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Definition: Fire services refers to the activities and programs relating to the prevention and suppression of
fires, responses to calls for service, rescue service (if provided), fire inspections (if provided), responses to
hazardous materials calls (if provided), and fire education services. The services provided by fire
departments vary from city to city, but the common goal remains the same: to protect the lives and property
of the community served.

1. Please attach a brief description of your city's fire services. Include organizational configuration or an
organization chart. Include all services & programs that are provided by the fire department, such as EMS,
inspections, hazardous materials, etc. Briefly explain how your department handles each service provided.

               SERVICE DESCRIPTION                                                        COMMENTS
2. Fire Personnel–Authorized FY 2005–06              No. FTEs
 a) Firefighters                                       62       Number of positions in full-time equivalents. An FTE means
 b) Supervisory/administrative                               23 a full-time equivalent position.
 c) Clerical                                                    2
                                                                    Number Authorized = Number Budgeted.
 d) Fire inspectors                                             4
 e) Plan reviewers                                              An FTE = 2080 hours per year or as counted in your dept.
  f) EMS/rescue personnel                                       allowing for differences caused by shift schedules Please
 g) Other (fire educators, etc.)                              2 do not double count one position; allocate by % of time
 TOTAL AUTHORIZED FOR DEPARTMENT                             93 spent on each function if necessary.

3. Shift Schedule: Describe the shift schedule worked by firefighters in your city.
24 hrs. Worked/24 hours off. Work 3 - 24 hour shifts with a day off between shifts, then they get a 4 -day

4. Population Served in FY 2005–06                   Number   Include population of areas serviced, including
                                                              annexation areas, areas served by volunteers. Use
                                                        47441 estimated population figures as of 6/30/2006.

5. Area Served in Square Miles                       Number         Include annexation areas & areas serviced by volunteers.
                                                                    Include areas that were added during FY 2005–06.

6. Number of Fire Stations                           Number         Include stations that came on-line during the year, but
                                                                    note where this occurs.

7. Number of Engine Companies in FY 2005–06          Number         Include engine companies that were initiated during FY
 a) Number of engine companies                          5           2005–06; but note where this occurred.
 b) Average daily staffing per engine company                   3
 c) Minimum staffing/engine company                             3

8. Fire Apparatus Available in FY 2005–06            Number
 a) Pumpers                                                     5 Include apparatus that came on-line during FY 2005–06;
 b) Aerial trucks                                               1 but note where this occurred.
 c) Reserve equipment                                           3
 d) Other apparatus (list by type)                 3 squads
                   SERVICE DESCRIPTION                                                            COMMENTS
9. FY 2005–06 ISO Rating                                              2 Provide data as of 6/30/2006.
      Year received                                             2005

1. Number of Actual Fires in FY 2005–06                 Number
                                                                          Include all actual fires that occurred during the fiscal year.
 a) Total number of actual fires                          255
                                                                          Provide data on structural fires if available.
 b) Number of actual structural fires                         67

2. Number of Fire Department Responses in FY
2005–06                                                 Number
 a) Actual Fires                                          255             Provide data in each of the listed categories if available.
 b) Medical                                                  2367         Otherwise, provide total. Number of fires should reconcile
 c) False Alarms                                             499          with 1(a). If not, please explain and/or provide an
 d) Other                                                          734
 TOTAL NUMBER OF RESPONSES                                      3855

3. Response Times–1st Arriving Unit                     Min/sec
 a) Avg. dispatch time                                 :39                Dispatch time=from receipt of call to dispatch

 b) Avg. turnout time                                              2:06 Turnout time=dispatch to "out the door"
                                                                          Travel time=out the door to arrival with arrival defined
 c) Avg. travel time                                         3:41
                                                                          when structure visible & describable.

4. % of First-arriving Unit Responses:                        %
 a) Dispatch - % responses within 1 minute                   81.2
                                                                          Based upon actual responses to calls where unit is
 b) Turnout - % responses within 1 minute                    23.77
                                                                          dispatched to event–FY 2005–06.
 c) Travel - % responses within 4 minutes                    78.63

5. Total Response Time                                        %
 a) First Unit - % responses within 6 mintues                  82.56 Based upon actual responses to calls where unit is
 b) Full Response - % responses within 8 minutes               74.45 dispatched to event–FY 2005–06.

6. Fire-related Injuries/deaths–FY 2005–06              Number
                                                                          Break data out into injuries and deaths if possible;
 a) Number of injuries/deaths-firefighters             1-inj. O -d
                                                                          otherwise, report as one number.

 b) Number of civilian injuries/deaths                 3-inj. 1-d

7. Number of Structural Fires Confined to               Number          Will be compared to number of structural fires reported in 1
Room(s) Involved Upon Arrival of 1st Unit                            32 (b) above.

8. Availability Rate of First-line Fire Apparatus in          %         % of time first line units were available and on-line during
FY 2005–06                                                           94 FY 2005–06.

9. Fire Hydrants                                        Number
 a) Total number of hydrants in service area               2614 Provide data based on total number of hydrants in service
 b) Number found inoperable during testing                     6 area as of 6/30/2006 if available.
 c) Number found inoperable in an emergency                           0
1. Provide a brief description of how your city handles fire inspections. Answer according to your system,
indicating reinspections and any special inspections performed. Explain whether you have one or multiple
file numbers for an apartment complex. Attach a separate page or pages if needed.
Each inspector is assigned a district to handle all inspections. Inspections are conducted in accordance
with the State's mandated inspection schedule. We charge on the 3rd reinspection. Violations are usually
followed up on in 30 days depending upon severity. Computer software prompts the inspection scheduled
for the month. We have a goal to inspect all businesses once a year.

                SERVICE DESCRIPTION                                                     COMMENTS
2. Number of Fire Inspections Completed           Number
Group A - Assembly                                       266     Number based on all inspections in FY 2005–06. If you
Group B - Business                                      2346     cannot provide the breakdown based on the occupancy
                                                                 and use categories, please provide the total number
Group E - Educational                                     13
Group F - Factory Industrial                             187
Group H - Hazardous                                       47
Group I - Institutional                                   85
Group M - Mercantile                                     741
Group R - Residential                                    258
Group S - Storage                                        291
Other (please list): churches                            220
Daycare/Foster Homes = 87; Public Schools = 72; Utility = 7

 TOTAL NO. COMPLETED                                    4620

3. Number of Plan Reviews                          Number No. based on all reviews completed in FY 2005–06.
Sprinkler                                               32
Building                                                   151
Fire Alarm                                                  35
                                                                 Provide breakdown if available.
Site Plans                                                 308

 TOTAL NO. COMPLETED                                       526

4. Average Time Spent per Inspection                Min/Hrs      Overall average time per inspection. Include breakdown
  Average Time Spent                              39 mins        if available.
   List Breakdown if available:

5. Fires in Occupancies                            Number        Provide data for FY 2005–06 if available.
  a) Number of fires in occupancies meeting the                   Number of fires occurring in occupancies that were
mandated state inspection period                                 inspected within mandated state inspection period.

  b) Number of fires in occupancies not meeting                  Number of fires occurring in occupancies that were not
the mandated state inspection period                             inspected within the mandated state inspection period.

6. Fire Code Violations                              Number
                                                                    Based on data for FY 2005–06. This information is used to
 a) Number of fire code violations found               6460
                                                                    calculate % fire code violations cleared within 90 days.
  b) Number of fire code violations "cleared" by
correction of hazard, imposition of penalty or
proper referral/administrative recourse within 90
days                                                         6460

7. Fire Safety Complaints                            Number
  a) Number fire safety complaints received            2
                                                                    "Complaint" may be from either internal or external source
 b) Number fire safety complaints resolved
                                                                    & may refer to any condition that poses the threat of fire.
within 1 working day                                    2

8. Cause Determination for Fires Investigated in     Number
                                                                    Based on total fires investigated for FY 2005–06. No. of
FY 2005–06                                                          accidental and incendiary represent number of fires for
                                                                    which cause was determined. No. of undeterminable
  a) Number Accidental                                  95
                                                                    represent those for which cause was not determined.
  b) Number Incendiary                                  12          Accidental and Incendiary fires divided by total fires
                                                                    investigated is the percent for which cause is determined.
  c) Number Undeterminable                              17
                                                                    If alternate breakdown is used, please provide.
  Total Fires Investigated                            178
   Alternate breakdown if used:
Act of Nature = 4; Failure of equipment or heating source = 34; still under investigation = 11; other = 5

9. $ Amount of Property Protected in service area
in FY 2005–06                                           $
  a) Residential
  b) Commercial                                                     Use data as reported in city's FY 2005–06 year-end
  c) Public property                                                financial statements for assessed values. If you are unable
    TOTAL $ PROTECTED                                               to break down by category, provide total assessed value.

10. $ Amount of Fire Loss in FY 2005–06                1408180 Total cost of fire damage to properties in FY 2005–06.

11. $ Amount of Property Prior to Fire Damage in         $          Total value of property where fires occurred, prior to fire
FY 2005–06                                                          damage.

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