      She: “Don't tell me that you wear ties everyday!”
      He (justifying himself): “No, no, I would never even think of it. I was little bit tired
when I bought this tie. You are right: it is not very classy.”
      Wrong. He is toast! He did not pass the test. She tries to get some idea about his
qualities of self-confidence by having him justify himself about the first banal thing
coming on her mind. Every woman I have seduced or I know is able to invent a test like
this in a second, without even having to put too much effort into it.
      Meaning of the test: if he justifies himself, that means he is beta. After a few
minutes she says she does not have the time to see him anymore.
      The appropriate reaction to this test could be this:
      He (smiling, not seriously): “No Dear. I use ties only when I have clothes on and
that does not happen too often.”
      Good. Alpha attitude! An essential trait in the Alpha male is impudence!
      Congratulations. You just passed the test.
      But don't relax just yet. It is not so easy. She will not give up after the first test.
Particularly beautiful women and the ones with a strong sexual instinct can go on
coming up with tests practically every day and in every situation.
      When a man is married to a woman and he says she is “a bitch” almost probably
this man is married to a woman with a very developed primitive evolutionary detector
testing him night and day. The meaning of these tests is: “Fuck me now!” Generally the
husband does not understand the meaning of the tests and instead takes her seriously.
      Quarrels start. Divorce may be a consequence. The relationship becomes a
nightmare. The situation goes on this way:
      She: “So what we are going to do this evening? Always the same thing, the same
movies, theaters! It would be nice to do something exciting!”
      He: “I don't know, Sweetie. What would you like to do?”
      Wrong. He is toast! He is turning over leadership to her. I have seduced plenty of
women who test a man’s leadership at least ten times a day. The right attitude is:
      He (What you choose is not so important. The important thing is to show
leadership.): “There is the movie X at Y. It starts at 6pm. We can go to have some coffee
at bar Z first, then to buy tickets.”
      He pays no heed to her complaints.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                        95
       Particularly in situations like the above, a man less experienced in the art of
seduction could believe that all that she wants is to go to a movie.
       That would be true if the other one were a man.
       It is not like that in the case of a woman. With typical feminine logic she puts her
sensations and feelings on him and then watches how he directs her.
       She now does it harder:
       She: “Always the movie! This is so boring!”
       He (with an Alpha attitude): “Okay. Take your cute butt off the chair and don't be
silly. Let's go to a movie this evening, then we can go for a beer!” After this he hits her
rear lightly with his hand and tells her to follow him in a very assertive way.
       She: “Bastard!”
       He: “Just like that, my silly little lady. Let's go.”
       In an “average” couple situation, where the woman is extremely sensual and
beautiful and the man is beta things would go on like this:
       He lets her direct him and she would start to make all decisions. After a while he
looses his cool, begins to shout, and starts to beat her, giving the ultimate sign of
weakness. He should not be surprised if after a year or two he finds her in the bed of an
Alpha male.
       Woman's tests are extremely subtle.
       For example, she could ask you questions about your career and your personal
relationships but only to check if you are going to tell her everything.
       She can stop answering the phone, to check if you are such a dependant personality
that you are going to leave hundreds of messages on her answering machine.
       She can compare you verbally with other men, to check if you consider yourself
better or worse than them and so on.
       So woman's tests are very numerous, extremely subtle and sometimes very sneaky,
particularly in the early phases of the seduction.
       To answer these tests the right way, follow these guidelines:
       - You are the Alpha male and you never ask for forgiveness for what you do or for
your sexual desires.
       Obviously if you are really guilty of having made some big mistake, it can be proper
to apologize for yourself but do it briefly and with dignity.
       - You are always in the control of the situation and always unattainable by her
(John Wayne style) surrounded by mystery and totally independent of her (A challenge
for her: as for how to do this we will come back to it in a more extensive way later.)
       - You never need her and she needs you.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                     96
     - You never completely deny that other women love you.
     Women do this to men all the time! An important factor for having a woman's
desire for you reaching for the stars is the knowledge that other women desire you.
     If you react to her tests in the way I have explained above, you will have her sexual
interest for you reaching for the stars.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                    97
A list of the principal female tests and their meaning

A test can have many meanings and serve the purpose of uncovering parts of your
personality in a really effective and extensive way. For example, the test of always being
of a different opinion than you can be a way to check if you are self-confident. At the
same time it can be a way of checking if you are aggressive or violent; it can also be used
to check if you have an opinion of your own or not.
      A woman’s tests are often multipurpose. She can check several things about you
with one single test.
      So, the basic difference between a test and normal conversation is that the test is
meant to find out about certain particular traits of your personality, while normal
conversation is meant only for discussing something, without your and your personality
being so much under the spotlight.
      The list I put here is only a guide; however, in order to give you a general idea of
what female tests are like. With practice you will learn to recognize them fast and to
react to them even faster.
      Test: she does not answer your phone calls, text messages, e-mail.
      Purpose: generally to discover whether you are unsure of yourself, how eager you
are for her attention, if you are dying to be with her. If you have a life of your own, have
many women and are happy with yourself, you will not even notice it.
      Particularly interesting: most women say they want a committed relationship but
with their test they aim to select men who fuck other women.
      When she tests like this, if you come across as frustrated, without other possibilities
and you start to call her all the time, she will get to know what she wanted to know with
the test: you are not an Alpha.
      An Alpha male has many other possibilities than only one.
      Paradoxically, one of the most recurrent tests women do is to find out if you are
able to be without them.
      Test: to have always a different opinion than you in the course of a conversation.
      Purpose: if you express your opinion, it means you have the courage to defend
yourself. But if you get pissed off at her comments it means you have a low self-esteem.
      Test: arriving late to meetings with you or not arriving at all.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                       98
      Purpose: to find out if you are letting her treat you with a lack of respect without
reacting firmly. It is also a way to establish supremacy in the relationship: “I do what I
want and you get with it.”
      Test: try to repeatedly make you feel guilty for everything you say or do.
      Purpose: if you don't give a shit about it, it means that you believe in yourself.
      Test: asking all the time for favors, gifts and help.
      Purpose: to find out if you are ready to do anything for her at her beckoning
command. To find out if you will sell yourself for a low price.
      Test: saying nice things about other men in your presence.
      Purpose: to find out if you consider yourself below their level or above their level.
      Test: flirting with other men in your presence.
      Purpose: as above. Also, this can be a way to find out how much freedom she can
get from you without facing any consequences.
      Test: complimenting you, putting you above all the others and in every situation.
      Purpose: to find out if you are dependent upon her judgment. Also it is a way to
find out to what extent you are weak when confronted with her manipulation. (Don't get
paranoid over this: with experience you will learn to distinguish between real positive
feedback and tests.)
      Test: giving you orders in a direct and even impolite way.
      Purpose: to find out if you will let her treat you badly. To find out to what extent
she can direct you. The secret desire of every woman is that the man directs her, but
generally she will do nothing to help you in that.
      On the contrary: if you let her direct you, she will make it even harder.
      Test: speaking in an indeterminate, chaotic way for hours about something that
could be dealt with in two minutes.
      Purpose: to find out if you are man enough to interrupt her and tell her what to do.
      Test: putting many dramatic emotions in her speech, mood changes, and sudden
emotional swings. (Not only a test but also a general trait of the female personality.)
      Purpose: to train you to get used to every whim of hers. The more you agree to her
whims, the worse the relationship becomes.
      Important! Some women with personality disturbances may do these tests in such
an extreme way that they make your life impossible. In this case the only solution is to
get rid of them as soon as possible. A woman with high self-esteem on the other hand
tests her man, but her tests are rarely directed towards causing him big problems.
      If a woman tries to harm you in one way or another with her tests, get rid of her as
soon as possible.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                     99
      She is most surely a woman with low self-esteem, who is not able to live a joyful life
at high level.
      These are only some examples of tests. The variations are endless. You will learn to
recognize them with practice.
      Realize that a woman can talk about every subject, but not with the purpose of
talking with you about the real subject of the conversation, but with the intention of
studying your reactions. For example, at a movie she may ask if you like a certain kind of
blond actress with the purpose of studying your reactions about blondes. Likewise she
may start an intellectual discussion about porno movies in order to study your reactions
about sex and so on.
      To become an expert in seduction you need to train yourself to recognize a woman’s
tests. The only way to get good at it is to seduce and bring to bed as many women as
      I strongly believe men should be kept from getting married if they did not succeed
in seducing at least 50 women before setting the date.
      The reason a woman tests a man is to find out if he is Alpha and if he carries the
best genes for a potential pregnancy for her. Only after that she can decide whether or
not give herself sexually to the man.
      If you pass her tests, however, she will feel an irresistible desire to give herself
sexually to you. Passing her tests is practically the same as lowering her defenses and
getting her to open up to having sex with you.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                     100
The most powerful aphrodisiac on the planet: challenge

Human beings consider as attractive and interesting what they cannot have.
      This principle seems to have an extreme influence on women. A man who is under
the influence of his strong sexual excitation can be totally uninterested in how
challenging his woman is to others.
      He is only interested in reaching one objective: to take her sexually.
      For him is not that important whether his friends consider his woman beautiful
and challenging or not. For him it is enough that his woman is beautiful and interesting
in his eyes. He does not care about what others think.
      A man can afford this: if a man makes a woman who is not genetically perfect
pregnant, he can soon after that find another, better one and make her pregnant, too.
      Women are different due to their different biological instincts. They are more
concerned with the emotions connected with a relationship. A woman can derive
considerable satisfaction from the quantity and quality of the emotions connected with a
relationship. An example: just yesterday evening a very beautiful woman I seduced was
crying in my apartment while I was playing the guitar for her.
      She was in my apartment for the first time. When she started to cry we had not yet
made love. After we made love she went on: cried and laughed in alternate cycles. A man
who is not expert in female psychology would have thought:” She is hysterical!” No, she
was not hysterical. After we made love she told me she was married. She did not tell me
that before I seduced her.
      She was enjoying the extreme emotions which our being together caused to her.
She cried before we made love because she was going to cheat on her beta husband with
an Alpha male. She cried even before she cheated on him. She cried, laughed and
enjoyed the emotions - positive and negative ones - connected with our encounter.
      From the beginning she conducted several tests on me to check if I would treat her
like a “real gentleman” - in the female language a gentleman often is = beta. With her
tests she also tried to understand if I would “loose my head” over her. She even came to
our first date, which was in a bar with two levels with a girlfriend without informing me
about it beforehand. Then she called me by telephone from the second level of the bar
and said: “Hi! I am here with a girlfriend. Come on up!”

Manual Of Seduction                                                                   101
      My reaction was Alpha and prompt:” Why did you come with a girlfriend? We had
a date and it was just for the two of us. Come down here right now! And tell girlfriend
that she can go home!” Then I hung up the telephone. After only two minutes the
girlfriend went home and she came to sit at my table. We went from our first contact to
making love in only two hours because I presented myself from the beginning as a
challenge: from the beginning she understood she could not control me.
      That was what she was looking for: an Alpha male.
      After making love I did a search about her values and asked about her husband.
She told me a story I had heard hundreds of times before: he was completely under her
      With her test she wanted to determine whether I was under her control or whether
I was going to take control.
      If I had reacted upon our meeting with something like: “Sure dear. I’ll come up. It
would be nice to get to know your girlfriend”, she would have thought: “Another man
who does everything that I want. This is so boring!”
      In fact, everyone should understand that if you change the terms of a date you need
to ask for permission.
      If I had passively accepted her program change, I would have messaged to her that
she can take leadership in what happens between me and her: something which
decreases a woman's erotic desire with the speed of the light.
      A woman wants a man with leadership qualities.
      A woman wants a man who is “in control.” She was acting like that also for another
reason, however: she felt on an instinctual level that I would have succeeded in seducing
her. She brought the girlfriend hoping to stop me from doing that.
      No, so it was that she felt absolutely no feelings of guilt for desiring a man.
      She brought the girlfriend to the date and then watched how I overcame her
resistance and seduced her anyway. So she could feel: “It just happened. I could not
resist it.”
      In a typical feminine way if I had gone to the table where she was with her
girlfriend - instead of taking control of the situation - she would have tried to have me
involved in some kind of small talk. The purpose would have been to block me even more
in my attempts at seduction in spite of the fact she was dying of the desire to have a real
      She was obeying the instincts connected with genetics and evolution we have been
talking about. These instincts “condemn” women and men to a never-ending search for
better genes.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                    102
      She was testing me to see if I was dependent upon her will.
      I succeeded in seducing her in a short time because in few hours I reacted to all her
tests - many of them! (That was only one of the many tests she conducted that evening)
– in the right way, like an Alpha male.
      She “felt” on an instinctual level that I am an Alpha male and she could not control
      Female logic at such a point is: “It just happened, he was irresistible and I could not
do anything.”
      A woman's “genetic search” differs from that of a man in one fundamental way: due
to the length of pregnancy and the number of years her children will be small and in
need of being taken care of, she cannot afford to make mistakes.
      She cannot go out and find herself a new man (as a provider of course!) as easily as
a man can go out and find himself a new woman.
      Maybe husbands who read this book will not be so glad to read these lines: a very
strong instinct forces a woman to be looking all the time for a stronger man with better
genes to help genetics variability.
      Particularly in these modern times a man who makes himself too accessible and
has her taking him for granted in the relationship is a “dead man” in terms of seduction.
      A woman's game can be in this area much more dangerous than a man's game as it
involves not only the body but the soul as well: at an instinctual level for her it is “not
enough” to go to bed with a better man. She cannot correct a mistake in her choice of the
genes as easily as by going to bed with another man the next day. A pregnancy cannot be
“corrected” so easily. Nature on an instinctual level knows nothing about abortion or
contraceptives such as the pill or condoms.
      She is prone on an instinctual level to “bind” the man on a sentimental level with
the purpose of having him become a father and a provider. To a woman getting a man's
body is not enough. She has to conquer his heart.
      Many modern women - who want to be free and independent - have started to react
to their primordial instincts in new and different ways: they deliberately choose from the
beginning as husband beta males, who are sweet, unsure of themselves and easily
      At the same time they have sexual relationships with strong and self-confident
Alpha males, who are not easy to control.
      When I seduce married and divorced women a statement I hear them make very
often about their husbands is: “I knew from the beginning that there was no passion
between us. He is such a nice, sweet and gentle man, devoted to the house.”

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      103
      In the secret female language that means:” He is a man completely under my
control and who cannot make me feel like a woman because he is too passive and not
aggressive enough. I have chosen him as the father of my children because I can control
him completely by manipulation.”
      In that way many modern women succeed in having “the best” in genetic terms: an
Alpha male's genes along with the easy controllability of a beta male, bringing a sense of
safety - and boredom! - At least until children are big enough. In fact beta males do not
leave so easily for war and conquests. They do not seduce the beautiful woman next door
so easily.
      By acting like this, a modern woman harms herself without knowing it. This choice
to live with a man who is unsure and beta kills passion and brings to the relationship
something that a beautiful woman considers to be worse than death: boredom. On the
other hand, however, this kind of choice may be desirable for raising children in a safe
and stable environment.
      This “final solution” to the eternal conflict between the social part and the
primitive, evolutionary part invented by the modern woman is completely logical and
understandable. It can also have “some functionality.” Even bigger problems start when
she falls in love - as it happens in every case - with an Alpha male and starts a
relationship with him.
      At that point she starts to do what every woman is programmed to do in any case to
an Alpha male: she starts the attempts to change the alpha male into a beta.
      In fact she has to change the Alpha male into a beta: to have him become a
provider, to bind him to herself for the long term. Instincts oblige her to act like this.
Otherwise he might leave for war or try to seduce the lady next door. And he is so
appealing, so erotic and most important so masculine!
      At this point two things may happen:
      - The Alpha male lets the woman change him into a beta and the schizophrenic
cycle of the modern woman starts again: after a while there is boredom and the search
for a new Alpha male starts again.
      - The Alpha male does not let her change him into a beta. At that point her
attempts intensify. I have observed this mechanism in dozens of women I have seduced.
With a blind automatism she starts to be more and more of a bitch to him until the point
that the Alpha male dumps her.
      In the case the Alpha male happens to belong to the “low level/jerk/psychopath”
Alpha level the consequences can be tragic: ranging from her being battered and
brutalized to even being murdered.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                   104
       I have been in situations where - when the woman realized that could not change
me into a beta - she tried to cause damage to my financial and social interests, so that I
had to dump her for good.
       It is written in their genes.
       This crisis the modern woman is going through is due to the end of the control
exerted by paternalistic traditional societies.
       Psychological and biological factors involved were the same also in the past but
women were obliged to repress them due to the terrible sanctions used by unsure beta
males - and sometimes also by Alpha males who had adapted themselves to those times.
       Beta males defended themselves against the risk of loosing their woman to an
Alpha using means such as torture or summary execution. In ages when judges
condemned young women to die “as witches” burned at the stake the judges were usually
unsure males, weak and possibly impotent and sometimes psychologically ill and
frightened by female sexuality.
       This process of the woman married to a beta who finds an Alpha lover for herself or
of the woman who tries to change an Alpha male into a beta is often the cause of divorce
and problems in a couple relationships.
       Times change and some problems assume a new form, evolve and remain in our
       For this reason women - and particularly women in modern societies - will loose
any interest in you if you sell yourself at a too low price and if you make yourself too
       On the contrary, if you put yourself in a position of unavailability, mystery,
strength, control and distance (challenge), you will act on her instincts so that her erotic
desire for you will rise to the stars. You can seduce the modern woman and keep her in
your power only by being “The mysterious hero on the white horse.”
       And now let’s come to putting things into practice. Let’s start from introduction.
Maybe you in effect introduce yourself this way: “Hi, I’m Mark, I’m an IT engineer, I am
a reliable guy and I want to be faithful to you all my life.” Introduce yourself like this and
you are a dead man in terms of seduction.
       But, if you introduce yourself like this:
       “Don’t move! I have at least half of the Rome’s police in pursuit of me! Go out from
the back door. And call me later!” and then you laugh and she will not know if you are
serious or not.
       Well, maybe not in such an extreme way, but something like this. Then she will feel
as if she was in Al Pacino’s company and the results will be extremely seductive. You are

Manual Of Seduction                                                                       105
in that way the mysterious hero she can’t control. Don’t laugh: try to behave like the
above and I will assure you that the amount of telephone numbers of women you have in
your pocket diary will increase dramatically.
       “What job do I do? The job? Who cares about the job! I’m leaving in about two
weeks for a tour by car with a guitar and a couple of friends. We might come back after a
month or so” and suddenly she falls in love. I am not joking. These images of a reckless
life stimulate her primordial instincts. You are not one lost in the crowd. You have the
(Alpha) courage of not giving a damn about the rules.
       To deeply understand how to be a challenge we have to examine closely a new
concept: the concept of value.
       If you go to a car exhibition and you see two similar cars, one costs 3000 Euros and
the other 300,000 Euros, what will you do?
       Will you buy the one for 3000 Euros? Of course not… you will think that the car is
full of defects and that it is a wreck and so on. You will think that it is a joke. It will be
very difficult for you to take it seriously.
       And what will you think of the car costing 300,000 Euros? A jewel! Surely
marvelous! Such an expensive car must necessarily be a very tempting offer.
       Good. The majority of men inexperienced in seduction, in part because of the
gentleness and of the submissiveness introduced into their character by the educational
system, and in part because of the effect of the testosterone which causes physical and
psychological addiction to a woman, put themselves at the same level of value as that
defective car that costs only 3000 Euros.
       And you can imagine how seductive such men will prove to be!
       By setting a high price for yourself you make yourself seductive! You are seductive
in all those situations in which your value is much greater than the value of the opposite
       And who is the one that in most cases establishes your value? Surprise, surprise:
you are the one! In the beginning of a relationship or seduction with a woman, you say or
do something that puts you either in a position of high value or in a position of low value
in her eyes.
       Your value is related to the position you put yourself towards her.
       This is not only true for seduction, but also for any social relationship. Maybe you
instinctively apply this rule in business relationships, but you completely forget about it
when it comes to seducing women.
       Practical advice on how to be a challenge:

Manual Of Seduction                                                                       106
      - Put yourself in a position of higher value than her right from the start of the
      This does not mean arrogance, which is exactly the opposite of confidence. This
means, for example:
      “I don’t need you, but you need me.”
      “I have a wonderful and happy life. Welcome as a guest to my world!”
      This is not said in a direct way, but implied from the way you talk and act. Read the
next chapter about the concept of context to understand how to do it.
      - Don’t make the mistake that most men do when they set a low price on
themselves: you are not after women, they are after you. As a fundamental rule your time
is gold and you don’t give anything, without receiving something substantial in return.
      - Your life is always full of important events, your time is limited, you don’t ever
need anyone, you are always coming from some interesting or pleasant situation or you
are always going towards some interesting or pleasant situation.
      Your happiness never depends on the woman you are trying to seduce. Nothing
turns off the erotic interest of a woman more than a man who makes her understand that
his happiness depends on her.
      - You don’t care about rules, nobody scares you and you always keep a calm and
mysterious attitude.
      You enjoy life and laugh often. If you want to vent your insecurities, do it always
with a woman that you don’t like and who is not part of your social network, or do it with
a male friend who is not part of your social network either.
      Don’t convey your insecurities and your problems to the woman you want to seduce
or that you have seduced!
      - Express yourself in a vague and indirect way when the subject of the conversation
is you.
      Never give direct answers. On the other hand, however, be resolute and courageous
in topics which don’t concern you personally.
      - It’s very important with beautiful women to learn to say the word: “No.” The
word: “No” is one of the main keys which allow you to lay the most beautiful women.
Train yourself to say No to her in at least every two or three situations. Train yourself in
not being compliant.
      The word No must be said to a beautiful and sensual woman at least in every two or
three sentences and situations.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                     107
     All of the above must be done with style. Unjustified aggressive attitudes, acting as
a fool or boaster, are signs of insecurity: you think you are behaving “Alpha” and she
interprets it - correctly - as: “he is beta.”

Manual Of Seduction                                                                   108
The concept of context (frame)

Study these 2 passages:
      1.       ”I would like to see you as soon as possible. I like you very much. I am
dying of desire to see you tomorrow. You are so beautiful! I’ll call you tomorrow evening.
What time will you be home?” and this followed by about twenty text messages full of
nonsense all on the day after she showed you her legs for the first time. All this happens
even before you bring her to bed for the first time!
      2.       ”Sorry, but I have to go now. I have a very important meeting in half an
hour and after that I’m going to relax at the club. Maybe we could meet some other time
at bar X and you will come to tell me something more about you and what kind of
woman you are.” A smile, you get up and you are the first to interrupt the date with her.
           Both sentences are inclined to result in getting a date with her but there is a big
difference: the way, the context in which the concept is expressed is extremely different.
      In the first sentence the man is in the context of the subservient mental state: he is
the one who needs her and not vice versa. This is interpreted by the woman as a sign that
he is beta that other women don’t want him and that he needs her. He is a weak and
desperate guy who has never before seen a pair of beautiful legs and he behaves like her
boyfriend, without even having brought her to his bed.
      The second sentence is, on the contrary, extremely positive from the point of view
of seduction: she will come to tell him something about herself. He hasn’t even said
when he is available to see her again, “some other time”, he doesn’t put himself in a
subservient position; he expresses his interest for her but at the same time puts her in
the subservient position, from the very beginning.
      Notice how women frame themselves exactly as in example number 2 when they
deal with men! With this book you learn also how to use female weapons on ladies!
      In practice an Alpha male presents himself as a man whose value is superior to hers
and to that of other men. This stimulates the interest of the woman because of the
primordial mechanisms we told you about.
      The concept of context refers to the frame, the verbal and emotional context in
which you present the things you say. This doesn’t concern only words, but also
emotions and non-verbal expression.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                       109
       An essential concept you have to remember while seducing women is that you –
almost without realizing it - say or do something from the beginning that puts you in a
favorable or unfavorable position in her eyes. If you call her ten, twenty times per day,
it’s as if you are telling her: “I am an insecure beta and I need you the way a three- year-
old child needs its mother.”
       If, on the contrary, you wait some days after the first date and you call her with a
casual voice from a bar: “Hi, how are you? I’ve just returned from South Africa, where I
had a lot of fun” and you make her understand that she will have to do her very best to
get an “chance” to meet you, you set your value at a superior level; you show her that you
don’t need her, that you are Alpha.
       I have just seduced a wonderful 24-year-old woman; I can assure you that she is
very beautiful. Before meeting me, she had been in a relationship with a married man;
when I did the elicitation of values about their relationship, she told me that he had
always told her: “You are beautiful, but not beautiful enough for me.”
       The smart guy was able to put himself in a position of challenge; this woman
regularly says “go to hell” to all men who try to approach her in restaurants; but she was
so much in love with this married man, who always kept her “on her toes” by telling her
she was not beautiful enough.
       Therefore practice observing and understanding the verbal context in which you
put the things you say to women, the context of the action in which you put the things
you do to women.
       If you call her twenty times a day after meeting her in a bar, don’t be surprised if
you can’t seduce her and she treats you like a dog. If your talk is filled with phrases and
words which show submission, sweetness, dependency, don’t be surprised if she tells
you: “I can consider you just as a friend.”
       The context of the frame you establish from the very beginning and during
seduction, defines the result.
       We come now to another important concept which has numerous applications in
the field of seduction.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      110
The concept of reframing

The basis of this concept is in rephrasing a sentence, a feeling, a concept expressed by
the woman and expressing it in a new frame which is favorable to your purposes.
Observe this conversation between him and her:
      She: (frame) “It’s not fair to make love at this moment; we are not ready yet for a
relationship.” This is said maybe while wearing a stunning miniskirt and showing a
mind-blowing pair of legs.
      He: (reframe) “A love relationship is made of the union of physical and spiritual
love. Something inside us dies with a slow and sad agony, without the completeness of a
real physical and emotional union” then a hand on her knee. He is not using male logic,
but enters the sphere of emotions right away (something dies inside us) and in addition
he puts in a completely new frame on what she had framed in her way.
      The above is just an example.
      To win over her resistance about surrendering to you, you can use the technique of
redefining a new frame which is positive and, of course, favorable to you.
      You can reframe:
      - What she says.
      - A situation - for example, she has a boyfriend and you present the situation as if
she, as a “free woman”, had the right to do what she wants.
      - A feeling - for example, she feels filled with anger and she tells it to you and you
reframe the feeling for her by saying that “maybe she should let go a bit more instead of
working so hard.”
      In practice you can reframe almost anything.
      Remember to use the word WE when you reframe what her. “We should put
something more erotic in our relationship” instead of “I would like to have sex with you
right here.”
      A funny detail: if you hear the conversations women have among themselves and
often also with men, you will notice that they are masters in the art of reframing
everything to their advantage.
      It may seem strange, but the same technique works on women in a very effective

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      111
The slut guilt neutralizing defense

Something you have to learn to reframe in order to become expert seducers is the SGND
(Slut Guilt Neutralizing Defense)
      This means that most of the women will feel guilty when they feel horniness and
they will act this out by a behavioral complex of defensive psychological operations that
we call here SGND (Slut Guilt Neutralizing Defense.)
      These psychological operations are meant to put the blame for her horniness not on
herself but on other people and her environment.
      A woman acting under the influence of her SGND will try everything she can to
make events seem like she would have no responsibility for her horniness.
      She will agree to sex with a man only if she can feel that it happened “just as a case”
or “because it just happened” or “because of the circumstances” and so on.
      The word “slut” is a depreciative term used to describe a woman who has sexual
adventures left and right, to describe a woman who loves sex and loves to have it with all
the men she likes whenever she wants.
      The term is used by other women and by beta men, who feel a sense of envy and
hatred for this woman who has the courage to do something very, very natural and
healthy: to make love with all men she feels attracted to and to enjoy the maximum
satisfaction of her sexual desires.
      Notice that I have just applied the technique of reframing the context in a new
frame, by saying: “for this woman who has the courage to do something very, very
natural and healthy: to make love with all men she feels attracted to and to enjoy the
maximum satisfaction of her sexual desires”, I put here the concept of “slut” in a new,
very positive frame.
      Society has made the women feel guilty for their sexual instinct for centuries. The
reasons have always been the same: for women, envy and fear of loosing their own men
and for men, the fear of the sexual instinct of the woman and fear of being labeled as
unsuitable for reproduction.
      Remember? The woman is forced to be a selector by Evolution.
      By seducing women and learning to observe their behavior, you will notice that the
Slut Guilt Neutralizing Defense affects their behavior and that, in order to seduce them,
you have to reframe it in a positive context.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                       112
      An important detail: when an extremely feminine woman has a strong emotion - in
this case a guilty feeling - she doesn’t feel a responsibility to keep it inside, as a man
does, but she puts it into her environment, without feeling guilty for doing so.
      You will find many women distressed by the guilty feeling of being a “slut” if she
goes to bed with you, but these women will do anything to discharge the responsibility
for their feelings - positive and negative -onto your shoulders!
      For this reason, the woman waits for you to reframe her feelings and in particular
to reframe her Slut Guilt Neutralizing Defense so that you give her a reason to come to
bed with you.
      An experienced seducer never talks logically with a woman about her feelings. He
limits himself to reframing them in a new frame acceptable to her thereby giving her a
reason to go to bed with him.
      Reframe the slut guilt neutralizing defense of the woman and all her feelings
thereby giving her a reason to enjoy her sexuality, of course, with you my friends, you

Manual Of Seduction                                                                    113
Tests never end

An important thing to remember, particularly in the initial phase of seduction, is that
seduction is an active process. It’s not enough to call her after two or three days after the
first date and then lower your guard.
       The truth is that you cannot lower your guard, not even for a second because
women - the majority, particularly in the initial phase of seduction - never stop testing
       Some of them - in my opinion the most beautiful and sensual women, indeed those
equipped with a considerable sex appeal - test men in an active and continuous manner
during the whole duration of the relationship. For this reason, to lower your guard
against the tests is a luxury you cannot afford if you want to succeed in the field of
seduction, unless you want to live as beta men do.
       In addition if you are in a MLTR (Multiple Long-Term Relationships) relationship
with more than one woman, you have to be prepared to react in the right way to their
tests for the whole duration of the relationships.
       Once you are an expert, this will seem to you, little by little, even a pleasant game
and you will even enjoy it.
       Each time she says or does something - particularly during the initial phase of
seduction and particularly before you have sex with her for the first time but also later in
the relationship – if you want to keep the sexual attraction at a satisfactory level, you
must get used to asking yourself, in your head, this question: “Is it a test?”
       Remember that the tests of the woman are often unconscious phenomena. I have
seduced women who do even realize this consciously themselves nevertheless most of
them do the tests in an absolutely unconscious manner, because tests are intended for
weeding out of the sexual game the weakest men and for choosing the strongest one.
       To understand the meaning of the tests is not easy. You need a lot of practice and
experience to become good in the area.
       Once you can understand the tests and how to react in the right way, you will have
in your hands an extremely efficient technique for seducing women because a woman
can hardly resist the temptation of having sex with a man who knows how to react to her
tests in the right way.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                       114
      As a general rule I advise you to do this: in case you are not sure whether it is a test
or not, behave and react as if it is a test anyway. If, for example, you react to something
that wasn’t a test as if it was, nothing negative happens. But if you fail to recognize a test
and she interprets things in her way, her interest for you and her sexual interest
undergoes an immediate drop.
      For example, when you have arranged to meet, she always comes late and you are
unsure whether she has work-related problems or whether it is a test. You’d better not
rack your brains trying to understand it, behave as if it is a test and react in the
appropriate way, which is:
      “So, who do you think you are? Hasn’t anybody taught you to be punctual?” (With
      “Next time you are late I will personally spank you.
      Pleased to meet you. My name is de Sade, the Marquis De Sade.”
      Then smile and make her understand that you are serious.
      If she complains, don’t show guilty feelings, don’t apologize: she is the one who is
late. It’s not you who has to apologize. This is of course just an example. Situations
similar to the one just described are countless and you will learn to recognize them as
you gain experience. Your non-verbal communications - tone of voice, facial expression -
are also very important.
      You have to learn to react to tests with some humor and a bit of sarcasm,
sometimes - as in the case above - you have to show yourself as being a bit furious, all of
which is done without too much aggressiveness and while acting naturally.
      Excessive aggressiveness is a sign of weakness and results in the opposite outcome.
      In case of uncertainty therefore, you had better always react as if it is a test. Indeed,
for example, if she is late because of social or work related problems, why doesn’t she
apologize? If she were going to a meeting with a boss or with a friend, what would she
      Would it be her custom to be late? Of course, she would not be late. By being late
she is just testing your reaction: if you allow her to ill-treat you, she will start to consider
you beta, that is, a male easy to control and weak and therefore a male to whom it is
enough to give very little - maybe sex once a month or not even that - to make him do
what she wants.
      Therefore if you are in the initial phase of conquest or you are dealing with a very
beautiful woman with a very strong sexual instinct, with great probability she behaves
like this because at an instinctual level she is trying to determine if you have the balls.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                          115
       If you react properly to her tests, your reaction will spark off admiration in her and
an increase in her sexual desire. Therefore, if uncertain, you always gain when behaving
as if it was a test.
       An important exception to the above are psychologically disturbed women that you
must learn to recognize - and efficiently remove from your social network - with the help
of this book. Disturbed women do tests in a very different way than other women, but we
will deal about this in another chapter devoted to them.
       Let’s therefore deepen our understanding of tests and how to react to them in an
appropriate manner.
       Imagine your having met a woman in a bar and having aroused her interest and she
has given you her telephone number; she is very beautiful and is probably used to having
plenty of men foaming at the mouth.
       An important thing you must always remember is that a very beautiful woman is
approached by men many, many times a day everyday.
       The goal of these men is to have sex with her. A very beautiful woman has therefore
at her disposal a “market” filled with buyers willing to “sell” themselves for a very low
price or even for free.
       If there weren’t other reasons, just because of this reason, a beautiful woman is
compelled to create selection criteria.
       Indeed, she cannot go to have a coffee or go to bed with all the men who try to hit
on her, even if she chooses the best ones, she would soon have her calendar so filled with
dates that she couldn’t do anything else.
       For this and the other evolutionary reasons she is therefore used to discarding all
men who show too much interest in and dependency on her, which are indeed signs of
weakness and signs that the men in question are not Alpha and therefore genetically less
       Certainly you, as experienced seducers, wait at least one week after the first date
and then - to prove that you are a challenge and put her in a subservient position - when
you call you tell her:
       You: “Hi, how are you? I have just returned from the Canary Islands. I had a lot of
fun! How is life in the city going?”
       Her: “It’s going very well! What a pleasure to hear from you. Listen, can you call
back in about one hour? I am going to have a manicure right now!”
       At this point, of course, you agree and call later. After one hour you call and the
answering machine answers. You call one more time. And still the answering machine.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                       116
      What do you do? Are you surprised? Upset? I am not. In general I expected this in
advance; it is a test!
      Women don’t follow any moral rule when they test a man; particularly during the
first phases of seduction they are extremely wild. In practice in the area of female tests
the law of the jungle applies. She is conducting a typical feminine test on you: she tries,
consciously or unconsciously to see how you react if she hides herself in a cave.
      If you react by being subservient like: “Dear, please come out of the cave because I
am dying for you!” you are doomed, you are putting yourself at the same level as that
dozen drooling men that each day try to seduce her without any luck because they are
insecure, filled with fear and subservient.
      I know many men, who would fail already in this answering machine phase. Some
of them would loose control and would leave an angry message with the answering
machine; some of them would send desperate messages. Some others would call twenty
times or so within a couple of days.
      And she would amusingly listen to her answering machine: “Another insecure man!
Let’s discard him!” She can afford it. She is beautiful and she has at least a hundred men
approaching her every week.
      An expert seducer immediately realizes the nature of the test.
      If I were in the same situation I would behave like this; I would leave already the
first or at most the second time this message with her answering machine: “Hi!
Obviously the manicurist has kidnapped you. My number is… See you later!”
      After that: absolute silence and let at least one week or two!
      In the meantime you have fun with other women if you want to, or devote yourself
to your favorite hobbies. It depends on you. Your message is: “My value is superior to
yours and to that of other men. I have an interesting and happy life. Come share it with
me if you want to.”
      Actually the meaning of her test is to try to establish a value for herself which is
superior to yours. Women are very good in giving themselves a high value. By reacting in
the above manner you give to yourself a value even superior to hers.
      Indeed she knows very well that you had to call after an hour. In such a situation
we are in fact talking of an adult person behaving like a child.
      The truth is that she is just testing you to see if you become subservient.
      Women are very ingenious concerning the subservient position: they try anything
to put you inside it but then they go to bed with men who don’t allow them to do it.
      I wait one more week after having left that message with the answering machine. I
already know what the majority of women will do in this situation. Of course she will not

Manual Of Seduction                                                                     117
call you. If she does, she puts herself in a subservient position and this makes her loose
her power.
      It’s necessary to remember that women rarely behave this way in a conscious way -
nevertheless, of course this possibility has also to be considered! In general women,
however, behave like this because they are compelled by primordial instincts. With all
your failed calls, she is in effect trying to understand if you are sure about yourself and
therefore Alpha.
      In addition, every woman I have seduced has always tried from the beginning of
the relationship to discover how far she can control the relationship.
      The system most frequently used by women for controlling a relationship is to try
to put the man in a subservient mental state. In the above example she is trying to do
just that.
      If the man allows himself to be controlled and to be put in a subservient mental
state, this causes a drop in her romantic and erotic interest with the speed of light:
exactly the opposite of what you want to obtain with seduction.
      In addition there is another thing you must know: with tests a woman may be
buying time particularly when she is not sure about her own feelings and emotions.
Therefore she hides herself in a cave; leave her there and put a nice piece of steaming
meat in front of the entrance and wait until she comes out with her mouth watering.
      Of course, at this point, the Alpha male has to think something up to have her come
out of the cave.
      Doing nothing is not enough and she knows it. She knows you have to force her out
in order to seduce her. At this point, if she doesn’t call me after a week, I call her again. I
don’t propose anything to her. I keep myself vague. For example, I say to her: “Hi! I am
right now at the tennis club. I’ve just played a match. Listen, do you know that they are
going to perform a play by X at theater X” and then I start talking about the theater in
the same way as one of her female friends would do, I make her wait; of course, she
expects me to suggest something to her.
      At this point I start to use the tremendous power of Social proof (read the chapter
about this subject: it is extremely important) and I start talking about other women. I
start telling her of my last girlfriend X, who “was a wonderful woman, extremely sensual,
interested in the theater and she was so smart that she understood everything about me
and what I wanted” and so on. Not many women can resist to the power of Social proof.
      Talk about your “ex-girlfriend” - it’s not necessary to lie - naturally you had a
girlfriend in the past. Ok, in case you had no girlfriend before then make up a story about

Manual Of Seduction                                                                         118
one! - She immediately starts to feel a growing interest for you, while you tell her what a
wonderful person your previous girlfriend was, how beautiful she was and so on.
      There is nothing in the Universe that makes a woman’s interest for you grow as
much as the knowledge that other women want and desire you.
      Naturally there are extreme cases: if I have to choose between loosing the
possibility of seducing her and entering the subservient scheme, in general I prefer to
loose her.
      There are women - luckily they are rare - who prefer not to be in any relationship
with you if you don’t give them a chance to control you.
      If you give them a chance to control you, the seduction starts off badly anyway and
your relationship will be in any case unsatisfactory for both later on. It’s better to start
from the beginning in the right way.
      There is, however, a technique you can use with the most difficult cases, but you’d
better use it only when you are already expert:
      The technique of the false weakness. If you realize that she doesn’t come out of the
cave, very likely she “sniffs” the danger related to the fact that she can’t control you. In
addition, most of the women feel that, in order to give you a green light, they must first
feel that they are on “emotional connection” with you.
      Look out! This is very important! As we have seen in the chapter about
relationships, for seducing you have to establish emotional contact with her! By
“emotional contact” women often mean “to tell about feelings and also weaknesses”
      Some modern women have had so little contact with the world of men that in order
to be seduced they must feel a bit as if they were in a relationship “with a woman.”
      In such a situation you can introduce in this phase a “false weakness”, for example
tell her you had a terrible day at work and that you would like to talk about it. But watch
out! You must know how to use this technique! If you truly open up too much on
weaknesses, you are again in a very negative situation from the seduction point of view.
She will start to consider you, little by little or even right away, as a friend.
      The value of this technique is that it diminishes for a moment the tension between
sexes and she feels “at home” and comes out of the cave for the time necessary for you to
seduce her; it’s not, however, a technique for beginners.
      Novices must in the beginning follow the rule: never be in any context which could
be interpreted as subservient! The subservient scheme results in any case in the failure
of the seduction.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      119
     For hopeless cases it’s better to devote oneself to another beautiful woman rather
than loose time with one who stays in the cave for God only knows what reasons
connected with female logic.
     I can assure you that if you enjoy doing value elicitation, you’ll find the strangest
and funniest reasons you could ever have imagined!
     For example, once I tried for some weeks to seduce a very beautiful colored woman,
who said she wanted to meet me but then she never came when we had arranged to
     At the beginning I rebuked her in a very tough way on her impoliteness. For some
reason that way of dealing with it did not work in this particular case.
     At a certain point I started to use the elicitation of values on her and the truth,
which resulted in the following was this, she told me: “A girl can always find her Prince
in her imagination.”
     She was waiting for her Prince in her imagination! And for this reason she never
came out of the cave.
     And she didn’t even know me!
     If I had had more time for her, I could have used value elicitation to better
understand the characteristics of “her Prince” and then present myself as that Prince in
her eyes, but because I was in a hurry in that period, I had to let her go.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                   120
Manipulation, lack of respect, inducing feelings of guilt:
How to recognise them and how to react in the
appropriate manner in order to increase the female’s
sexual desire

There are three issues about the female world that you must learn to recognize if you
want to become an expert seducer:

     1.       Manipulation.
     2.       Lack of respect.
     3.       Inducing guilt feelings.

      1. Manipulation. Throughout history such feelings as integrity, respect and honor,
have been for centuries the prerogative of men and their world. To keep them, duels and
wars have been fought and blood has been shed.
      Women have always been more concerned with the preservation of life and the
expression of their emotions rather than with abstract principles. The preservation of life
is for them more important than integrity. Manipulation on the part of the woman
during the most primitive phases of the history of the planet was used so that she could
get protection from that brutal and dangerous animal which was primitive man and to
protect her children.
      This instinctive method of accomplishing her goals still continues, even though
there may well be no need for it anymore.
      The majority of men do not recognize the weapons of the female, not even when
their companion has used them on them for years.
      Manipulation is a female way of reaching her own goals. In the woman’s world it is
also a way of communication, which does not necessarily have a negative meaning. The
breaking down of doors and various other kinds of direct action, possibly even
aggressive, is the male equivalent of manipulation.
      The word “WE” is the central means of female manipulation. To make what is just
her interest look like a common interest:

Manual Of Seduction                                                                     121
       “Dear maybe tomorrow we’ll go to buy that car that WE like very much” is the
female equivalent of the male: “Dear, I like that car very much, I’ll buy it tomorrow and
then we go for a ride together.”
       In the first sentence there is an attempt of making the other do something “we”
       In the second sentence “I” make a precise choice and then we communicate it to
the other.
       Learn to be on the look-out when you hear the word “WE” pronounced in the
mouth of a woman that you want or have seduced.
       Here we are interested in manipulation for a precise reason: manipulation is also a
continuous “test” that the woman performs on the man to realize how far she can go with
her own purposes with him. In the woman’s world manipulation is not seen as immoral.
It is just a way “to influence” the other. “To communicate one’s own feelings”, “share
emotions”, and so on.
       It is very important for a seducer to recognize manipulation. Actually women
behave as far as manipulation is concerned in the same manner as with all the other
       ”Even though the woman uses manipulation to reach her own goals, she feels
respect and erotic desire for a man who doesn’t let her manipulate him.”
       Why? It’s simple: how could a woman consider erotic and seductive a man who
does whatever she wants to without him even realizing it? Impossible!
       You can’t have erotic feelings for a human being who doesn’t command respect and
is therefore so easily controllable! At the beginning of a relationship a woman when she
is being influenced by a strong desire to have a baby can choose an easily controllable
man, but after some time her sexual interest for that beta man will die down, with
mathematical precision.
       I also know some women who have gotten married to beta men, even though they
were conscious from the beginning of the fact that they didn’t feel any desire for their
       In order to increase the sexual desire of a woman for you, you have therefore train
yourself to:
       1.        Recognize attempts at manipulation.
       2.        React in an appropriate manner.
       It’s not easy to recognize attempts at manipulation.
       According to my experience women exercise manipulation in a way that the
majority of men don’t even realize. If you are a normal guy who doesn’t have experience

Manual Of Seduction                                                                    122
with women yet, you’ll have to train yourself hard in the field and the first goal must be
to learn to recognize attempts at manipulation.
      To recognize attempts at manipulation, when she says or does something you have
to ask: “Is she trying to have me make a decision or take a particular direction? And if I
were to agree, would be the decision I make or the direction I take be in my best
interest?” If the answer you get inside your head is negative then practice saying to her
the most erotic word you could say to a beautiful woman.
      That word is: “No!”
      Exactly so: “No!” By saying that word if she tries to manipulate you, you show her
you are Alpha and this makes her sexual interest towards you to rocket sky-high.
Naturally if she tries to manipulate you to make you do something pleasant and which is
convenient for you, it’s not necessary to refuse, but in any case set a high price for your
      In any case the only appropriate way of reacting to attempts at manipulation is: not
to allow yourself to be manipulated! Particularly if the consequence is something that
goes against your interests!
      One of the finest tests that women do is to try to manipulate you into doing
something that goes against your best interest in order to see whether you can fight for
      If you do as she says, you’ll fail to react to the test in an appropriate manner and
things will take a turn for the worse.
      There is nothing that makes you loose the esteem and erotic interest of a woman
more than doing exactly what she wants when she tries to manipulate you.
      Many marriages fail because he, right back from the altar and often long before
that, begins passively to satisfy her wishes and allows himself to be manipulated.
      This puts out her sexual desire with the speed of light.
      The sarcasm technique is what I call an attitude you can have and keep with women
you want to seduce or that you have already seduced. In practice it’s a matter of
constantly calling her on her attempts at manipulation with humor and sarcasm every
time she says or does something manipulative or shows you a lack of respect.
      It’s a basic attitude that you must learn to maintain with her in the right way. This
attitude will get her into your bed very easily many times: women simply love it. For
some reason they like to tell you bullshit and then observe how you call them on the
bullshit without even believing a word of what they say.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                    123
      The attitude to maintain is the same that you perhaps maintained at school with a
younger classmate who always did stupid things or when you were a sergeant in the
gunnery battalion and you had fun in teasing the new recruits.
      Women love this kind of attitude with which you show certain superiority and with
which you make fun of them when they try to manipulate you or when they show lack of
respect for you.
      While I was writing these lines I had on my knees a very beautiful blonde. She has
just asked me for a towel to take to the shower this way: “Where is my towel? Give me a
clean towel!” and I promptly replied: “Well, who taught you to talk this way? Next time
ask in a polite way, otherwise you go and get a towel yourself!”
      After that she told me that I had behaved brutally. To which I promptly replied:
“No, it’s you who behaved impolitely! And you even have the audacity to complain!” She
smiled, hugged me.
      The tighter I held on, the more excited she seemed. After that we made love in an
unforgettable way.
      Train yourself to react to attempts at manipulation like this:
      She: “Dear, maybe tomorrow we’ll go to buy that car that WE like so much.”
      He: “Oh yes? I don’t remember of having said that I like that car. That car? Are you
joking? Let's go for a walk now, my naughty little lady!”
      He: “That WE like so much? You mean YOU like so much! Smart girl!” Then you
tap her with an open hand, on her backside.
      A man’s task is to notice the manipulation contained in what a woman says and in
the woman’s attitude and reactions, depending on the situation, with:
      A.       Sarcasm.
      B.       Humor.
      Anyway, never act with violence or anger, because these are signs of weaknesses. If
she tries to manipulate you in a way which includes also a lack of respect, you have to
show yourself a bit pissed off, but without getting too upset.
      Remember that woman's job in a relationship is to fight for control and man’s job is
never to allow her to take it.
      Watch out, she will not stop so easily, she will try again many times and she will
stop only when she notices that you are inflexible.
      And the important thing is: show her that trying to manipulate you doesn’t work.
With sarcasm or humor you refuse to do as she wants.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                    124
       As a rule she must be rewarded when she asks for things honestly and in a
straightforward manner and she must be punished by refusal, sarcasm and humor if she
tries to manipulate you.
       Beware! She won’t stop at the first attempt! You have to practice reacting firmly to
prolonged attempts at manipulation on her part. The more she realizes that her attempts
at manipulation can’t affect you, the more she will feel interest, attraction and erotic
feelings towards you.
       2. The lack of respect is another test frequently used by women.
       A smaller group of women is equipped with such strong and primitive instincts that
they need to “feel” how the man overcomes their resistance before they can become
interested in him.
       The only logical and possible reaction from your side in the case of a lack of respect
is to react promptly, calling her on her lack of respect.
       There are no other ways if you don't want to be changed into a beta.
       I have noticed that many modern men, unfortunately, have become so insecure and
passive that they are not even able to recognize a lack of respect on the part of a woman.
       The tragic truth hidden in this passive behavior is that these men have completely
lost contact with their value.
       You have to practice recognizing the lack of respect and reacting to it properly
because, if you don’t, your relationship with that woman will sooner or later go into a
bad state of crisis.
       If a woman says to you:
        “Bring me some coffee from the kitchen!” with an arrogant and authoritative tone,
the only logical reaction must be - without anger but firmly - “Who taught you to speak
in such an impolite manner? If I had been your teacher I would surely have spanked
you!” and of course, you don’t bring her the coffee, even if she were to cry forever.
       Many women test in that manner your capacity of being a real man fighting for
your own interests. If you give her the possibility of not respecting you, your relationship
with her is already ruined from the beginning. You will never be able to seduce her.
       Or if you are in a relationship with her, her sexual interest for you will suffer a
decline and then it will disappear completely.
       You must practice challenging her systematically:
       1.       on manipulation attempts.
       2.       on the lack of respect.
       3.       on inaccuracies, unilateral interpretations, any attitude which are not
simple, direct and sincere.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      125
      4.       Any attempts to make you make a choice which is against your interests.
      Don’t worry about her complaints: when she realizes that you are a hard nut to
crack, she won’t believe her eyes and ears - she will think, feel inside her “God, finally a
real man!” - She will feel a very strong erotic attraction for you but she will nevertheless
try in a continuous, repetitive fashion to go through your defenses anyway.
      Your mental attitude when you challenge her on her behavior must be this: don’t
get angry, keep yourself calm, feel it as a game. Use sarcasm or humor or both. If you put
yourself into the mental state of that being in a game, you will begin to enjoy it and it will
become your second nature.
      If you put yourself into the mental state that calling her on her manipulations and
lacks of respect is a game, you will enjoy it the same way you enjoy playing football or
      At the same time you will make her sexual interest rocket sky-high.
      3. Inducing guilt. To induce guilt all the time is a means used by a woman to
control a man and it is also a test. It is like an active attempt to put you in a subservient
mental state.
      There is only one rational and effective way of reacting: don’t allow her to have you
feeling guilty about something you are not guilty of.
      She: “Men can’t talk about feelings.’”
      He (expert seducer): “I am not a man. I am an animal, come here, I want to bite
your neck.”
      She (despite the fact he is now wearing the last Versace fashion): “What on earth
are you wearing? Don’t tell me you are coming to the cinema dressed that way?”
      He (expert seducer, impudently): “Come on; don’t tell me we have to undress right
away? We’ve just met!”
      Making you feel guilty is surely the worst among all the tests and control means
women use. It is practically impossible to be in a relationship for very long with a woman
who uses this means of control all the time without getting pissed off at her.
      If she continues as above every day, yes take her to bed, but dump her later.
      Nobody can endure feeling guilty for a prolonged period of time without getting
sick both physically and psychologically, particularly if the stimulus is chronic. I am
personally convinced that this is one of the causes of early deaths for many husbands.
      Even if she were be the most beautiful woman in the world, by making you feel
guilty she can reduce you, psychologically, to feeling like a wet rag.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                       126
    Start therefore on the basis of the above rules to train yourself to react properly to
manipulation, lack of respect and attempts to induce a feeling of guilt in you.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                    127
Social proof

I am surely going to shock you with this. It’s so different from what you have been taught
since you were a child. But try to put it into practice and you’ll see that it works very
      social proof means that, the more a woman gets to know that you have other
women and go to bed with them, the more exciting and interesting she will find you.
      In my MLTRs (Multiple Long Term Relationships) all my women know very well
that I have other women: I am the one to tell them from the beginning. Do I get slapped,
considered immoral? Not at all!
      They simply adore me.
      Actually, for a woman to know that another woman wants me is a source of
extreme excitement. The fact that other women want you is, at an instinctual level,
interpreted by the woman as a sign that you are very good genetically. Actually the same
laws of marketing are at work here: everyone wants a Ferrari. Then Ferrari must be a
wonderful car! Everybody wants a Nokia mobile phone. Then Nokia must surely be an
excellent phone!
      This kind of marketing logic works very well in women’s world as well. If her
girlfriends consider you desirable and other women want you, then she considers you
desirable and she wants you.
      Remember, however, that every woman - as we have already seen in this book - has
two levels: not only the instinctual level but also the social conditioning level.
      It requires some ability to use Social proof. Society has put in the head of every
woman certain codes: marriage, fidelity, guilty feelings. She is forced to face her social
level, which denies the instinctual one, even more than for men, because women have
been repressed much more than men concerning sexuality.
      Techniques for using social proof as means of seduction:
      - Women of your past: contrary to what men not expert in seduction and who don’t
know the terrific seduction power of social proof do, tell her about women of your past
when you try to seduce her. To help bypass the socially conditioned part of her
personality tell her “by chance” and in “an indirect way” of that “very beautiful Maria,
who was your girlfriend a year ago, who was so intelligent and sexy…”

Manual Of Seduction                                                                   128
      Use your fantasy and say how in your past women were following you. If she tries
to make you feel guilty or if she gets shocked, that is a good moment to show her that you
are a bad guy. Read the chapter about the figure of the bad guy. The more you show her
that you are a bad guy, the more she falls in love with you.
      When you talk about the past, do it in a light and amusing way; it’s not very
seductive to tell her about the quarrels you had with the beautiful Maria, who was your
girlfriend or to tell about your problems in relationship and so on. Keep the negative
aspects for yourself.
      Tell her about your women of the past, of how they were dying to see you, of how at
the end you were the one who “had” to interrupt the relationship because “after all she
wasn’t feminine enough” or in some other way not suitable for you. In that way you also
raise your value to the eyes of the one you are trying to seduce.
      If you listen to women carefully, you will notice that they use the above all the time
on men.
      - Women, who are right now around you: men not expert in seduction think that
the interest of the woman increases if you make her understand that “she is the only one
in the world.” On the contrary, things are not like this.
      The social proof principle shows that a woman’s sexual interest of for a man
increases if she knows or finds out that the man who is trying to seduce her is desired by
other women.
      For example, this is a technique which is very frequently used by women who want
to keep husbands and boyfriends under their control. They flirt with other men in front
of their partner’s eyes and they create scenes of jealousy in order to have the possibility
of keeping their beloved under constant control.
      Many women don’t make a mystery of the fact that at work men look at them and
try to bring them to bed. You can use exactly the same technique to raise her sexual
interest for you sky-high. Tell her in a colorful way how Gina, the secretary, can’t take
her eyes off from you at the workplace or how that wonderful redhead in the bar on the
ground floor was trying anything to get your telephone number and so on.
      Remember: if you say to a woman: “You are the only woman of my life” she
interprets it at an instinctual level as: “No woman wants him: there must be something
wrong with him.”
      - The Pivot is a beautiful woman with whom you show up with the purpose of
increasing another woman’s sexual interest in you. You may use beautiful women who,
for one reason or another, are not in a relationship with you “yet”, as Pivot.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                     129
     When you go to clubs, parties, meetings, go with a beautiful woman. If you like to
have MLTRs then the Pivot might be your Primary or some beautiful Secondary - read
the chapter about MLTR for the concept of Primary and Secondary women.
     The more they see you around with beautiful women, the more your seductive
shares increase in value.
     Social proof is one of the most powerful means of seduction you can use to get
more and more beautiful women.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                 130
Fidelity and seduction, a new context: Don’t let women
transform you into a beta

I know I am going to upset all your ethical notions, but you’ll notice that in so doing I’m
helping you, little by little, to live a better life.
      Here’s a new concept about fidelity.
       “Fidelity is a time contract, which, if you want, you can make with a woman who
satisfies you emotionally and physically and who treats you well.”
      And in the same manner as you made the time contract, you can also terminate it if
she stops treating you well. Indeed the awareness that she might loose you at any
moment is the only factor that keeps a woman’s passion for you at a high level.
      If you promise unconditional fidelity to a woman and if you keep the promise even
though she tries to manipulate you, lack of respect for you and makes you feel guilty, she
may be satisfied at the level of her social ego, but her instinctual level will react like this:
“What an idiot! He is not a man if he lets others treat him like this!”
      Paradoxically she will continue to treat you worse and worse even though she
suffers a lot. When this process begins, it means the end of the relationship with her in
any case. Therefore, it is advisable to prevent the “illness” or at least intervene at the first
sign of the “illness.”
      Women are extremely sensitive to rank.
      If you are the company director you can do practically anything to her and she will
love you more and more. If you are the weakest link in an assembly line, she might be
motherly with you, but if you let her humiliate you, you can forget having her as a
      This is valid both for a one-night stand and for a marriage.
      Therefore keep your rank at the maximum possible level by any means.
      If you are not company director, you can always tell her when she is late or if she
asks you in an impolite manner to make coffee: “Well! Who taught you to behave like
that? Go to college for some years and then come back.”
      She will pretend to get angry, but inside she will be very satisfied.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                          131
     Fidelity at all costs as a principle in a relationship where you are treated badly is
the same thing as being completely in the subservient mental state: it means either
loosing the woman or putting off her sexual desire.
     If she doesn’t dress in a feminine way and doesn’t treat you kindly, she must be
informed - in a direct or indirect way, depending on the case - that you, as an expert
seducer, can do yourself the favor of getting very quickly a woman prettier than her.
     Therefore remember: fidelity is a time contract that you can unilaterally terminate.
     The reason why it is important to behave like this is that woman has been endowed
by nature with an automatic mechanism and she cannot do anything about it. Stick this
concept also on the mirror in which you look at yourself in the morning:
     “The woman is compelled by an instinctive biological mechanism to go to bed with
the Alpha man and then to try to transform him into a beta.”
     The reason why the woman must transform the Alpha man into a beta is her need
to control him and to prevent him from finding other women and to force him into
becoming a provider for her and her offspring.
     There is a paradox in this mechanism: the more the woman succeeds in her
intention, the more she looses interest for her man and begins to despise him.
     This happens even more in modern society where - after all - women need beta
men only for a very short period during pregnancy and when the babies are small. In
many more developed societies, women don’t need beta men at all!
     Of course, in general, in order to become completely independent of a man, she
must repress her sexual instinct and her need for affection and warmth, and not many
human beings can do this without the help of substitutes such as drugs, alcohol or
becoming work-addicted.
     Napoleon - pre-eminently Alpha - knew women very well in this regard. Returning
from a war campaign and having received a letter from Josephine in which she accused
him of infidelity, he replied succinctly: “What can I say, dear? That’s what I am.”
     I don’t have information about their relationship but I am sure that Napoleon’s
reply increased Josephine’s desire. Napoleon had told Josephine plainly: “I am Alpha
and a hunter. Take it or leave it.”
     Therefore remember: she is actively compelled by instincts to transform you into a
beta during the relationship and she will never stop trying to do it. It is your
responsibility to react in the right way.
     If you are a bad, tough guy or a successful man in science or industry field at the
beginning of the seduction but she - by preparing your meal, making you feel guilty, by
manipulating you, etc. - succeeds in transforming you in a schoolboy as time goes by,

Manual Of Seduction                                                                    132
don’t be surprised if her sexual interest for you goes below zero and she starts moving
towards the jailbird who lives downstairs or the rock star from the concert you went to
      If you are sweet and submissive as a schoolboy already at the beginning of a
relationship, grow up first and become an Alpha.
      It’s not worth starting a relationship with a woman before this change: the
relationship would end up badly anyway.
      You get a much better outcome by signing on with the Marines and having fun
around with easy going women than by marrying a very feminine woman if you are not
yet an Alpha male.
      A man can never relax completely in a relationship with an adult woman with a
strong sexual instinct. He must always keep his eyes open in order to prevent her from
transforming him into a beta. Only in that way is the relationship kept alive.
      Adam let Eve manipulate him and he ate the apple of sin. He was transformed into
      Constantly refuse to eat the apple and only eat her sexually: she will never loose
interest for you. But don’t fool yourself: she will offer you the apple the next day; it’s up
to you to refuse. Nature has arranged things this way.
      To become an Alpha male you must:
      - Succeed in some difficult activity. It is relatively unimportant whether you are a
fireman or the director of a big Company. The important thing is to learn the main Alpha
attitudes which are impudence and leadership: learn to establish the borders, within
which others move, create opportunities for you and for others at the same time, to be a
center of continuous growth.
      - Become an expert seducer so that seducing women becomes second nature.
      If you don’t learn to become a seducer, you will always be in an unfavorable
position in comparison with your woman. If one day she gets mad at you, she can go to a
bar wearing a miniskirt.
      When she comes out she has at least a dozen men’s addresses, considering the low
price at which most men “sell” their services. To learn the art of seduction means making
the situation even: she can go to a bar wearing a miniskirt and you can make anyone you
want lose her head for you. Then it is fair play.
      On the contrary if you are inexperienced and she is beautiful and sensual, your
currency compared to hers has the same rate of some III world country’s currency
compared to that of the Dollar.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      133
      Therefore, beginning right now put things like marriage and fidelity into a new
frame. Marriage is not for you if you cannot seduce. You must first learn to become an
expert seducer and only then can you get married. Fidelity is given to a woman as a prize
for the fact she treats you well and behaves as a woman.
      And it can be withdrawn in case the above conditions start to waver.
      Assuming the above context, create a constant positive trend in the relationship
that, in practice, keeps it alive and sexually interesting.
      She is obliged to always stay “on her toes” and women enjoy being on their toes
very much, because they love strong emotions, both negative and positive.
      It’s very important to consider from the first date with a woman what you promise
to her. The first date affects the entire relationship very much. If you sell your services at
a low price from the first date, or worse if you do it for free, that is the way she will treat
you also in the future: like low-price goods.
      Remember that this is a subject to which women are very sensitive: if you raise
your value to the maximum from the beginning of the relationship, you will be regarded
as extremely seductive and women will chase you.
      Use rejecting her and telling her why and rejecting her without any explanation
pitilessly with women who don’t show you respect: it’s not worth continuing a
relationship where the counterpart actively tries to humiliate you. Screen those women
out from your life.
      Such relationships cannot have a positive future. They only take away from you
precious time which you could invest in women who are more beautiful and who
appreciate you better.
      Remember: your time is limited and if you give something good to her you must
receive good things from her at least to the same degree. You love a happy life, comfort;
maybe you sacrifice yourself for your native Country or for Science for free, but if you
sacrifice yourself for her, set a high price for the sacrifice!
      She will love you for this.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                        134
The cognitive distortion of the only option

Imagine you seduced a beautiful and intelligent woman, one whom you really like.
Imagine you have fallen crazily in love. When looking at her beautiful legs, her breasts,
you are dying for her, and every time you have sex with her it makes you feel close to the
door to Paradise.
      Little by little you begin to forget social relationships, work less; your thoughts are
always fixed on her from morning till evening. In short, you are in love.
      Imagine you are infatuated in this way with a woman: you are now racked by the
distortion of the only option. Certainly that is very nice, pleasant and romantic.
Romantic love or falling in love is one of the wonders of the world like Niagara Falls or
the man’s first step on the moon.
      Let’s look at, however, what happens with a little bit more realism although without
removing anything from romanticism.
      Your body is programmed to react to the sight of a beautiful woman with a series of
hormonal changes.
      Some of the substances involved are testosterone, dopamine, and serotonin. This
genetic program has the purpose of making you addicted to the woman who triggers it.
      And the woman is genetically programmed to use a PNP mechanism to keep you in
that addicted state.
      This makes us interpret romantic love from a new point of view:
       “Romantic love is a biological phenomenon used by nature to bind two persons
together for a period long enough to allow fertilization and protection of progeny during
the first years of life. The biological mechanisms involved causes a psychotic state which
makes you feel/see the woman as the only woman in the world, the only alternative.”
      This state is a distortion of the capacity of the brain to see reality, and that makes
you feel/see the beloved as unique in the world.
      In truth there are in the world thousand of women who could just as unique as her
for you.
      This distortion of reality has the same additive characteristics of alcohol and drugs.
In its absence you have withdrawal symptoms and you feel bad to the point that suicide
might seem an option.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      135
      To learn to become an expert seducer you must learn to recognize and to fight the
symptoms of the distortion of the only option!
      Particularly with modern women the distortion of the only option can have, at
worst, an extremely deleterious effect on your quality of life, particularly if the woman is
an extremely manipulative person and also very moody.
      If you become subservient, the result, after some time, will be in any case the same:
your relationship with her will suffer. She will not be able to love and respect you and
things will turn out badly.
      Nature has arranged things so that only Alpha men, who can resist addiction and
don’t become subservient, can be sure of enjoying a woman for an indefinite period of
time. Paradoxically, in order to have a good relationship with a woman, you must be
able not to consider her as the only option.
      Treatment for the distortion of the only option:
      There is only one effective cure for the distortion of the only option: other women
as beautiful and sensual as her. Unless you are a Yoga guru, your testosterone and other
cerebral mechanisms discussed above, put you in a constant state of being at risk of
suffering the cognitive distortion of the only option.
      You cannot have a satisfactory sexual life without having to face the risk of the
distortion of the only option. The only other way would be refuse completely having a
sexual life or - as some men do - be involved with women you don't really like.
      In the case you notice the symptoms of the distortion of the only option, in order to
get out of it, you must seduce other women as beautiful and seductive as she is, because
there isn’t a medicine for the syndrome.
      The syndrome of the only option is defeated by seducing and bringing to bed other
women who are more beautiful, intelligent and seductive than she is. It follows from
here that practicing the art of seduction is of utmost importance.
      However, to do or not to do as advised above is your choice.
      If the woman you are in love with behaves in a respectful manner towards you and
if she gives you good things at least in the same amount you give to her, you can, of
course, choose to enjoy the wonderful sensation of falling in love and feeling that she is
the only woman in the world.
      But if you are not happy in the relationship and you are ill-treated even though she
seems to be the only woman in the world, then you are in big trouble if you don’t get out
of the addiction to her.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                     136
       To get out of it, become expert in seduction with the help of my book, go out to the
field and seduce at least a dozen women as beautiful and intelligent as she is, and little
by little, your mind will see things again as they really are in reality.
       Watch out: one of the main characteristics of the addicted person is the tendency to
negate one’s own addiction. In the case you notice you are suffering in the relationship,
talk about it with friends and relatives. If they are of the same opinion that you are not
receiving good things at least in the same measure you are giving good things, then start
immediately the cure above.
       Its success depends on your capacity to seduce.
       Important! The worst kind of distortion of the only option can strike inexperienced
men long before they have sexual contacts with the woman in question. To some of them
it is enough to see her once. Women know this at an instinctual level.
       I can assure you that - if she “feels” at an instinctual level that she put you in a cage
by just showing you her legs - she will not be motivated at all to have sex with you.
       As a general principle, women use PNP mechanism “just enough” to keep a man
       Perhaps after some years of marriage you find out that she has released her sexual
instinct with the barman living downstairs, who told her straight to her face: “Hi! Who
do you think you are? A movie star? Fix me a drink for and then come and give me a
blow job!”
       Or, in case she has some “principles”, you end up with a depressed wife, who
breaks your balls about house cleaning all the time.
       As a general principle, a beautiful and sensual woman must be seduced and taken
sexually by you at the latest after one - three encounters.
       Any hesitation or anything else that extends this time, make you become what you
must never become if you want to have some possibility of seducing her in future: a
friend or even worse a “male girlfriend.”
       In the case you have “the big love” and you have decided to be faithful to a woman,
behave at least as many women do in the same situation: flirt and make other beautiful
women passing by understand that at the first occasion she is without clothes.
       This increases your woman’s sexual desire and at the same time it paves the way to
new conquests in case your woman wakes up one morning making a wry face and
suddenly deciding not to give you good things anymore and assuming that you “must”
continue to give her good things because you are her husband, fiancé or whatever you

Manual Of Seduction                                                                         137
     Never – and I say never – quit having a large social network of your own, no matter
how in love you are!
     In a word, be smart!
     It’s never worth exiting the Alpha state, it’s never worth being in a subservient state
and you may stay in the distortion of the only option, but be careful to maintain the
balance of the good things you give to her and the good things she gives to you at an
adequate level and always to be a “Challenge” for her.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                     138
MLTR. Multiple Long-Term Relationships

A man’s sexual instinct is pressing.
      A healthy adult man, who for one reason or another is in a state of sexual
deprivation, feels bad and doesn’t live well. A healthy adult man needs to have sex at
least once a day or at a minimum 4-5 times a week. The lack of sex is an extremely
painful and unhealthy condition, particularly if the man is under constant presence of a
stimulus: very beautiful women in front of his eyes all the time.
      A man’s pressing sexual instinct is one of the main reasons why a woman succeeds
by means of the PNP mechanism in binding a man to her for long periods.
      As we saw above, fidelity to a woman is a present you give to the woman who
knows how to treat you well and who makes of you the centre of her life. Once you are
used to considering fidelity as a present and not as a rule to follow, in any case one day -
maybe in case you are in a relationship which is not sexually satisfying or at the end of
an unsatisfying relationship - you might ask yourself: “How can I satisfy my masculine
sexual needs and the need for closeness without risking entering a long-term
      Particularly if you are a man with a strong sexual instinct, you are at risk of being
trapped by the woman’s PNP mechanism because she will start to withdraw sex in the
precise moment she realizes that you “open up” to her and that you are going from an
Alpha to a beta state = are going to relax with her and take it easy.
      In this case the answer to your problem is MLTR, i.e. Multiple Long Term
      To maintain a multiple long term relationships, you must first reach a certain level
in the art of seduction. As long as you are not expert in seduction, you will always be,
concerning your sexual and affection needs, at the mercy of luck.
      The circle of luck is a vicious circle to which men not expert in seduction are
subject. It means that if a man, who is not expert in seduction, succeeds in getting a
woman that happens only because he was lucky in meeting a woman who got interested
in him for some particular reason.
      Maybe he is “handsome”, “athletic”, “intelligent”, “rich”, or maybe “she liked the tie
and aftershave he was wearing that night” and so on.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                     139
      The woman got interested in him not because he had seductive qualities and dared
to press “the right buttons” of a woman’s psyche but he got her only because he was
      In the case that things don’t end up well with that particular woman being that he
lacks the skills in the art of seduction, he is forced to wait for the circle of luck to recur in
order to get another woman.
      Be honest with yourself: if you don’t learn the seduction art you will be:
      1. Forced to be bound to only one woman and to suffer from the distortion of the
only option if you are in love with her or to be in an unsatisfactory relationship if you
don't love her.
      2. In the absence of a woman, you will be compelled by your strong sexual instinct
to look for new women. If you do not have the skills to seduce them, you will soon end up
“getting lucky” again. Soon you will be again in a committed relationship with a woman
who will have all power on you.
      Why? Because the more beautiful she is, the more in our society she will have the
same “market value” as a Ferrari or a Nokia telephone or the Microsoft Corporation
while if you are not able to be a good seducer you will be - compared to her - at the
“market value” of a Third World country.
      If men would not attribute so much value to beautiful women and would not
worship them so much, then their market value would be at a reasonable level, but that
is not the real situation right now. So practically speaking the “imbalance” in market
value is created by beta males who worship beautiful women.
      Learning to be an expert seducer means exiting the circle of luck forever, only when
you are expert enough so that you can exit the circle of luck can you start creating the
      Actually MLTR is a substitute for marriage which gives you the possibility of
continuing your life as a seducer and at the same time having the advantages of being
married without its disadvantages - this, of course, provided you are good at it.
      One of the most positive outcomes of woman's liberation is that if you go out on the
streets to pickup women and you are good at it you will find plenty of single, married or
divorced women who are ready to have sex with you without risking getting imprisoned
or executed, like it was the case in many more traditional countries of the past history
and like it is the case in many more traditional countries around the world still
       You can practice MLTR also by hiding the existence of other women, but I don’t
recommend it. The best way to build the MLTR is honesty. Yes, honesty.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                          140
      As we have seen in the other chapters, the more a woman feels that other women
want you, the more at an instinctual level she considers you seductive.
      Apart from society’s conditioning, at an instinctual level a woman “feels” that if
many women are in your bed then you must for sure be a phenomenon.
      And now I shall teach you how to do it. The first thing you learn is to ask yourself:
“What do I want from women?”
      Without asking yourself this question you will not succeed in creating MLTRs
because one of the fundamental principles of MLTR is to tell the woman you seduced,
from the beginning of the relationship, what you expect from the relationship.
      One of the fundamentals principles of MLTR is: “Welcome as a guest in my world,
      After that you inform her of what you expect from her.
      If you don’t know what you want from women and from her, it will be very, very
difficult to communicate it to women.
      MLTR have a hierarchic structure. It can be done in two ways:
      - A Primary and several secondaries. In case you like living with a woman or
spending with one woman most of your time.
      - Only several secondaries. In case you want to live alone and don't want to have a
“special one.”
      Your Primary woman is a woman with whom, because of a series of qualities - for
example beauty, intelligence, sensitivity and so on - you want to spend most of your
time. One of the main criteria with which you select your primary woman is the way she
treats you.
      Remember that there isn’t any quality in a woman which is more important than
the way she treats you (go on and read the chapter “How to recognize psychically
disturbed women.”) If you give a woman the possibility of ill-treating you, you are
classified as beta within a second. After that you can never have a satisfying emotional
and sexual relationship with that woman anymore.
      Unacceptable treatment is, for example, making you feel guilty or showing you lack
of respect.
      To maintain the MLTR you have in any case to decide how much time you want to
give to the primary woman. For me it’s about 60-70% of the time, but you may choose
      In any case, you need time to keep more than one satisfying relationship at the
same time, therefore you will give privileges to the Primary woman - who is in practice

Manual Of Seduction                                                                     141
your First Lady - but you can never give all of your time to her otherwise you cannot
maintain your relationships with your secondary women.
      Your Secondary women are the other women who are part of your MLTR system.
In general I have, in addition to my Primary woman, always 6-7 Secondary women. This
is already enough to have the possibility of having fun every evening of the week if you
like. Of course, the choice is up to you. The Secondary women are women you meet
during the time that you don’t give to the Primary woman.
      In spite of the fact many women nowadays say they like open relationships, in
reality no woman will be able to stand the Primary role for too long.
      The instinct to change an Alpha male into a beta is so strong in every woman that
on the long run no woman can live with the fact that she does not own you completely.
      So Primaries will leave sooner or later from the MLTR. Be prepared for it. They will
do something to end the relationship as soon as they notice that they cannot have you
completely - in spite of the fact that they were enthusiastic at the beginning about the
whole thing.
      You can organize the MLTR also without a Primary woman for example in the case
that you like to live alone. In that case you have from 3 to 6-7 women you see regularly
and have sex with, spend time with and share things with.
      Due to the large amount of women who quit relationships with beta subservient
males, the biggest towns of several European and American nations are filled with
women of all ages willing to share their life with an Alpha male. These are golden times
for playboys and nightmare times for husbands.
      Therefore in order to create and maintain a MLTR setting you must:
      - Ask yourself what you want from women and create a system of rules and values.
      Remember: you are the leader of your MLTR. For example, I like to spend time
with my Primary woman at home, in bars, traveling, in erotic activities, and with my
secondary women maybe I make love from time to time, go out to dinner and so on.
      - Communicate to women about your MLTR lifestyle, your system of rules and
values and invite them into your world.
      For example, you may want a rather intense relationship with one woman and
other minor relationships with others as well. Or maybe you want to meet one woman
one week and another woman another week. And so on.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                   142
Techniques for building a MLTR

Of course, to build a MLTR you are not going to tell to a woman: “Listen. I want to fuck
you and six other ladies at the same time. Is that ok with you?”
      That would be the way you would tell it to another man. Remember? Women are
emotional creatures. You need to talk to them emotionally.
      You will not have women agreeing to be in a MLTR by using logic because that is a
language they do not understand.
      You have to present the whole thing to the woman you want into your MLTR using
female language.
      As you have read in the chapter about female language, women love two kinds of
      - Absolute words: such as Universality, Centeredness, Equilibrium, Eternal Love,
and Freedom.
      - Words describing emotions and sensations: like Cold, Hot, Warm, Happy, Sad,
Indifferent, Depressed, Blue and Red and so on.
      The right way to introduce a woman to MLTR is this. In the case, for example, that
she is a freshly divorced woman who has ended up in your bed.
      Seducer: “It is wonderful how many human beings can live a free and fulfilling life
      Woman: “Yes. There are equal rights. Everyone can do what he/she wants. It is
      Seducer: “Sometimes one can get hurt too. You told me that you could not stand
any longer those cold nights with your husband. You had no choice other than to make
love with that sailor from the Navy who was such an irresistible guy.”
      Woman: “Yes. I could not resist it.”
      Seducer: “Tell me. Do you think your husband would have understood you as a free
woman if you had asked him honestly if you could sometimes go to bed with that young
      Woman: “Are you kidding? He was so dependant on me. He would have done
something crazy.”
      Seducer: “Yeah. That’s so crazy. Isn’t it after all a gesture of love to give one’s own
woman the possibility of realizing herself fully on an emotional level?”

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      143
      Woman: “Don't tell that you would have…?”
      Seducer: “Yes. I strongly believe that every human being should be allowed to
realize himself/herself. After all you just felt good with that sailor.”
      You see? From here for the seducer the trip of having her accepting a MLTR is very
short. He speaks to her the language women understand.
      If you were to say: “Is it okay if we have sex with different persons at the same
time?” probably her reaction would be: “I am not that kind of woman? What you think of
      The expert seducer here introduces the whole thing by taking into account the Slut
Guilt Neutralizing Defense.
      He presents the whole thing in feminine language and framing it so that she does
not feel she is a slut for wanting sex with the sailor but “a free and realized woman, who
finally has developed herself as an individual.”
      Soon he will have her agreeing to a MLTR with him.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                   144
The bad guy

The character of the BAD GUY is extremely seductive to women.
      Women like the bad guy because they associate it with the Alpha man.
      At their instinctive level women “feel” that if a man is capable of not giving a damn
about the rules, if a man has the courage to fight alone and face all the kinds of dangers
that means he is a better protector for the woman and her offspring. In my opinion this
explains why women let themselves be easily seduced by men with dubious reputations,
by men who steal and commit crimes.
      A few years ago in Helsinki, where I live, a criminal killed two policemen in cold
blood. While he was in jail this criminal received thousands of letters from women who
declared their romantic interest in him. One of them - a young lady - got married to him
soon after the killing. Likewise anyone who knows the story of the psychopath criminal
Teddy Bunch has also heard similar particulars.
      What causes women to fall for such men? It is their evolutionary detector. These
men would be the best ones to defeat the enemy in the case of an attack.
      One sure way to build real attraction in a woman is to dress and behave like a bad
guy. This doesn’t mean you have to get in trouble with law. As a general rule for
seduction: if you succeed in creating a certain kind of sensation and feelings in a woman,
this is enough to reach the goal in terms of seduction.
      If you can make her feel as if she were in the company of the Godfather, you reach
the hoped for result. It’s not necessary to kill someone or devote yourself to smuggling
cigarettes for this.
      I’m going to tell you a personal story. I have been a seducer since I was 17.
      During the first phase of my career as a seducer, I seduced women regularly, but I
dressed and behaved like a gentleman, even though I wasn’t that at all.
      I assumed that if I had presented myself for what I am: one who doesn’t care about
the conventional rules of decency in the field of love, this would have me made loose
ground with women.
      Instead I was quite wrong!
      When I was young for many years I was very keen on keeping secret my adventures
with women, orgies and good times. But instead, by behaving correctly on the surface, I
just made my possibilities diminish!

Manual Of Seduction                                                                     145
       At that time I still didn’t know anything about genetics and evolution, about the
Alpha man and many other things. I was instinctively a playboy, but I didn’t consciously
know the laws of seduction.
       Many years ago, one evening I had an experience which made me understand many
things. I had a date with a girl I had picked up on the beach. At that time I was a
“natural pickup artist.” I picked up women and I seduced them, but I was unaware of the
laws behind the art of seduction.
       She had told me that she was a serious person and was looking for a companion for
life. I took her bullshit for real and assumed that she was really searching for a serious
relationship. Believing to be acting smart I behaved like a “good boy” in order to seduce
her better.
       But I was wrong: I was using male logic too much. I was logically being the good
boy to seduce her because she told me she was looking for a companion for life.
       In reality, during that phase, I was only trying to enter in her life in order to bring
her to bed. For this purpose I dressed in a very classy way and behaved like the perfect
gentleman. I was wearing very expensive clothing. I spoke with a gentle tone and
behaved in a perfect manner.
       Result: the girl didn’t want to see me again.
       When we discussed the reason why, the answer was: “I cannot be with a gentleman
like you.” She was not sexually aroused because I represented a perfect gentleman! If she
had known when I met her that I had at least 5 or 6 other “girlfriends” at the time, if I
had treated her more aggressively and dressed like a bad guy I would have succeeded in
seducing her for sure! My way of dressing made her feel like I would “not be wild
enough” for her!
       And then I had an enlightenment: I realized that if I showed externally in a clear
way the manners of a bad guy - let’s say in clothes, language and general attitude - the
results in my seductions would be even better!
       The experiences I have been having for many years since that evening have simply
confirmed those findings. In the precise instant that I made the change and started to
exhibit the manners of the bad guy externally as well, my success with women increased
exponentially, even though I had already been successful “in secret” as well.
       Of course, you have to behave and dress like a bad guy but without resembling a
“low level” jerk. You need to do it with class. Instead, if you dress and behave in a
manner which is too sweet, gentle and you don’t have experience in seduction, women
will consider you a friend but never a lover.
       Things are just so!

Manual Of Seduction                                                                       146
      Women love bad guys because they can’t control them and they equate them with
the Alpha man. They love bad guys because they make women to feel strong emotions.
Maybe you have two or three degrees, a villa in the countryside and a couple of cars.
      You then believe that, because of this, women are after you. On the contrary, a
lifeguard who is broke goes to her, looks her in her eyes and tells her impudently: “I bet
you think you are a star but maybe you don’t even have the courage to take off your
panties in front of me” and she goes crazy for him.
      He is giving her strong emotions and the sensation of being possessed by someone
who is stronger than her and who doesn’t care about the rules.
      Of course, with this I don’t want to say that you must go to jail; there are many legal
ways for resembling a bad guy and for being a challenge for her, for being unpredictable.
      Practical advice on how to look like a bad guy in her eyes:
      Don’t give her direct answers, always be evasive. Instead of proving to be loyal and
faithful, do anything so that she doesn’t trust you. If you are like “an open book” to her
eyes, you are not at all seductive.
      Become even more evasive if she asks about your past. Let her wait for the answer,
maybe even weeks. When she is tired out, you do a “half confession” to her, use your
imagination, maybe you tell her of how impulsive you are.
      You tell her and that you can’t stand a lack of respect; maybe you tell her of that
your mercenary friend with whom you went to practice shooting with Beretta; or you tell
her of a couple of “naughty women” who were in your life some months earlier and how
you dumped them after noticing that they were fantastic in bed but “absolutely mad.”
      You don’t give a damn about rules, talk with a bit of mockery about authority
figures, perhaps your school teacher was “an impotent idiot who didn’t understand
anything;” maybe if one of your neighbors is making noise, you get up and say: “Dear, do
you want me to smash his face?” When she says “No, no, are you crazy?” you reply “Yes,
didn’t you notice?” and you smile to her with an Al Pacino expression. You let her stop
you when you are already at the door and then you try to make love with her right away.
      The way you dress should be elegant and clean but some traits in the way you dress
should reveal disregard for formalities.
      In your way of dressing you look more like a playboy than a bank director, more
like a Mafioso than a teacher.
      In short, you see what I mean.
      Of course, it will be a problem dressing as a bad guy when you meet her while at the
same time dressing in an appropriate manner at work. I leave some special clothes in my
car and then, before meeting a woman I have been seducing or that I want to seduce, I go

Manual Of Seduction                                                                       147
to change in the bathroom of the bar where I go to relax in the evening after work and
remove all symbols which refer to work and social commitment like a tie, books, laptop,
and so on from my dress.
     Talk calmly and slowly. To talk calmly and slowly is an Alpha quality. Your carriage
and your way of expressing yourself must be slightly impudent. If, for example, a
waitress smiles at you, you flirt a bit in front of your woman’s eyes and you don’t care if
she gets angry.
     Don’t talk about sex at all but let her assume with your sub-communication that
you get plenty of it all the time. IF you talk about sex do it in an impudent way, even if it
actually is the first time you meet her.
     A real bad guy shows self-confidence and takes for granted that he brings to bed
any woman he likes. A bad guy doesn’t need to ask for sex. A bad guy takes sex any time
he wants and he has it how he likes it.
     Behave with her as if you were the owner of the world but without saying it, only
behave as if you were. She will like it, you’ll see. Never apologize or justify yourself for
any reason.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      148
Psychologically disturbed women: How to quickly
recognise them and get rid of them even quicker

As a seducer you will no longer be in contact just with your cat and your beloved Maria
who lives next door. You will be in contact everyday with a whole series of many different
women. There is a reality to which you must be prepared otherwise you’ll go through a
lot of trouble:
      “The majority of women have problems, some have big problems. Many women
you encounter on your path as a seducer are psychologically disturbed.”
      You must learn to recognize them and bring them to bed just once or in some cases
getting rid of them at the first contact, without even bringing them to bed. My experience
with women is that, if you start a relationship with a psychologically disturbed woman,
things will turn out worse and worse in future in an exponential curve.
      Psychologically disturbed women must be recognized and excluded from the game
from the very beginning! Don’t delude yourself: if you put yourself in the role of
protector/therapist of disturbed women - it doesn’t matter how beautiful - you will find
yourself in a lot of trouble very soon.
      Careful: this chapter is very, very important for those of you who want to use my
book to seduce women with the purpose of having a long-term relationship or marriage.
Stick these concepts on the mirror where you see yourself in the morning.
      Yes I know. It’s already filled with little notes you have written.
      As a seducer I have heard the stories of hundreds of women and of their men and I
have came to the conclusion that many, too many men on this planet are not capable of
realizing on time when they are being treated like dogs by women! Yes, just like that.
      If you notice this characteristic in you, read this chapter well. You will need it, and
you will then be grateful to me.
      How to recognize a psychologically disturbed woman:
      Sign 1: If she can’t accept anything good and pleasant that you want to give her or
that you want to do with her, that woman is surely disturbed.
      This is the most important sign.
      This seems to be in contrast to what I told you about the ineffectiveness of being a
sweet and gentle type, but it is not.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      149
      You are allowed be sweet and gentle to a woman as long as she is sweet and gentle
in return to you and as long as she gives you the same good things in the same amount.
You can be good to a woman and as long as you keep your Alpha attitude and her tries to
change you into beta do not escalate to damaging your vital interests and you are able to
neutralize them.
      The essential point where a psychologically disturbed woman differs from all the
others is that she is generally not capable of getting good things from you at all!
      You must only try to understand from the beginning if she shows this characteristic
and dump her without looking back.
      Therefore, when you meet a new woman, observe her for a while: if she has
difficulty in being treated well by others and tries instead to cause in you violent and
unlawful behavior, bring her to bed once and then dump and forget her.
      All women test men and sometime they enjoy making them angry, but the
disturbed women I am talking about are women who continuously and with an abnormal
intensity are absolutely incapable of letting others treat them well and try in every way to
make others ill-treat them.
      If she presents this trait, there is a 99% probability that she is psychologically
disturbed and to continue with her surely means to go through a lot of trouble. At the
most, if she is not a “serious case” and you are interested in a MLTR, you might make
her a Secondary woman, but don’t think about the possibility that she might be your
Primary woman or your wife or your girlfriend.
      It would be the worst thing you could do to yourself.
      Yes, I know. You are a warrior, you are not afraid and you want to try. Go on and
try and then write to me. Men must have the worst of it before understanding. It’s part of
our nature as men. As Nietzsche says, a real man loves the danger and the game.
      Sign 2: If she is not able to give anything to others, behaves scornfully towards
others or tries to profit using manipulation, sex or any other mean without worrying in
the least about others, bring her to bed and then dump her. If she has a history of
manipulating the men in her life in order to gain, or of having used means such as
making men feel guilty and complaining about everything in order to gain, surely she
will try to repeat the same with you. She may be a wonderful companion for sex and a
MLTR, but don’t start an exclusive relationship with her. It would be the same as living
in the same house with a snake. It will surely turn out badly: for you.
      Sign 3: She has a history of depression, alcoholism, drug abuse, bulimia, anorexia
or self-punishment. Forget about her! She is surely disturbed.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                     150
      It might be ok for having fun, but nothing more. If you try to have a sentimental
relationship with her, you will suffer the worst sorrows you can imagine.
      It has no importance how beautiful she is. When you are not able to sleep anymore
at night, her beauty will seem absolutely irrelevant to you.
      Sign 4: She has a history of repeatedly failed love relationships with mentally and
physically abusive men. If she tells you stories about all those “evil men” in her life, this
is an even worse sign.
      Very probably, unless you are Al Capone or Dillinger, the story will repeat itself in a
relationship with you and you will go to jail or she will go to bed with the first Dillinger
or Al Capone she meets on the street.
      Sign 5: She is unable to enjoy sex in a natural way. She doesn’t feel any pleasure.
She despises sexuality. She has a “very deep morality” and she feels that she is above
sensual pleasure. Dump her!
      What future could you have with such a woman if you are a sexually active man?
      Even if she seems to be the reincarnation of Mother Theresa, you are dealing with a
very elaborate form of the above: a psychologically extremely disturbed woman! Don’t
let her deceive you.
      Sign 6: She has problems of psychological dependence or she wants to always be at
the center of attention.
      Although this is not the worst of all signs, before entering a long-term relationship
with her, remember two things: she may be willing to do anything to get attention and if
she has dependency problems, then she may be willing to do anything in order of not to
become independent. And who pays the price of those problems in a long-term
relationship: you of course!
      Sign 7: The last but not the least important. There are women who live according to
just one rule: “I don’t do absolutely anything if I don’t feel like doing it right now.” These
women might be beautiful and fascinating but they are like Odysseus’ Siren. Enter the
same sea with them: they eat you.
      You can never know what will happen the day after and because they find an idiot
who puts up with their behavior because he drools behind their ass at every corner, they
don’t have any motivation to change this attitude. The engagement or wedding ring will
not make her change this attitude. It will become even worse and you will pay the price.
      Don’t be disheartened by the above list. The world is filled with beautiful and
fascinating women with a wonderful character ready to share with you life’s joys.
      The above criteria are a guide for eliminating the dangers to your tranquility and
quality of life beginning with the first date. Don’t delude yourself: you will not succeed in

Manual Of Seduction                                                                        151
changing or improving the above women. You can more easily succeed in founding a
Company or in making an extraordinary scientific discovery than in changing or
improving a woman with the traits I described.
     The only solution is to remove them from your life or, if you like, to bring them to
bed follow these rules:
     1.       Have no sentimental or financial bond with them.
     2.       Don’t give them the keys of your apartment for any reason.
     You will avoid many sleepless nights.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                   152

You will not be able to seduce a woman unless you create attraction in her.
      Attraction is not a rational fact. To create attraction you just have to:
      1. Show a higher VALUE than hers.
      2. Have her emotional.
      Because of her strong instinct for selecting the strongest and most gifted men, a
woman doesn’t feel real attraction for a man who fails to show a higher value than hers.
A woman may naturally choose a man with a lower value than hers for a long-term
relationship, but deep down she will never feel true attraction for that man.
      This is one of the main reasons why the sweet and gentle type suffering from the
Nice Guy Syndrome is not successful with women. By being gentle, sweet, and
submissive and being in the subservient state towards the woman, he sends off the
message: “I have a lesser value than you.”
      Methods for showing a superior value:
      - Be straight, impudent and funny.
      Talk to her in a straight and impudent manner and with a funny tone. You show
her that you have a beautiful life, that you have fun and that you don’t need her.
      - Qualify her and don’t let her qualify you and have her qualify herself to you.
      This is a very important part. Read the relevant chapter on this issue!
      - Make fun of her.
      Note, there is also an entire chapter devoted to this most important subject.
      - Don’t let her control you.
      With a woman it’s very important to follow the rule: “You can’t control me.” Every
woman on this planet - even though many will not admit it - wants power over men.
There is however a paradox: as soon as a woman realizes that she has taken power over
you, she rapidly looses sexual interest.
      Indeed, by letting her control you, you show her only one thing: that you have a
lower value than hers! And this is exactly the opposite of what you have to do in order to
seduce her.
      An important thing to remember: women try, from the first seconds of making
contact with you, to establish control over you! And they continue to try for the whole
duration of the relationship! Therefore, to seduce a woman and to keep her sexual

Manual Of Seduction                                                                    153
interest alive, you must show her in words, deeds and omissions that she can’t control
      - Show that you could at any moment interrupt your relationship with her.
      In a human relationship the individual who demonstrates being able to interrupt
the relationship at any moment shows a superior value compared to the other person.
It’s not necessary to make a scene or threaten to abandon her. It’s enough to express
from times to times statements like: “Life is so interesting, today here, tomorrow there”
or “Babe, nothing lasts forever.”
      Do you understand? This is extremely seductive because women love strong
emotions and they get interested particularly in those men they cannot have. This is the
phenomena which I have called in this book: “the Prince complex.” I got to know women
who have this “problem” at such a high intensity that they have never been able to have a
sexual relationship with a man because no man could ever be the “Prince” of their
      To seduce women you have to be that Prince and show her that she might loose you
at any moment. Phrases like: “I will love you and I will be faithful to you for life” mean in
many women’s ears (thank God not to all!): “I am a desperate and have a far lesser value
than yours. I don’t think I would be able to have other women.”
      And if she, for moral reasons, doesn’t leave you, she becomes in any case frigid or
depressed and your sexual relationship with her suffers for sure. She has an orgasm only
for the Prince. Be her Prince.
      - Read a lot and keep yourself informed, practice being a great talker.
      Women know very well that in modern life the strongest men reach success much
more by intelligence rather than by muscles. This works at your advantage. Watch out,
however: don’t show value only on the intellectual sphere.
      You must always add a primitive sexual aspect at the right moment, otherwise you
show intellectual value, but she doesn’t get excited as a woman.
      A good combination for seducing women and show value is:
      1. Use the frame straight, impudent and funny.
      2. At the same time show personality and value.
      It’s not good if one of these two is missing.
      - Interact with women only when you are in a positive mental state.
      Who considers attractive a depressed, weeping, and sad, crying man? If you want to
seduce women get the fantasy of being able to love them like a three-year-old child loves
his mother out of your mind.
      This is very important!

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      154
       A successful and mature man doesn’t confide his weaknesses to a woman! being a
real man is a lonely business!
       Watch out: the majority of women you encounter will tell you things like: “You
have to open up to me, show me your feelings” or “I would like you to confide in me your
       Don’t take them seriously and be careful not to answer positively to those attempts
of theirs to make you open up sentimentally!
       Women actively try to make you tell about your weaknesses and then they go to bed
with a man who keeps them to himself and treats them as children to whom one doesn’t
tell serious things.
       Why? Simple: he who tells about his weaknesses is weak and the evolutionary
alarm system of women goes red: “he is a weak person, he is a weak person! It’s not
worth it to be a woman with him.”
       This happens even though her evolved social part may take delight in the fact that
you open up. Tell about your weaknesses to male friends and to women whom you do
not find fascinating and whom you don’t want to seduce. Get a dog or a cat and keep
your mouth shut about your weaknesses with beautiful women you want to bring to bed.
       If you confide your weaknesses, she will not forgive you for doing so, even though
she was the first to invite you to do it.
       In the chapter devoted to the mental state, we have seen how to put oneself into the
right mental state before devoting oneself to seduction. If you interact with women in a
positive mental state, you show value and that creates attraction.
       - Use social proof every time you can. In the relevant chapter we have given a
detailed description of social proof but we go back to that here from the point of view of
creating attraction.
       In a woman’s eyes the value scale grows exponentially in the following way.
       A.       In a bar you talk with your male friend and the male barman and you laugh
and everybody finds you funny = Value!
       B.       In a bar you talk with a woman and you laugh and everybody finds you
funny = Even more value!
       C.       The woman hugs and kisses you = your value grows even more!
       D.       Many women are close to you, find you funny, hug and kiss you = Extreme
value! And your attraction grows accordingly. In my opinion Social proof is the most
powerful mean for creating attraction in a woman.
       - The frame in which you put yourself from the beginning of your relationship with
her and during the relationship establishes the attraction (or destroys it)

Manual Of Seduction                                                                     155
      If you want to have success in seducing women, remember this general rule: you
always come from a funny and important place or situation and your time is always
limited and you use it mainly to love yourself!
      This is also the rule women have always used for centuries in order to be attractive:
show extreme self-love!
      It works perfectly also for men if you put it into practice. Use this rule to show
value and create attraction. Get used to monitor your behavior constantly to see whether
you are following the above rule.
      For a man it is more difficult to love himself than for a woman, therefore you must
practice constantly. By loving yourself you show value and create attraction. Creating
attraction is the first step for seduction.
      - Show a lack of interest in her!
      The more beautiful she is, the more you have to show lack of interest in her!
Beautiful women are used to receiving subservient compliments and demonstrations of
interest a dozen times per day.
      And what happens? They get bored! Yes, they get bored! You think of being smart
and showing interest and she thinks: “God, how boring! Here is still one more idiot who
is begging me.”
      In that way you give yourself a lower value and destroy the attraction.
      - Show value!
      In order to be a successful seducer you must be able to quickly show value to the
woman you want to seduce, without being in a subservient state, without qualifying
yourself to her too much. You must learn to show your value “as if by chance”, without
letting her understand what you are doing to her. If she understands that you are
showing value with the purpose of seducing her, you get the opposite result: she will
consider you subservient and your value falls.
      Being a seducer is a bit like displaying a beautiful car in a shop-window and selling
it without a “for sale” sign in the window.
      In that way you’ll succeed.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                     156
The important meaning of qualification

This is already a very advanced chapter and if you learn the art of qualification you’ll
become a very effective seducer and your successes will increase exponentially.
      To qualify means to give to another person negative, positive or neutral attributes.
For example:
       “You are a boring girl” is a negative qualification.
      “You are a wonderful woman” is a positive qualification.
      “You are the one who is driving today” is a neutral qualification.
      To qualify oneself to someone means to present oneself with negative
(disqualification), positive or neutral attributes.
      “I am an interesting guy” means to qualify oneself to someone.
      “I am a too much of a bad a guy for a girl like you” means to disqualify oneself to
      To make others qualify means giving to someone the possibility of qualifying you in
a positive, negative or neutral way.
      “You are the one who is driving today” said by someone qualifies us as the driver.
      “You are a bad guy” by her: she is qualifying us as bad guys.
      There is a general rule in seduction you have to keep in mind: the person, who
qualifies the others, defines the context of the relationship (frame) independently from
the fact of the qualification being positive, negative or neutral.
      Having a woman to qualify herself to us is one of the most important goals of the
      For example:
      Pickup artist: “Maybe I am too much of a bad guy for you” Woman:” No, no, I am
enough a naughty lady for you!”
      In the above example the pickup artist is using the false disqualification to have her
qualify herself to him. He succeeds: by saying that she is a naughty lady she is qualifying
herself to him thus attributing to him a higher value than hers.
      At that point using a false disqualification the seducers sets a strong frame in his
      You want to be the one to set the frame, remember?

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      157
      Now, as we saw in other chapters, women love and feel erotic desire towards those
men who are in control of a situation (Alpha) AND they may have feelings of friendship
but very hardly sensual or erotic feelings towards those men who let women dominate or
control themselves (beta.)
      Qualification is important for two reasons:
      1.       It is one of the most elaborate tests that a woman uses to confirm whether
you are Alpha. I have seen many “low-level” Alpha males fall into the cove of
qualification. In addition, all those men who are in positions of importance and power in
the business and their working life and may be “high-level” Alpha in their social life but a
slave to their own wife at home have probably been incapable of passing this test. This
results in a very unsatisfactory life for both.
      2.       You can use qualification/disqualification as a mean of seducing her. The
technique is called “The Fast Rate PNP technique” and we shall be talking about it in
next chapter.
      Qualification/Disqualification has been used as a means of psychological power on
men by women for centuries.
      We here just learn how to use it on women.
      Let’s take an example of how a woman may use qualification to try to dominate a
man and how she secretly hopes he’ll fall for it.
      For example, if she says:
      - “You know, I like adventurous men. You don’t seem to be very adventurous” she
practically puts you in a context in which you are forced to discuss the subject with her.
      She is creating a context (frame) in which you are practically the subject of an
evaluation that you can take personally or not.
      If you answer “Yes, I am an adventurous man, you know, last year I was in India, in
the jungle,” you think you are being smart but in reality you are already falling into her
trap: she is forcing you to qualify to her!
      In practice she has already established the context in which you move and you
meekly follow, give control to her and her desire for you die in the same instant. Things
are not better if you remain silent. In practice with silence you give her the possibility of
qualifying you as non-adventurous, in effect she has control.
      This is also called in psychology THE DOUBLE BIND.
      To react in an appropriate manner to her qualification you must:
      1.       Reject the context created by her.
      2.       Take the control.
      3.       Create your own context.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      158
      Indeed the proper reaction to her test is:
      “Come on, I don’t think we need to think about Indiana Jones matters in the
middle of this metropolis. In my opinion we’d better talk about that cruise I suggested
      In practice in this way you don’t accept her context and assume the leadership.
      The goal of her test is actually to determine if you give too much importance to
what she says and let her direct you. Very sneaky, isn’t it?
      When you give a woman the possibility of defining the context of the relationship,
you kill her sexual desire towards you.
      This happens in those marriages in which a woman with a very strong sexual
instinct is not able to feel sexual desire for a man who lets her decide the context of the
      Examples of qualification from her are:
      - Making you feel guilty.
      - Complaining continuously.
      For example, if she says: “I have told you many times not to leave coffee cups in the
sink!” in a relationship where you clean the house better than her, for sure she is sexually
unsatisfied because you are letting her direct you too much.
      The right reaction to the test: (calmly) “Dear, I don’t think there is any need to
worry about such trifles. Where did you buy those red knickers you were wearing
yesterday evening?” (With smile)
      This kind of reaction makes her understand that you don’t let her direct you, and
this raises her sexual desire sky-high.
      Of course, if she has her own sexual problems that would be a “kill” for her.
      If so: why are you with a woman who does not enjoy sex? Think about it.
      If you are in a relationship with a woman in which you have given her the
possibility of qualifying and directing you in that way for too long a time, it will probably
take a miracle to recover from it. Probably the best thing to do for both is to end the
relationship because she will no longer be able to feel desire for you.
      Many men fail on these tests without being able to react because the woman is an
“open system” and in practice women don’t have any morality as men do concerning
manipulation. It is perfectly natural for a woman to try to dominate you by mean of
      It’s up to you to prevent it. You can’t expect she won’t try it.
      She will try it in any case.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      159
       Beautiful women and women with a strong sexual instinct are particularly
compelled to use this kind of test all the time by what I hereby called the “evolutionary
selective system of the woman.” Of course, anything a woman does to a man, the man
can do to the woman, and therefore qualification is an extremely powerful system for
seducing her.
       By mean of qualification you can always be the one who establishes the context of
the relationship!
       In that way you are also the leader of the situation and this, as we know, raises the
erotic desire of a woman sky-high.
       As a general rule, if you are in a relationship with a woman who always wants to be
the one who qualifies you and if you notice that her attempts to qualify you are not just a
test but also a need she has of taking control, then you’d better interrupt the relationship
if for some reason you can’t take control.
       Actually, giving control to her may satisfy her “social, evolved” part, but leaves her
primitive, evolutionary part, unsatisfied. If that part remains unsatisfied, you can never
have a satisfying sexual relationship.
       How to use qualification as a seduction mean:
       By means of qualification you can take control over her feminine part which wants
to be controlled, seduced, and possessed.
       “Dear, I like women, who paint their nails…”
       Here you are qualifying her.
       Of course she gets angry and her social and evolved part brings out all her feminist
theories. “All men are the same. You think only of the exterior signs of beauty.” (She is
already allowing herself to be qualified; you are already in control.)
       Then you, smiling:
       ”Yes, but painted nails are something wonderful, I remember Maria who was
fantastic with those blue nails, have you ever thought how fascinating you would be with
blue nails? Come here, kiss me.”
       While keeping the context you established:
       - That you had control and keeping leadership, something that her primitive,
instinctual part loves of you.
       - You made her feel under the skin the sensation that you “penetrated her” at a
psychological level even before penetrating her physically, without caring about her
       In practice the best way to seduce a woman is to penetrate her mind a little before
penetrating her body.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      160
      Qualification is a very powerful means of seducing a woman and of establishing
your leadership over her.
      Watch out: disqualification works exactly in the same manner as qualification.
      The one who disqualifies himself/herself or disqualifies the other person
establishes the context of the relationship and has power over the relationship.
      For example, a method of control used by women with low self-esteem is by
disqualifying themselves. These women are often extremely psychologically disturbed,
but they succeed, by means of disqualification to exercise perfect control on their men.
      She: “I am fat, look at me. I am disgusting!”
      He reacts foolishly by saying:
      He: “No dear. You are wonderful. I like you very much. To my eyes you are the
most beautiful woman in the world.”
      And she adds to it:
      “Don’t lie! You know I am fat.”
      The answer of the Alpha male should be:
      “It’s true! Look how much weight you put on. You should go on a diet!” (Direct and
impudent, without accepting the context because you are not serious in your answer)
and then don’t mind her furious reaction, you will end up in bed with her.
      Disqualification is a formidable means of bringing very beautiful women to bed!
      Beautiful women are used to having a swarm of completely submissive seducers,
therefore paying them a compliment and treating them well is in practice a passport to
failing to seduce them.
      Beautiful women are used to having a value superior to that of the majority of other
men and women. Therefore an effective way to seduce and possess them is to disqualify
them in order to diminish their value and increase one’s own in comparison.
      Watch out though! You must know how to do it. You must disqualify her as one of
her female friends could do.
       “Dear, didn’t you have the same red dress when we met last week?” (Calmly and
      It’s the right way to disqualify and attract a very beautiful woman, in practice you
are telling her:
       “I am not in the least impressed by your beauty.”
      And put your value above hers so that she can feel attracted to you.
      If you don’t put your value above hers, she cannot feel attraction and you will just
be “one of many” who admire her for her beauty.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                    161
      I will explain better how to use qualification and disqualification in the next
chapter about the “Fast Rate PNP technique.”
      Women love it when you are a challenge. A technique you can use to become
unapproachable to her and increase her desire is false disqualification.
      “I am a much too brutal a kind for you.”
      This is, for example, a false disqualification: in practice you tell her: “I am out of
your reach” or “You are too sweet for me.” These are statements that raise her interest
      This is because by disqualifying yourself, it is you who controls the relationship and
the context where the interaction occurs.
      But watch out: you’d better not use this technique if you are not at an advanced
level and don’t know how to do it yet, otherwise you risk entering a subservient mental
      Of course, the most powerful use of qualification is when you qualify her and have
her qualify to you.
      By qualifying her and having her qualifying to you, you:
      1.        Set your value above hers.
      2.        Create attraction.
      3.        It’s you who is the one who controls the context (frame) of the relationship.
      For example sentences like:
      “Maybe you are a too shy a woman for me.”
      “I like feminine women.”
      “I adore women who paint their nails.”
      “I could never fall in love with an unintelligent woman.”
      Are just some examples of how, by qualifying her, you put her in the same position
in which she puts beta and insecure men all the time: you are the one who controls the
interaction and she can let herself go and feel that she is a woman, something that
women, real women, love: let herself go with a man who controls the interaction and
makes her feel strong emotions, but in a secure environment.
      When you have her qualifying to you, for example like this:
      “I am a high level woman. I know what I want.”
      “I think these shoes are wonderful, don't you Darling?”
      “I have been thinking why this relationship of ours is so nice.”
      “I want to be your little bitch.”
      That is the point you got her.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      162
Fast rate PNP technique

The concept of “teasing” or “flirting” means “causing sudden feelings in her”, “moving
her emotionally”, “exciting her”, “shaking her”, in practice it means “sexually possessing
her mind.”
      The majority of men believe that to possess a woman means bringing her to bed
and having sex with her. To possess a woman means, first of all, “shaking her mind and
her feelings, to bring to bed the mind before the body.”
      Sex is a natural consequence of the fact that the seducer succeeds in “shaking,
possessing her mind at an emotional level.”
      Qualification/disqualification is one of the many ways of seducing her, one of the
bases of teasing; observe this technique.
      The seducer does a series of qualifying remarks on her in a rapid sequence. This is
also based in part on the PNP.
      He takes some photos of her and tells her in a direct and impudent manner phrases
such as these in which qualification and disqualification alternate in rapid sequence.
       “No, no, I could never hang around with you; you are too serious for me.”
      “Ok, ok, don’t get upset by that. Of course, I like you, you are perfect.”
      “No, no, don’t put those legs in that position. Didn’t anyone ever teach you how to
      “Ok, that’s perfect, what a beautiful smile! I have never seen anyone smile like
      “Nooo! A silver bracelet! Where did you buy it, in Bangkok? How can you wear
something like that?”
      Do you understand? He shakes her mind by using this particular form of PNP, the
“Fast Rate PNP Technique.”
      This seduction system is fabulous for lowering women’s defense levels and
seducing them. The Fast Rate PNP Technique works because it causes in the woman a
“rapid change of mental state” lowering her defense level so that seducing her becomes
      In practice you bombard her with positive and negative stimulus so that she comes
out from an indifferent and disinterested state and quickly enters an excited state.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                    163
      She directs excessive attention to her own reactions and emotions (becomes self-
conscious) in addition she feels attraction because she cannot understand whether you
are interested or you are making fun of her and so on.
      In addition, it is very important for a woman to understand whether you are
interested just to her and, by the Fast Rate PNP-technique you put her in an uncertainty
state about this which is, for the majority of women, impossible to resist.
      To understand how this happens read again the chapter about mental state.
      In addition the Fast Rate PNP-technique technique has many other very important
      - As long as you use it, it is you who is in control of the context of what it is said in
the relationship. Actually it’s for you to put her in a condition of having to apologize, to
qualify herself to you, of being unsure about whether you are interested in her or not and
so on. And this is considered a sign of dominance on your part.
      - As long as you use it, you raise your value above hers because she is being judged
by you and not the opposite.
      In this technique there is also the implicit message: “I am a man who has chances
with women. I can allow myself to judge them, to make them qualify themselves to me.”
And this is a sign that you are an Alpha male. The woman’s genetic system interprets it
as: “He judges and qualifies me: he is for sure one who knows his job, one who has
chances with women.” This plays absolutely to your advantage with women! She feels
attraction towards a man who takes the freedom to qualify her and gives himself a higher
value than hers.
      Value calibration: when using this technique you’d better try, at the same time, to
quickly understand at which level she sets her own value. Indeed if you set your value too
much higher than hers, you get the same negative result you would get by prolonging the
“N” too much in the PNP technique: you loose her.
      When you become expert, you’ll learn to use the right Fast Rate PNP-technique
enough that it raises your value compared to hers, but not too much. The same applies
for the technique/attitude of next chapter.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                        164
Bust her “balls”

In order to use this technique you must put yourself in the same mental state as a tennis
or handball player. Watch out: women love this technique. By using this technique you
can have them dying of desire in a relatively short time. To do this, imagine that it is a
game. The right mental state to do this is: with a sense of humor, a little sarcasm and no
      In the same manner as you made fun of your little sister when you were child.
      The general principle is as in tennis or handball: any ball the opponent throws at
you, you throw back with greater force = bust her balls.
      Women, during the pick-up or seduction phase or during a relationship, will throw
“balls” at you to see how you react. Careful: this is something men almost never do.
Therefore you must first understand what the woman’s mental state is when she does
      She thinks/feels: “Now I’m going to throw this ball at him, let’s see how he will
react.” In addition, this is very advantageous for a woman from an evolutionary point of
view: actually it’s enough for her to throw the ball and then go into a passive/receptive
state in order to quickly evaluate a very large number of males.
      Therefore women will throw balls at you and then they will wait and see.
      With this technique you can affect the circuits of her evolutionary detector system
to select just you! In practice, the more you “bust her balls back”, the more she feels: “It’s
him, he’s my man!”
      The basic mental attitude for reacting to a woman’s tests and for using this
technique is: never take her seriously. If you take a woman’s test or a ball she throws at
you seriously, you have already lost the match.
      If you can’t understand the meaning of her test, bust the ball back in any case and
take time in order to win.
      For example she says:
      “I hate the sea, I hate it” and she throws the ball at you; at that point you don’t
know whether she hates the sea because someone tried to rape her near the sea, or
because her last idiot boyfriend loved the sea or was a scuba diver and so on.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                       165
      Watch out: for a woman, the mental state she associates with the sea in this
example is much more important than for a man; perhaps she throws the ball at you just
to see how you react to the sea.
      A reaction of a man not expert in seduction could be: “Come on dear. The sea is a
wonderful thing. Come on! Let’s go swimming together!”
      Error, Error! You are taking her seriously.
      And you cannot know whether she has some positive or negative emotion about the
sea because she, as a woman, will surely throw a ball at you and then she will wait and
      And it’s at this point that the “Bust her balls” technique will be of help to you.
      The right answer is:
       “Why? Some sharks bite your bum?” And then absolute indifference towards the
subject, you don’t care; she will surely throw a second ball, like:
       “How dare to talk to me like this?”
      And you throw the ball back:
       “Silly girl, where is your sense of humor? Okay, I am going to kill those sharks for
you, except maybe the female ones and if they are good looking.”
      In order to execute the technique correctly you must use the Straight and Impudent
attitude, as described elsewhere in this book, and - without taking her seriously - “bust
all her balls” back to her (her tests and qualification attempts and so on) systematically
and with humor.
      In order to obtain the desired effect you must keep calm, detached, add humor to it
and never get angry. Put yourself in a relaxed state and, as if it were a game, bust the
balls back.
      At this point some important changes take place in a woman’s mind:
      - You are straight, impudent, make fun of her and bust her tests back = Alpha = her
evolutionary detector system goes into green alarm (Alpha = take me now, my love!)
      - This is a situation of non-communication with her and this literally drives her
mad because she can’t understand who you are behind the joking wall that you create = a
raise of interest = a desire to try to test you again. Women also use communication and
often as a mean for understanding the real nature of a man. They must quickly
understand an important series of data in order to be able to classify the man as Alpha or
beta, as the husband type or as the lover type.
      - By using this technique it’s you who is in control of the context of the relationship
and therefore you are the selector and she cannot anymore be in the selector position.
For psychological and biological reasons this literally drives her crazy with desire.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      166
      Examples of how to “bust her balls”:
      She: “I am a feminist.”
      Seducer: “Nice to meet you, I am Franco. Do you have any other news?” (With a
      She: “Yes, I know that you are a nice guy.”
      Seducer (turning): “Nice guy? I don’t see anyone else! Where is the nice guy?”
(With a smile)
      She: “Does it bother you if I smoke?”
      Seducer: “After Chernobyl, in my opinion, you may also burn the restaurant if you
like.” (This is terrible for her: she tries to understand up to what point she can be a
naughty girl with you and you bust her ball back!)
      She: “I am drunk, for sure. I wonder how much nonsense I’m speaking.”
      Seducer: “Ah! You noticed it! Good!”
      She: “My husband was such a good man.”
      Seducer: “Indeed, extremely sweet and gentle, imagine, how boring.”
      She: “My husband was violent.”
      Seducer: “I bet you miss him a lot.”
      She: “I am very nasty”
      Seducer: “I am Franco and I’ll spank you only at the price of 500 euros per
      She: “How old are you?”
      Seducer: “I’m old enough for you.”
      And so on. Use your fantasy.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                 167
Soft signs

This is the most important chapter of this book.

      If you learn this well you will be able to seduce women very easily.
      The most important skill you need to learn to seduce women everywhere is:
      Learn to read their evolutionary detector’s soft signs and react properly to them,
with the goal of laying them.
      As I wrote, woman's evolutionary detector is a function of a woman's organism, a
very primitive one.
      As such, the evolutionary detector is connected with all the other functions of a
woman's organism. This includes the central, peripheral and autonomic nervous system.
      The peripheral and autonomic nervous systems, which innervate the arms, legs,
face, heart, lungs, genital organs, tell us what happens in her mind.
      A “Soft Sign” is practically any kind of non-verbal/physiological event telling us
what happens in her brain.
      This happens because every human being is biologically and physiologically a
      Everything happens simultaneously. In a human organism the body tells one about
the mind and the mind tells one about the body.
      Some examples:
      Let's imagine you are watching a football match. Your favorite team is close to
      Now let's imagine that you could go out of your body, sit close to yourself and
watch yourself while you react to the exciting events.
      You could observe that:
      - You lean forward.
      - Your eyes look straight at the field where the match is being played.
      - Your muscles are in a state of contraction.
      - You breathe faster or keep yourself from running out of breathe.
      - You smile, or laugh.
      - If you were to look closer, you could see how the veins of your neck become bigger
and bigger.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                   168
      - If you were to observe your chest and the arteries of your neck you would notice
that your heart is beating faster and faster.
      Congratulations! You have just learned how to:
      Observe the "soft signs" of an emotional state!
      At this point you are already doing Neuropsychology. You are detecting the soft
physical signs of a neurological event: a mental state.
      Now, this skill of learning to observe the soft signs in a woman will get you laid.
      You will get laid by observing the non-verbal soft signs of her primitive
evolutionary detector and by giving to it the right answers.
      Now let's go to another scene.
      Let's imagine that you are sitting in a restaurant and observing a couple while the
man is being pathologically jealous.
      The man will observe all the time his woman's evolutionary detector's soft signs.
Soon after he will react to them and picking a fight with her.
      Why does he do that? He is better than other men in reading the soft signs. He is
      He will watch his woman eyes and facial expression. If a good-looking guy is close
to them he will study her eyes. If she likes that guy, she will instinctively look down and
blush slightly.
      Now, this looking down and blushing is a sign of sexual submission in female
      It is the female's evolutionary detector spotting a guy with good genetic attributes.
It gives the message:” I like you. Take me. I submit to you sexually."
      After a while you will see the poor guy getting angry, shouting to her, "What the
fuck are you looking at, Bitch!”
      He is both sensitive and paranoid. He reads her soft signs as "she wants to be
fucked by him."
      He is blaming her for something, which is perfectly natural: she gets sexually
aroused at the sight of a good-looking guy.
      The soft signs are so many, that it is not possible to list them all in one book.
      Anyway, when seducing a female you need to:
      - Stop thinking rationally.
      - Put yourself in a relaxed mental state.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                    169
      - Observe her: her body posture, her face, her eyes, her movements. You should
observe every physical event telling something about her inner emotional state at any
given moment.
      Women, especially women who have children, are very good at this. They have
trained themselves for centuries in the art of reading the non-verbal soft signs. It has
been a matter of survival for them.
      They had to calm down that dangerous beast know as the Alpha male.
      As I have stated before the female evolutionary detector is an organ meant to
screen for the best genetic material possible.
      Driven by her instincts a woman is forced to:
      1. Screen for genetic material which is as perfect as possible.
      2. Submit sexually to the man who owns that genetic material to the largest
possible extent.
      Remember: she does not screen only for your height or the color of your eyes. She
screens especially for your:
      - Impudence skills.
      - Dominance skills.
      - Leadership skills.
      - Masculine aggression skills.
      Now the sequence you need to follow to seduce a woman is this one:
      1. Observe the soft signs.
      2. Adjust your reactions to them properly.
      3. Show impudence, dominance, leadership qualities, masculine aggressiveness
and determination at the right moment and in right proportions.
      4. Just take her when she shows signs of sexual submission.
      This is, however, not enough.
      A modern woman does not screen only for the above masculine attributes.
      She also screens for feminine attributes in a man, especially modern women do this
all the time.
      A woman screens very often for:
      - Your communication skills.
      - Your ability to share emotions with her.
      Women can afford nowadays to screen for these qualities. This would have been
useless and even dangerous for her in more primitive times.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                  170
       Remember: a modern woman is always screening for a mix of masculine and
feminine qualities albeit with the focus on the masculine ones.
       Remember: if you focus only on feminine qualities when seducing her, you will get
lot of positive feedback but you will not get laid. (Unless she has lesbian tendencies.)
       You will become her best girlfriend or should we say "male girlfriend"?
       The skill of being able to read a woman's soft signs, the skills of being able to give
her the proper answers at the right moment and in the right proportions are the same as
the skill of being able to seduce her and get laid.
       You can also run tests on her and learn from her soft signs the right way to seduce
       If I want to understand how much a woman likes tough guys, I may, for example,
whisper out of the blue in her ear, if the waiter is behaving in a rude way: "Darling, I can
put a bullet into his head if it is ok for you." Of course I smile. She laughs. She knows it is
a joke. She knows I am being cocky and funny.
       What she does not know though is how many things I can tell about her and her
personality only by saying something like that and observing her soft signs.
       If she blushes a little bit, giggles, looks down in a submissive way, her soft signs tell
me that being a tough guy will be the right way to seduce her.
       If she looks back at me with an angry look, or if she gets scared, I rapidly adjust my
behavior in the proper direction.
       She may need a softer approach. Or she may be a masculine lady who likes to
compete with men and may be the one I should cast out of my life rapidly.
       She may be a woman with good self-esteem who prefers clever talks to gun fights in
a restaurant and so on.
       So I could seduce her by going to theater with her, holding her hand while watching
a play by Shakespeare. Maybe later I might bring her to my flat to discuss the play and I
would proceed to lay her.
       All the above ladies' soft signs gave me guidelines on how to seduce them:
       - If the lady blushes, giggles and gives other signs of sexual submission when I say
"I'll put a bullet in the head of the waiter", she is a woman who screens very much for
dominance in a man.
       - If the lady has soft signs indicating fear, she may be one who screens for
sweetness in a man.
       - If the lady gets angry, she may be a woman who screens for intelligence and other
"softer" Leadership qualities than using a gun in man. Or she may be a masculine

Manual Of Seduction                                                                          171
woman who gets angry if the man is dominant. Or she may be a beta female who is afraid
of dominance issues in the first place.
      By having developed this skill I can board a bus and notice within seconds which
one of the ladies is open to a sexual approach, which one of the ladies is pissed off and so
      All those soft signs tell us, moment by moment, how to adjust one’s approach to
seducing a woman effectively.
      You need to look especially for the soft signs of:
      - Sexual submission.
      - Sexual arousal.
      Some extreme example:
      A woman laughing at you with contempt or looking to her left or right with
contempt is certainly not sexually submissive at that moment.
      You have to adjust your approach to induce sexual submission and submission in
general; otherwise there is no way you will lay her.
      Her evolutionary detector will not let her submit sexually to you if you let her be
dominant with you: it is a sign that you possess bad genetic material.
      On the other hand, a woman who blushes and looks down when you look at her
straight into her eyes is surely giving signs of sexual submission.
      You can go on with the seduction and lay her. Remember: she will not submit
without testing you further!
      I often look at the lower part of the body of a woman when I talk to her and seduce
      If I am eliciting sexual submission, the lower part of her body will start to move
with movements very similar to the ones she would perform during sexual intercourse.
      That soft sign tells me that I am on the way to influencing her evolutionary detector
      For example if I say:
      "Want me to shoot the waiter, Baby?"
      And she giggles and moves her lower part of the body. I know now that I am on the
right track.
      Remember: society has been for centuries very repressive towards female sexuality.
Woman's sexual repression has also an influence on you.
      Many of you may be quite surprised and even shocked when learning these skills of
reading soft signs, of learning to understand and speak the female language and when
realizing what extremely sexual creatures women are.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      172
      I tell this because many of you will have, due to societal influence, a tendency to
deny a woman's detector's sexual signals, because your teacher and your parents
probably taught you that women are angels and good mothers, without any sexual drive.
      The truth is that men have much better control on their sexual drive then women
because they are able to use logic. They are able to repress their emotions better than
      However, most men are not as able to reach women on an emotional level as they
should. Most men are not able to speak women’s own language.
      So women often come out deeply unsatisfied and are obliged to experience their
own sexuality on the terms of their men.
      If you free yourself from the above denial, slowly you will learn to read their soft
signs like an open book.
      You will learn to react properly to the woman’s evolutionary detector's signals and
you will be able to make her happy both in the course of a short-term seduction as well
as in a longer relationship or marriage.
      That will get you laid, and make you very happy, no matter what you are aiming for.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                    173
Being a single man and living alone

It’s a big mistake getting married and entering a permanent relationship with a woman
without having experience with women. Before allowing yourself to enter a permanent
relationship with a woman you must learn:
       1.       To be alone.
       2.       To enjoy life alone.
       3.       To be completely independent in all areas of life: cooking, taking care of
your own house, cleaning, having a stable financial situation, fun, friends, a social
network and so on. In practice before even dreaming of starting an exclusive relationship
with a woman, you must learn to cope without a “mother.”
        If you can’t manage by yourself, go for a couple of years into the Army, Navy, Air
Force, or Special Forces.
       After you complete that period, you will have some idea of how you can be
independent in all areas of life.
       4.       Don’t even dream once of entering a marriage or a long-term relationship
if you haven’t first brought to bed from 30 to 50 women. I am not joking. After that you
can have some idea of women. How to obtain this result? Study this book and apply
yourself to the art of pickup and seduction at least a couple of times per week. You will
notice improvements little by little. You cannot get anything without practice and
       5.       Learn to love yourself: engage in some sport or physical activity, take care
of yourself, become a master in some scientific, artistic, social or political field that you
       You need some years to realize this improvement process.
       In my opinion you need at least five to ten years of constant practice to become
what I call a “High Status Male and Seducer” with the help of this book.
       In the next books of my upcoming Encyclopedia of Pickup, Seduction and Female
Relationships for the modern man I will tell you about the more advanced seduction
techniques, about new ways to be a winner in relationships with women, about new
insights about love life.
       Five to ten years training is a very long period.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                       174
      For that long you will surely need affection and sex, which are things you better
look for somewhere other than in your mother’s home.
      In our modern society there are thousands and thousands of women who don’t
want to commit themselves to a constant relationship and want to be free.
      Devote yourself to seducing them and having fun with them while you train
yourself to reach the High Status Male and Seducer level.
      Once you reach that level, you can consider yourself ready to make an important
choice: marriage, an exclusive long-term relationship or a life as a playboy.
      At that level of skills you will be a free man with a wide range of choices!
      With the help of this book you will exit from the so called “Circle of Luck” and you
will learn to seduce women so that getting women will no longer be a matter of luck but
the fruits of your ability.
      And how do you know if you have become a High Status Male and a Seducer?
These are the criteria:
      - You have reached financial independence and mastery in an activity that you like.
      - You love yourself, you dress well, and you cope brilliantly in most situations.
      - You are used to living alone in your own apartment.
      - You are no longer at the mercy of the circle of luck but with the knowledge of the
art and science of seduction you are potentially able to seduce and bring to bed at least
four different women each month, that is one per week.
      This is not much isn’t it? Okay, maybe I am just kidding, maybe I am not. That is
my success rate when I pickup women in terms of complete closes (=with sexual
      Only when you reach this level, are you ready for a long-term relationship with a
woman you love or for the life of a playboy.
      At that point the choice is up to you.
      If you make those choices before having reached the High Status Male and Seducer
level, you will be in trouble sooner or later, if not soon, then after ten years of marriage
or so.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      175
A new context

Marriage or an exclusive long-term relationship with a woman has become, in our
western society, an ugly affair for men.
      The changing process from a patriarchal society to a post-modern society, which
includes women’s liberation, has kept the subservient mental state of men but it has
taken away all the advantages men used to have from being a husband and the head of
the family.
      Getting married, being faithful to only one woman has become a one-way affair
from which everyone but men gains an advantage. Maybe this is not completely true yet
for some south European countries and other traditional countries such as those in the
Arab world, but it is absolutely true for the majority of the most industrialized cities, of
countries of Western Europe, of the United States and of the Scandinavian countries,
where the legislation about divorce and the custody of children and the rights over
economic properties is for sure and by far unfavorable to men.
      In practice marriage and divorce legislation in many of these countries is still based
on the subservient frame, but without the men receiving any advantage anymore from
being a faithful husband and from taking care of the family.
      If a man goes to bed with other women, he is a pig. If he wants to make love with
his own woman he is still a pig.
      The situation must be put as soon as possible by men into a new, less unfavorable
      My book and the lifestyle I teach you in it are the answer to this. My book teaches
you with extreme efficiency how to change this context without having to resort to such
primitive means such as force or having to enter in conflict with others.
      In practice men continue - pushed by an invincible biological instinct - to want to
protect women financially and emotionally but they have stopped receiving and claiming
the advantages related to being a husband, for fear of being put into the pillory as
oppressors and chauvinists.
      Women have reacted by continuing to receive advantages and secretly thinking:
“But look what an idiot, he gives me everything and he doesn’t take anything for

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      176
      And how could a woman respect and feel erotic interest for a man who let himself
be trampled on? The woman’s reaction is perfectly understandable from any point of
      This leads to a situation where, if a woman betrays her husband with a dozen men
from the neighborhood and then divorces her husband taking away in the process half of
his property - maybe even more - media and society portray it as: “A woman who has
finally fulfilled herself and freed herself from the oppression of a chauvinist male, finally
free in her adult sexuality.”
      If a man betrays his wife with a dozen women from the neighborhood he soon
becomes: “An oppressor, a chauvinist pig who can’t understand his wife’s emotional
needs and who must now pay the price for his behavior.”
      This leads to a situation where, if he wants to make love with his wife for a bit more
than once a month and even apologizes for his desire, he soon becomes a “pig obsessed
with sex” or has a “mono-mania” as one of my lovers here in Helsinki once said of men,
or he is granted sex provided that he behaves in a sweet and polite manner with his wife
and then he finds out later that his wife went to bed with a Hell’s Angels motorcyclist,
who treats her like a bitch.
      This happens because the primordial instincts of both men and women are always
there where they are and are no longer in agreement with the social reality in which we
live, men have the instinct to protect a woman and women have the instinct to be
protected by a man with only one purpose: the offspring.
      In addition the modern woman is in a schizophrenic situation: she wants a beta
man who respects, protects her, and treats her sweetly and at the same time is a strong,
tough, erotically aggressive man, capable of taking her and making her feel herself a
      Even a child understands that a warrior cannot be transformed into a sheep and
vice versa.
      Women should choose: either the warrior or the sheep. In any case instincts always
choose for them and they always end up choosing the warrior.
      The creation of a context in which men are “the guilty party pre-eminently” is the
main mean by which women transform Alpha men into beta thereby securing control
over them. However, this goes against a woman’s own sexuality because she can’t feel
passion for a man who allows himself to be put into such a pathetic state!
      Once you reach the status of High Status Male, you’d better throw out of the
window what your teachers and parents taught you about the possibility of having a
family and entering into a new context: entering a long-term relationship with a woman

Manual Of Seduction                                                                       177
is a contract at term you make with her when she has sufficiently demonstrated that she
has made you the center of her attention and shows you respect.
      The contract may be broken at the first signs of lack of respect from the woman.
You must not only think this: you must say it. I structure all my relationships with
women in this manner and with absolute honesty. Since when there has been this change
in my life, I felt much better both physically and spiritually.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                 178
Being a playboy

Starting from this point of view, a life as a playboy, while waiting for a woman to show
up who really loves you and shows that she wants to support and respect you, without
trying to manipulate you for her interests or making you feel guilty for your sexuality
might be an excellent alternative to marriage or to a long-term relationship
      As definition: if a woman says she loves you, then she must demonstrate it by
showing you respect and accepting as part of your humanity the fact that a man is an
active sexual animal, who gets ill if he cannot express his sexuality to the maximum and
if he doesn’t receive respect and recognition for what he does for her and for the family.
      While waiting for such a woman to show up, be a playboy, work, have fun, eat well,
travel and since you are free - thanks to this book and to constant practice of the art of
seduction - from the vicious circle of luck you are always able to seduce new women. You
hold in your hands the key to being the absolute owner of your life.
      You can go through the improvement process described in this book while you wait
for her, the woman who respects and loves you, to show up.

Manual Of Seduction                                                                    179
Being a husband and father

In order to be one day a father and a husband you must be a selector and not the
“selected.” You must reverse your relations with women so that it’s you who selects who
is the right woman to be the mother of your children and not the other way around.
      A woman who is suitable to be the mother of your children:
      - Shows respect for you.
      - Supports you.
      - Accepts you as an active sexual animal and she doesn’t try to make you feel
ashamed or guilty for the fact that you want to make love to her.
      - Is ready to accept the good material and spiritual things that you want to give her
without trying to transform you into a beta.
      - Is a woman suitable to be the mother of your children and can live with an Alpha
man without feeling the need to compete with him all the time.
      In order to be a husband you must be a constant challenge for your wife and keep a
royal relation to her. Years of experience with women have convinced me that when a
woman in past centuries addressed her man as “Voi” even after making love with him,
she was much more satisfied in her sexuality than the very beautiful Amazons of today,
who roam our cities with “men” who, with their woolen pullover with a high neck, iron
pieces stuck to their ears and tongue, tattoos and the attitude: “excuse me if I exist”, look
more like a catacomb’s rats than real men.
      In one word, to be a husband you must:
      - Keep your distance and have an aura in your attitude towards her.
      - Confide your weaknesses and insecurity to your male friends. A wife was not
created for this. When your time for dying will come you have to face it alone.
      - Tell her clearly that you are with her but you expect respect and a good treatment,
otherwise the contract is terminated.
      - Important: organize all economic and practical matters of your life in an
absolutely independent manner. She must have her financial independence. There must
not be financial ties between the two of you. The institution where the woman didn’t
work and stayed at home is an outdated institution.
      In modern society she can allow herself to stay at home for a dozen years until the
kids are grown up, go to bed with the Hell’s Angels motorcyclist and then come to tell

Manual Of Seduction                                                                      180
you that: “she has found herself and she wants her freedom and half of the money” that
you earned by sweating for ten years.
      - The more you are in an Alpha, royal position and a challenge for her, the more she
will admire and respect you and her sexual desire towards you will stay at high levels.
      - Don’t care about her fidelity. No individual can be controlled and every human
being on this planet wants to make love with several people.
      Worrying about your wife’s fidelity is in practice the same as being in the
subservient mental position. She will realize it within a second and she will use it for
sure to control you. If someone “must” be jealous then it’s much better that it is for her
to have that role.
      You must be women’s selector and not the opposite. In order to be a selector you
must not be controlled. How could you be royal and in the selector position while at the
same time being controlled?
      - Love, protect her, be a support to her and to your children, but never accept any
lack of respect, never loose your dignity, never make her sure of having you.
      In order to be a man you need to be able to be alone.
      Women are not made to protect a man’s insecurities. Only a three-year-old child
believes in the existence of a pure woman who never betrays him. Such a woman doesn’t
exist in the adult world.
      An Alpha man, a High Status Man loves his own woman like a lion loves his cubs:
he knows they are dangerous and he can bite them as needed while he feeds them.
      Every other way of loving a woman leads to the destruction of her sexual desire and
to an unhappy union.
      Commit yourself constantly to the study of the manual and to the art of pick-up and
seduction and remember: you are the Selector.
      I wish all men a full and happy sexual and emotional life!

     Franco, in Riga, Latvia, the town of the real women, 8.4.2004

Manual Of Seduction                                                                    181