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                                   Minutes of Meeting
                                    December 2, 2009
Minutes of a public meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Washington County Water
Conservancy District, held on Wednesday, December 2, 2009, at 533 East Waterworks Drive, St.
George, Utah. Those board members present for the meeting were: Ed Bowler, Tom Hirschi,
Dennis Iverson, Jim Lemmon, Dan McArthur and Jim Ence. Howard Bracken was not present.

The following staff were also present: Ron Thompson, General Manager; Barbara Hjelle,
Assistant General Manager; Melodie Sorensen, Corey Cram, Steve Meismer (Virgin River
Program) and Roberta McMullin, Secretary-Treasurer.

Ed Bowler, Chair, welcomed the Board of Trustees, staff and audience and conducted the

The first item on the agenda was the 2010 Budget Public Hearing. Ed Bowler welcomed those
present. Tom Hirschi made a motion to open the public hearing. Dennis Iverson seconded the
motion and all voted aye. Ed Bowler turned the time over to General Manager Ron Thompson to
make a presentation on the 2010 budget. Ron Thompson indicated this was a follow up to the
tentative budget approved at the November Board of Trustees meeting. Ron gave a Powerpoint
presentation. Some of the highlights of that presentation included the following:

The Crystal Creek project had its first water run through it yesterday into the reservoir at about
4 p.m. Ron’s presentation showed pictures of the first water coming through that project.

Quail Creek Water Treatment Plant: production increased by 8 mgd at a cost of $200,000 (the
prior mgd cost $26,000,000 so there was a savings of $10,200,000). The total capacity is now 48
mgd. The new 10 million gallon tank for the treatment plant will be paid for with loans and
grants from the Division of Drinking Water and the Rural Development Agency.

Gunlock Reservoir – the new was finished early 2009.

Santa Clara Wells – four wells were re-drilled and fitted with new pumps and pump stations..
This water will supplement the existing irrigation system.

Pumpback Project – this project involves pumping water back through the Quail Creek Pipeline
which will improve fish habitat during the hottest months of the year.
Sand Hollow Bypass Line – This bypass line will tie the Sand Hollow water directly into the
water treatment plant so it doesn’t have to be mixed with river water.

Virgin River Gorge Fish Barrier‐ This barrier is a vertical obstacle to upstream migration of red

Piping of the Washington Fields Canal – This project began in 2003 with the construction of
the fish screens. In 2009 several old ditches were replaced with 7 ½ miles of pipeline. The
projected water savings is 4,400 af annually.

Regional Water Supply Agreement – Leeds signed on in 2009. Santa Clara is poised to sign on

Ash Creek Project – Environmental work to be completed in 2010.

Water Conservation – 194 water checks were performed in 2009. Grants were received for
smart controllers, artificial turf replacement and a garden assistant. The Garden sponsored 15
free landscape workshops during the year. The Garden is used by the public in a variety of ways.

Management of the Dammeron Valley Wastewater System – The District took over
management on April 21, 2009, at the request of the Washington County Commission.

Lake Powell Pipeline – Environmental studies are being finalized. They are core drilling the
forebay and afterbay.

Refinancing Savings – The District has received a AA- from Fitch Ratings and a AA from S&P.
Interest rates were reduced on Sand Hollow Revenue Bonds and General Obligation Bond.

After the presentation, Ed Bowler asked for questions from the audience. Pat Cluff, Mayor
Springdale, asked some questions about the Lake Powell Pipeline and the general economy and
lack of growth. Ron Thompson explained that the District is going forward with project based
on the governor’s office of planning and budget projections. Ron said projects like this take a
long time to plan and this will take many years. Even though the growth has slowed down, there
is still some growth. She also asked if the project would ever come to the public for a vote. Ron
said he isn’t sure yet, the legislature approved it and all the city councils have approved it
throughout the county. She also asked some questions about water conservation and if there
were any plans by the District for rebates for changing toilets, or taking out grass, etc. Ron said
the District has had toilet rebate programs two or three times. Ron said there has been a 15%
reduction in water use. This is being studied right now to decide which measures are most
effective and which give the best cost benefit return. The District continually works on water
conservation efforts. Ron also said all the cities have conservation plans now and conservation
rate structures so we are headed in the right direction.
Ed Bowler asked for any additional questions or comments from the audience. There being
none, Jim Lemmon made a motion to close the public hearing. Jim Ence seconded the motion
and all voted aye.

Tom Hirschi mentioned there should be some hydroelectric grant money available from stimulus
and the District may want to look at that.

Approval of Adjustments to 2009 Budget. Ron said the District has about 10 million dollars in
general fund that puts that fund higher that it needs to be. He would like to make an adjustment
to transfer $6,350,000 to the capital projects fund. After discussion Dennis Iverson moved to
approve a resolution approving that adjustment. Jim Lemmon seconded that motion. There was
a roll call vote and each board member present voted yes. A copy of the approved budget is
attached to these minutes.

Dennis Iverson moved to approve resolution approving that adjustment. Jim Lemmon seconded.
Roll call vote – all voted aye.

Approval of 2010 Budget - Jim Lemmon made a motion to approve the 2010 budget as
presented. Tom Hirschi seconded the motion. A roll call vote was taken and all voted aye.

2010 Meeting Schedule – There was a discussion of the meeting schedule for board meetings in
2010. After discussion Dan McArthur moved to approve a meeting schedule for board of trustee
meetings to be held on the 3rd Tuesdays of each month for 2010. Tom Hirschi seconded the
motion and all voted aye. Roberta will prepare a schedule of meetings and conferences for 2010.

Award bid on pipe materials for Wet Sandy Project - Ron Thompson told the board the low
bidder for this was Ferguson Enterprises at $176,498.50. The bids were opened on November
19. There is only $400 between them and the next lowest bidder. Ron said if we had bid this
project two years ago, the prices would probably have been about a 100% higher. There was
some discussion on having local preference on next bid. Tom Hirschi made a motion to award
the bid to the low bidder, Ferguson Enterprises. This motion was seconded by Dennis Iverson
and all voted aye.

Status Reports – Ron Thompson gave status reports on the following projects: 

Lake Powell Pipeline Project – Ron said the District is working with multiple federal agencies.
Sometimes it proves difficult to deal with so many different agencies who have their own
interpretations and their own rules, etc. Ron also said this project is moving forward at a fast
pace and we hope to have study plans approved by late spring. We are getting permits to core
drill another alternate site at the base of Hurricane Cliff that may create a better site for the
afterbay. We are also getting a permit to core drill the shaft that will come off Hurricane Cliffs.
We have already core drilled the reservoir on top and there is still some analysis going on
regarding sizing it. There was some discussion of the intake structure. There are still some
people saying that Lake Powell is going to dry up, however, last month the upper basin has sent
more than a million foot of water over and above the compact to the lower basin. Lake Powell is
a reliable structure. Ron told the board that as we go through climate change discussions, we
need to remember there is always going to be climate variability. Between technology and
system capability you have to have enough tools in the tool box to do with that variability and
Lake Powell is a big tool in that tool box. Ron said that Governor Herbert is very supportive of
the Lake Powell Pipeline Project.

Crystal Creek – Ron told the board this project is finished now. The first water went in
yesterday at 4 p.m. It will run water all winter. There are still a few items to wrap up.

District Office Building – There are still a few minor items; but we can move forward with an
open house and dedication if the Board desires to. Ron suggested we could combine it with a
dedication on the Washington Fields Piping Project, Crystal Creek Project, Pumpback project
and Quail Creek Bypass Line. Ann Jensen from our office will help with that. Mayor McArthur
will work with Ann Jensen.

Bypass Line Project – Ron said this project should be finished in the next 10 days.

Pah Tempe Pumpback Project – This is done and will probably be tested tomorrow.

10 MG Tank at Water Treatment Plant – Ron said this bid has been awarded to Alder
Construction and they are just starting on the 10 million gallon tank project. The water treatment
plant is producing more water. Ron said is continuing to integrate the field staff and water
treatment plant staff;

Upcoming calendaring items:

The District Christmas party is Monday night, December 7 at 6:30 p.m. at the District offices.

Colorado River Water Users Annual Conference – December 9-11 at Caesar’s Palace in Las

Ron said Ed will be talking Wednesday at the legal colloquium.

Manager’s Report - Ron said this has been an extraordinarily dry fall which doesn’t help soil
conditions at all. It is about 46% of normal but it is too early to tell yet. There is still a
reasonable probability up having a decent year. It would be nice to have decent a snowpack and
good run off. Ron said he didn’t have anything else to report that hadn’t already been covered.

Request for Executive Session – Dan McArthur made a motion that the board move into an
executive session to discuss personnel issues. Dennis Iverson seconded the motion and all voted
aye. After the executives session Jim Ence moved to exit the executive session and move back
into the public meeting. Tom Hirschi seconded the motion and all voted aye.
Approval of November 2009 Minutes – After reviewing the minutes, Jim Lemmon made a
motion to approve the November 2009 Board of Trustees minutes. Dan McArthur seconded the
motion and all voted aye.

There was no further business ot come before the board and the meeting was adjourned.