RDT™ – Oval Pad and Straddle Packer

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RDT™ – Oval Pad and Straddle Packer
RDT™ reservoir description tool is a modular, combinable
formation tester and fluid-sampling tool. The RDT tool provides
accurate pressure measurements. High-quality clean and
representative formation fluid samples are collected, along with
a broad range of valuable reservoir data.
This is accomplished through:
• Pressure-gradient testing
• Permeability anisotropy testing
• Formation fluid properties monitoring
• Zero Shock™ pressure/volume/temperature (PVT) sampling

• Identify depleted and overpressured zones
• Assess reservoir fluid types and contacts
• Collect uncontaminated, representative, PVT-quality reservoir
  fluid samples
• Determine reservoir fluid PVT behavior

• Determine formation permeability and anisotropy
                                                                     Oval Pad packer (left) and dual Straddle Packer System (right).
• Assess reservoir compartmentalization

Oval Pad Packer                                                      Straddle Packer
Carbonate rocks, thinly bedded sands and naturally fractured         Sampling heterogeneous formations represents a challenge for
reservoirs can exhibit a very challenging logging environment        probes, and soon after the pumpout tools were introduced,
when pressure testing and fluid sampling are required. The           straddle packers were adapted. Dual Straddle Packer Systems
challenge is due to, at least, reservoir heterogeneity and the       offer advantages over probes in low permeability applications as
difficulty of sealing the probes in these reservoirs. The RDT tool   well as heterogeneous environments. In carbonates, thinly bedded
utilizes a proprietary Oval Pad packer to help overcome all of       sands and naturally fractured reservoirs, most of the production
these challenges. The Oval Pad covers a vertical section of the      occurs from small features. Such features make sampling and
wellbore, giving it the sealing advantages of a straddle packer      reservoir characterization difficult with a probe. The probe is more
but still maintaining the operational flexibility of a probe.        likely to be placed in a location that is characteristic of the rock
                                                                     matrix, which usually results in a tight test. The Straddle Packer
Key Benefits                                                         System typically isolates an interval of 1 meter, which is normally
• The Oval Pad design ensures an effective seal for the probe        ample to characterize heterogeneous rock.
  during formation testing and fluid sampling in the presence of     Key Benefits
  vuggy and/or fractured carbonate rocks.
                                                                     • The primary advantage of an Straddle Packer System is its
• The oval shape can reduce the sampling time due to a                 ability to cover a vertical interval where a probe is a pinpoint
  focusing effect the pad has on near-wellbore flow.                   evaluation by comparison.
• The Oval Pad reduces pumping times compared to a standard
  probe and in many cases a straddle packer.

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