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									Laser vision correction

                                    In Los Angeles vision correction procedures are
                                    popular among everyone those with vision disorders
                                    and those without them alike. Laser eye surgery is the
                                    most popular vision correction treatment out there
                                    with over 700,000 having laser vision correction
                                    surgery every year. Although in most places including
                                    Los Angeles Lasik surgery is the most popular laser
                                    eye correction treatment it is not the only one
                                    available. There are three main types of laser
                                    treatments used for laser eye surgery.

                                       The most commonly known and most successful is
Lasik eye surgery. During Lasik the cornea which is the heart of almost any and all vision
disorders is reshaped using a laser. A flap is cut on the eye and the cornea is reshaped
until the eye focuses and the procedure is done in rapid time. Leading Beverly Hills Lasik
surgeons although the patient is conscience the whole time the procedure is completely
painless, but maybe a bit uncomfortable. Some patients are not candidate for Lasik but
the cornea is to thin or sensitive if dealing with other immune crippling illnesses. In some
cases most Los Angeles Eye surgeons will determine which vision correction program is
best according to the situation.

Photorefractive Keratectomy otherwise known as PRK or Lasek is a different procedure
from Lasik which also uses laser technology to minimize and in most cases even
eliminate the dependency on glasses and other vision assisting objects. This procedure
like Lasik utilizes the laser to reshape the cornea permanently. The difference between
Lasek and Lasik is the flap that is cut on the surface of the eye and reattached during the
Lasik procedure.

Epithelial laser Keratomileusis or otherwise called E -Lasik is the other well knows laser
procedure which is to compete closely with Lasik in safety for various reasons. E-Lasik
like PKR eliminates complications of the flap. In most cases Los angeles eye surgeons
commonly advocate this Lasek to patients who are looking to have Lasik and are not
candidate because of the thinness of the cornea. E-Lasik makes it a lot easier for patients
who do not qualify for Lasik qualify for E-Lasik because the solutions and other tools
used are specifically for work with sensitive corneas.

Most people who undergo Laser eye surgery come out with perfect and even more than
perfect vision. In other cases 20/40 is achieved. It is important that a patient knows and
understands that even a procedure which is done flawlessly can result in less than perfect
vision. If a surgeon is to blame for under or over correction he in more cases than none
goes back in without a problem and fixes the problem right away or within six months.
The surgeon will go through the laser eye surgery repeatedly and follow up closely after
the procedure.

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