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					How to Attract a Guy in College – 3 Secrets to Attract a Guy

There are times in our college lives that we wanted to really know how to attract a guy in college. I am
sure a lot of college girls out there would agree that dating is part of the challenge within the premises at
school. You will see a lot of couples dating and going steady while you are almost rusting in one corner
without anyone to call your own.

If this sounds so familiar to you then you must have wondered how to attract a guy in college. I know
how it feels like to be left alone and forced to stay home because there is no one to take or to go with
during balls and parties. In fact, I have endured my college life without so much distraction from guys.
However, I will still you the secrets to attract a guy here.

1 – Be smart and witty

The first thing that a guy will notice inside the premises of a school is whether or not a girl is smart and
witty. Of course, it is not the nerdy type of being smart, which I know most of you know about. This is
what you call moderation by combining intelligence and wisdom since the two does not comprise a single

2 – Get involve in curricular activities like sports

Usually, men like active women because they are pretty much active themselves. I know most of the girls
do not like to get all sweaty especially when this ruins your make up and fashion but this is the easiest
path to being turned down by guys.

3 – Get social

You have to attend social activities and gathering of your school. If this is not your forte then you must
strive harder to be social enough to meet new people and guys. But, do not overdo with this since you
could be considered a socialite and this is not a good reputation for you in college.

Learning how to attract a guy in college would simply mean that you have to open yourself to
opportunities of meeting guys. It should be your greatest asset to be feminine so you go girl!

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