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									Bengals Concession Information - Roles & Responsibilities

Roles                                          Job Description                                                       Names
                                               Get stand folder at check in (with Stand wrist band). Run the
                                               stand. Assign duties (based on volunteer request). Ensure
                                               compliance with Board of Health regulations, answer to the
                                               Level Leader (Aramark employee). Ensure facility is clean.
                                               Problem solve for team. Fill out all Aramark forms required
                                               including inventory sheet for the stand for the next game. Ask
                                               Level Leader where they want the folder (left at stand or take
                                               to Niko / near bank). Ensure all have correct attire - colors /
1) Stand Leader (1 person)                     hats, etc. Get sales, tips, hats and feedback to HART Bengals
Assigned ahead of time                         leader next day.
                                               Get money, distribute to cash registers, check registers during
                                               game to be sure that cashier's have needed change. Pull
                                               large bills for first pickup (usually beginning of 1st Qtr). Fill out
2) Banker (1 person)                           required forms, reconcile and return to the bank. Collect Tips
Assigned ahead of time                         for HART to get to HART Bengals leader.

3) Cashiers (5 for each machine, preferably)   Take orders, take money and give the food (take tips too)

4) Runners (5 for each cashier, preferably)    Get the orders filled for the Cashier

5) Nachos (1 person)                           Ensure cheese, jalepenos, salsa ready, Fill nacho orders

                                               Ensure pretzels are ready, Fill pretzel orders. Note: put a
                                               courtesy cup of water in the back of the warmer to keep
6) Pretzels (1 person)                         pretzels from becoming rock hard.

                                               Cook the food (usually hotdogs, superdogs, brats, metts, etc.)
                                               and put in containers/wrappers. Ensure cooked to Board of
                                               Health standards. Keep Ice filled and set up pretzels. Ensure
7) Cooks (3 persons)                           Hold areas are compliant.

                                               Set up, count inventory at beginning and end. Support/help
                                               each other as needed. Be NICE to customers! Escalate
ALL                                            issues to stand leader.                                            All
Bengals Concession Process

       Volunteers need to be checked in 4 hours before game time (need photo ID that is state issued).
       Check in is at the Stadium - enter from the north end, on the street level, go down the ramp and go to
  1    the Non-Profit table.
  2    Stand leader will assign duties based on volunteer request
  3    Banker (pre-assigned) will go to bank and get money
       All volunteers will count inventory at stand - stand leader will assign counters to different items to
  4    count (before AND after the game)
  5    All volunteers will wear compliance clothing/jewelry
  6    Cooks will start cooking
       Rest will start cleaning, getting beer/pop taps ready, get condiments ready, warm up bins for
   7   hotdogs/brats/etc, get nachos ready, fix pretzels, etc. as assigned duties
   8   Open the stand 1.5 hours before game time (when gates are opened to the public)
   9   Work the game
  10   Stop selling beer after 3rd quarter
  11   Start closing down some cashier stations in 4th quarter (based on stand leader request)
  12   Start cleaning up, counting inventory
  13   Close down the stand
  14   Finish counting, cleaning and collecting money for banker
  15   Take shirts to designated area, collect hats and give to HART designee (they belong to HART)
Bengals Concession Transportation, Attire, etc.

Carpooling is encouraged! You can do it on your own or join the one we organize.

Organized carpool: Meet no later than 4.5 hours ahead of game time (8:30am for a 1pm game) at the
Cracker Barrel located at the I75 / Sharon Road exit. From there a few folks will drive.
Parking: HART cannot pay for any parking. So do your best to park where there is a small fee or no
fee. There is a small street named Smith St. between Mehring Way and Pete Rose Way that we
have used in the past. If anyone tries to charge you to park, tell them you are working the game
(when they see that you are all dressed the same, that helps). In years past, they have let us park
there for free.
Black pants (no shorts) Warm up's ok as long as no stripes
Black, white or orange shirt
Enclosed shoes (no toes or heels showing)
Jewelry - only one ring per hand and no dangling jewelry
You will get a smock to wear (will be in the concession stand) - required to wear
Ball cap - HART will provide - required to wear
No excessive perfume
No place to store any personal items - so try not to bring any purses, umbrellas
You can bring bottled water in - but no other drinks
Bengals Concession Inventory Count Process

   Make a post-it note for anything that we get charged for (cups, nacho trays, cheese cups, hot dogs, brats, metts,
 1 water, non-alcoholic beer, popcorn tubs, pretzels). Have them made out ahead of time.

 2 Assign personnel to count and give them the post-it note for that category.
   Count the inventory of that item. Ensure you are counting what you think you are counting. (cups look alike,
 3 brats/metts/hot dogs look alike)
   Write the number on the post-it and give it back to stand leader. Stand leader to keep these in the binder with the
 4 count sheet.
   If the number is significantly different than the count sheet, re-count. (look for more places where these items might
 5 be) Get the Aramark Level leader involved if not reconciled.
 6 Ensure every required item is counted (Stand leader check to book inventory sheet)

   At the end of the evening, hand out the post-it again for the post-game count (hopefully to the same person who
 7 counted before the game). Stand leader to collect them again and add that number to the inventory sheet.

 8 Stand leader estimate amount of consumables (hot dog buns, soda boxes, etc) - don't count, just guesstimate.

   Lessons learned:
   Hardest thing to count was the cups as there are SO many. Only assume the count if the bags are sealed.
   Remove all the cups from all the cabinets and set them out in groups (all small soda together, all large soda together,
 9 etc.). This way you don't accidentally miss some or double count any. Count and put away as you count.
Bengals Banker Process

   When you check in at the volunteer desk, inform them that you are the banker. They will give you a notebook as well
 1 as another wrist band that gains you entrance into the money room.

 2 Go to the money room (labeled ARAmark Concessions)
   In the money room, tell the clerk which stand you are collecting the money for. They will have you sign for it. Then
 3 count it to verify that it is all there - I just count the bills and there is a machine in there for that.
   Divide some of the money between the registers for the full service stand and between the aprons for the pod. Keep
 4 the rest of the money in a safe place.
   Before kick-off, someone will come along with a security guard in tow. So, have your first deposit ready to go - all big
   bills, majority of your 20's etc. You'll put this in one of the deposit envelopes that you got with the bank (white copy).
   Sign it and hand it over. Make sure to note on your form how much you deposited. Keep yellow copy for
 5 reconciliation.
    At the end of the evening after you finish inventory, you'll reconcile the books. Count what's left, what got tossed,
   eaten, etc and that will give you your total sales for each item. You'll then add up all your sales for your sale for the
   evening. Your sales for the evening should be equal to the money you have at the end of the evening plus what you
 6 initially deposited minus your initial bank.
   Go to the money room (labeled ARAmark Concessions). Tell them what stand you are dropping off for and they will
 7 have you sign.
Bengals Board of Health Regulations - 10/2007

  1 Wipe down stand prior to starting. Stadium is power sprayed before each game and residue may be on the surfaces
  2 Be sure to sanitize and air dry the 3 compartment sink before filling
  3 Be sure to sanitize the hand sink and the handles
  4 Small Green bucket is for soap and water
  5 Small red bucket is for sanitizer
  6 Wash hands in the hand sink, not the 3-compartment sink
  7 Wash hands prior to doing dishes
  8 Wash hands for at least 20 seconds (sing “Row Row Row Your Boat” twice to yourself)
      Sanitizer sink temperature should be between 55-120 degrees F (use meat thermometer to check). Be sure the clean
  9 the thermometer with alcohol wipes after testing the water.
      Anytime you leave the booth you must wash hands upon re-entry, even if you just washed them in the restroom. This
 10 also includes trips to clean up condiments and front of counters.
 11 Never eat in the front area of the stand
 12 Employee drinks must have lids and straws
 13 Wash hands each time you eat or drink
 14 Never place the ice scoop in the ice, always place it on the plastic grate under the soda
      Handi-wipes must remain in sanitizer bucket when not in use (no rags at the counter for spills unless in sanitizing
 15 solution)
 16 Make sure cleaning agents are accessible to all employees
 17 Never store a cleaning agent above a food prep area
 18 Utensils should be washed, rinsed, and then submerged in sanitizing solution for 2-3 minutes before being air dried
 19 Clean and sanitize sinks and utensils every 4 hours (this includes ice scoops, tongs, trays)
 20 No rings with stones or watches. These articles may contain contaminates, and could poke through the gloves.
      Prefer no nail polish or artificial nails. If employees has either they should wear gloves at all times, even when
 21 operating a cash register
      It is acceptable to keep same gloves on (or not wash hands) between handling money, making drink, grabbing hot
      dogs from the warmer, and grabbing pretzels with wax paper. This is due to the fact you are not directly in contact
 22   with the food item. If you touch nachos, or unwrapped food, your hands must be washed in between
      Wash hands and change gloves between each task. If you wipe up a counter, you must immediately wash your hands
 23   before helping a customer
 24   Throw any opened can goods away at end of game (i.e. sauerkraut and peppers).
 25   Plastic wrap any left over meats and pretzels before freezing/refrigerating
 26   Hot dog warmers should remain on “6”.
      Meat may be thawed in the 3-compartment sink using cold water, but sink must be drained, sanitized and air dried
 27   when complete
 28   Temperature checks of meat should be done as follow:
                 a. Insert thermometer into the end of the meat around 2” deep.
                 b. Check to insure that meat is at least 135°F.
                 c. Meat needs to be cooked to higher temperature the colder it gets outside, because the food will cool
                 off faster between the steamer and the warmers
                 d. When checking different food items, the thermometer must be sanitized with an alcohol swab.
                 e. Thermometer can be checked for accuracy by placing it in ice water and assuring it reads 32 degrees.
Bengals Inventory Count Sheet

                      Pre Count           Post Count
Item              1               2   1                2
hot dogs
super dogs
nacho trays
popcorn tubs
cheese cups
coffee cups
paper soda cups
3D soda cups
beer cups
coffee lids
souvenir mugs

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