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					                            VICTOR. G. MEE.
                          AUCTIONEER & VALUER.
                      CLOVERHILL. BELTURBET. CO. CAVAN.
           Phone: 047 55076. Mobile: 086 8342806. Fax : 047 55992.
                       Website :
      Rare private collection comes on the market .
                 AT OUR PREMISES ON MONDAY 26th MAY @
   C18th Chicken coop dressers, Geo. astragal - glazed food cupboards. Geo.
four doored cupboards, Spit racks, Plate racks, Large collection of C18th & C19 th
       Hedge chairs .C18th rush lights, crusie lamps, grissets, hardening stands,
forks, noggins, churns. Spongeware bowls, mugs & plates. Hand carts. Vict. Fire
                                    cart. etc.

          VIEWING : SATURDAY : 10 am. - 6pm. SUNDAY :              2pm. - 6pm.
                            MONDAY :    10 am. - onwards.

              LOT 352.                      LOT 458.                     LOT 523.

             NEXT ANTIQUE AUCTION ON MONDAY JUNE 30th. 2008.



                           CATALOGUES € 2. each.

                                    V. G. M.
                      CONDITIONS OF SALE
 1. The highest bidder shall be the purchaser, & any dispute arising either before,
 during or after the sale, shall be determined by the Auctioneer.

 2. Lots may be grouped, withdrawn or divided at the discretion of the Auctioneer.

 3. The Vendor retains the right to fix a reserve price, or to bid for any lot.

 4. Purchasers shall give their bidding number after the sale of each lot, and shall
 arrange for the removal of same at their own expense, of the lots so purchased on the
 delivery day stated, without causing damage to either the premises or other lots. Any
 lots not so removed may be re – sold by the Auctioneer, and any deposits forfeited.

 5. Goods left on the premises by the purchaser or the vendor within 7 days of the
 auction, are left at their own risk, & the Auctioneer reserves the right to charge for
 storage. Goods left in for sale & then withdrawn by the vendor prior to the sale are
 liable to a 15% charge on the value estimated by the Auctioneer.

 6. The goods remain on the premises at the purchaser’s risk from the fall of the
 hammer, & shall be taken with all imperfections, damage or errors of description.
 Purchasers are deemed to have thoroughly inspected each lot prior to the sale, & the
 Auctioneer does not give any warranty or guarantee whatsoever.

 7. The purchase money together with 15% Auctioneer’s fee shall be payable
 immediately after the auction. No lots will be delivered to the purchaser until he/she
 has made payment in full.

 8. Payments may be made in cash, Banker’s draft, or guaranteed cheques, made
 payable to VICTOR. G. MEE. No third party cheques.

 9. Should a purchaser fail to comply with these conditions, he/she may forfeit the
 deposit & the Auctioneer may re – sell the lot or lots as he deems fit. Any deficiency in
 the price at the second sale shall be made good by the first purchaser but any surplus
 shall belong to the vendor.

10. Default, Victor. G. Mee. Disclaims responsibility for default by either the purchaser
 or the vendor because he acts as the agent for the vendor only & therefore does not
 pay out to the vendor until payment is received from the purchaser.

11. All prospective buyers by making a bid for any of the lots advertised in the
 catalogue acknowledge that their attention has been drawn to these conditions of sale
 & that they are bound by them.

12. The Auctioneer may refuse to take any bid without giving any reason.
1.    Vict. oak statue pedestal.
2.    Late 19th.C. cast iron cistern, fully restored, and in working order.
3.    Vict. blacksmith’s vice and two 56. lb. weights.
4.    Vict. pine kitchen dresser, in need of restoration.
5.    Pair of Vict. pitch pine doors{ 48’’W x 92’’H }.
6.    Vict. ceramic sink on twin pedestals.
7.    Silver Cross child’s push chair.
8.    Pine turf barrow.
9.    Vict. etched glass window, in mah. frame.{77’ L X 45’’H.}
10.   Vict. arched leaded glass window. { 65’’ W X 110’’H. }
11.   Late 19th. C. garden roller.
12.   Unusual haystack creamery can.
13.   Pine turf barrow.
14.   Vict. mah. door, with raised panels in a pine frame with fanlight. {41’’W X 106’’H. }
15.   Vict. mah. door, with raised panels in a pine frame with fanlight. {41’’W X 106’’H. }
16.   Barrow sprayer and cast iron column.
17.   Belfast sink.
18.   Vict. wooden entrance gate. { 50 ½ ‘’ W X 69’’H }.
19.   18th. C wrought iron garden gate.{ 42’’ W X 54 ½ ‘’ H }.
20.   Vict. sharpening stone, mounted in a cast iron frame.
21.   Vict. wrought iron ship’s anchor.
22.   Pair of cast iron mowing machine wheels.
23.   Pair of early 20th. C. wrought iron garden gates, { 120’’ W X 53 ½’’ H.} with matching
      single gate { 39’’ W X 53 ½’’ H }.
24.   Two Vict. pine chest of drawers.
25.   Geo. pine astragal - glazed cupboard top.
26.   Three Vict. pitch pine kneelers.
27.   Two Vict. pine chest of drawers.
27.   Decorative wrought iron garden swing.
28.   Two Vict. pine kitchen tables.
29.   Two Vict. pine chest of drawers.
30.   Vict. end – over - end churn.
31.   Vict. pine chest of drawers and two door server.
32.   Vict. end – over - end churn.
33.   Vict. sharpening stone, mounted on wooden stand.
34.   Vict. two door server and pine chest of drawers.
35.   Pair of cast iron plough wheels.
36.   Two Vict. wrought iron harrows.
37.   Pair of cast iron pig feeders.
38.   Pair of Vict. terracotta chimney pots.
39.   Vict. wood turner’s lathe.
40.   Vict. cast iron two handled pot.
41.   Tandem bicycle.
42.   Messenger’s bicycle.
43.   Large Vict. barrel churn.
44.   Vict. cast iron street pump.
45.   Ice cream tricycle.
46.   Vict. cast iron wheelwright’s wheel.
47.   Vict. cast iron Famine pot.
48.   Vict. cast iron horse trough.
49.   Vict. Estate Fire Cart - Merryweather & Sons, London.
50.   Rare Vict. cast iron sewing machine base.
51.   Very rare early Vict. farrier’s chest.
52.   Ship’s anvil.
53.   Royal Doulton ceramic circular basin.
54.   Vict. pine coffee table.
55.   Decorative composition water feature, in the form of a shell surmounted with a girl.
56.   Unusual 18th. C. square Ulster whinstone.
57.   Pair of decorative cast iron cannons.
58.   Vict. meal scales, made by Stillwell & Sons, London.
59.   Vict. pine settle bed.
60.   Decorative composition water feature, in the form of a lady holding a shell.
61.   Pair of late Geo. cast iron garden urns.
62.   Decorative small cast iron garden seat.
63.   Vict. cast iron bird bath, in the form of a cherub surmounted with a dish, mounted on a
      granite base.
64.   Pair of cast iron garden urns.
65.   Very decorative ornamental garden seat, the arms terminating in dogs heads.
66.   Original pair of Vict. wrought iron garden gates.{ 120’’W X 71’’H }.
67.   Vict. cornmill on stand

68.   Vict. pine coat hanger.
69.   Vict. two door pine cupboard, with one long drawer.
70.   Two winged turf spades.
71.   PIERCE and CAMERIAM cast iron seats.
72.   Winged turf spade and three pick axes.
73.   Hay knife and two turf cutters.
74.   Ballymena cast iron garden pump.
75.   Five early 20th. C. transfer mugs.
76.   Seven early 20th. C. flower patterned mugs.
77.   Vict. egg cup stand, ginger beer bottle and a - Give us our daily Bread - plate
78.   18th. C. bronze cooking pot.
79.   Small Vict. primus stove.
80.   Two FLIT fly sprayers.
81.   Spongeware bowl and two spongeware mugs.
82.   Three Vict. biscuit tins.
83.   Vict. cast iron glue and pot oven.
84.   Six Vict. brass whiskey barrel taps.
85.   Two tools.
86.   Two floor clamps.
87.   Pair of ice skates, two croquet sticks and two hurleys.
88.   Vict. three door bookcase, { 94 ½’’ W X 96’’H.}.
89.   Vict. cast iron stable divider.
90.   Pine corner cupboard.
91.   Five Vict. pine carpenter’s chairs.
92.   Pine kitchen table.
93.   Pine three legged stool and late 19th. C. cast iron kettle.
94.   Three mixing bowls and unusual shopping basket.
95.   19th. C. hedge chair.
96.   Small pine box.
97.   RIC Box, D. Monaghan.
98.    Triangular trivet and pair of dock leaf pullers.
99.    Small cast iron trivet and garden barrow wheel.
100.   Hurricane lamp and Tilley stove.
101.   Vict. pine washstand, with one long drawer in the frieze and shaped shelf.
102.   Pair of Vict. lustre ware platters.
103.   Dough bowl, three wooden spoons and wooden scoop.
104.   Vict. pitch pine clerk’s desk, on turned legs and with two shaped shelves.
105.   Vict. pine blanket box, with one long drawer.
106.   Pair of aluminium milking machine buckets.
107.   Brass candle stand.
108.   Four spade heads and two fork heads.
109.   Fiddle seed sower.
110.   Aluminium boiler and enamel boiler.
111.   Vict. pine washstand, with two short drawers in frieze.
112    Three trunks.
113.   Vict. painted pine food cupboard, with four panelled doors.
114.   Vict. pine washstand.

115.   Reg. painted pine four door cupboard, with fretwork pediment and with applied decoration
       of swags, carved corner fans on the inset door panels flanked by reeded columns, over two
       short drawers in the base, from possibly Co. Limerick and in need of some restoration.
116.   Oak two door cupboard, over two short drawers and four long drawers.
117.   Two hay racks.
118.   AGRICASTROL OIL tin , ESSO tin and ROYAL DAYLIGHT American Lamp Oil tin.
119.   Vice.
120.   Vict. pine two door glazed cupboard over one long drawer and two blind doors.
121.   Vict. pine towel rail.
122.   Vict. pine two over three chest of drawers.

123.   DUNLOP display stand.
124.   Painted creamery can.
125.   Blue and white jug and basin set, with Vict. pine wash stand.
126.   Vict. gaff.
127.   Original RYVITA paper advertisement.
128.   Mid - 19th.C . Gothic pine cupboard, with two glazed doors over three long drawers.
129.   Unusual Vict. brass and cast iron press.
130.   19th. C. open armed carpenter’s kitchen chair.
131.   Geo. pine corner cupboard, with two astragal – glazed doors over two panelled doors.
132.   Original enamel Singer sewing machine.
133.   19th. C. corn riddle.
134.   19th. C. Hardening stand.
135.   Pine kitchen slat backed armchair.
136.   Original NORFOLK BABY FOOD paper advertisement.
137.   Original COLMAN’S MUSTARD paper advertisement.
138.   Original YORKSHIRE RELISH paper advertisement.
139.   Three old radios.
140.   Vict. thistle puller.
141.   Forge made wrought iron grape and drag and Vict. measuring chain.
142.   Small vice, mounted on a wooden plinth.
143.   Vict. pine table.
144.   Vict. tennis court line marker.
145.   Late 19th. C. hedge chair.
146.   Coloured print FEEDING the DONKEYS.

147.   Swan necked Tilley lamp.
148.   Oil on board COUNTRY COTTAGE.
149.   Original SPRATT’S DOG FOODS. enamel sign.
150.   Original PULLAR’S Cleaners and Dyer enamel sign.
151.   Fresh Cream jar and Curry Paste jar.
152.   Two trivets.
153.   Pair of wool carders - J Cox, Galway.
154.   Three carpenter’s chisels.
155.   Vict. coffee grinder.
156.   Original miner’s lamp.
157.   Horse drencher.
158.   Two forge made fork heads.
159.   19th.C. hedge stool.
160.   19th. C. pine candle box.
161.   Cast iron fish griddle.
162.   PRILECT Travelling iron.
163.   Aluminium milk can and enamel flour bin.
164.   Pair of decorative door brackets, one bronze and one cast iron.
165.   Two brass butcher weights and five flat weights.
166.   Oak barrel, in the form of a seat.
167.   Pair of pine shoe trees.
168.   19th. C. wrought iron bull restrainers.
169.   American clothes dryer.
170.   Bank of Vict. mah. Chemist’s Drawers.
171.   Cane fishing rod, with brass fishing reel.
172.   Carpenter’s saw.
173.   19th. C. carpenter’s open armed chair.
174.   19th. C. painted pine open framed settle, from the south west of Ireland.
175.   Three Vict. cast iron harness racks.
176.   Glass jelly mould, in the form of a rabbit and glazed salt jar.
177.   Stone whiskey jar – C. DUGGAN, Clones.
178.   Two glass sweet jars.
179.   Six graduating sized shoe trees.
180.   19th. C. brass Grocer’s beam scales, on a mah. base.
181.   Great Southern and Western railway plaque.
182.   Vict. railway signalman’s lamp.
183.   Vict. pine hedge chair.
184.   Pine creepy stool.
185.   Original BP two sided enamel sign
186.   Vict. tobacco cutter.
187.   Wooden butter bowl and pats.
188.   Large HEINZ Vegetable Soup tin.
189.   Large Vict. pine table, with Formica top. { 108’’L X 48’’W }.
190.   Two cross cut saws.
191.   Pair of decorative early Vict. cast iron gate plaques.
192.   Vict. cast iron and brass iron.
193.   French pine longcased clock, with ornamental brass and enamelled face and ornamental
       brass pendulum.
194.   Large pine settle seat.
195.   Pine chest on stand, with brass plaque inscribed - C.A.B. Murphy.

196.   Pair of very unusual sycamore smoker’s bows, with elm seats and bull’s eye splat.
197.   AA. road sign – MOUNTJOY CASTLE.
198.   Vict. counter dispenser - FINEST TEAS.
199.   WW II trench shovel and a pair of leggings.
200.   Vict. stripped pine wash stand, with two short drawers in the frieze.
201.   Original Vict. painted pine blanket chest, with key.
202.   Vict. brass and cast iron fire hydrant.
203.   Mid 19th. C. pine hedge chair.
204.   Vict. dash churn.
205.   Vict. painted pine turf barrow.
206.   Crewel work curtains. { Measurements with curtains.}.
207.   Bowler hat and cudgel.
208.   Very unusual Vict. child’s hearse, this would have been mounted on a carriage, with the
       driver sitting on top of it.
209.   Two oil funnels
210.   Small bank of Vict. mah. Chemist’s drawers.
211.   19th. C. hedge chair, in the original paint.
212.   MOBO Bronco Horse.
213.   19th.C. dough trough.
214.   Cast iron fender - HOME SWEET HOME.
215.   Late Vict. copper ton dish and oil measure.
216.   Geo. copper funnel.
217.   Vict. pine settle bench, with one long drawer.
218.   Patchwork quilt.
219.   Unusual milk can, carried on one’s back.
220.   Early Vict. pine reading table, with one long drawer in the frieze.
221.   Original SPRATT’S DOG FOOD cardboard sign.
222.   Large 19th. C. Butcher’s block.
223.   Geo. oak cradle.
224.   19th. C. hedge chair.
225.   Vict. pine dresser top, decorated with shamrocks.{ 62’’W X 49’’H.}
226.   Two Vict. joint dishes.
227.   Vict. stripped pine blanket box.
228.   Set of four stripped pine chairs.
229.   Early Vict. painted pine dairy table, with two deep drawers in the frieze.
230.   Miniature Vict. pine chest.
231.   Spongeware plate and hen and cockerel cruet set.
232.   Vict. copper funnel and kettle.
233.   Vict. pine butter bowl.
234.   Pair of fan bellows and chalk figure of a boy.
235.   Cast iron skillet pot and kettle.
236.   Two Vict. Willow patterned joint dishes.
237.   Vict. pine Sutherland table.
238.   18th. C. pine open armed carpenter’s chair.
239.   19th. C. Pine hedge chair, made by Gibson of Oldcastle, CO. Meath.
240.   Vict. brass iron haystack milk can.
241.   Pair of cast iron roosters.
242.   Cast iron boiler, with brass spout.
243.   Pair of Vict. pine offertory boxes.
244.   Vict. pine child’s chair.
245.   Two oil cans.
246.   Dockers’s hook.
247.   Collection of old tins and funnels.
248.   Vict. glass carbide.
249.   Northern Ireland Creamery butter box and a Will’s Tobacco box.
250.   Vict. painted pine canterbury.
251.   Griffith Gas Generator.
252.   18th. C. painted pine cradle.
253.   Selection of five wooden mallets.
254.   Six graduated copper haystack measures.
255.   Vict. copper kettle, with amber glass handle and Vict. copper watering can.
256.   Early 19th. C. hedge chair, made by Gibson of Oldcastle Co. Meath.
257.   Pair of straddles.
258.   Art Deco enamel electric heater.
259.   19th. C. child’s hedge chair.
260.   Horse straddle.
261.   Three Geo. copper funnels.
262.   Vict. funeral cart

263.   Vict. invalid’s hooded push chair.
264.   Two banks of mah. Chemist’s Drawers.
265.   Late 19th. C. Knife Cleaner’s hand cart.
266.   Vict. clothes washer, originally used in the Magdalene Laundries.
267.   PLAYER’S PLEASE and WILL’S Wild Woodbine tobacco boxes.
268.   Hospital Sweep Stakes advertising board.
269.   Vict. pine food cupboard, with two raised panelled doors over two short drawers and raised
       panelled sides.
270.   Tapestry Coat of Arms – DRAHMNE, in a simulated rosewood frame.
271.   Vict. pine mirror backed dressing table.
272.   Two etched glass siphons. – Belfast and Dublin.
273.   Two advertising tins – Player’s DIGGER Tobaccos and Bassett’s Original Liquorice All -
274.   Pair of Vict. cast iron trap steps and cast iron poker and tongs.
275.   Scottish two handled syde.
276.   Box iron and a flat iron.
277.   Vict. kitchen scales, with brass face and pan.
278.   Spindle back trap.
279.   Two banks of Vict. mah. Chemist’s Drawers.
280.   Vict. brass and iron Sanctuary chest.
281.   Vict. iron barge horse’s collar.
282.   19th. C. Carpenter’s armchair
283.   19th.C. beam scales.
284.   Pine salt box and knife box.
285.   Six late Vict. mugs.
286.   Four spongeware plates.

287.   Late 18t. C. chicken coop dresser, with spit and plate racks, from south Donegal / Leitrim
288.   Pine carpenter’s box.
289.   Two cigarette dispensers.
290.   Vict. bushman’s saw.
291.   Vict. fire station horse’s collar.
292.   Original CAPSTAN cardboard sign.
293.   Figural group - FIRST LOVE.
294.   Selection of four biscuit tins.
295.   18th. C. pine tallboy, with five graduated drawers on bracket feet.
296.   Two Vict. sash windows, with coloured and etched glass and gothic leaded glass window.
297.   Two original Tourist board cardboard sign – SEE IRELAND FIRST and ROUND the
298.   Wooden yoke.
299.   Early Vict. blue and white transfer print joint dish.
300.   Early Vict. blue and white transfer print joint dish, with kite mark.
301.   Twelve Vict. brown and white transfer print dinner plates.
302.   Two small Vict. cast iron kettles.
303.   Vict. sycamore butter bowl and butter pat.
304.   Two Vict. jugs.
305.   Late Geo. pine kitchen dresser, with two drawers in the base over open arch.
306.   Two glazed milk crocks.
307.   Maid’s hay rack.
308.   Two Vict. mah. and glass counter displays.
309.   Geo. stripped pine two door chest.
310.   Loy.
311.   Vict. pine turned bobbin chair.
312.   Edw. pine display case.
314.   Pine letter rack.
315    Vict. ice cream machine.
316.   Original LIGGETS Chocolate cardboard advertising sign
317.   Pine IRISH METAL INDS. gun cartridge box.
318.   Vict. pine kitchen dresser, with two drawers over two panelled doors.
319.   Ten Vict. blue and white transfer print plates.
320.   Pair of ladies clogs.
321.   Vict. blue and white spongeware plate.
322.   Brass Claxton horn.
323.   Thirteen mixing bowls and pudding bowls, of various sizes.
324.   Early Vict. blue and white transfer print joint dish.
325.   Enamel water jug.
326.   Vict. pine half tester bed. 4’ 4’’.
327.   Geo. painted pine blanket chest, with two short drawers over one long drawer, possibly
       from Co. Limerick.
328.   Original IRISH SWEEP STAKE £ 50,000 prize cardboard advertising sign.
329.   19th. C. pine carpenter’s chair.
330.   Vict. pine library steps.
331.   Original BOURNEVILLE COCOA cut out cardboard sign.
332.   Vict. pine six tier plate rack.
333.   Vict. cast iron griddle.
334.   Vict. pine salting tub.
335.   Very fine quality Vict. pine kitchen dresser, surmounted with angels and with two long
       drawers over two panelled doors.
336.   Three Vict. joint dishes, one with gravy well.
337.   Vict. transfer print cow porridge bowl
338.   Two Vict. transfer print cow mugs
339.   Two Vict. transfer print cow mugs
340.   Two Vict. ceramic PURE BUTTER display dishes.
341.   Two Vict. spongeware bowls.

342.   Rare early 19th.C. pine canopy bed, with a hipped roof, the interior decorated with sponge
       work leaves and crosses, from Co. Clare.
343.   Late Geo. pine hanging dresser, with spit rack, from east Co. Galway.
344.   Vict. pine cheese press, with two glazed doors with one long drawer over two short
       drawers and two unusual shuttered doors
345.   Two banks of Vict. mah. Chemist’s Drawers.
346.   Vict. corner bobbin chair, with rush seat.
347.   18th. C. pine spit rack, also known as a chevy, from Galway / Mayo border region.
348.   18th. C. wrought iron spit.
349.   Milk separator.
350.   Vict. clothes wringer.
351.   Landing net and cane fishing rod with Alcock starback fishing reel.
352.   Extremely rare 18th. C. painted pine chicken coop dresser, from east Co. Limerick.
353.   18th. C. painted pine astragal - glazed cupboard, with two short drawers over two panelled
       doors with carved shell motifs, from Co. Waterford.
354.   Vict. child’s push chair.
355.   19th. C. Shepherd’s crook.

356.   18th. C. stripped pine cupboard, two glazed doors with reeded columns on either side, and
       the arcaded interior carved with shells, over two inset panelled doors and inset panelled
       sides, from Co. Limerick.
357.   18th. C. painted pine dresser, with reeded columns, scrolled heads and open work frieze,
       the bread board over two short drawers and two inset panelled doors, from east Co.
358.   Five Vict. transfer print porridge bowls.
359.   Three 19th. C. brown and white spongeware mugs.
360.   Two Vict. joint dishes. – one blue / white, one green / white.
361.   Vict. joint dish with transfer print.
362.   Three Vict. spongeware plates.
363.   Five Vict. spongeware mugs, with interlinking chain design.
364.   Vict. transfer printed with cows potato bowl.
365.   Two Vict. spongeware porridge dishes.
366.   Vict. spongeware ewer.
367.   Early 19th. C. hardening stand.
368.   19th. C. rope twister.
369.   19th. C. hanging candle holder, also known as a loom light.
370.   19th. C. lark roasting fork.
371.   18th. C. hardening stand.
372.   18th. C. toasting fork.
373.   Five Geo. pewter food warmers.
374.   Early 19th. C. painted pine blanket chest on stand, with six dummy drawers, with applied
       carved diamonds, from Co. Kilkenny .
375.   18th. C. painted pine corner cupboard, with astragal - glazed doors, reeded arcaded interior
       and shaped shelves over two inset panelled doors.
376.   Two 19th.C. spongeware mugs.
377.   Three 19th.C. spongeware mugs.
378.   Early 19th. C. blue and white Dresden design platter.
379.   Early 20th. C. blow torch.
380.   WW I trench candle lamp.
381.   Original WORTHINGTON’S ALE advertising mirror.
382.   Six framed post cards depicting the destruction of Dublin after the 1916 Rising.
383.   Original ROSSES of BELFAST Ginger Ale, cardboard advertising sign.
384.   Large 19th.C. earthenware jug depicting Harvest scenes, in the Royal Doulton manner.
385.   18th. C. grisset pan.
386.   Photograph of The Handing over of Fort Dunree, Co. Donegal 1938.
387.   Two 19th. C. butter prints.
388.   18th. C. salmon fork.
389.   2nd. Period Belleek ewer.
390.   19th. C. Goffin iron.
391.   18th. C. Noggin.
392.   18th. C. Noggin.
393.   Early 19th. C. crusie lamp, possibly from Co. Antrim.
394.   Vict. painted pine carved wash stand, from Co. Leitrim.
395.   Vict. wooden potato tub.
396.   Vict. slipper bed pan and WHITE Brothers. stone jar.
397.   19th. C. painted pine open armed carpenter’s chair.
398.   Pair of early 19th. C. oil on board, depicting farmyard fowl.
399.   19th. C. whale knife and butcher’s cleave
400.   19th. C. baker’s pull and large ladle.
401.   Early Vict. painted pine kitchen table, with two short drawers in the frieze and with
       stretchers. { 84’’ L X 33’’W }.
402.   19th. C. wheelwright’s lathe.
403.   19th. C. wheelwright’s measure.
404.   Large Vict. milk can.
405.   19th. C. saw clamp.
406.   Pair of Vict. leather riding boots.
407.   19th.C. table churn.
408.   Unusual Vict. wooden handled, iron bound tub.
409.   Vict. brass fire engine lamp.
410.   19th.C. flax cutter and hook.
411.   Vict. copper water boiler.
412.   Vict. painted pine collection and candle box.
413.   Early 20th. C. ladies tricycle.
414.   Stuffed and mounted pheasant and white hare.
415.   Stuffed and mounted badger.
416.   Stuffed and mounted white pheasant.
417.   Four 19th. C. spongeware mugs.

418.   Very rare Vict. Christmas transfer print mug.
419.   Vict. transfer print cow mug.
420.   Pair of 19th. C. PRICES Patent Night Lights.
421.   Three tins of shot and Vict. cartridge maker.
422.   Vict. cartridge maker.
423.   Two Vict. cartridge makers.
424.   19th. C. coach lamp.
425.   Vict. miniature painted pine stool.
426.   WW I. spongeware bowl – It’s a Long Way to Tipperary.
427.   Vict. sugar cutters and large pocket knife.
428.   Vict. brass button cleaner and cartridge maker.
429.   Vict. candle snuffer and champagne bottle opener.
430.   Vict. cigar box opener, pig sticker and blacksmith’s hoof knife.
431.   Vict. bullet capper.
432.   Early 19th. C. Crusie lamp, possibly from Co. Antrim.
433.   Rare 19th. C. crook lamp.
434.   18th. crown based rushlight, from Co Kildare.
435.   18th. C. rush nip, from Co. Fermanagh.
436.   18th. C. candle holder, also known as a loom light.
437.   18th. C. door knocker, in the form of a dog’s head.
438.   Early 19th. C. rush nip, on original wooden base.

439.   Pair of 19th.C. wrapped candle sockets.
440.   Original 18th.C. table rushlight, on wooden base, from Co. Wicklow.
441.   Early Vict. ceremonial sword, and 18th.C. fighting sword.
442.   Bayonet.
443.   Persian sword and small dagger.
444.   Two WW I bayonets.
445.   Early 19th. C. carved pine panel, depicting the Sunburst.
446.   Cast iron kettle, iron and trivet.
447.   Vict. painted pine bobbin bed. 4’.
448.   GUINNESS mirror.
449.   PIERCE of WEXFORD fan bellows.
450.   19th. C. iron drill.
451.   19th. C. dash churn.
452.   Milkman’s bottle carrier and nine bottles.
453.   STAINER’S MILK handcart.
454.   Vict. copper boiler.
455.   18th. C. copper preserving pan.
456.   Vict. pine stool and trunk stand.
457.   Rare 18th. C. grisset pan.
458.   18th. C. crown based rushlight, from Co. Meath.
459.   19th. C.salmon fork.
460.   Wheelwright’s tool.
461.   19th. C. pine Sligo chair.
462.   Rare early 19th C. candle box, in original paint, with open work hearts.
462a   19th.C. rushlight, with plain square base and twist work stem, from Co. Meath.
463.   18th. C. brazier.
464.   Vict. pine kitchen table. { 56’’ L X 34’’W.}.
465.   Three Vict. ceramic jelly moulds.
466.   Vict. brass and tin milk can, WELLBROOK DAIRY, Belfast.
467.   Vict. cast iron foot scrapper.
468.   19th. C. trivet, in the form of a heart.
469.   19th. C. painted pine miniature blanket box.
470.   Vict. pine kitchen table. { 46 ½’’ L X 34’’W.}.
471.   Very rare early 19th.C. ash and elm slab – seated chair, with carved rib like slats, made by
       a boat builder, on the southern shores of Lough Neagh.
472.   Geo. wrought iron boot cleaner.
473.   18th. C. wrought iron trivet.
474.   18th. C. wrought iron hardening stand.
475.   18th. C. child’s hedge chair.
476.   Vict. thistle puller and later rose bed hoe.
477.   Bread board, cucumber slicer, lemon squeezer, Millhouse butter stamp and rolling pin.
478.   Rare early 19th. C. noggin.
479.   Pine kitchen table.{48’’L X 35’’W.}.
480.   Eight Vict. pine kitchen chairs.
481.   Vict. painted pine open armed kitchen chair.
482.   Three Geo. copper preserving pans.
483.   Late 19th. C. apple peeler.
484.   Early 18th. C. wrought iron brazier.
485.   AA sign. CREGGANCONROE Chambered Grave
486.   Vict. fret saw and patterns.
487.   Ceramic pig feeder and Vict. pine stool.
488.   Large 18th. C. mortar, from the kitchen of Clonbrock House, Ahascragh, Co. Galway, seat
       of Lord Clonbrock.
489.   Early 18th. C. yew wood bow.
490.   Original 19th. C. hedge chair made by Gibson of Oldcastle Co. Meath.
491.   Vict. ice cream machine.
492.   Early 19th.C. cast iron fender.{ 37’’L X 7’’D }.
493.   Small Vict. drop leaf pine table, probably made for a child.
494.   Three books - Told at the Feis, Malachi Horan Remembers by Dr. G. A. Little and The
       Tent by Liam O’Flaherty.
495.   Vict. enamel fish grisset.
496.   18th. C. pewter spittoon, J. Brace, London
497.   Geo. pine wine table
498.   Vict. painted pine bed 4’
499.   18th. C. floor rushlight.
500.   Vict. brass and iron beam scales.
501.   Five Vict. brass pear weights.
502.   Vict. pitch pine table, with three short drawers in the frieze.
503.   Original black and white print, The Old Lady Spinning.
504.   19th. C. wrought iron onion dibbler.
505.   Vict. blue and white transfer print platter, Ironstone.
506.   Vict. brown and white spongeware platter.
507.   Vict. painted pine washstand.
508.   Late 18th. C. standing candleholder, double rushlight and splint holder, with adjustable
       height. The fancy scroll work can be attributed to the Co. Meath region.
509.   Geo. metal footman.
510.   Vict. spongeware bowl.
511.   Vict. KENT’S knife cleaner.
512.   Early 19th. C. child’s hedge chair.
513.   Vict. dart gun.
514.   Vict. pitch pine table, with three short drawers in the frieze
515.   Late 18th.C. adjustable rushlight, with two long main stems and strap - type tripod base,
       from Co. Donegal.
516.   Early 19th. C. free standing rushlight, from Co. Monaghan.
517.   Vict. blue and white platter Royal Doulton.
518.   Vict. Belfast brown and white transfer print side dish, depicting prominent Irish
519.   Vict. painted pine dressing table, with one long drawer flanked by two short drawers, and
       shuttered sides.
520.   18th. C. candle holder, with wrapped candle socket and spring adjustment, in original
       stone base.
521.   Pair of Reg. painted pine kitchen chairs, with unusual carved knotted backs.
522.   Pair of mid Vict. painted pine ecclesiastical candle holders.
523.   Very unusual late 18th.C. painted pine hedge chair, on rockers.
524.   Early 20th.C. carved wooden plaque – BY APPOINTMENT. G R.
525.   18th. C. single oak dining room chair.
526.   Late 17th.C. single oak dining room chair.
527.   Queen Ann pewter plate.
528.   Geo. pewter flagon and two goblets.
529.   Unusual 18th. C. flintlock gun, possibly for use by a coach driver.
530.   18th. C. oak gate legged table.
531.   18th. C. child’s hedge chair.
532.   Pair of painted oak upholstered porter’s chairs, from the Jonathan Swift Hospital, Dublin.
533.   19th. C. hedge chair.
534.   Vict. painted pine candle box.
535.   Early 19th.C. grisset pan.
536.   Vict. painted pine oval kitchen table.
537.   19th. C. blacksmith made coat hangers, in the form of horse shoes.
538.   19th. C. child’s hedge chair.
539.   Geo. pine wine table.
540.   19th. C. spinning wheel.
541.   Late 18th. C. pine drop leaf table.
542.   Two Vict. pine smoker’s bow chairs.
543.   Two Vict. pine smoker’s bow chairs.
544    Two Vict. pine smoker’s bow chairs.

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