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                - THREE EXAMPLES -

                                         Processing Outfitter and Guide Applications

1.   Is application complete and consistent with laws, regulations, and manual direction?

a.   If yes, go to #2 below
b.   If no, return application with an explanation.

2.   Does the application facilitate public use of public lands?

     a.   If yes go to #3 below
     b.   If no, return application with an explanation.

3.   Is application consistent with the Forest Plan, other pertinent decisions, and does it fulfill current management

     a.   If yes, go to #4 below
     b.   If no, return application with an explanation (applicant or forest staff may investigate amending the Forest Plan
          or other decisions)

4.   Can the proposed activity occur within social capacity constraints and established resource guidelines? (internal

     a.   If yes, go to #5 '
     b.   If no -- Ask applicant if alternative sites fulfill their goals, if yes, go to step 1, if no, return application.

          - Ask applicant to amend application to eliminate unacceptable resource impacts, if amended go to #5, if not
     return application with an explanation. c. If uncertain, complete Recreation Opportunity Spectrum calculation of
     capacity and/or resource investigation before proceeding.

5.   Does the application fit within the guidelines for categorical exclusions?

     a.   If yes, document that the action fits within this category and that no extraordinary circumstances are present,
          Decision Memo optional. (See Chapter 30 of FSH 1909.15, especially 31.1b, 8a.) Notify applicant when permit
          is issued.
     b.   If no, go to #6.

6.   Is applicant willing and able to modify the proposal to fit within the guidelines for categorical exclusions?

     a. If yes, 5a. above.
     b. If no, identify reasons why it does not fit a categorical exclusion.
     Determine when an environmental assessment (environmental impact statement) could be initiated (See Chapter 40
     FSH 1901.15). Notify applicant of timeline for analysis and implementation.

                                                              A - 44
                                      OUTFITTER/GUIDE CHECKLIST

NAME:__________________________________________________   YEAR: __________________________________

      DOCUMENT                                 REQUESTED/DUE                    RETURN BY


NEPA Documents

Permit (Temporary w/1 Year Op Plan)

Permit (Priority w/5 Year Op Plan)

Annual Operating Plan

Estimated Use

Estimated Billing

Camp Inspections

      name of camp:

      name of camp:

      name of camp:

Performance Evaluation

Actual Use

Actual Use Billing

Special Requirements

State License

Title VI

Checklist for Issuance of Outfitter-Guide Special Use Permits
                                           NEZ PERCE NATIONAL FOREST
                                                      June, 1996


1.    State Outfitter and Guide License Application
2.    References
3.    Financial Statement (notorized)
4.    Technical capability
5.    Description of outfitting and guiding experience
6.    Description of proposed services and operation (kind & quality of service)
7.    Request for Termination of present permit by previous owner (2700-3a, if necessary, the form is provided by the
      FS) or letter with required information.
8.    Bill of sale and sale agreement or contract
9.    Special Use Application (2700-3, form provided by FS), completed and signed by applicant
10.   Assurance Clause (1700-01, form provided by FS)

In addition, corporate/partnership applicants must provide:

     a)     Articles of incorporation and by-laws
     b)     Certificate from Secretary of State stating entitlement to operate in
            a state other than that in which it is incorporated (if applicable)

      a) Articles of association, agreement or other documents, recorded in the county that the outfitter is located in.

Refer to the current Memorandum of Understanding between the Forest Service and
the Idaho Outfitters and Guides Licensing Board, Exhibit 2, Guidelines for
Issuing 0/G Licenses and SU Permits.

If the application becomes a permit, all the above financial papers should be
kept separate from the permit folder. Financial papers are exempt from FOIA's
in most cases. If in doubt, check with the Forest FOIA Coordinator.


1. Application, completed and approved by authorized officer
2. Discussion of each term of permit in face-to-face meeting
3. Outfitter Operating Plan completed (in partnership with outfitter)
4. Copy of Insurance Policy or Certificate of Insurance received (one month before planned operation begins)
              a) Additional Insured Block must read: "Certificate Holder as additional Insured"
              b) Certificate Holder Block must read: U.S. Government, c/o USDA Forest Service, Nez Perce NF
              c) 30 day cancellation notice provision
              d) Minimums: $300,O00.personal injury, one person $300,000 persoanl injury, more than one person $
                    25,000 property damage

5.  Compliance Review with Title VI (1700-4) -- discussed, signed
6.  Signing Authority -- discussed, signed a) Letter from Holder designating one representative to sign for the
    corporation (if applicable)
7. Fee Calculation Method -- discussed, provide outfitter with copies of the
    Forest billing forms. (located on DG computer)
8. Performance Bond (only require where the Government interest requires protection from damage to NF
    lands - ref.,FSM 2713.34, use SF 25)
9. National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) analysis completed.
10. State Outfitter and Guide License
11. Brochure or advertised rates

NEEDED ON A YEARLY BASIS (required by mandatory clauses in Special Use Permit)

1.   Insurance (Insurance Clause)
2.   License (Compliance w/ Laws, Regs, and other Legal Requirements)
3.   Brochure or advertised rates (Regulating Services/Rates, Advertising)
4.   Actual Use Report (previous year) (Financial Statement and Use Record)
5.   Annual Itinerary (minimum payment required) (O/G Fees, Annual Operating
6.   Performance Evaluation (Performance Evaluation)
7.   Camp Inspection (FS Right of Entry and Inspection)
8.   Authorizing Officer approval of nonuse or excess service days (O/G Fees,
     Annual Op. Plan)


1.   Notification in writing from outfitter requesting issuance of new permit (continuation of use).
2.   Compliance Review (Title VI) - once every five years
3.   Operating Plan
4.   Calculation of Service Days (average of highest 2 yrs actual service days)
5    NEPA
6.   Meet with outfitter to discuss permit terms and signing authorities.


Use current Special Use Permit (2700-4), OMB # 0596-0082
Do not revise any of the clauses in the SU permit                                                 -
Holder No: use previous # or if issuing to a new holder, call Jenny.
Type Site Code: 153, Outfitter and Guide
Authority: Land and Water Conservation Act of 1965, as amended, (16USC 4601)
Authority Code: 239
Authorization Type Code:                        20 - (more than one year)
                                                22 - (less than one year)
Congressional District Code:                    01
Latitude/Longitude (point of                    reference such as; base camp)
Holder Name:            Must be the same name on the application, state license, papers
                        of incorporation/partnership.
                        a) Individuals Name & dba if using business name (or)
                        b) Corporation Name (or)
                        c) Partnership Name
Purpose of:            Outfitter and guide activities for # ______of _________________(priority or temporary)
                       service days, # ________assigned sites, # ________________

            horses authorized for transportation, and # _____ HM'S of grazing authorized in
            accordance with the currently approved Exhibit _________of the Five Year Operation
            Mangement Plan.
II.    A.   Expiration at the end of the authorized period: must be the same
            date as on the front of the permit.

       B.   Minimum use or occupancy of the permit area: N/A

VI.    B.   All blanks should be N/A, put "see section VII, clause ______ (0/G
            fee clause)" at the end of this clause.
       C.   Payment Due Date: Put "see section VII, clause _________ (O/G fee
            clause)" and insert the Lockbox address: Unit Collection Officer,
            Forest Service, Northern Region, File No. 51653, P.O. Box 60,000,
            San Francisco, CA 96160-1653.
VII.   A.   Add additional clauses after VII, Superior Clauses. See FSH
            2709.11, Chapter 50, Nez Perce supplement for the list of
            additional clauses. Use RO Clause Collector program to retrieve
            current clauses.
       B.   Annual Operating Plan: submit annually, ________________(this date
            should be at least 60 days prior to the normal expected 1st hunt
            in the new year).
       C.   Outfitter and guide fees: a) customer revenue - the holder can
            choose the fee schedule or 3$ option. All of the Nez Perce
            outfitters have chosen the 3°s at this time.
       D.   Financial Statement & Use Record: Note that the previous year
            actual use must be submitted within 30 days of the end of the
            authorised operating season.
       E.   Insurance Clause: the minimum amounts for O/G's are $25,000,
            $300,000, $300,000. (5/96)
       F.   Advertising: Check the outfitters brochure to make sure they are
            in compliance with this clause.
       G.   Forest Service Representative: should be the District Ranger.
       H.   Operation Management Plan: Make sure the exhibit # or letter is
            the same as on the front page of the permit.
       I.   Superseded Permit: Enter the name of the previous holder (even if
            it hasn't changed), business name, date of permit & name of the
            authorizing officer that signed the permit.
       J.   Signature Page: Use either individual page or the
            corporation/partnership page (as applicable)


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