Clackamas County Girls Softball by runout


									                            2009 Season
Lake Oswego / West Linn / Wilsonville / Tualatin 8U Community League

                8-U Girls Softball Rules
1. Regulation game will be 7 innings. (Ties will stand). In the event of rain, a
makeup game is the option of the coaches. No new inning will begin after 1 hour.
The standard ASA field set up of base at 60 ft. with a pitching plate at 35 ft. will
be used.

2. Pitching: Each Defensive team will field a pitcher, who will pitch a maximum
of three pitches. Each batter has 3 strikes to hit the ball (excluding foul balls,
which can extend the count). Once the player pitcher has completed 3 pitches and
if the ball has not been put into play AND the batter has not already struck out on
the first 3 pitches, the Batter’s coach will pitch the balance of the strike count
only. If the batter hits the ball into fair territory, play commences as in standard
softball. If the ball is batted and strikes the coach pitcher, it is considered a live
ball. Upon 3 strikes, in any combination of player / coach pitching, the batter is
out and shall retire to the dugout.

3. There will be 3 outs per inning, or a maximum of 4 runs scored per inning,
whichever occurs first. Upon 3 outs or 4 runs, the half inning is complete and
teams will exchange offense to defense (even if not all players have come to bat).
A player called out by fly out, force out, or tag out shall return to the dugout. The
batting order will remain in tact from inning to inning and teams will start the
next inning where they left off the previous inning. Teams will bat their entire
roster, in order, regardless of whether or not each player played defense that
inning. Any late players will be added to the end of the roster when they arrive.

4. There will be free substitution on defense, but only 10 players may play
defense at one time. Each child must play 2 full defensive innings (6
outs). No player will play any one position more than two consecutive innings.
The kids are encouraged to try all positions. A team may play with fewer
than 10 defensive players only if there are not 10 players available and
able to play

5. At the time the ball is hit, the girl-playing pitcher must be in the pitching circle
and even with the 35 ft pitching rubber. Outfielders must play outfield positions,
and 4 players must be outfielders at all times, except when a team has fewer
than10 players able to play. Outfield positions start 10 feet behind the base path.
Infield players must take the normal infield positions approximately 3 feet inside
the base path.

6. Dead ball will be signaled when the ball go out of bounds or when the ball is
returned to the pitcher in the circle. The pitcher does not have to catch the ball
but the ball must simply pass through the circle.
7. The catcher must wear mask, throat protector, catcher helmet, chest protector
and shin guards at all times while playing defense. Defensive players must
remain in their appropriate positions until the ball is hit.

8. No infield fly rule.

9. Players in the on-deck circle, in the batters box or running the bases must wear

10. A player can advance as far as she wants off of a hit but only
one additional base after an over throw or if the ball is thrown out of bounds.
Base runners may not leave their base until the pitcher releases the ball (leading

11. The offensive team may have a maximum of 3 coaches on the playing field,
one each in the coaches’ boxes located near first and third base, and one at home
plate or in the pitching area. The offensive coach at home plate or in the pitching
area will serve as the home plate umpire during that half of the inning.

12. The defensive team may have a maximum of 2 coaches in the outfield, who
must be positioned so as not to obstruct the offensive team or its coaches in any
manner. One of the two will serve as the field umpire.

13. No bat throwing will be tolerated. Any player throwing a bat more than 5 ft.
in a manner that is dangerous to the coaches or other players will be given a
warning. On any ensuing occurrences by the same player, she will be called out.

14. Coaches should encourage their defensive players to throw the ball to attempt
to make an out rather then allowing their players to engage in a foot race with a
base runner to make an out.

15. Scores and statistics may be kept at the coaches discretion but always show
good sportsmanship.

16. No stealing bases.

17. Bunting allowed.

18. Umpires will be provided by the home team coach (parent volunteers or

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