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									                                                                EXTERNAL CODE LISTS USED IN ACQUISITION

Code List or Concept                                                 Authoritative Source
    (Acronym)                                                          or Maintenance                          Update Frequency and/or
                                        Definition                                           Current Version                                        Link 1                    Link 2
                                                                           Agency                                    Mechanism

AGENCY: Agency           A unique identifier assigned by the          Treasury (for          Daily              Daily (at least 1 agency   Not directly accessible.
Location Code (ALC)      Treasury's Intra-Governmental Payment        STARS) but IPAC is                        has changes on any
                         and Collection (IPAC) system for the         the source from the                       given day).
                         federal agencies. Maximum of 8 digits.       FedReg perspective.

AGENCY: Codes for        This Standard provides a four-character      Census Bureau         Feb-07              U.S. Census Bureau is http://csrc.nist.gov/publi
the Identification of    identifier for each organization listed.     (formerly NIST)                           currently maintaining an cations/nistpubs/800-
Federal and Federally    The set of identifiers defines a standard                                              internal FIPS 95 file that 97/SP800-97.pdf
Assisted Organizations   data element. The two leftmost                                                         is not published yet.
                         characters form a component data                                                       Updates do not occur
                         element which is identical with the two-                                               frequently nor on any
                         digit numerical code used in the Federal                                               regular schedule.
                         budgetary process to identify major
                         Federal organizations. This component,
                         designated as the Treasury Agency
                         Symbol (TAS), is maintained by the U.S.
                         Department of the Treasury.

CAGE: Commercial      The CAGE Code is a five position code           DLIS (DoD)             Daily              CAGEs are updated          http://www.dlis.dla.mil/c
and Government Entity that identifies contractors doing business                                                daily and are              age_welcome.asp
(CAGE)                with the Federal Government, NATO                                                         automatically assigned
                      member nations, and other foreign                                                         to new CCR registrants
                      governments.                                                                              as applicable.
Congressional District   Congressional districts are legislatively Bureau of the Census      Feb-07             The revised                http://www.census.gov/
(FIPS 9-1 withdrawn      defined subdivisions of a State for the                                                congressional districts    prod/cen2000/doc/cd11
2/8/07)                  purpose of electing representatives or                                                 are published in           0h.pdf
                         delegates to the House of                                                              Feb/March following
                         Representatives of the United States                                                   November elections
                         Congress. A State or equivalent entity                                                 (every two years).
                         may comprise a single congressional
                         district or similar representational area.
                         This standard provides the structure of
                         numeric codes for representing
                         congressional districts and similar areas
                         defined for the various Congresses of
                         the United States.

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                                                                      EXTERNAL CODE LISTS USED IN ACQUISITION

Code List or Concept                                                    Authoritative Source
    (Acronym)                                                             or Maintenance                           Update Frequency and/or
                                          Definition                                             Current Version                                            Link 1                     Link 2
                                                                              Agency                                     Mechanism

COUNTRY - GEOnet           Primary Country Code. A two alphabetic       GEOnet (NGA-DoD)         Jul-05              No notification                http://earth-
Name Server (GNS)          character code uniquely identifying a                                                     mechanism in place;            info.nga.mil/gns/html/cn
                           geopolitical entity (countries,                                                           online database is             try_files.html
                           dependencies, and areas of special                                                        updated when necessary
                           sovereignty). GNS also provides the                                                       - country codes and
                           respective country names.                                                                 names do not change
COUNTRY: ISO 3166          2 different codes - alpha-2 and alpha-3       ISO/IEC                 Jul-03            The ISO 3166/MA updates          http://www.iso.org/iso/e
Country Codes              The short country names from ISO 3166-                                                  the code lists in all parts of   n/prods-
                           1 and the alpha-2 codes are made                                                        ISO 3166. Changes are            services/iso3166ma/02i
                           available by ISO at no charge for internal                                              announced in newsletters         so-3166-code-lists/list-
                           use and non-commercial purposes.                                                        which update the currently       en1.html
                           Whereas, there is a charge for alpha-3                                                  valid standard. VISIT
                           codes.                                                                                  WHAT's NEW at link.
COUNTRY: FIPS 10-4 -       This standard is intended for use in          NIST and Office of      Apr-95            Change notices for FIPS    http://www.itl.nist.gov/fi
Countries,                 activities associated with the mission of     the Geographer and                        10-4 are issued by the     pspubs/fip10-4.htm
Dependencies, Areas        the Department of State and national          Global Issues, U.S.                       National Geospatial-
of Special Sovereignty,    defense programs. It may also be used         Department of State.                      Intelligence Agency (NGA).
and Their Principal        for Federal interchanges of information       However, State
Administrative Divisions   with the non-Federal sector including         transferred
                           industry, state, local, and other             maintenance to
                           Governments, and the public at large.         National Geospatial-
                           Federal agencies that do not require          Intelligence Agency
                           international data interchange, and that      (NGA) in 1997,
                           are not involved in national defense          despite what the
                           programs or with the mission of the U.S.      FIPS Pub indicates.
                           Department of State, may adopt FIPS
                           PUB 10-4.

System & Equipment         In order to be an Major Defense               Department of          December-04          As required.                   http://www.dior.whs.mil/
Codes (DoD)                Acquisition Program (MDAP), an                Defense                                                                    peidhome/guide/mn02/
                           acquisition program must either be                                                                                       MN02.HTM
                           designated by the USD(AT&L) as an
                           MDAP or estimated by the USD(AT&L)
                           to require an eventual total expenditure
                           for research, development, test, and
                           evaluation of more than $365 million in
                           FY 2000 constant dollars or more than
                           $2.190B in procurement in FY2000
                           constant dollars.

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                                                                  EXTERNAL CODE LISTS USED IN ACQUISITION

Code List or Concept                                                   Authoritative Source
    (Acronym)                                                            or Maintenance                         Update Frequency and/or
                                       Definition                                             Current Version                                      Link 1                     Link 2
                                                                             Agency                                   Mechanism

Federal Supply         FSC identifies, by title, the commodity          DLIS (DoD)            April 2005          As needed.              Interactive Link:          Code List:
Classification (FSC)   area covered by classes within the                                                                                 http://www.dlis.dla.mil/   http://www.dlis.dla.mil/
                       group. Each of 643 classes (78 groups)                                                                             H2/default.asp             PDFs/h2.pdf
                       cover a relatively homogeneous area of
                       commodities. 4-digit code; first two digits
                       identify the group, and the last two digits
                       identify the classes within each group.
                       Code numbers are so assigned as to
                       make it possible to expand the number
                       of groups and classes as that becomes
                       necessary. Ex: Group 75 = Office
                       supplies and devices, 7530 = Stationary
                       and paper products.

Labor Surplus Area     A civil jurisdiction is classified as a labor    DOL                   Oct-04              Updated each FY on      http://www.doleta.gov/p
(LSA)                  surplus area when its average                                                              Oct. 1st.               rograms/pdf/lsa_listing_
                       unemployment rate was at least 20                                                                                  of_areas.pdf
                       percent above the average
                       unemployment rate for all states
                       (including the District of Columbia and
                       Puerto Rico) during the previous 2
                       calendar years.
NAICS                  NAICS is a six-digit system that provides        Census Bureau         Jan-07            NAICS codes are updated http://www.census.gov/
                       for comparability among the three                (DOC)                                   every 5 years to coincide epcd/naics07/index.htm
                       countries (U.S.A., Canada and Mexico)                                                    with the Economic Census l
                       at the five-digit level, albeit with a few                                               that is conducted in years
                       exceptions. The SIC was a four-digit                                                     ending in 2 and 7. The next
                       system that was not linked in any way to                                                 version of NAICS will be
                       the systems of Canada and Mexico. A                                                      published in 2007.
                       six-digit system was adopted for NAICS
                       to provide for increased flexibility in the
                       system. NAICS allows each country to
                       recognize activities that are important in
                       the respective countries, but may not be
                       large enough or important enough to
                       recognize in all three countries. The
                       sixth digit is reserved for this purpose.

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                                                               EXTERNAL CODE LISTS USED IN ACQUISITION

Code List or Concept                                              Authoritative Source
    (Acronym)                                                       or Maintenance                         Update Frequency and/or
                                      Definition                                         Current Version                                     Link 1                     Link 2
                                                                        Agency                                   Mechanism

Object Class: OMB      Object Classes are categories in a          OMB                   Oct-04            Published annually.       http://www.whitehouse.
Circular A-11          classification system that present                                                                            gov/omb/circulars/a11/c
                       obligations by the items or services                                                                          urrent_year/s83.pdf
                       purchased by the Federal Government.

Product Service Codes PSC's are categorizations of what the        GSA                   Oct-06            Updated when PSCs         http://www.fpds-
(PSC)                 U.S. Government buys. They consist of                                                change or as required.    ng.com/downloads/psc
                      -Federal Supply Classification Codes                                                                           _data_10242006.xls
                      (FSC) for commodities.
                      -Research and Development codes
                      cover all aspects of research,
                      development, and evaluation (including
                      management and support).
                      -Services include all other non-tangible
                      services AND purchase or lease of
Standard Industrial   The North American Industry                  Census Bureau         FINAL version:    SIC codes are being       http://www.census.gov/
Classification (SIC)  Classification System (NAICS) has            (DOC)                 1987              phased out.               epcd/naics/NSIC0.HTM
                      replaced the U.S. Standard Industrial                                                                          #S01
                      Classification (SIC) system.
STATE: US Board of    The Geographic Names Information             USGS (formerly        Jan-07            Updated annually          http://geonames.usgs.g
Geographic Names      System (GNIS) is the Federal standard        NIST)                                                             ov/domestic/download_
(State, County, and   for geographic nomenclature. The U.S.                                                                          data.htm
more)                 Geological Survey developed the GNIS
                      for the U.S. Board on Geographic
                      Names as the official repository of
                      domestic geographic names data; the
                      official vehicle for geographic names use
                      by all departments of the Federal
                      Government; and the source for applying
                      geographic names to Federal electronic
                      and printed products. This superceded
                      the withdrawn FIPS PUBS 553- and 55-

STATE: USPS - State    The USPS Publication 28 defined 2           USPS                  Nov-00            As required.              http://pe.usps.gov/cpim/
Code                   character State Abbreviations used in                                                                         ftp/pubs/Pub28/pub28.p
                       the mailing addresses to designate                                                                            df
                       states within U.S.

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                                                                 EXTERNAL CODE LISTS USED IN ACQUISITION

Code List or Concept                                                  Authoritative Source
    (Acronym)                                                           or Maintenance                          Update Frequency and/or
                                       Definition                                            Current Version                                      Link 1                     Link 2
                                                                            Agency                                    Mechanism

UNSPSC: United         The United Nations Standard Products            Uniform Code          V 8.0401           As required.              http://www.unspsc.org/
Nations Products and   and Services Code is a hierarchical             Council, Inc.                                                      CodeDownloadExpand.
Services Code          convention that is used to classify all                                                                            asp?PageID=4&MenuL
                       products and services. It is the most                                                                              oc=1
                       efficient, accurate and flexible
                       classification system available today for
                       achieving company-wide visibility of
                       spend analysis, enabling procurement to
                       deliver on cost-effectiveness demands
                       and allowing full exploitation of electronic
                       commerce capabilities. The UNSPSC
                       was jointly developed by the United
                       Nations Development Programme
                       (UNDP) and Dun & Bradstreet
                       Corporation (D & B) in 1998. (The GSA
                       Advantage and DoD EMALL currently
                       use UNSPSC for products and services.)

ZIP: USPS - Zip Code   ZIP is an acronym that stands for "Zone         USPS                  Updated daily as   As required.              http://zip4.usps.com/zip
                       Improvement Plan." ZIP Code™                                          required                                     4/welcome.jsp
                       numbers are extremely important in the
                       processing and delivery of mail. Using
                       the correct ZIP+4® code reduces the
                       number of handlings and significantly
                       decreases the potential for error and
                       possibility of misdelivery.

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