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					TABLE G-1
                  CALIFORNIA STATE WATER PROJECT, 2005

      District, Agency or Water Type                                 Acre-feet

   Grand Total                                                       4,668,664

State Water Project Water
City of Yuba                                                             1,894
County of Butte                                                            527
Plumas County Flood Control and
 Water Conservation District                                                  0
Napa County Flood Control and
 Water Conservation District                                             2,669
Solano County Water Agency                                               3,509
Alameda County Water District                                           44,599
Alameda County Flood Control and
 Water Conservation District-Zone 7                                     46,512
Santa Clara Valley Water District                                       99,445
County of Kings                                                         19,806
Dudley Ridge Water District                                             81,913
Empire West Irrigation District                                          3,834
Kern County Water Agency                                             1,290,064
Oak Flat Water District                                                  4,194
Tulare Lake Basin Water Storage District                               135,002
San Luis Obispo County Flood Control and                                 4,251
Santa Barbara County Flood Control and                                  23,344
Antelope Valley-East Kern Water Agency                                  59,831
Castaic Lake Water Agency                                               59,456
Coachella Valley County Water District                                  42,519
Crestline-Lake Arrowhead Water Agency                                      205
Desert Water Agency                                                     49,089
Littlerock Creek Irrigation District                                         0
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California                   1,478,045
Mojave Water Agency                                                     11,561
Palmdale Water District                                                 11,712
San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District                          33,977
San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District                             10,500
San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency                                             692
Ventura County Flood Control District                                    1,665
    Total Entitlement Water                                          3,520,815
Recreation/Fish and Wildlife Water                                       1,506
     Total State Water Project Water                                 3,522,321

Other Water
Transfers and exchanges between SWP and non-SWP contractors             13,853
Transfers and exchanges between SWP and EWA (See Note)                 148,516
Conveying CVP Water Recreation/Fish and Wildlife Water (San Luis)          634
Conveying CVP Water Cross Valley Canal                                   4,938
Conveying CVP Water (Kern National Wildlife Refuge U.S.B.R.)            22,947
Conveying CVP Water Annual Contract                                        621
SWP Contractor local water                                              27,325
Regulated local water                                                1,076,025
Dry Year Purchase                                                            0
Transfers between Non State Contractors                                      0
    Total Other Water                                                1,146,343

Note: Transfers and exchanges between SWP and EWA are not deliveries and thus,
are listed but are not includeed in the total shown above.
Source: Department of Water Resources, Water File: SAP 2005 Water Type Report
Department of Water Resources
State Water Project Analysis Office (916) 653-4635

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