PT Cheat Sheet - DOC by abstraks


									                                            PT Cheat Sheet
                                                By CDT X

Opening up formation
    “Extend to the left. March!”
    “Arms downward. Move!”
    “Left face.”
    “Extend to the left. March!”
    “Arms downward. Move!”
    “Right face.”
    “From front to rear count off.”
    “Even numbers to the left. Uncover!”
    “At ease”
    At end of work out “Assemble to the right, March!

Order of workout
    Warm up- jog in place 1-2 minutes to increase HR.
    Rotation Exercises- “The first/next rotation is the ____ rotation.” Neck, Arms
       and shoulders, Hips, Knees and Ankles. “Starting position. Move!” “Three times
       clockwise, three times counterclockwise. Rotate!”
    Static stretches- “The first/next stretch is the ____.”Abdominal stretch, Chest
       stretch, Upper-back stretch. Overhead arm pull, Thigh (quadriceps and balance
       stretch), Hamstring Stretch (standing/seated), Calf stretch, Groin stretch
       (standing/seated), Hip and back stretch. “Starting position. Move!” “one
       thousand, one thousand… ONE THOUSAND!”
    Calisthenics-call to attention before each exercise. “Group Attention.” “The
       first/next exercise is the ____.” “Starting position. Move!” “In cadence, exercise”.
              Upper body- Push-up, Wide arm push-up, Close hand push-ups, Bear
       walk, Crab walk, Swimmer.
              Abdominal- Sit-up, Twisting sit-up, Crunches, Supine bicycle, Flutter
       kicks, Leg spreader, Leg raise.
              Lower body- Side-straddle hop, Ski jump, Cross-country skier, Lunger,
       Knee bender, The engine.
    Cool down- walk until heart rate is under 100 HB p/m
    Stretch- for increase of flexibility

Closing up formation
    Attention
    Assemble to the right. March!
    Fall Out.
Buddy workouts- Elevated push-up, sit-up, crunches, resisted leg raises, wheel barrow, buddy carries-
Fireman carry, shoulder carry.

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