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					                                              Evergreen Checklist
                              WSHFC Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program
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                               Project Name:                                                            Project Type:
                                       Phone:                                                         New Construction
                              Email Address:                                                            Rehabilitation
                               An infill site is one with utilities adjacent that is surrounded by developed parcels and bordering streets.
                                                Is this an update to a previous ESDS checklist?

   INSTRUCTIONS: Insert the appropriate number of optional points you are claiming AND indicate with an X all the
   mandatory criteria that apply to your project in the point column. Enter N/A if the criterion does not apply to your
   project. Except for criteria where there is a range of points offered, there is no graduated point allowance for less than
   full compliance with any given criterion. New construction projects must achieve 50 points and rehab projects must
   achieve 40 points. If your project receives an allocation of tax credits, you will need to submit an Evergreen Project
   Plan documenting how each applicable Evergreen feature has been constructed or implemented along with the placed-
   in-service documentation for the project. To successfully understand and fill out this checklist, you will need to refer
   directly to the Evergreen Criteria. Do not change any words or formatting on this form.

                Criteria that apply to both New Construction and Rehab:
                                Criteria that apply to Rehabilitation Only:
                            Criteria that apply to New Construction Only:
                       Mandatory Criteria (not all apply to every project):

   Criteria                                     Description                                       Requirement Type               Points
   Section 1- Green Design Plan
   1-1 Green Design Plan                        Green Development Plan                            Mandatory

   Section 2- Site, Location, and Neigborhood Fabric
   2-1 Smart Site Location                      Proximity to Existing Development and Infill      Optional - 5 points
                                                Protecting Environmental Resources: New
   2-2 Smart Site Location                      Construction      NO Infill                       Optional - 5 points
                                                Proximity to Services: New Construction
   2-3 Smart Site Location                      NO Infill                                         Optional - 5 points
                                                New Construction
   2-4 Compact Development                      NO Infill                                         Optional - 5 points
   2-5 Compact Development                      Compact Development                               Optional- 5 points
   2-6 Walkable Neighborhoods                   Sidewalks and Pathways                            Mandatory

   2-7 Walkable Neighborhoods                   Connections to Surrounding Neighborhood           Optional - 5 points
   2-8 Smart Site Location                      Passive Solar Heating/Cooling                     Optional - 5 points

   2-9 Smart Site Location                      Grayfield, Brownfield or Adaptive Reuse Site      Optional - 10 points

                                                                                                  Optional - 5 points or 10
   2-10 Transportation                          Transportation Choices                            points (see ESDS criteria)
   SUBTOTAL                                                                                                                               0

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   Section 3- Site Improvements
   3-1 Site Improvement                      Environmental Remediation                        Mandatory
   3-2 Site Improvement                      Erosion and Sedimentation Control                Mandatory
   3-3 Site Improvement*                     Landscaping                                      Optional - 5 points
   3-4 Site Improvement                      Surface Water Management                         Optional - 5 points
   3-5 Site Improvement                      Storm Drain Labels                               Optional - 2 points
   SUBTOTAL                                                                                                                 0
   *You can choose 3-3 or 4-3, not both.

   Section 4- Water Conservation
   4-1 Water-Conserving                      Appliances and Fixtures                          Mandatory
   4-2 Water-Conserving                      Appliances and Fixtures                          Optional - 2 to 8 points
   4-3 Water-Conserving*                     Efficient Irrigation                             Optional - 5 points
   SUBTOTAL                                                                                                                 0

   Section 5- Energy Efficiency
   5-1 Efficient Energy Use                  New Construction                                 Mandatory
   5-2 Efficient Energy Use                  Efficient Energy Use: Rehabilitation             Mandatory

                                                                                              Optional - up to 5 points:
                                                                                              3 points clothes washer, 1
                                                                                              point dishwasher, 1 point
   5-3 Efficient Energy Use                  Energy Star Appliances                           refrigerator
   5-4 Efficient Lighting                    Efficient Lighting- Interior                     Optional - 5 points
   5-5 Efficient Lighting                    Common Areas and Exterior                        Mandatory
   5-6 Electricity Meter                     New Construction                                 Mandatory
   5-7 Additonal Reductions in Energy                                                         Optional - 5 points for
   Use**                                     New Construction                                 each 5% change

   5-8 Additonal Reductions in Energy Use* Rehabilitation                                     Optional - 10 points

                                                                                              Optional - Up to 20 points:
                                                                                              5 points-1000W, 3 points
   5-9 Efficient Energy Use                  Photovoltaic (PV) Panels                         each additional 500W
   5-10 Efficient Energy Use                 Photovoltaic (PV) Ready                          Optional - 2 points
   5-11 Efficient Energy Use                 Domestic Water Heating                           Mandatory
                                                                                              Optional - Up to 7 points:
                                                                                              On Demand 3 points or
                                                                                              Condensing Boiler 7
                                                                                              points or Heat Pump 7
   5-12 Efficient Energy Use                 Domestic Water Heating                           points
   5-13 Efficient Energy Use                 Solar Water Heating                              Optional - 10 points
                                                                                              Optional - 7 ACH 50 for 3
                                                                                              points or 5 ACH 50 for 7
   5-14 Efficient Energy Use                 Performance Tested Building Air Sealing          points
   5-15 Efficient Energy Use                 Performance Tested Duct Sealing                  Optional - 10 points

                                                                                              Optional - Energy Star
                                                                                              Furnace 7 points, or other
                                                                                              Central Heating
                                                                                              Equipment for 5 points, or
                                             Space Heating and Cooling Equipment              Heat Pump Peformance
   5-16 Efficient Energy Use                 Replacement                                      Testing for 2 points

                                             Document Space Conditioning Savings of
   5-17 Efficient Energy Use**               50% or More Compared to National Standards Optional - 17 points
   SUBTOTAL                                                                                                                 0
   *If you choose 5-8, you cannot also choose 5-14, 5-15, or 5-16.      **You can choose 5-7 or 5-17, not both.

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   Section 6- Materials Beneficial to the Environment
                                                                                             Optional - up to 5 points
   6-1 Materials Beneficial to Environment   Construction Waste Management                   (see ESDS criteria)
                                                                                             Optional - up to 14 points
   6-2 Materials Beneficial to Environment   Recycled Content Material                       (see ESDS criteria)
   6-3 Materials Beneficial to Environment   Certified, Salvaged and Engineered Wood         Optional - 10 points
   6-4 Materials Beneficial to Environment   Water-Permeable Walkways                        Optional - 5 points
   6-5 Materials Beneficial to Environment   Water-Permeable Parking Areas                   Optional - 10 points
   6-6 Materials Beneficial to Environment   Roofing                                         Optional - 5 points
   6-7 Materials Beneficial to Environment   Reduce Heat Island Effect- Paving               Optional - 5 points
   SUBTOTAL                                                                                                               0

   Section 7- Healthy Living Environment
   7-1 Healthy Living Environment            Low/ No VOC Paints and Primers                  Mandatory
   7-2 Healthy Living Environment            Low/ No VOC Adhesives and Sealants              Mandatory
   7-3 Healthy Living Environment            Formaldehyde-free Composite Wood                Optional - 5 points
   7-4 Healthy Living Environment            Green Label Certified Floor Coverings           Mandatory
   7-5 Healthy Living Environment            Exhaust Fans- Bathroom: New Construction        Mandatory
   7-6 Healthy Living Environment            Exhaust Fans-Kitchen: New Construction          Optional - 3 points
   7-7 Healthy Living Environment            Ventilation                                     Mandatory
   7-8 Healthy Living Environment            HVAC Equipment and Duct Sizing                  Mandatory

                                             Water Heaters, Condensing Boilers, Furnaces
   7-9 Healthy Living Environment            and Air Conditioning- Mold Prevention       Mandatory
                                             Water Heaters- Minimizing Carbon Monoxide
   7-10 Healthy Living Environment           (CO) in the Living Space                    Mandatory
   7-11 Healthy Living Environment           Cold Water and Hot Water Pipe Insulation        Mandatory
   7-12 Healthy Living Environment           Materials in Wet Areas- Surfaces                Mandatory
   7-13 Healthy Living Environment                                                        Mandatory
                                             Materials in Wet Areas- Tub and Shower Enclosures
   7-14 Healthy Living Environment           Basements and Concrete Slabs- Vapor Barrier Mandatory
   7-15 Healthy Living Environment           Radon: New Construction                         Mandatory
   7-16 Healthy Living Environment           Radon Testing: Existing Buildings               Mandatory
   7-17 Healthy Living Environment                                                             Mandatory
                                             Radon Mitigation: Rehabilitation of Exisiting Buildings
   7-18 Healthy Living Environment           Water Drainage                                  Mandatory
   7-19 Healthy Living Environment           Garage Isolation                                Mandatory
   7-20 Healthy Living Environment           Clothes-Dryer Exhaust                           Mandatory
   7-21 Healthy Living Environment           Integrated Pest Management                      Mandatory
   7-22 Healthy Living Environment           Lead-Safe Work Practices: Rehabilitation        Mandatory
   7-23 Healthy Living Environment           Healthy Flooring Materials- Alternative Sources Optional - 5 points
   7-24 Healthy Living Environment           Whole House Vacuum- Reducing Dust               Optional - 2 points
   SUBTOTAL                                                                                                               0

   Section 8- Operations and Maintenance
   8-1 Operations and Maintenance            Owner's Manual                                  Mandatory
   8-2 Operations and Maintenance            Occupant's Manual                               Mandatory
   8-3 Operations and Maintenance            Homeowner and New Resident Orientation          Mandatory
                                                                                             Total Points                 0

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