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   The land down here by the river is quite difficult to find a use for because
    it often floods. Flooded land is too soggy for crops and too dangerous
    for animals.
   I am wondering whether I might be able to find someone or an
    organisation who might like to purchase this bit of land from me. I could
    make some money to pay off some bills if I did that.
   I know people in the village love these fields because they played here
    as children and walk their dogs here now.
   The government are encouraging me to diversify and find non-traditional
    ways of using my land.

Local resident
   I walk my dog along the river every day. It’s lovely down there and it is
    so peaceful.
   Some days I take my binoculars with me and watch the birds who
    congregate on Hardley Flood.
   I am fed up with my energy bills at home getting higher and higher.
   I recycle as much of my waste as possible and I also use the local farm
    shop to buy my food.

Wind farm developer
    The Broads has always been a prime location for wind power. The
      landscape is flat with few obstructions and so we get good winds.
      Windmills were used to drain the marshes long before diesel pumps.
    It is my job to identify potential sites for wind farms and work with local
      stakeholders and planners to get permission to create them.
    When I am talking to people about potential developments I hear all
      sorts of arguments against the developments, but I have had lots of
      practice at reassuring people.
    It would be good if local people could buy some of the electricity
      generated from the turbines we build, but at the moment that is not
      possible because it all has to feed into the National Grid.

Friends of the Earth
    It is my job to protect the environment and work towards a healthy and
     just world.
    Most scientists now agree that burning fossil fuels is contributing to
     climate change.
    We need to research and establish alternative methods of generating
    By harnessing the energy in moving water, wind and the sun we can
     generate electricity without causing air pollution, and these sources of
     energy will not run out.

   I keep away from places like Horning and Wroxham because that’s
     where all the people are. I like the river near Hardley Flood because it is
    It’s the boats that rally annoy me – the damage my lines and frighten
     away the fish.
    I just want to sit peacefully and catch fish.
    I live just up the road in the next village, it’s called Thurton.

Norfolk Wildlife Trust
   It is my job to protect and enhance Norfolk’s wildlife and wild places for
     people to enjoy.
   Outside of work I try and live as green a life as possible.
   I love Hardley Flood because it is a wild place and there is often loads
     of birds there. Some are quite rare. Last year I saw an Osprey.
   The area around Hardley Flood isn’t just valuable for birds. Small
     mammals, deer and terrestrial/aquatic invertebrates live here too.

   It is my job to assess applications for developments and decide whether
    they are appropriate or not. I have to try and retain the character of the
    Broads landscape.
   I realise that the Broads is great for wind energy and I’ve already said
    yes to wind farm developments at Somerton and Caister.
   Central Government are telling us we must try and support wind
    developments where possible; it is just a question of finding the most
    appropriate locations.
   I hold public meetings where local people can come along and discuss
    their concerns with me. Every proposal so far has generated lots of
    passionate feeling among local communities.

Hire Boat Company
   It is my job to ensure that the family business I have owned for 40 years
     continues to prosper long into the future. I want people to keep coming
     back for boating holidays in the Broads.
   My company hires boats from Loddon, so all boats leaving the yard sail
     along this river. We provide jobs for several local people.
   People visit the Broads because of the peaceful rivers and beautiful
   We’ve seen a decline in the number of visitors we’ve had hiring boats
     over the last 20 years. Cheap flights abroad have really hit our
     business. If this decline continues we’ll have to close our business.

Central Government
   We have to reduce our CO2 emissions significantly before the year 2010.
   We are committed to increasing the proportion of our electricity that is
    generated from renewable sources so that we can reach our Kyoto
    agreed CO2 emissions.
   Wind turbines harness a free source of energy and do not cause
   We want people to consider the alternatives to wind and hydro power. If
    we cannot develop enough renewable sources we’ll have to build more
    nuclear power stations.

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