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									Green Guide to the Kerbside
A list of suitable and unsuitable materials
for kerbside waste recycling in Teignbridge
                    YES PLEASE                                            NO THANKS

                   Food waste
                                                                 No plastics of any type
                                                                No plastic wheeled bin liners
   All your waste food is acceptable including
   meat and fish, cooked and uncooked. The
 composting plant uses new technology to make             No plastic bags (even if they claim to be
      food waste safe and complies with all             degradable or biodegradable), no packaging
           necessary safety standards.                 (apart from card), no food containers, no plant
                                                                    pots, no polystyrene
    Tea bags, coffee grounds, fruit and veg                      No cling film or cellophane
   peelings, bread, pasta, cereal, eggs, dairy            No sweet, chocolate or biscuit wrappers
       products, bones, plate scrapings.                No drinks cartons (they contain plastic or foil
                 Garden waste
                                                              No large branches (over 4” thick)
       Hedge clippings and grass cuttings.

       Weeds, leaves and small branches                        No soil, stones, glass or metal

              Old flowers and plants                                       No ash

                  Other Waste
   Thin card, cereal boxes and card/cardboard          No disposable nappies (even if they do claim to
  packaging (e.g. sleeves around ready meals)              be biodegradable – use real nappies)

 Toilet roll inners, kitchen roll, tissues envelopes   No textiles, clothes or tights (use your nearest
         (no plastic windows), till receipts.                            textile bank)

                Animal bedding
                                                           No dog or cat poo or litter tray contents
    e.g. straw and sawdust from rabbits etc.
   Cardboard boxes – If you do have a lot of             No DIY waste (i.e. painted or treated wood,
  cardboard (i.e. a wheeled bin full) you should          MDF, chipboard etc) soiled newspaper or
       visit your nearest recycling centre                            broken plates
           Pizza boxes and egg boxes                                      No tin foil
  Paper bags/newspapers (useful for wrapping
                                                                        No dead pets
        food waste). Old yellow pages.
   Teignbridge’s Paper Garden Waste Sacks                           No shoes or slippers

1. Use it for all your waste food. By doing so you are putting it to good use rather than sending it
   to landfill.
2. Wrap sticky or smelly food items in paper bags or sheets of newspaper to help keep your bin
3. Stick to the list above to ensure your bin is collected. If you are unsure about any items call
   0800 7310323 and we will help.
4. Home compost if you can. Most garden waste and food waste can be successfully composted
   at home even if you have a very small garden. Call 01626 215838 for cost price compost bins
                                                                                                     Feb 2005


                   YES PLEASE
                     YES PLEASE                                                THANKS
                                                                            NO NO THANKS

 Glass bottles and jars containers (all colours,
  Glass bottles, jars and (all colours, please rinse)
                                                           No corks metal/plastic screw tops or lids
                                                          No corks oror metal/plastic screw tops or lids
                   please rinse)                               No broken glass, pyrex or lightbulbs

       Cloudy Plastic Milk ! Bottles (i.e. #
       Cloudy Plastic Milk Bottles (i.e."semi
                                     "     semi
                                                           No clear plastic bottles plastic milk water or
                                                          No clear, coloured or$ % (e.g. springbottles and
                                                                                white         #
            transparent) please rinse                      fizzy drinks bottles) no yoghurt pots or other
                                                                               milk bottle tops
                                                                      coloured #
       transparent) please rinse and flatten
                                                                          plastic containers

                                                     coloured or $ or plastic containers even even
                                                  No No coloured % white plastic containersthose
  Cloudy HDPE plastic containers that have
  Cloudy HDPE plastic containers that % ( the the
                                                                                           (   %
          & '                    % have %              those displaying the number 2 recycling
           number 2 recycling symbol                  displaying the number 2 recycling symbol
                                                               * %     #     )         * #
          number ) recycling symbol
            #               * #                                          symbol

     Please rinse out and flatten your old milk              No clear or coloured plastic* water and fizzy
                                                         No clear plastic bottles (e.g. springmilk bottles or
                                                                                    "*"        $          + ,,
                                milk bottles
      Please rinse out your old #
                       bottles                                         coloured milk bottle other
                                                          drinks bottles) No yoghurt pots or tops plastic
                                                                                 *%              %


                       YES PLEASE                                                NO THANKS
    Newspapers and Magazines (clean and dry
                                                              No wet newspapers, magazines and paper
   please – use a carrier bag to wrap them if the
                                                                scraps (use your green bin for these)
                  weather is wet)
  Plain white paper (e.g. from your home printer)          No yellow pages (use your green bin for these)

   Junk mail (please remove all plastic wrapping              No coloured paper – e.g. brown paper and
        and any windows from envelopes)                       tissue paper (use your green bin for these)
                  Glossy brochures                                   No biscuit or sweet wrappers
  Empty food tins and lids (including empty dog             No tins containing food (please rinse – use old
   and cat food tins) including large biscuit tins               washing up water to save resources)

                  Empty drinks cans                                               No foil

 Empty aerosols e.g. deodorants, air fresheners,
                                                                          No plastic tops or lids
         furniture polish, spray paints

 1. Think about how you stack your boxes on collection day. If it’s windy and wet place your black box on
    top of the green box with your newspapers wrapped in a plastic bag on top of your tins and cans. This
    will stop things blowing around and keep your papers nice and dry.
 2. Use old dishwater to rinse out your tins, cans, glass food jars and plastic milk bottles. Keep an old
    washing up brush handy to give them a quick brush to remove food residues.
 3. If you need more space for your recyclables call us free on 0800 7310323 and we will try to provide a
We apologise for the fact that there are a lot of ‘No’s’ on this list but there are genuine reasons for them all,
    mainly to do with limitations at the reprocessing and composting stages of the recycling process.

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