Courses That Count for LGBT Secondary Field or Focus by runout


									Courses Outside WGS That Count for Concentration Credit — 2008/2009
NOTE: We have only listed courses that we know will be focused on gender or sexuality. If you think another
course should count for concentration credit for you, please fill out a petition form and attach a syllabus.

African and African American Studies 122. Caribbean Women Writers
Anthropology 1623. The Anthropology of Intimacy
Celtic 166. The Folklore of Women
Chinese Literature 239. Gender and Power in Chinese Literature
Economics 980b. Economics of Career and Family
Economics 2330. History and Human Capital
English 90ow. Oscar Wilde: Artist, Martyr, Celebrity
English 154. Literature and Sexuality
Freshman Seminar 31z. Sex and Scandal in Early Modern England
Freshman Seminar 30e. Rewriting America: Race, Feminism, and Classic Narratives
Freshman Seminar 34i. Girl Talk: Reflections on Gender and Youth in America
Government 98gc. Gender, Politics, and Markets
Government 98oa. Inequality and American Democracy
Government 1116. The Rise and the Fall of the Housewife
Historical Study A-67. Gendered Communities: Women, Islam, and Nationalism in the Middle East
and North Africa
History 74j. Women's Work: Gender in the World of Atlantic Slavery
History 74c. Bodily Functions: Histories of Bare Life and Bio-Power
History 2918. International Human Rights (Graduate Seminar in General Education)
History and Literature 90m. Visual Culture of US Social Movements
House Seminar Mather 75. Russian Women Writers of the Imperial Era
Human Biology and Translational Medicine 306. Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Biomarkers, Women's Health
Human Evolutionary Biology 1312. Human Sexuality: Research and Presentation Seminar
Japanese Literature 133. Gender and Japanese Art
Medieval Studies 227. Hildegard of Bingen and the Gospels: Seminar
Religion 1009. Religion, Gender, and Politics in Transnational Perspective
Religion 1050. Democratizing Biblical Studies
Religion 1410. Women, Sex, and Gender in Ancient Christianity
Religion 1572. Sex, Gender and Sexuality
Religion 1730. Buddhist Women and Representations of the Female
Religion 2501. The Religious History of American Women: Seminar
Romance Studies 201. Approaches to Theory
Social Studies 98kb. Gender in Developing Nations
Sociology 252. Sociology of Gender
Visual and Environmental Studies 103. A Short History of Q
Visual and Environmental Studies 196. Women's Film and Video in France: Agnes Varda, Chantal Akerman
and Claire Denis

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