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									                                                                  2008 LOCAL FOOD GUIDE MEMBERS & SUPPORTERS
                                 Find local farms, farmers
                                 markets, restaurants, and
                                 institutions that grow, sell,
                                 and support local foods in
                                 the Southwest Iowa
                                 Chapter area.

                  WHY BUY LOCAL FOOD?
Local food is fresher and tastes better
than food shipped long distances. Local
farmers can offer produce grown for taste
and ripe with freshness, rather than for
shipping and long shelf life.

With eachg local food purchase, more of
Your money goes directly to the farmer
and that money circulates throughout the community.

Knowing where your food comes from
and how it is grown enables you to
                  farmers who avoid
choose food from Serving: All of Southwest Iowa
or reduce the use of pesticides, hormones, and other chemicals.
             Farms                                                           Restaurant
Harrisdale/Rolling Acres CSA
Denise O'Brien, Larry Harris, La Von Eblen                  Electric Burrito Restaurant
60182 Dallas Road, Atlantic, IA 50022                       J. Wilson
712-254-2254                                                626 Davis Avenue, Corning                                              641-322-3990                                
Produce: Strawberries, apples, wide variety                 "Peace, Love, and Salsa!"
of vegetables, flowers, herbs, chicken,                     Menu: Mexican and “Gringo” foods using
turkey                                                      local chicken, beef, eggs, milk, Maytag Bleu
Marketing: CSA pickups Monday and                           Cheese, and produce. Wine list highlights
Thursday 5-7 PM                                             Corning Winery. Beer list focuses on
                                                            local/regional craft beer with two Iowa-
Past Thyme Gardens                                          brewed taps, two Iowa bottled beers, three
Gina Lloyd                                                  Iowa sodas and 10-12 regional beers.
3384 268th Street, Linden                                   Hours of Operation: Tuesday-Thursday 11
641-757-2116                                                AM-9PM, Friday-Saturday 11AM-10PM
Produce: Herbs, tomatoes, strawberries,
raspberries, blackberries and squashes
Markting: Farmers market only                                       Farmers Markets
WACER Gardens
Elaine Baughman
1502 Peach Road, Kirkman                                    Marne Market
712-766-3219                                                Donna Joyce                                         57040 Marne Road, Marne
Produce: Broilers, eggs, all types of garden                712-781-2289
vegetables, raspberries, rhubarb, pies made       
from fresh fruit                                  
                                                            Produce: Poultry, eggs, fruits, vegetables,
Henry A Wallace Country Life Center                         crafts
Diane Weiland                                               Hours: Every Friday 4:30-7 PM
2773 290th St., Orient
641-337-5019                                   Shelby County Farmers Market                                     Elaine Baughman
Produce: 40 different vegetables, 8-10                      Pamida, Hwy. 59 & Hwy. 44, Harlan
fruits, homemade jellies and baked                          (712) 755-3147
products, agritourism                                       Produce: Eggs, all types of vegetables,
Marketing: Open year round                                  apples, raspberries, rhubarb, baked goods
                                                            Hours: Wednesday July 9-Sept 24 3:30-6PM
                                                            Saturday June 28-Oct 25 8:30-Noon

Pictures on this page showing the Harrisdale/Rolling Acres CSA cole crops in the grounds and Kent Morris and
Larry Harris setting up the planter are courtesy of Kathy Morris.
                                Campaign Sponsors

    CASS COUNTY                     WESLEY HERITAGE HOUSE       HY-VEE
    MEMORIAL HOSPITAL               1200 Brookridge Circle      1630 East 7th St.
    1501 East 10th St.              Atlantic, Iowa 50022        Atlantic, Iowa 50022
    Atlantic, IA 50022              712-243-1850                712-243-1277

    WESTERN IOWA                    ALEGENT HEALTH             AMERISTAR CASINO
    DEVELOPMENT ASSOC.              603 Rosary Dr              2200 River Road
    1911 North Lavista Heights Rd   Corning, Iowa 50841        Council Bluffs, Iowa 51501
    Avoca, Iowa 51521               641-322-5245               712-328-8888

                          Our Southwest Iowa BFBL Chapter:
 Links producers and eaters
 Educates the public about fresh, local foods
 Promotes family farms
 Provides resources to producers
 Makes it easy for people to find and buy fresh, local food
                   The Southwest Iowa BFBL Chapter is affiliated with
                the Southwest Iowa Food and Farm Initiative (SWIFFI).
                   SWIFFI is a multi-county coalition of individuals and
                                 organizations that are working to build
            a regional food system in Southwest Iowa. Our vision is to
                               build a sustainable regional food system
                            linking production, processing, distribution,
                                     and consumption for better health,
            food security, and community and economic development.


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