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					                                        JR 155, 163, 164 & 174
                                   MINUTES OF THE CRUISE MEETING
                                         HELD ON 17 JULY 06

Present:               Chris Hindley (Ship Ops Manager)
                       James Miller (Personnel)
                       Simon Holgate (POL)
                       Geoff Hargreaves (POL)
                       Martin Miller (AFI Coordinator)
                       Keith Weston (UEA)
                       Kate Hendry (Oxford University)
                       Brian King (NOC)
                       Ian Collinge (Purchasing & Shipping)
                       Manos Tsentides (ICT)
                       Richard Bridgeman (AME)
                       Darren Young (UKORS)
                       Julia Fear (Ops)


1.           Introduction

             The Chairman welcomed everyone to the cruise meeting for JR155
             163 164 & 174.     Cruise 174 was included in the meeting as an
             extension of 155 for convenience but it will run at a different time in the
             season to the other cruises.
             Suggested use of video conferencing for future meetings where the
             science was of a annually repetitive nature.

2.           Scientific Programme

             The Principal Scientists introduced their scientific programme. The
             cruise summaries are available on the internet under the following link.
             es/index.php Select the cruise of interest.
             JR163 NOC 4 days CTDs Drake passage. Will be providing some
             samples for AMT extension work. However this fits within their own
             programme and has no further effect on the cruise.
             JR164 POL 2 days moorings Drake Passage, work at Vernadsky and
             JR155 Turning sediment traps in Marguerite Bay/ box coring
             JR174 final removal of sediment traps

3.           Itinerary

             The JCR will arrive into Stanley on 1st December and depart on 4th
             December. There will be a call into Fildes Peninsula (King George
             Island) and also a call into Vernadsky enroute to Rothera. The JCR is
             due into Rothera on 17th December and departing on 21st December.
             All science cruise participants are due to depart the JCR at Rothera.
             JR174 is due to happen at the end of March 2007

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4.           Travel Arrangements

             The current list of participants is:
             Raja Ganeshram and Tim Jickells plus 2 UKORS (probably Peter
             Keen & John Wynar ) for JR155                                                BK
             6 x pax (yet to be named) Brian King to supply names for JR163
             Steve Mack, Geoff Hargreaves for JR164
             3 BAS – Doug Willis (ICT), Manos Tsentides (ICT) & Mark Preston

             Keith Weston for plus 1 or 2 UKORS for JR174

             The cruise participants will fly to Stanley with the MOD on either 26th
             Nov arriving on 27th Nov or 30th Nov arriving on 1st Dec. The planned
             date for the northbound Dash flight from Rothera is 20th Dec. The
             suitable northbound flights from Stanley back to the UK are MOD 22nd
             Dec arriving 23rd Dec or commercial 23rd Dec arriving in the UK 25th
             Dec. We have yet to find out how many seats are available with the
             MOD for the pre Christmas flight.
             Flights for JR174 to be decided nearer the time

5.           Personnel/Domestics

             Medicals for BAS staff should have all been done in the normal BAS
             rounds. JM to ensure external participants had the correct paperwork.        JM
             If participants are under 35 then a medical should be done once every
             5 years. Over 35 then once every 3 years and over 50’s should have a
             medical once a year.

             Sea survival certificates (STCW95) would be needed for everyone
             working on deck. Copies to be passed to Personnel and originals
             must be taken on board the Ship. Failure to do this would bar any
             work for that person on deck.

             NERC employees were entitled to sign for expenditure (drinks etc)
             when on board, the amount owed being taken directly from the wages.
             For non-NERC employees a form must be signed and a guarantor
             given together with a £50 deposit or credit card details lodged with
             June Poynder. Her details contact details are on the Personnel
             section of the website (see para 2).

             A Yellow Fever vaccination is still required for travelling on MOD flights
             to and from The Falklands.

             Cruise participants should ensure that Personnel have their current
             passport details prior to departure.

             First Aid training is not required for personnel on these cruises
             however a First Aid at Work certificate is recommended for anyone
             who might get the chance of recreational time at Rothera.

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6&7          BAS Equipment and Support & Non-BAS Equipment and Support

             ICT requested that any computers taken on board should be
             accompanied by all their preferred drivers and driver software etc.

             If participants wanted to connect their own PCs to the net then they
             must have up-dateable on-line working antivirus software on their

             BAS ICT staff can’t support Windows XP home or MAC’s. Antivirus for
             this software should be updateable through the internet.

             MT to look into UNIRAS and MATLAB licences for Brian King                  MT

             During the call into Stanley the BAS CTD and bottles are to be
             transferred into the UKORS frame which will also house the LADCP

             The BAS box corer is to be used for JR155. Cruise participants are to
             provide their own consumables, although UKORS may have some

             UKORS are to ship their frame, tools and consumables in time for the
             BAS cargo deadlines.

8.           Logistics/Shipping

             Ian requested that all cargo be numbered and packed correctly and the
             cruise number listed on it. This is especially important for UKORS

             POL will have one frame to transfer south for this cruise. UEA will
             drop off their cargo here for transfer south (cruise participants should
             check with Kath Nicholson for the date needed in BAS). NOC have
             several neefabs to ship for the cruise. UKORS equipment will be on a
             pallet and shrink wrapped for shipping.

             JR155 has a small quantity of hazardous material. This must be
             packed to IMDG shipping standards.

             The JCR will be receiving cargo in Immingham on 24th /25th August.
             For confirmation of this and other cargo requirements please contact       KN
             Kath Nicholson.

9.           Health and Safety

             Risk & COSHH Assessments are to be with Chris Hindley by the end           CH
             of August. CH suggested that for the annual POL and NOC work that
             Risk & COSHH Assessments are made generic subject to an annual
             check and confirmation by the PS.     POL/NOC agreed.                      MM
             AFI co-ordinator already has Ras for JR155 and 174 and will pass to

             There are no radio chemicals to be taken on this cruise.

             Lifting gear certificates are to be taken to the ship and passed to the

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             Chief Officer.

             No security passes will be issued for this cruise unless requested by
             participants. Ship visitor passes will be issued if necessary

10.          Invoice Guidelines

             Only travel related expenses are expected to be invoiced to Principal
             Scientists. For budget purposes £2800 was suggested as being the
             figure per person although in reality it is depedant on whether travelling
             MOD or commercial flights

11.          Any Other Business

             It was noted that Cruise Conference participation was relevant to
             participants new to BAS ships or participants who had not been on a
             BAS ship for more than 5 years.

             Richard to look into different types of sample bottles available on the      RB
             ship for Brian King.

Julia Fear
18 July 06

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