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The life science informatics marketplace--known as bioinformatics--is set to expand as high-tech
companies infiltrate this arena and biopharmaceutical companies incorporate key informatic solutions into
their business strategies. This Publications believes that many of the segments of bioinformatics
described in this report offer an unusual opportunity for accelerated expansion within the coming years.
This study is arranged to provide an overview of bioinformatics market segments and offer evidence that
these segments are poised for significant future growth. Each segment is accompanied by analysis and
forecasts by product type and application. This analysis surveys the bioinformatics market and the latest
information regarding emerging new products and industry trends. The study will quantify and qualify the
bioinformatics market segments as an area of research, product development and investment. Forecasts
of the bioinformatics market and an analysis of products in the worldwide information-processing market
will provide a basis for understanding the significance of past developments and future possibilities within
this market category.

 Table of Contents :
1. Overview 8
1.1 Statement of Report 8
1.2 About this Report 8
1.3 Scope of this Report 10
1.4 Methodology 10
1.5 Executive Summary 11

2. Introduction 13
2.1 Global Bioinformatics Products Industry 14
2.2 Computers and Biology 15
2.3 Bioinformatics and the Internet 17
2.4 Company Evaluation Overview 17
2.5 Market Outlook 18
2.6 Competitive Structure 20
2.7 Applications of Bioinformatics 20
2.7.1 Medicine 20
2.7.2 Microbial Genomics 22
2.7.3 Agriculture 22
2.8 R&D 22
2.8.1 Allocation of R&D 23
2.8.2 Traditional Drug Discovery Process 24
2.8.3 Drug Discovery and Bioinformatics 26
2.8.4 Collaborative Agreements 27
2.9 The Human Genome Project (HGP) 27
2.9.1 Goals of the Human Genome Project 27
2.9.2 Benefits of the Human Genome Project 29
2.10 Barriers to Entry 29
2.11 Proteomics and Databases 30
2.11.1 Protein Database Standards 31
2.11.2 Future Trends 32

3. The U.S. Bioinformatics Market 33
3.1 Overview 33
3.2 Market Restraints and Drivers 35
3.2.1 Market Restraints 35
3.2.2 Market Drivers 36

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