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									      UK LIFE PROJECTS BY THEME (1992-2007)

      The projects listed below represent those UK projects that have received support from the EU LIFE Programme, the EU's
      financial instrument that supports environmental and nature conservation projects throughout the European Community.
      It includes projects from the previous LIFE I, LIFE II and LIFE III Programmes and from the current LIFE+ Programme (2007-13).
      The information has been extracted from the European Commission's LIFE project database
      ( and includes hyperlinks to the specific projects.

      Projects are listed in one of the following thematic areas. However, many will have relevance to more than one thematic group.
      Click on the thematic group heading to see projects funded within this area.

                       Energy, Climate
                       Environmental Management
                       Industry and Production
                       Urban Environment, Quality of Life, Tourism, Transport
                       Soil, Land-Use, Agriculture, Rural
                       Waste, Recycling
                       Rivers, Lakes
                       Wetlands, Fens, Bogs
                       Coasts, Seas, Fisheries
                       Forests, Woodlands
                       Grasslands, Heaths, Moors
                       Species Conservation: Animals, Plants

Call Project No    Project Title                                  Theme           Project Website Layman's   Coordinator   Duration   Total       EU LIFE
Year                                                                                              Report                              budget €    funding €
1993 LIFE93        An integrated environmental management         Air pollution                              Southwark     1/10/93-       601,160     291,563
     ENV/UK/003098 scheme for air pollution in a strategic road                                              Council       31/3/95
1994 LIFE94        Air quality and integrated monitoring (AIM). Air pollution                                  South East     1/2/95-        193,186     193,186
     ENV/UK/000813                                                                                             Institute of   1/2/97
                                                                                                               Public Health
1995 LIFE95        Plasma treatment of incinerator off-gas.      Air pollution                                 AEA Technology 1/4/96-        398,059     398,059
     ENV/UK/000374                                                                                                            1/4/99
1994 LIFE94        Prevention of damage to the environment       Volatile organic                              SATRA          1/11/94-        81,666      81,666
     ENV/UK/000677 by organic solvents used in the footwear      compounds                                     Footwear       31/7/97
                   industry.                                                                                   Technology
1994 LIFE94        Bat for solvent management in the process     Volatile organic                              AEA Technology 1/11/94-       163,980      87,229
     ENV/UK/000884 industry (BAT).                               compounds                                                    31/10/96
1996 LIFE96        The use of a novel biological treatment       Volatile organic   http://www.bip.c           BIP Group Ltd  16/7/97-        89,626           0
     ENV/UK/000403 process for reduction of VOC emissions to     compounds                                     16/7/99
1997 LIFE97        The use of a novel absorption process for     Volatile organic                              BIP Group Ltd   1/1/98-             0           0
     ENV/UK/000509 reduction of VOC emissions to air.            compounds                                                     1/9/99
1998 LIFE98        Novel technologies to help the European       Volatile organic   http://www.satra.          SATRA           1/9/98-       420,298     366,552
     ENV/UK/000590 furniture industry reduce emissions of        compounds                     Technology      1/6/01
                   environmentally damaging organic solvents.                                                  Centre
1999 LIFE99        Development and evaluation of innovative      Volatile organic                              Berkshire       1/2/99-        91,543      63,710
     ENV/UK/000172 solutions to reduce VOC emissions from        compounds                                     Gravure         1/5/01
                   the printing industry.                                                                      Company Ltd

Energy, Climate
Call Project No    Project Title                                 Theme              Project Website Layman's   Coordinator     Duration   Total       EU LIFE
Year                                                                                                  Report                              budget €    funding €
1998 LIFE98        Testing an environmentally friendly housing   Buildings and      http://www.asrt.o          Aberdeenshire   1/9/98-        335,983     221,971
     ENV/UK/000616 layout in an exposed peripheral location on   housing                       Council         1/9/02
                   the North Sea fringe of Europe.
2005 LIFE05        Integrated greenhouse and other buildings     Buildings and      http://www.livingr         The Living      15/1/05-     4,350,285   2,243,281
     ENV/UK/000998 utilising sustainable design, construction    housing               Rainforest      31/12/08
                   and operation.
2007 LIFE07        Green roofs against climate change. To        Buildings and                                 Groundwork      1/1/09-       914,263     454,905
     ENV/UK/000936 establish a green roof code to support        housing                                       Sheffield       31/12/12
                   climate change mitigation and adaptation

2007 LIFE07        Eco-animation: a cutting edge cartoon to      Climate            http://www.anim            Business        1/1/09-       541,092     258,371
     INF/UK/000950 raise awareness on climate change and                              Solutions       31/3/11
                   sustainable use of natural resources                                                        Europa Ltd
                   among European children.
2005 LIFE05        Biomass, remediation, regeneration: Re-        Energy                                         University of      1/12/05-     1,236,877    610,415
     ENV/UK/000128 using brownfield sites for renewable energy    production and                                 Teesside           30/4/10
                   crops.                                         distribution
2002 LIFE02        Carbon assessment and reduction in             Energy -         http://www.islingt Layman's   London             1/11/02-      421,651     270,425
     ENV/UK/000147 regeneration areas (CARRA).                    horizontal Report       Borough of         31/12/04
                                                                  management       nment/Planning/               Islington
                                                                  issues           PlanningPolicy/
2005 LIFE05        LIFE Environment preparatory project for Energy -                                  Layman's   Environment        1/6/05-       624,994     312,497
     PREP/UK/00012 the EU Emissions Trading Scheme update. horizontal                                 Report     Agency             2/6/06
2003 LIFE03        Demonstration of a recycling, energy     Energy -               http://www.mixla Layman's     Mixlance           6/10/03-     4,876,407   1,004,062
     ENV/UK/000615 efficient and environmentally friendly   industry and  Report          (Technical         6/4/06
                   modular batch heater plant (REF).        commerce                                             Services) Ltd
1994 LIFE94        Billsaver - A project to develop ways of Energy saving                                        Lothian &          1/11/94-       26,177      26,177
     ENV/UK/000885 reducing the amount of energy consumed                                                        Edinburgh          30/11/98
                   by domestic applicances.                                                                      Environment
1999 LIFE99        Sustainability in membrane bioreactor          Energy saving                                  Air Products plc   1/3/99-             0           0
     ENV/UK/000170 (MBR) technology by reducing hazardous                                                                           1/11/00
                   chemicals consumption and energy use.
2007 LIFE07        Regional Environmental Networks for            Energy saving                                  Energy Saving      1/1/09-      1,941,702    970,850
     INF/UK/000932 Energy and Water (RENEW).                                                                     Trust Ltd          31/12/11

Environmental Management
Call Project No    Project Title                                  Theme            Project Website Layman's      Coordinator        Duration   Total       EU LIFE
Year                                                                                                Report                                     budget €    funding €
2004 LIFE04        Application and dissemination of value-        Eco-ratings      http://www.adva Layman's      University of      1/9/04-        688,674     342,337
     ENV/UK/000815 based eco-ratings in financial markets                 Report       Leeds              30/11/06
2002 LIFE02        The value and issues of utilising EMAS II in   EMAS -           http://remas.ewi Layman's     Environment    1/11/02-         2,101,947   1,037,414
     ENV/UK/000143 the regulation of industry (REMAS).            businesses    Report       Agency         30/4/06
1994 LIFE94        Partnership in EMAS (PIE).                     EMAS - local                                   Fife Council   1/9/94-            51,226      51,226
     ENV/UK/000817                                                authorities                                                   31/12/96
1998 LIFE98        EURO-EMAS: Pan-European local                  EMAS - local     http://euronet.uw             City of        29/9/98-          624,157     364,773
     ENV/UK/000605 authority eco-management and audit             authorities                Newcastle upon 29/9/01
                   scheme.                                                         ain.htm                       Tyne
2003 LIFE03           Local authority EMAS and procurement          EMAS - local    http://www.iclei- Layman's   Leicester City     1/11/03-      2,982,206   1,487,569
     ENV/UK/000613    (LEAP).                                       authorities Report       Council            31/10/06
2004 LIFE04           Networking with EMAS for sustainable          EMAS - local    p                            Kirklees           15/10/04-     1,811,196    900,164
     ENV/UK/000816    development (NEST).                           authorities                                  Metropolitan       15/10/07
1999 LIFE99        Making news for monitoring progress:             Environmental                                Environ Trust      21/11/99-      531,064     332,699
     ENV/UK/000180 Meaningful community sustainable                 awareness                                    Ltd                21/11/02
                   development indicators (CSDIs) for local
                   people and the media.
1994 LIFE94        Multimedia information systems promoting         Environmental                                EA Technology  1/11/94-           126,195     126,195
     ENV/UK/000558 good environmental practice.                     management                                                  31/10/96
1996 LIFE96        Integrated tourism with the development of       Environmental                                Buckinghamshir 1/2/97-            195,073     195,073
     ENV/UK/000413 forest resources: a joint initiative to          management                                   e College of   1/2/00
                   encourage and promote sustainable                                                             Higher
                   management with the creation of a                                                             Education
                   community wide recognised award system
1998 LIFE98        Biodiversity action on industrial sites:         Environmental                                University of      1/10/98-       574,738     302,920
     ENV/UK/000583 integrating industrial and environmental         management                                   Ulster             31/1/02
                   management systems.
1995 LIFE95        Response network for environmental               Risk                                         Kingston           1/5/96-        144,562     144,562
     ENV/UK/000508 disasters.                                       management                                   University         1/5/99

Industry and Production
Call Project No       Project Title                                 Theme           Project Website Layman's     Coordinator        Duration    Total       EU LIFE
Year                                                                                                Report                                      budget €    funding €
1999 LIFE99           Electrostatic dry glazing of ceramic tiles.   Ceramics                                     H&R Johnson        1/4/99-         260,376     124,982
     ENV/UK/000185                                                  industry                                     Tiles Ltd          1/10/01
1999 LIFE99           Promote LIFE.                                 Ceramics        http://www.prom Layman's     Portmeirion        16/8/99-      1,754,170    701,668
     ENV/UK/000202                                                  industry    Report       Potteries Ltd      30/6/02
1993 LIFE93        Bleaching through enzymes via scaling of         Clean                                        British Maritime   1/10/93-       692,840     245,846
     ENV/UK/003164 technology (BEST).                               technologies                                 Technology Ltd     30/9/96
1994 LIFE94        Demonstration project for the extensive          Clean                                        BLC Leather        1/11/94-       285,673     204,795
     ENV/UK/000494 introduction of clean technologies,              technologies                                 Technology         31/10/97
                   conservation of raw materials and                                                             Centre
                   optimisation of production processes in
1994 LIFE94        The use of scrap metal to produce wear-          Environmental                                London and       1/4/94-          195,548           0
     ENV/UK/000670 resistant coatings.                              technologies                                 Scandinavian     1/4/97
                                                                                                                 Metallurgical Co
1994 LIFE94        Integrated resource optimisation in the            Environmental                                    Express Foods      1/11/94-      263,539     199,116
     ENV/UK/000679 dairy processing industry.                         technologies                                     (N.I.) Ltd         30/6/98
1997 LIFE97        An environment friendly repair system for          Environmental                                    Subterra Ltd       1/7/97-       164,727      15,473
     ENV/UK/000439 leaking sewage or rainwater/surface                technologies                                                        31/12/01
                   drainage pipes.
2006 LIFE06        Pilot scheme for an EU Environmental               Environmental    http://www.lifeetv              Beta Technology 1/9/06-         1,392,748    696,374
     PREP/UK/00002 Technologies Verification system                   technologies     .com/                                           31/8/09
                   incorporating soil remediation, waste water
                   treatment and energy related technologies
2008 LIFE08        Innovative instruments and methodologies           Environmental                                    Rapra Ltd          1/1/10-       893,260     446,130
     ENV/UK/000205 to provide the European polymer industry           technologies                                                        30/6/12
                   with a solid technical background in
                   support of REACH (REACH for polymers).

Urban Environment, Quality of Life, Tourism, Transport
Call Project No       Project Title                                   Theme            Project Website Layman's        Coordinator        Duration   Total       EU LIFE
Year                                                                                                   Report                                        budget €    funding €
1993 LIFE93           Rural futures: Sustainable tourism.             Tourism                                          Devon County       1/11/93-     1,481,345     740,672
     ENV/UK/003080                                                                                                     Council            31/12/96
1994 LIFE94           Parrett Trail.                                  Tourism                                          South Somerset     1/11/94-      565,700     282,850
     ENV/UK/000736                                                                                                     District Council   31/10/98
2000 LIFE00           Combating urban pressures degrading             Urban            http://www.dorse                Dorset County      1/7/01-      3,819,840   1,909,920
     NAT/UK/007079    European heathlands in Dorset.                  biodiversity                Council            30/6/05
2003 LIFE03        Sustainable urban planning networks for            Urban            http://www.sun- Layman's        London             1/9/03-      1,824,191    910,271
     ENV/UK/000614 green spaces (SUN).                                biodiversity       Report        Borough of         30/8/06
1992 LIFE92        Leicester Environment City.                        Urban                                            Sutton
                                                                                                                       Leicester          1/12/92-     5,010,400   1,202,496
     ENV/UK/00046                                                     sustainability                                   Environment        31/8/95
                                                                                                                       City Trust Ltd
1993 LIFE93        Integrated system for implementing                 Urban                                            Kirklees           1/10/93-     1,125,000    517,500
     ENV/UK/003109 sustainability.                                    sustainability                                   Metropolitan       30/9/95
1995 LIFE95           Action towards local authority sustainability   Urban                                            De Montfort        1/3/96-       207,507     176,320
     ENV/UK/000571    (ATLAS).                                        sustainability                                   University         31/5/99
1997 LIFE97           Local indicators to monitor urban               Urban                                            London             1/10/97-      299,379     256,128
     ENV/UK/000434    sustainability (LITMUS).                        sustainability                                   Borough of         1/4/00
2000 LIFE00           Peer reviews for European urban                 Urban                                 Layman's   Southwark City
                                                                                                                       Newcastle          1/11/01-     1,456,200    705,630
     ENV/UK/000891    sustainable development (PRESUD).               sustainability                        Report     Council            31/10/04
2000 LIFE00           Reuse enterprise and local initiatives for      Urban                                            London             1/9/01-      1,550,000    775,000
     ENV/UK/000908    sustainable economies (REALISE).                sustainability                                   Borough of         28/2/05
1993 LIFE93        Maidstone initiative for sustainable           Urban transport                              Maidstone        1/10/93-        97,154      60,630
     ENV/UK/003227 transport (MIST).                                                                           Town Centre      30/9/96
1994 LIFE94        The riverside transit - Newcastle upon         Urban transport                              Council)
                                                                                                               Tyne & Wear      5/12/94-       365,930      72,890
     ENV/UK/000589 Tyne.                                                                                       Development      5/5/98
1994 LIFE94            ASTI: Accessible sustainable transport     Urban transport                              London           1/1/95-        107,842     107,842
     ENV/UK/000753     integration in Camden.                                                                  Borough of       30/6/98
1994 LIFE94            ISIS Phase II: Integrated system for       Urban transport                              Camden
                                                                                                               Kirklees         1/2/95-         92,400      92,400
     ENV/UK/001702     implementing sustainability Phase II.                                                   Metropolitan     31/1/96
1995 LIFE95        London's Walking Network: A model for          Urban transport                              London Walking   1/7/96-        369,496     369,496
     ENV/UK/000590 integrating urban and peripheral areas                                                      Forum            1/4/00
1995 LIFE95        Environmental monitoring of integrated         Urban transport                              Oxfordshire      1/3/96-        337,078     337,078
     ENV/UK/000595 transport strategies.                                                                       County Council   1/7/02
1997 LIFE97        A scheme for access and availability of        Urban transport                              London           14/11/97-      562,465           0
     ENV/UK/000438 special transport for all - Plusbus                                                         Borough of       14/11/00
1998 LIFE98        interactive. access to leisure sites and
                   Sustainable                                    Urban transport                              Camden
                                                                                                               London           1/9/98-        733,559     668,039
     ENV/UK/000602 amenities (SALSA).                                                                          Borough of       1/1/01
1998 LIFE98        Chepstow sustainable transport project.        Urban transport                              Ealing
                                                                                                               Monmouthshire    1/1/99-        126,840      59,865
     ENV/UK/000611                                                                                             County Council   31/12/02
2002 LIFE02        Clean accessible transport for community       Urban transport http://www.ecotr Layman's    Merseyside       1/9/02-       3,944,938   1,493,843
     ENV/UK/000136 health (CATCH).                                           Report      Passenger        31/8/05

Soil, Land-Use, Agriculture, Rural
Call Project No        Project Title                              Theme             Project Website Layman's   Coordinator      Duration    Total       EU LIFE
Year                                                                                                Report                                  budget €    funding €
1999 LIFE99        Toolkits for community led regeneration of Land restoration                                 Groundwork       1/9/99-         221,573     200,712
     ENV/UK/000184 derelict land.                                                                              Foundation       31/3/02
1999 LIFE99        Sustainable post industrial land restoration Land restoration http://ies.bangor.            University of    1/10/99-       528,886     528,886
     ENV/UK/000211 and recreation of high biodiversity habitats.                  Wales, Bangor    1/10/02
1993 LIFE93        Land use planning integrated with the         Land-use                                      Cornwall Trust   1/1/94-         84,414      84,414
     ENV/UK/003081 natural environment.                          planning                                      for Nature       31/12/96
1994 LIFE94        Common land management in upland               Land-use                                          Brecon           1/4/95-       218,045    191,407
     ENV/UK/000557 Wales.                                         planning                                          Beacons          1/6/98
                                                                                                                    National Park
1999 LIFE99        A demonstration model which integrates         Land-use                               Layman's   Cheshire         1/9/99-     4,836,611   2,362,583
     ENV/UK/000177 environmental considerations in                planning                               Report     County Council   1/9/03
                   sustainable land use planning and
                   management through the use of ecological
2005 LIFE05        networks (ECO-net).
                   Remediation of agricultural diffuse nitrate    Quality and       http://www.nitrab               Univ of Oxford   1/12/05-    1,489,298    740,957
     ENV/UK/000137 polluted waters through the implementation     balanced use of                                            31/3/09
                   of a permeable reactive barrier                water
1993 LIFE93        (NITRABAR).
                   Promoting sustainable development in a         Rural                                             Highland         1/1/94-        90,523          0
     ENV/UK/003079 rural economy: The Scottish Highlands.         development                                       Council          31/12/96
1997 LIFE97        Area sustainability for peripheral rural       Rural             http://www.duthc                Highland         1/1/98-       295,475    295,475
     ENV/UK/000504 areas (DUTHCHAS).                              development                     Council          1/4/01
2003 LIFE03        Soil and surface water protection using        Soil protection   http://www.sowa                 Syngenta UK      1/6/03-     3,565,066   1,782,533
     ENV/UK/000617 conservation tillage in Northern and Central                                                      1/9/06
                   Europe (SOWAP).

Waste, Recycling
Call Project No        Project Title                              Theme             Project Website Layman's        Coordinator      Duration   Total      EU LIFE
Year                                                                                                Report                                      budget €   funding €
2004 LIFE04        Treating waste for restoring land              Composting                                        University of    1/10/04-     3,127,741 1,525,928
     ENV/UK/000820 sustainability.                                treatments                                        Wales, Bangor    30/9/07
2003 LIFE03        Demonstration of a system to facilitate the    Electrical and    http://www.evan                 Sundome          1/10/03-    3,193,578    958,073
     ENV/UK/000606 recovery of recyclable materials from waste    electronic              Products Ltd     1/4/05
                   fridges, freezers and large WEE household      equipment         e/default.asp                   (Evand
                   appliances in an environmentally protective                                                      Logistics)
2003 LIFE03        Project to demonstrate an innovative           Electrical and                                    G&P Batteries    1/10/03-      436,330          0
     ENV/UK/000612 automated battery breaking system to deal      electronic                                        Ltd              1/10/05
                   with end of life battery management for        equipment
                   lead acid traction (motive power) and
                   sealed lead acid standby power batteries
2005 LIFE05        Tyre recycling for environmental advantage     End-of-life       http://www.tread Layman's       Aquablast        1/9/05-     1,893,835    568,150
     ENV/UK/000118 (TREAD).                                       vehicles      Report         Holdings Ltd     31/7/07
1994 LIFE94        The recycling of waste materials within the    Footwear                                          SATRA                           63,192     46,475
     ENV/UK/000643 footwear industry and trans-sectorial          industry                                          Footwear
                   recycling of waste materials between                                                             Technology
                   footwear and other industries.                                                                   Centre
1997 LIFE97        Recycling of waste leather from footwear       Footwear                             SATRA               1/6/97-     247,116     229,621
     ENV/UK/000489 and other industries.                          industry                             Technology          1/5/00
2005 LIFE05        Project to demonstrate a system to             Glass            http://www.knauf    Knauf Insulation    1/9/05-    2,737,908    518,417
     ENV/UK/000122 increase cullet leverage for environmentally             Ltd                 1/9/07
                   attractive recycling.
1994 LIFE94        Demonstration of alternative approach to       Hazardous                            Epichem Ltd         1/11/94-     82,025      82,025
     ENV/UK/000899 toxic gas shipments (DELTA).                                                                            30/4/97
1998 LIFE98        The Green Light project.                       Hazardous                            ECT Recycling       3/11/98-    768,170     206,293
     ENV/UK/000595                                                                                     Ltd                 3/11/01
2003 LIFE03        Develop to demonstration level an              Hazardous                            JBR Recovery        1/10/03-   1,733,125          0
     ENV/UK/000618 industrial process aimed at reducing the                                            Ltd                 1/10/06
                   impact on the environment of recoverying
                   plastic (PET), silver and paper from x-ray
                   and other PET based films.
2004 LIFE04        Demonstrating a European method for            Hazardous                            Environment         1/12/04-   1,496,782    725,641
     ENV/UK/000803 hazardous waste management, including                                               Agency              30/11/07
                   targets for prevention and reduction of
1992 LIFE92        West Cumbria initiative.                       Heavy metals                         Albright and        1/12/92-   6,228,421   1,868,526
     ENV/UK/00042                                                                                      Wilson Ltd          31/1/95
1998 LIFE98        Reduction of waste discharge by                Heavy metals                         Cleveland           5/11/98-   2,176,947   1,825,961
     ENV/UK/000603 underground disposal of process residues.                                           Potash Ltd          5/11/02
2005 LIFE05        Concept for the management of clinical         Infectious                           Filtermedia Ltd     1/9/05-    1,519,299    706,299
     ENV/UK/000131 waste based on environmentally sound                                                                    1/6/07
                   policies, providing economic benefits and
                   making medical waste safe.
1994 LIFE94        Landfill monitoring for LIFE.                  Landfill                             M Squared           1/11/94-     97,645           0
     ENV/UK/000650                                                                                     Technology Ltd      30/4/96
2008 LIFE08        European pathway to zero waste:                Landfill                             Environment         1/1/10-    3,382,835   1,916,418
     ENV/UK/000208 demonstrating the route to zero waste to                                            Agency              31/12/12
                   landfill via end of waste protocols and
                   building a recycling society (EPOW).
1993 LIFE93        Integrated organic farm waste.                 Organic                              Walford College     1/10/93-     39,761      39,761
     ENV/UK/003077                                                                                     of Agriculture      30/9/96
1998 LIFE98        Reusable packaging: Pilot study for            Packaging                            Reusable            1/1/98-     380,310     152,124
     ENV/UK/000601 EPS/EPP packaging materials.                                                        Packaging           1/10/00
                                                                                                       International Ltd
1993 LIFE93        Pharmaceutical plant effluent recycling.       Pharmaceutical                       SmithKline          1/10/93-    820,663     246,199
     ENV/UK/003040                                                effluent                             Beecham             30/6/95
1992 LIFE92           The separation and recycling of post        Plastics                             EVC                 1/12/92-      2,052           0
     ENV/UK/00047     consumer plastic bottles.                                                        Compounds Ltd       31/1/95
1995 LIFE95        Extruda Wood: Demonstrating the                 Plastics                                     Extrudawood Ltd 1/6/95-          307,443    287,482
     ENV/UK/000186 conversion of styrene-based waste into                                                                       1/6/98
                   structural components for buildings.
1995 LIFE95        A joint programme between local                 Plastics                                     Reprise EVC   1/10/95-           762,090    762,090
     ENV/UK/000814 authorities and industry to achieve a                                                        Compounds Ltd 1/7/99
                   sustainable plastic bottle recycling system.
1998 LIFE98        The processing of current waste foundry         Sand                                         Econo Tek          3/11/98-      613,771          0
     ENV/UK/000588 sand and sand previously discarded to                                                        Recycling Ltd      3/1/00
                   landfill sand as a total recycling service to
                   the foundry industry and other users.

Call Project No    Project Title                                                    Project Website Layman's    Coordinator        Duration   Total      EU LIFE
Year                                                                                                 Report                                   budget €   funding €
2002 LIFE02        Integrated water management in former           Integrated water http://www.inwat Layman's   National Coal      1/9/02-      4,075,986 1,446,977
     ENV/UK/000140 coal mining regions (INWATCO).                  management          Report     Mining Museum      31/8/05
                                                                                                                for England
2006 LIFE06        Bringing the OpenMI-Life                        Integrated water             Centre for         1/10/06-    3,977,256   1,988,628
     ENV/UK/000409                                                 management                Ecology and        31/1/10
1992 LIFE92        Wetland reedbed treatment of sewage.            Sewage                                       Fife Regional      1/1/93-     1,423,108    711,554
     ENV/UK/00045                                                                                               Council            31/3/97
1997 LIFE97        An investigation into the survival of sewage    Sewage                                       Arun District      1/4/97-        95,929     60,190
     ENV/UK/000431 indicating organisms discharged to the                                                       Council            30/4/99
                   marine environment.
2005 LIFE05        The demonstration of high rate enzyme           Sludge                                       United Utilities   15/1/05-    8,228,421   1,446,648
     ENV/UK/000124 hydrolysis as the safest and most               treatment                                    plc                30/6/07
                   environmentally friendly way to treat
                   sewage sludge for land recycling.
1992 LIFE92        Memcor continuous microfiltration system.       Waste water                                  MEMCOR Ltd         1/12/92-    3,831,927    352,537
     ENV/UK/00040                                                  treatment                                                       31/3/96
1995 LIFE95        Demonstration project in the treatment of       Waste water                                  Montgomery         1/4/95-        60,250     60,250
     ENV/UK/000181 wastewater with aquatic/marginal plants -       treatment                                    Watson Ltd         1/4/97
                   Stage II - Performance monitoring.
1996 LIFE96        The sanitisation and re-circulation of water    Waste water                                  BOC plc            1/11/96-      136,858          0
     ENV/UK/000418 used in the processing of poultry.              treatment                                                       1/11/98
1999 LIFE99        Novel, low cost biodegradable absorbent         Waste water                                  Tool & Steel       1/11/99-      253,604    236,651
     ENV/UK/000176 materials for the removal of a range of         treatment                                    Products Ltd       31/12/01
                   organic and inorganic contaminants from
                   waste water.
2002 LIFE02        Development and applications of advanced Waste water              http://www.dryde    Layman's   Dryden Aqua Ltd 1/7/02-       1,166,116    176,213
     ENV/UK/000146 filtration medium (AFM).                 treatment           Report                     1/7/05
2003 LIFE03        Bioabsorption of metals from abandoned         Waste water        http://www.aber.    Layman's   University of    3/11/03-     1,333,408    666,704
     ENV/UK/000605 mine sites (BIOMAN).                           treatment       Report     Wales,           1/12/06
2004 LIFE04        Water-Renew: Wastewater polishing using        Waste water        http://www.water               WRc plc          1/12/04-     1,431,582    696,774
     ENV/UK/000809 renewable energy crops.                        treatment                                    1/6/08
2005 LIFE05        Process water recycling with a thermophile     Waste water        http://www.norit.              Norit Group      18/1/05-     2,231,001
     ENV/UK/000121 membrane bioreactor installation for           treatment          com/                                            21/12/07
                   treatment of high temperature waste water
                   containing recalcitrant cod-varying in load,
                   concentration and composition, with almost
                   zero waste (sludge) production.
2005 LIFE05        The demonstration of the environmental         Waste water        http://www.formo Layman's      Solutia          17/1/05-      862,006     258,602
     ENV/UK/000126 benefits of a new chemical process             treatment Report                          31/3/07
                   (Formose), capable of 100% reduction of                           VisitProject.aspx
                   formaldehyde from industrial effluent waste
2006 LIFE06        Managed realignment moving towards             Water                                             Environment      1/10/06-      900,732     417,232
     ENV/UK/000401 Water Framework objectives.                    Framework                                         Agency           30/9/09

Rivers, Lakes
Call Project No    Project Title                                                     Project Website Layman's       Coordinator      Duration   Total       EU LIFE
Year                                                                                                  Report                                    budget €    funding €
2000 LIFE00        The Ythan project: sustainable land            Integrated river   http://www.ythan Layman's      The Ythan        1/8/01-        737,038     357,617
     ENV/UK/000894 management in the Ythan catchment.             basin             Report        Project          28/2/05
                                                                  management                                        (Aberdeenshire
2002 LIFE02        Sustainable management of urban rivers         Integrated river   http://www.smurf Layman's      Environment      01/8/02-     2,020,691   1,010,345
     ENV/UK/000144 and floodplains (SMURF).                       basin              -                 Report       Agency           31/7/05
1993 LIFE93        London lakes rehabilitation project.           Lakes                                             London           8/10/93-      158,036     158,036
     ENV/UK/003051                                                                                                  Borough of       17/10/96
1993 LIFE93        Automated network of lake water quality        Lakes                                             Wandsworth
                                                                                                                    Institute of     1/1/94-       122,270     122,270
     ENV/UK/003167 monitors.                                                                                        Freshwater       30/6/97
                                                                                                                    Ecology, NERC
1998 LIFE98        Using automatic monitoring and dynamic        Lakes             http://windermer           Institute of     1/1/99-        686,362     686,362
     ENV/UK/000607 modelling for the active management of                           Freshwater       1/1/03
                   lakes and reservoirs.                                           ects/LifeII/Index.         Ecology
1999 LIFE99        Wise use of flood plains: a demonstration     River and         http://www.flood           RSPB             1/4/99-       1,052,044   1,049,127
     ENV/UK/000203 of techniques to evaluate and plan            floodplain                                 1/4/02
                   floodplain restoration.                       management
                                                                 and restoration
1999 LIFE99           Safeguarding Natura 2000 rivers in the UK. River and         http://www.englis          English Nature   1/8/99-       1,120,520   1,087,706
     NAT/UK/006088                                               floodplain        h-                                          31/12/03
                                                                 and restoration   inukrivers/
2004 LIFE04           Sustainable river catchments for the South River and         South East       1/11/04-      2,212,267   1,090,138
     ENV/UK/000807    East (SURCASE).                            floodplain        uk/surcase/                England          31/10/08
                                                                 management                                   Development
                                                                 and restoration                              Agency
2005 LIFE05           Maintaining quality urban environments for River and         http://www.querc           London           1/4/05-       8,671,213   1,891,492
     ENV/UK/000127    river corridors users and stakeholders     floodplain        us-                        Borough of       30/9/08
                      (QUERCUS).                                 management            Lewisham
                                                                 and restoration   o/index.php
2005 LIFE05           River Avon cSAC: demonstrating strategic River and           http://www.natur           English Nature   1/8/05-       1,570,163    628,065
     NAT/UK/000143    restoration and management.                floodplain                            30/9/09
                                                                 management        /
                                                                 and restoration
2008 LIFE08           Irfon Special Area of Conservation project River and                                    Wye and Usk      1/1/10-       1,626,458    813,299
     NAT/UK/000201    (ISAC).                                    floodplain                                   Foundation       15/9/13
                                                                 and restoration
1994 LIFE94           The development and implementation of a Small water                                     Liverpool John   1/3/95-        418,388     418,388
     ENV/UK/000651    conservation model to integrate small      bodies (ponds)                               Moores           1/3/99
                      water bodies into the planning and                                                      University
                      management of the agricultural landscape
                      of North West England.

Wetlands, Fens, Bogs
Call Project No       Project Title                                                Project Website Layman's   Coordinator      Duration    Total       EU LIFE
Year                                                                                               Report                                  budget €    funding €
1992 LIFE92           Conservation of Scottish lowland raised    Bogs                                         Scottish Wildlife 1/1/93-        480,000     360,000
     NAT/UK/013400    bogs.                                                                                   Trust             31/12/94
1994 LIFE94           Conservation of active blanket bog in      Bogs                                         RSPB              1/10/94-     3,050,000   1,767,500
     NAT/UK/000802    Scotland and Northern Ireland.                                                                            31/12/98
1998 LIFE98           The Border Mires: Active blanket bog          Bogs                                         Northumberland 1/8/98-          233,228     233,228
     NAT/UK/005432    rehabilitation project.                                                                    Wildlife Trust 31/1/03
2000 LIFE00           Restoring active blanket bog of European      Bogs              http://www.lifepe          RSPB           1/3/01-         4,547,869   2,728,721
     NAT/UK/007075    importance in North Scotland.                                   atlandsproject.c                          31/12/06
2000 LIFE00           Restoration of Scottish raised bogs.          Bogs              http://www.swt.o           Scottish Wildlife 1/1/01-      2,139,262   1,458,977
     NAT/UK/007078                                                                               Trust             31/12/03
2006 LIFE06           Restoring active blanket bog in the Berwyn    Bogs              http://www.blank           RSPB              1/8/06-      3,765,394   2,824,046
     NAT/UK/000134    and Migneint SACs in Wales.                                                         31/3/11
2008 LIFE08           Active blanket bog restoration in the South   Bogs              /                          Peak District     1/4/10-      6,690,856   5,018,142
     NAT/UK/000202    Pennine Moors (MOORLIFE).                                                                  National Park     30/4/15
1993 LIFE93           Restoration of Redgrave and South             Fen restoration                              Suffolk Wildlife 1/1/94-       1,800,000          0
     NAT/UK/010100    Lopham Fen.                                                                                Trust             31/3/99
1992 LIFE92           Reedbed creation for water quality, nature    Wetland                                      Somerset          1/12/92-      110,400     110,400
     ENV/UK/00043     conservation and fishery management.          management                                   County Council 31/12/97
1997 LIFE97           New wetland harvests: project to develop      Wetland                                      Broads Authority 1/4/97-        295,145     295,145
     ENV/UK/000511    new, environmentally sustainable              management                                                     1/9/00
                      technology for wetland management.
1999 LIFE99           Cliffe Marshes conservation park.             Wetland                                      Medway Council 24/11/99-        680,331     272,132
     ENV/UK/000196                                                  management                                                   24/11/02
1992 LIFE92        Restoration of the Norfolk Broads.               Wetland                                      Norfolk Broads 1/1/93-           16,241           0
     ENV/UK/00070                                                   restoration                                  Authority       30/6/96
1993 LIFE93        A constructed wetland treatment system for       Wetland                                      Neath Port      1/1/94-         129,456     129,456
     ENV/UK/003046 the rehabilitation of sites contaminated by      restoration                                  Talbot County   31/12/98
                   coal mine water discharges.                                                                   Borough Council
1996 LIFE96        Urgent action for the bittern (Botaurus          Wetland species http://www.bitter            RSPB            1/7/96-        1,126,821   1,126,821
     NAT/UK/003057 stellaris) in the UK.                                                                     31/3/00
2002 LIFE02        Developing a strategic network of SPA            Wetland species http://www.bitter Layman's   RSPB            1/2/02-        6,484,498   3,890,699
     NAT/UK/008527 reedbeds for Botaurus stellaris.                               Report                     30/6/06

Coasts, Seas, Fisheries
Call Project No       Project Title                                 Theme             Project Website Layman's   Coordinator      Duration    Total       EU LIFE
Year                                                                                                  Report                                  budget €    funding €
1997 LIFE97           Coastal change, climate and instability.      Climate change                               Isle of Wight    1/10/97-        366,074     365,019
     ENV/UK/000510                                                                                               Council          1/10/00
2003 LIFE03           Responding to the risks of climate change:    Climate change http://www.coast Layman's     Isle of Wight    30/9/03-      1,722,494    841,477
     ENV/UK/000611    developing sustainable strategies for               Report      Council          30/9/06
                      management of natural hazards in coastal                     sponse.html
                      areas taking account of the impacts of
                      climate change (RESPONSE).
1992 LIFE92        North Sea Environmental Centre.                 Coastal zone                       Pensthorpe      1/12/92-      1,535,000    767,500
     ENV/UK/00041                                                  management                         Waterfowl Trust 30/6/96
1994 LIFE94        The conservation of Orford Ness: a 16km         Coastal zone                       National Trust  1/1/95-        750,000     300,000
     NAT/UK/000850 long vegetated shingle spit with saltmarsh      management                                         28/2/98
                   lagoons and grasslands.
1995 LIFE95        A conservation strategy for the sand dunes      Coastal zone                       Sefton             1/9/95-    1,013,400    506,700
     NAT/UK/000818 of the Sefton Coast, NW England                 management                         Metropolitan       30/4/99
                                                                                                      Borough Council
1995 LIFE95        Multimedia information package: Promoting Coastal zone                             Esturiales         22/3/96-    106,032     106,032
     ENV/UK/000834 European estuary management.              management                               (Sunderland        22/3/99
                                                                                                      City Council)
1996 LIFE96        Coastal zone management: development            Coastal zone   www.dorsetcoas      Dorset County      1/3/97-     119,616     119,616
     ENV/UK/000401 of a strategy for an open coast.                management              Council            1/3/00
1996 LIFE96        Implementing alternative strategies in Irish    Coastal zone                       University of      20/3/97-    378,241     378,241
     ENV/UK/000404 beach and dune management: community            management                         Ulster             20/9/00
                   involvement in sustainable coastal
                   development. A demonstration project in
                   sustainable beach and dune management.
1996 LIFE96        The Forth Estuary form: a demonstration of      Coastal zone   http://www.forthe   City of            24/3/97-     86,170      86,170
     ENV/UK/000406 effective integrated coastal zone.              management    Edinburgh          24/9/99
                                                                                  k/                  Council
1996 LIFE96            Demonstration programme on integrated       Coastal zone   http://www.coast    Isle of Wight      1/12/96-     91,085      91,085
     ENV/UK/000425     management of coastal zones.                management     Council            1/12/99
1997 LIFE97            Wild Ness: The conservation of Orford       Coastal zone   http://www.natio    National Trust     1/3/97-     132,484     119,328
     NAT/UK/004245     Ness, Phase II.                             management                      31/3/01
1997 LIFE97        A demonstration of ICZM implementation in       Coastal zone                       Highland           1/2/97-     319,338           0
     ENV/UK/000495 the Moray Firth.                                management                         Council            31/1/00
1998 LIFE98        The Moray Firth project.                        Coastal zone   http://www.mora     Scottish Natural   1/11/98-    237,018     237,018
     ENV/UK/000608                                                 management     yfirth-             Heritage           1/11/01
2007 LIFE07        Partnerships involving stakeholders in the      Ecosystems                         WWF-UK             1/7/09-    2,103,888   1,022,753
     ENV/UK/000943 Celtic sea EcoSystem (PISCES).                  approach                                              30/6/12

1992 LIFE92            Distribution and abundance of the harbour   Enhancing                          Sea Mammals        1/1/93-    1,408,850    704,425
     ENV/UK/00065      porpoise and other small cetaceous in the   knowledge of                       Research Unit,     31/3/95
                       North Sea (SCANS).                          the marine                         NERC
1996 LIFE96        To develop and promote the necessary          Enhancing        http://www.ukma            English Nature     1/5/96-      1,474,225   1,451,988
     NAT/UK/003055 conservation measures for UK marine           knowledge of                               31/10/01
                   SACs.                                         the marine
2004 LIFE04        Small cetaceans in the European Atlantic      Enhancing         University of St   1/4/04-      3,113,260   1,537,639
     NAT/UK/000245 and North Sea (SCANS II).                     knowledge of            Andrews            31/12/06
                                                                 the marine       cans2/
1999 LIFE99        Living with the sea: Managing Natura 2000     Preserving and   http://www.eclife.         English Nature     1/8/99-      1,117,217    632,881
     NAT/UK/006081 sites on dynamic coastlines.                  protecting       naturalengland.o                              31/7/03
                                                                 marine species
                                                                 and habitats
1999 LIFE99        Conserving saline lagoons and their birds     Preserving and   http://www.rspb.           RSPB               1/4/99-       682,420     619,440
     NAT/UK/006086 on ten Natura 2000 sites in England.          protecting                                       31/3/03
                                                                 marine species
                                                                 and habitats
2004 LIFE04        Conservation of Atlantic salmon in            Preserving and   http://www.snh.o           Scottish Natural 1/2/04-        4,695,816   2,347,908
     NAT/UK/000250 Scotland.                                     protecting           Heritage         31/7/08
                                                                 marine species   project/
                                                                 and habitats     p
2005 LIFE05        Canna seabird recovery project.               Preserving and   http://www.ntsse           National Trust     8/1/05-       840,458     420,229
     NAT/UK/000141                                               protecting             for Scotland       31/5/08
                                                                 marine species
                                                                 and habitats
2007 LIFE07        Tackling climate change-related threats to    Preserving and                              RSPB               1/1/09-      2,009,660   1,004,830
     NAT/UK/000938 an important coastal SPA in Eastern           protecting                                                     31/12/12
                   England (TaCTICs).                            marine species
                                                                 and habitats
2008 LIFE08        The Alde-Ore estuary: securing a              Preserving and                              National Trust     1/4/10-      1,066,290    533,145
     NAT/UK/000199 sustainable future for wildlife (Alde-Ore).   protecting                                                     31/3/14
                                                                 marine species
                                                                 and habitats

Forests, Woodlands
Call Project No        Project Title                             Theme            Project Website Layman's   Coordinator        Duration   Total       EU LIFE
Year                                                                                              Report                                   budget €    funding €
1994 LIFE94            Scotland's Caledonian Forest.             Habitat                                     Highland           1/1/95-        925,000     600,000
     NAT/UK/000580                                               restoration                                 Birchwoods         31/12/96
1994 LIFE94            Weald Wood Net: Sustainable               Habitat                                     East Sussex        1/11/94-       94,647      94,647
     ENV/UK/000790     development of the broadleaved woodland   restoration                                 County Council     31/10/96
                       resource in SE England.
1997 LIFE97        Securing Natura 2000 objectives in the           Habitat        http://www.newf            Hampshire            1/2/97-     7,488,389   3,744,911
     NAT/UK/004242 New Forest.                                      restoration          County Council       30/9/01
1997 LIFE97        Restoration of Atlantic oakwoods.                Habitat                                   Caledonian           1/4/97-     1,021,954    969,779
     NAT/UK/004244                                                  restoration                               Partnership,         31/8/01
1998 LIFE98        Wet woods restoration project.                   Habitat        http://www.wetw            Scottish Natural     1/10/98-      502,588    427,411
     NAT/UK/005431                                                  restoration                  Heritage             31/5/02
2000 LIFE00        Woodland habitat restoration: core sites for     Habitat        http://www.caled           Caledonian           1/7/01-     3,186,358   1,274,543
     NAT/UK/007074 a forest habitat network.                        restoration    onian-                     Partnership,         30/6/05
                                                                                   uk/Core/core_in            Birchwoods
2002 LIFE02            Sustainable wetland restoration in the New   Habitat        http://www.newf            Hampshire            1/7/02-     4,584,262   1,833,705
     NAT/UK/008544     Forest.                                      restoration          County Council       31/12/06
2003 LIFE03            Restoration of the Core Ravine woodlands     Habitat        http://www.ravin           WWF UK               1/10/03-    2,041,178   1,132,854
     NAT/UK/000044     of England and Wales.                        restoration                                30/6/07
1999 LIFE99            Demonstration of sustainable forestry to     Sustainable    /                          Forestry             12/8/99-      388,592    353,554
     ENV/UK/000182     protect water quality and aquatic            management                                Commission           12/6/03

Grasslands, Heathland, Moors
Call Project No    Project Title                                                   Project Website Layman's   Coordinator          Duration   Total      EU LIFE
Year                                                                                                 Report                                   budget €   funding €
2000 LIFE00        Improving the management of Salisbury            Calcerous      http://www.englis          English Nature       1/4/01-      3,482,722 1,741,361
     NAT/UK/007071 Plain Natura 2000 sites.                         grasslands     h-                                              30/9/05
2007 LIFE07        Restoring alkaline and calcareous fens    Calcerous                                        Countryside          1/2/09-     5,401,783   2,678,560
     NAT/UK/000948 within the Corsydd Mon a Llyn (Anglesey & grasslands                                       Council for          31/6/14
                   Lleyn) SACs in Wales.                                                                      Wales

1999 LIFE99        The Lowland limestone pavement                   Farming and                               Cumbria              1/8/99-       438,234    341,920
     NAT/UK/006094 rehabilitation project.                          biodiversity                              Wildlife Trust Ltd   31/7/03
2002 LIFE02        Yorkshire Dales limestone country project.       Farming and    http://www.limest          Yorkshire Dales      1/6/02-     1,883,632    738,945
     NAT/UK/008539                                                  biodiversity   one-                       National Park        31/3/08
2003 LIFE03        Restoration of the mid-Cornwall Moors for        Grassland      http://www.midc            English Nature       17/3/03-    1,843,502    921,751
     NAT/UK/000042 the Euphydryas aurinia.                          species        ornwallmoors.or                                 30/6/08
1992 LIFE92        The management and protection of the             Habitat                                   Norfolk           1/1/93-          750,000    300,000
     NAT/UK/013200 Breckland.                                       conservation                              Naturalists Trust 31/12/95
1992 LIFE92            Protection and management of lowland        Habitat                                      RSPB             1/1/93-     1,200,000    600,000
     NAT/UK/013300     heathland in Dorset.                        conservation                                                  30/6/96
1995 LIFE95            South Pennine Moors: An integrated          Habitat                                      The Standing     1/1/96-       829,000    248,700
     NAT/UK/000824     management strategy and conservation        conservation                                 Conference of    31/3/99
                       action programme.                                                                        South Pennine
1995 LIFE95        Integrating monitoring with management          Habitat                                      Countryside      1/4/96-       786,000    393,000
     NAT/UK/000821 planning: a demonstration of good practice      conservation                                 Council for      30/9/99
                   on Natura 2000 sites in Wales.                                                               Wales
1995 LIFE95        Conservation management of priority             Habitat                                      National Trust   1/1/96-       138,500          0
     NAT/UK/000826 upland habitats through grazing: guidance       conservation                                 for Scotland     31/3/98
                   on management of upland Natura 2000
1995 LIFE95        sites.
                   Conservation and re-establishment of            Habitat                                      RSPB             1/10/95-      698,000    349,000
     NAT/UK/000832 Southern Atlantic wet heaths with Erica         conservation                                                  28/2/99
                   ciliaris and Erica tetralixand dry coastal
                   heaths with Erica vagans and Ulex
                   maritimus in SW England and NW France.
2008 LIFE08        Conserving machair habitats and species         Habitat                                      RSPB             1/1/10-     2,735,031   1,367,515
     NAT/UK/000204 in a suite of Scottish Natura sites (Scottish   conservation                                                  31/12/13
1999 LIFE99        Ecological restoration of Nobel explosives      Heathland                                    North Wales      1/4/99-       129,115    116,530
     ENV/UK/000200 factory.                                        restoration                                  Wildlife Trust   1/4/03

Species Conservation - Animals and Plants
Call Project No    Project Title                                                    Project Website Layman's    Coordinator      Duration   Total      EU LIFE
Year                                                                                                   Report                               budget €   funding €
2002 LIFE02        Urgent conservation management for              Birds            http://www.caper Layman's   Caledonian       1/2/02-      7,355,440 3,677,720
     NAT/UK/008541 Scottish capercaillie.                                  Report   Partnership,     31/1/07
2008 LIFE08        Promoting the importance of the EU Birds        Birds                                        RSPB             1/1/10-     1,692,547    846,273
     INF/UK/000214 Directive in conservation management on                                                                       31/12/12
                   farmland (Birds Directive).
1993 LIFE93        Preparation of action plans for the recovery    European                                     RSPB             1/1/94-     1,000,000    500,000
     NAT/UK/011700 of globally threatened bird species in          bustards                                                      31/12/96
                   Europe and implementation of protection
                   measures for Crex crex in France, Ireland
                   and the UK.
2000 LIFE00        Mink control to protect important birds in      Invasive alien   http://www.snh.g            Scottish Natural 1/4/01-     2,762,834   1,381,417
     NAT/UK/007073 SPAs in the Western Isles. (MINK                species           Heritage         30/6/06
                   CONTROL)                                                         sles/intro.asp
2005 LIFE05        Eradication of ruddy ducks in the UK to         Invasive alien   http://www.csl.go           Central Science 1/9/05-      3,770,771   1,827,130
     NAT/UK/000142 protect the white-headed duck.                  species                       Laboratory      31/8/10

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