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									How to Attract a Man to You – 3 Simple Ways to Attract Them

I know you must have been wondering how to attract a man to you. In fact, there are a lot of single
ladies that have been wondering the same as you and are facing the same dilemma. I have been in this
challenging situation myself and luckily I have found the things that made things work out for me.

I will share to you the things that I did and perhaps other women before you have also tried the same. It
worked for me and it should work for you as well. In fact, it has been all too easy for a lot of women who
succeeded in this field. Therefore, without further ado, I will present to you the simple ways that will
make you learn how to attract a man to you.

1 – Be friendly to men

Friendship will always be the first stage when you want to really date exclusively and seriously. It will
always be great to have someone who became your friend first before you have started any romantic
interest. A relationship that is built on friendship tends to last than a relationship that started on a whim.

2 – Wear your most elegant look

Whether you are only meeting him at the library, you need to appear simple but elegant in front of him.
The look that most men would wish they are on your side each moment. Guys are usually physical when
it comes to their attraction. Emotional attraction comes after they are physically attracted to you.

3 – Mingle with him and his friends

Men are usually attracted to women who have no qualms with guy stuffs. In fact, they will even
appreciate you more if you try to mingle with them and be comfortable for everything that he is.
Remember, for guys the opinion of their friends are more valuable.

Learning how to attract a man to you is actually easy if you know how to use your feminine side but do
not overdo it since guys usually get turned off for women who are utterly feminine that they cannot
handle most masculine stuffs.

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