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Tractor and Semitrailer Container Configurator


									     Tractor and Semitrailer Container.


Trailer         Services      Technology
Your individually configured tractor unit
and semitrailer container

Using this brochure, you are able to         several illustrations and descriptions on
choose the semitrailer that fulfils your     the inside of the brochure. This enables
requirements and expectations – from         you to have a better impression of the
the body to the chassis and running          variety of components.
gear up to any accessories. Our modular
system makes this possible.                  Another tip: Leave the table folded out
                                             when browsing through. This provides
Overleaf you find a table with all basic     you with a better overview of the fittings,
components of a Reefer semitrailer as        including all options at a glance and
well as optional special fittings. This      makes the desired compilation of your
can be filled out together with our field    trailer easier.
service staff. You only have to put a
cross on the additional elements that        The Schmitz Cargobull modular system
the trailer should be fitted with for your   for more flexibility and investment
special purposes. Your details are the       security – just more.
basis for making a proposal.
                                             Also use our range of services for
For optimum orientation, we will present     optimising your transport tasks.
you each version of the fittings using
                                Basic fittings             Optional special fittings (please tick)
                                                                            M.Ko    Z.Ko   a.Ko                                                                     M.Ko   Z.Ko   a.Ko
                         1-2. Suitable for virtually all makes                                                11. Longitudinal partition
                              of refrigerators                                                                12. Rubber support / straddle nose
                           3. Pallet stop with circulation wall                                               13. Partition-preparation
                           4. Side door (no picture)                                                          14. Sliding plate/Additional sliding plates
                           5. Floor load bearing capability 5.5 t                                             15. Full-height door protection strips
                              Floor load bearing capability 7.1 t                                             16. 3 interior recessed roof lights
                           6. Straddle plate                                                                  17. Body paint colour: SCB RAL9010
                           7. Aluminium floor (insulated as standard)                                         18. Floor pan as a 300 mm high
                              Front bulkhead roll-up door with recessed                                           aluminium scuff rail to the side and
                              straddle plate                                                                      front (welded)
                           8. Multi-temperature version /                                                     19. FERROPLAST® side panels
                              roof evaporator                                                                        65 mm        45 mm       25 mm (Baltic only)
                           9. Load securing rails

                          10. Double deck system

                                                                                                                                                                    M.Ko   Z.Ko   a.Ko
                         1-9. Head frame with diagonal cross members at rear
                           2. Side guard
                           3. Underride guard
                         4-5. Rain guard roller blind
                           6. Galvanised sub-frame
                              Galvanised bolted short chassis for self-supporting body
                           7. For the whole wheel arch: Complete anti-spray fittings
                           8. Wheel holder for two spare wheels

                                                                                                                                                                    M.Ko   Z.Ko   a.Ko
                           1. Aluminium rim
                           2. ROTOS® series with MRH pneumatic suspension
                           3. ROTOS® running gear with 22.5inch internally ventilated disc brake
                              ROTOS® Schmitz Cargobull running gear system with internally ventilated disc brake
                         4-5. EBS with RSP stability program (Roll Stability Program) (for Z.KO) or RSS (for A.KO)
                           6. One-point support at front (Z.KO)
                           7. Lifting/lowering device with AUTO-RESET function
                           8. Disc brake pad wear indicator (pad-check)
                           9. Rear semitrailer landing gear
                          10. Steel rim
Running geaR

                          11. Two-line compressed air brake system

                                                                                                                                                                    M.Ko   Z.Ko   a.Ko
                         1-6.Monitor with reversing camera (M.KO) / reversing camera (Z.KO/KO)
                           2.Euroscan temperature recorder
                           3.TranScan temperature recorder
                           4.Hubodometer (kilometre counter)
aCCeSSoRieS / opTionS

                           5.Meat rack
                           7.Tail lift
                           8.Telescopic cargo bars, both sides fitted with rubber feet
                        9-10.Strip curtain
                          11.Pallet box
                          12.ECAS-operating unit in the body
                          13.Plastic toolbox with drawer
                          14.Plastic diesel tank with tank cap (in conjunction with minimum refrigerator preparation)
                             Plastic diesel tank with lockable tank cap
                         15. ATP-FRC test
                         16. Bulkhead as roll-up door or double-wing door
                Flexible ventilation ducts for
                optimal cooling throughout the
                trailer, also suitable for double
                deck transport

                Aluminium wall with defined free
                space for optimum air circulation
                at the cooling unit

                Cooling units from leading

 Body made from FERROPLAST ® with metal
 covering layers: torsion-resistant and lightweight
 with optimal insulation properties, resistant
 to external impacts and absolutely vapour
 diffusion tight

                Galvanised chassis: ideal
                protection against rust and stone
                impact, repair friendly thanks to
                bolted connections

 A pallet stop protects the bulkhead against rough

                Welded, liquid tight floor pan
                comprising a lateral sliding plate
                and silent easy-glide base for
                effortless, hygienic cleaning

Through loading pulley for temperature-sensitive goods

With the Schmitz Cargobull through-loading M.KO tractor body, you can transport
fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers and other goods sensitive to temperatures easily, safely
and economically.
– Multiple versions: The box bodies for the tractors are available with a wide range of
– Save costs through safe load securing: The rivet-free processing and the flush load
   securing rails prevent damage being caused to the goods. These components and
   floor pan made of aluminium additionally enable a quick and residue-free cleaning.
– Secure control: The tachograph in the tractor unit records the opening times of the
   trailer via the touch-sensitive switch on the roll-up door.
                                                                                                  Flush inlaid rails for quick cargo
                                                                                                  shift protection

                                                                                                  The double deck model with
                                                                                                  individual height adjustment:
                                                                                                  for the secure transport of
                                                                                                  up to 33 additional pallets

                                                                                                  Additional roof evaporator for
                                                                                                  two temperature controlled
                                                                                                  temperature zones

                                                                                                  Segmented curtain to prevent
                                                                                                  thermal losses during loading
                                                                                                  and unloading

                                                                                                  ATP-/TIR sign for cross-border
                                                                                                  traffic, if necessary available
                                                                                                  with customs seal certificate

                                                                                                  New – lighting unit using LED
                                                                                                  technology, safer, energy-saving,

                                            ROTOS ® running gear – improved                       Clearly laid-out control panel for
                                            cooling of the brake system thanks                    the multi-ride height pneumatic
                                            to an innovative ventilation system,                  suspension enables quick
                                            minimised accident risk thanks to                     adjustment of the approach
                                            the RSP (fitted as standard feature)                  height to the ramp

FeRRopLaST ®                                                 For the efficient delivery in distribution traffic

– Permanent seal that requires less energy:                  – More space for non-stackable goods due to up to 38 euro-pallet storage positions
  The sandwich panel system FERROPLAST®                        on a single level.
  comprising of a multiply coated steel jacket               – Simple manoeuvring in narrow loading yards: The very small turning circle, as well as
  is vapour diffusion-tight and provides an                    an optional video camera on the trailer and monitor in the cabin make this possible.
  excellent insulation value.                                – ROTOS® running gear: Long-life Schmitz Cargobull Technology with 1,000,000 km*
– Permanently durable: The FERROPLAST®                         guarantee and robust high-tech components that have been optimally coordinated:
  is splitter resistant and burglar-resistant at             – Trailer chassis: The galvanised and bolted version provides a high resistance and
  the same time due to the metal skin layer.                   reliable corrosion protection against rust.
– Permanently ready for use: Can be repaired
  quickly, easily and economically.

                                                             *or 6 years; except for wear parts

2                                                   3                                       4

Suitable for virtually all makes of refrigerators   Pallet stop with circulation wall       Floor load bearing capacity 5.5 t or 7.1 t
                                                                                            (floor pan made from grooved aluminium plate)

      1-2                                           3                                   4

     10                                                                  11                                          12

10                                                  11                                      12

Longitudinal partition                              Rubber support / straddle nose          Longitudinally displaceable, insulated
                                                                                            transverse partition panel
5                                                6                                               7

The connection of the tractor and trailer:       Aluminium floor, front bulkhead roll-up door,   Multi-temperature version /
bumpers protect the side panels                  with interior straddle plate                    roof evaporator

     5                                       6



                                                 8                                               9

                                                 Load securing rails                             Double decker system

                                                                                                                               Running geaR
     13                                  14
                                                                                                                               aCCeSSoRieS / opTionS

13                                               14

Sliding plates                                   Full-height door protection strips

Head frame with diagonal cross members at rear


    6                                                7

6                                                7

Galvanised sub-frame                             For the whole wheel arch:
                                                 Complete anti-spray fittings
2                                                                                       3

Side guard                                                                               Underride guard


                                      4                                                 5

                                      In one go and in any type of weather: loading and unloading from front to back.
                                      The rain shutter blind ensures dry cargo transfers

                                                                                                                        Running geaR
    8                             9
                                                                                                                        aCCeSSoRieS / opTionS

8                                     9

Wheel holder for 2 spare wheels       Diagonal support struts
(behind the running gear)
1                                   2

Aluminium rims                      ROTOS® series with MRH pneumatic

    1                                   2

    6                                   7

6                                   7

One-point support at front (Z.KO)   Complete compressed air-operating unit with
                                    AUTO-RESET function reduces bellow damage

ROTOS® running gear with 22.5 inch internally ventilated disc brake


                                                  4                                                        5

                                                   The integrated electronic stability program ensures safe banking in a curve during critical
                                                   situations. If the tractor-trailer threatens to tip over, the stability program can prevent it by
                                                   timely application of the brakes

                                                                                                                                                       Running geaR
    8                                   9
                                                                                                                                                       aCCeSSoRieS / opTionS

8                                                 9

Brake pad wear indicator for regular               Rear winding gear (KO standard fitting)
“at a glance” monitoring

1                                   3                                              4

Video camera monitor in the cabin   Temperature recorder with integrated printer   Hub-odometer for mileage monitoring

     1                                    2-3                                           4

     11                                  12                                             13

11                                  12                                             13

Pallet box                          ECAS-operating unit and door contact switch    Plastic tool box with drawer
5                                            6                                                  7

Meat rack (except for Z.KO)                  Video camera on trailer for manoeuvring            Tail-lift
                                             without danger

     5                                   6                                             7


                                                                                                Telescopic cargo bars, both sides fitted
                                                                                                with rubber feet

                                                                                                                                           Running geaR
                                             9                                                 10

                                             Three-part strip curtain to prevent temperature equalisation during loading and unloading
     14                               9-10
                                                                                                                                           aCCeSSoRieS / opTionS


Plastic diesel tank with lockable tank cap
            Trailer       Reefer semitrailer


                          Tipper Trailer

                          Intermodal Transport

            Services        Consulting


                            Full Service
                                                                                             We retain the right to make changes due to further technical developments. Issue 27/08/08.
                            Spare Parts


                                                                                             M.KO-CON-DEGB-1814-3708 Some illustrations with special fittings –

                            Second-hand vehicles

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