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									Dpt. of Study Affairs                                                        MASARYK UNIVERSITY
Komenského nám. 2                                                           FACULTY OF MEDICINE
CZ-662 43 Brno
Czech Republic                                                          Telephone:    00420 549 498 188
                                                                              Fax:    00420 542 213 996                                                   E-mail:

                        INFORMATION FOR APPLICANTS
Dear applicants,
Thank you for your interest in the studies at our faculty. We are pleased to inform you that
foreign applicants can study General Medicine or Dentistry at the Faculty of Medicine,
Masaryk University. Masaryk University is currently rated as twenty-seventh on the list
of all European universities. The curriculum in General Medicine lasts 6 years and is
concluded with the degree of "Medicinae Universae Doctor" (MUDr.) (= M.D., Doctor of
General Medicine). The curriculum in Dentistry lasts 5 years and is concluded with the degree
of "Medicinae Dentalis Doctor" (MDDr.) (Doctor of Dental Medicine). The language of
tuition is English. Students are also obliged to go through the tuition and pass examinations in
the Czech language by the end of their first, second, third, and fourth years of studies. This is
necessary in order that, once they have entered the clinical departments, they may be able to
communicate with patients.
The degrees are fully recognised in the EU and in most other countries at least for a limited
registration, but students should ask the authorities or professional bodies in their countries
for information about the conditions for a full registration and recognition of the degree
required to practice medicine in their countries. The Faculty is listed in the World Directory
of Medical Schools published by the WHO (7th edition, 2000, p. 105).

Tuition fees
The English study of General Medicine costs 9,000 EURO per year and the study of
Dentistry costs 9,500 EURO per year (each year of study consists of two semesters). This
sum holds for those who pay the tuition fee for the whole relevant academic year. The tuition
fee can also be paid in two parts. It means that the student can pay separately for each
semester. In this case the price is raised by administration expenses, and thus each semester of
General Medicine in English costs 4,750 EURO (altogether 9,500 EURO for a whole year of
General Medicine) and each semester of Dentistry in English costs 5,000 EURO (altogether
10,000 EURO for a whole year of Dentistry).

The basic general conditions of admission
Every foreign applicant must have finished successfully at least 4 (or 3) years of studies at a
secondary school (high school) concluded by a school-leaving examination. His or her
secondary school results and a school-leaving certificate are required for further appraisal.

Recognition of previous study
If the applicant already studied a medical faculty, he/she can ask for recognition of some of
the subjects on the basis of a transcript of record and syllabuses of subjects (in English) but at
first he/she must pass the entrance exam. The subjects may be recognized after the enrolment.
Clinical subjects are not recognized at all. Students can be accepted at the most to the 3rd year,
not higher.
Dpt. of Study Affairs                                                            MASARYK UNIVERSITY
Komenského nám. 2                                                               FACULTY OF MEDICINE
CZ-662 43 Brno
Czech Republic                                                              Telephone:    00420 549 498 188
                                                                                  Fax:    00420 542 213 996                                                       E-mail:

Application for study
Entrance examination in Brno: Students must apply for admission to the Faculty of
Medicine via an electronic version of the application form available on Electronic
Applications for Studies (open from 1.1.2010 to 9.5.2010).
He/she will see in the electronic application when the application is confirmed and if he/she is
accepted. Details about the exam will be announced by an Invitation letter.
Applicants from selected countries can contact our representatives and take the entrance
examinations abroad and they will be provided with all available information about the
entrance examination term by the representatives.
Representatives of Medical Faculty of Masaryk University
               UK, Ireland, India, Nigeria: The Abbey Colleges, 253 Wells Road, Malvern Wells,
                Worcestershire, WR 144JF, UK phone: (0044)-1684-892300,
      , e-mail to Ms Debbie Hughes:
               UK, Portugal, Greece,: CMS Agency, Dr. Tzigkounakis Vasilis, Plzen, Czech Republic,
                phone: +420 602 12 01 89, 211 7508143-44 (gr), fax: 210 3239107 (gr),
      , e-mail:,
               Norway, Sweden: Bjørknes Hoyskole, Lovisenberggate 13, 0456 Oslo, Norway,
                phone:+47 23 23 38 20, fax: +47 23 23 38 21,, e-mail to Ms
                Keeley Johansson:
               Norway: GOstudy, Kirkegata 24-26, 0153 Oslo, Norway, phone:+47 22 59 63 30, fax: +47
                22 59 63 32,, e-mail to Mr Martin Wänström:
               Sweden: GOstudy, Studentgatan 12, 223 26 Lund, Sweden, phone: +46 46 373787, fax:
                +46 46 373788,, e-mail to Ms Sofia Stephens:
               Sweden, Germany, UK: Skandinavien ltd., Dr. Ali Reza Rahmany Nejad, Valticka 36, CZ-
                323 00 Plzen, Czech Republic, phone:+420 776 251 584,, e-
               Portugal, Middle East, UK: Academic Agency, Dr. Shaker Khaouaj, Vratislavova 10, CZ-
                128 00 Prague, Czech Republic, phone: +420 224 99 04 50, fax: +420 224 99 04 51,
      , e-mail:
               Cyprus, Srí Lanca: Dr. Petros Afxentiou, 1st April Avenue, 5313 Paralimni, Cyprus,
                phone: 23 82 70 37, fax: 23 82 69 62, e-mail:
               Israel: Dr. Arik Alhalel, Tel Aviv,, phone: l.03-5443514, fax: 03-
                5446462, e-mail:
               Taiwan: Hsing Wei Health Trading Co; Ltd., Mr. Steven Shou-Te Liu, No.1, Lane. 88,
                Ming Low Street. Yung Ho.Taipei. Taiwan, phone: 00-886-2-29454777, fax: 00-886-2-
                29462366,, e-mail:
               USA, Canada: Concord Medical Institute „CMI“, Mr. Ben Mousavi, 5776-D Lindero
                Canyon Rd #400, Westlake Village Ca 91362, USA, phone: 1(212)465-2545, fax:
                1(212)465-2547, e-mail:

The TOMI SCHOOL Agency is not a representative of the Faculty of Medicine of
Masaryk University in Greece or any other country. There does not exist any form of co-
operation between the above Agency and the MU Faculty of Medicine.

Dpt. of Study Affairs                                                            MASARYK UNIVERSITY
Komenského nám. 2                                                               FACULTY OF MEDICINE
CZ-662 43 Brno
Czech Republic                                                              Telephone:    00420 549 498 188
                                                                                  Fax:    00420 542 213 996                                                       E-mail:

Entrance examination
The Entrance Examination takes place in the Large Lecture Hall of the Medical Faculty
of Masaryk University, Komenského nám. 2, Brno, on the first floor, at 09:30 on
Saturday, May 22, 2010 ( the deadline for the e-applications is May 9, 2010).
A fee for the entrance exam in Brno is 1300,- CZK (50,- Eur) and payment details are
available in e-applications.
OPEN DAY for applicants and their families will be held on May 21, 2010. The tour will
start at 10.00 a.m. in the Entrance Hall of the Medical Faculty of Masaryk University,
Komenského nám. 2, Brno.
The information about the terms of the entrance examinations abroad will be provided
directly by our representatives.
The students are accepted on the basis of a written entrance examination in the
following subjects: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Each test contains 40 questions.
Students always choose one correct answer out of five possible options (only one is correct).
The survey of topics for the entrance tests in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics is on
Sample tests are placed on Each test takes 80
minutes. No tables are necessary, only a simple calculator.

The applicants must bring the following documents for the Entrance Examination:
          Certified copies of school-leaving certificates of all secondary-school years;
          A certified copy of the final General Certificate of Education.
Students who have not completed their secondary-school education until the entrance exam
and will take their final school-leaving examination in June or July will bring certified copies
of their school-leaving certificates of all the secondary-school years for the enrolment.
Firstly, all the copies must be verified by a notary public and the stamp and signature of the
notary must be original. Secondly, the attested translation by an authorised expert must be
enclosed and the translation must be provided either in Czech or in English language.

Conditions of study
The conditions of studies are given by the contract that is concluded by the Masaryk
University Faculty of Medicine individually with every foreign self-paying applicant at
enrolment. This contract also includes an agreement stipulating that all foreign students must
respect the Rule of Studies and Examinations, and the Disciplinary Rule of the Masaryk
University Faculty of Medicine.

Clearing of temporary stay
All non-EU foreigners who come to study in the Czech Republic have to get visa. It is
necessary to apply for the clearing of a temporary stay at the Czech Embassy in your
Dpt. of Study Affairs                                                      MASARYK UNIVERSITY
Komenského nám. 2                                                         FACULTY OF MEDICINE
CZ-662 43 Brno
Czech Republic                                                        Telephone:    00420 549 498 188
                                                                            Fax:    00420 542 213 996                                                 E-mail:

respective home country as soon as possible (it takes about two months), so this document
should be obtained before travelling to the Czech Republic.
Costs of living and accommodation
The Czech Republic does not provide any social benefits to foreign citizens in the course of
their university studies. Scholarships and subsidies of the Czech Republic for accommodation
in the students’ halls of residence or for meals in students’ refectories cannot be provided to
foreign self-paying students. The students have to support themselves totally when studying,
including full payments for accommodation and meals.
The expenses of international students for accommodation in the students’ halls of residence
(one room for two or three students) are about 100-150 EURO per month and person, the
amount being subject to change due to economic situation, while the meals (3 times a day) in
an academic refectory cost about 5 EURO per day.

Health insurance
Students have to take out their insurance individually with any health insurance company in
their home country or with the General Health Insurance Company in the Czech Republic or
elsewhere, where they have to pay for all the health care themselves. Only a very limited
basic health care is granted to students coming from countries contracted by the Czech

How to access Brno
Direct flights to the airport in Brno are available: via Ryanair, Czech
Airlines, or any other offer flights to Prague or Vienna (Austria) with following
plane transfers to Brno. From both airports you can also use “yellow“buses of Student
Agency Ltd., to get to Brno. For further details about transport
connection to our Campus see our link “How to get there”.


Enrolments for studies in the academic year 2010/2011 will be at the beginning of
September in the week before the start of the semester. The dates will be announced in
the Letters of Acceptance.
Please feel free to contact us any time for further details about studies, accommodation,
insurance, expenses e.g. Our students are also willing to answer your questions regarding
Medical Faculty from the student’s point of view (see the list below).

Bc.Helena Melicharova                                             Prof. Eva Taborska
International Studies Officer                                     Vice-dean for Education                                   

Dpt. of Study Affairs                                      MASARYK UNIVERSITY
Komenského nám. 2                                         FACULTY OF MEDICINE
CZ-662 43 Brno
Czech Republic                                        Telephone:    00420 549 498 188
                                                            Fax:    00420 542 213 996                                 E-mail:

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