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					                                                                                                           (For Applicant)
         Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology, Graduate School of Environmental Science
 Application Guide for Degree Examination of Doctoral Course, Academic Year 2008

1 Eligibility
  Applicants who seek a Doctor’s degree as defined in the Diploma Regulations of Okayama University

2 The Request of documents (Application Guide & Entry Example)
  Please request application documents by all means. 「4 Location for submission」

3 Schedule

                                  For conferring on September 30                               For conferring on March 25

      Application Period         From July 24(Thu) to July 28(Mon)                      From January 22(Thu) to January 26(Mon)

      Presentation of Thesis   From July 29(Tue) to September 1(Mon)                    From January 27(Tue) to February 27(Fri)

      Degree Ceremony                      September 30(Tue)                                        March 25(Wed)

       *Thesis Presentations will be held during the above period and your supervisor will designate the specific day.
          Please ask your supervisor for more details.

4 Procedure for Preparation of Thesis
    ・In principle, the Thesis should be written in Japanese or English. You must get permission from the Dean through your
      supervisor before writing your thesis in another language.
    ・Thesis must be written on A4 size paper.
    ・The title and so on should be written on the front cover as shown in the sample below. Since the thesis will be kept for a
      long time in the National Diet Library and the Okayama University Library, the Thesis should be bound in hardcover.

      【sample】 <Japanese version>                                                                    <English version>
         背表紙                           表    紙                           Side cover                        front cover

             博                                                                                      Title of Thesis
             士                    博士論文                                                            ○○○○○○○○○○○

             文                 ○○○○○○○○○○○                                                        ○○○○○○○○○○○
             題                                                                                        Date of conferring
                                                                          Year, Month

                                                                                                        Year, Month
              平                    平成○年○月
             ○                        氏       名
             年                                                                                    The Graduate School of

             月                    岡山大学大学院                                                            ○○○○○○○
              名                   ○○○学研究科                                                            (Doctor Course)
                                                                                                 OKAYAMA UNIVERSITY

4 Location for submission
    Okayama University
    Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology (Faculty of Engineering 1st floor)
    Graduate School Section
    1-1, Naka3-chome, Tsushima, Okayama 700-8530 JAPAN
    Tel: 086-251-8576 Fax: 086-251-8580
    E-Mail :
5 Documents required
    The following documents can be downloaded from homepage. (Please refer to the list)
    International students are allowed to prepare these documents in English.
    Any submission of documents should be verified by your supervisor.

                          A copy of the documents should be given to your supervisor
          Form             Your supervisor's name and stamp are necessary.
       ≪Style kou1≫
                           5 copies
                              Supervisor : 3 copies
                              Graduate School : 2 copies
                              You may submit only one copy at the time of application.
                              However, the other 2 copies of the thesis must be submitted by the designated date.
                                <Deadline>For conferring on 9/30:9/22,For conferring on 3/25:3/17

        Abstract of         (Please number the extra pages as Style kou2-2, Style kou2-3 and so on)
          Thesis               A summary of 1-3 sheets.
       ≪Style kou2≫            Title only: English title must be translated into Japanese

        Outline of
                              A summary of 1 sheet.
                              Title only: English title must be translated into Japanese
       ≪Style kou3≫

                           (Please number the extra pages as Style kou4-2, Style kou4-3 and so on)
          List of
                              Please list the publication into refereed publications and other publications. Refer to the given
       ≪Style kou4≫
                               Title only: English title must be translated into Japanese

                           Electronic copies of document ≪Style kou3≫ & ≪Style kou4≫(in MS Word
                           format) are required besides paper submission. Please send it as attachment file to the
       Electronic file     E-mail address below.
       ≪Style kou3≫        Title of the E-mail should be “Degree Application・student’s number”, student’s
       ≪Style kou4≫        number and name in the content of the E-mail.


                           List of Publications list ≪Style kou4≫[1. Refereed Papers] 1 copy each
                             A refereed paper refers to materials that provide an objective evaluation of the thesis.
                             Therefore, it must meet the necessary conditions described below:
                               1. A part of the research has been published in an academic journal with a review for the purpose
                                  of publishing and has not been used as a reference for another thesis.
         Refereed              2. In the case of a specific field and where it is difficult to meet described by the conditions in
          Papers                  number 1, above, approval from an authorized academic meeting in advance through the
                                  supervisor must be make to the Dean of The Graduate School. Besides, documents which could
                                  proof the paper were reviewed by two independence professional parties must be submitted as
                           *If the paper was accepted for publication but yet to be printed, please attach the letter
                             of acceptance of that manuscript.

      Other Papers,etc.    Please submit only the list (Style kou4) of the papers, etc. Papers are not required.

         Resumé            You’re free to edit the resume form if necessary However, please summarized it into 1
       ≪Style kou5≫        page only.

       confirmation        Please use clear handwriting on all distributed documents.
       Check sheet