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									                          2000/01 FINAL PROJECT REPORT

   Project Title             Salinity Knowledge On Line
   Project Acronym           SKOL                          Project Number                00-01/07
   Agency                    NSW Department of Land and Water Conservation
   Project Manager           Herbie Freytag
   Email                     hfreytag@dlwc.nsw.gov.au      Telephone                     9895 7335
   Sponsor                   Neil Bennett
   Email                     nbennett@dlwc.nsw.gov.au      Telephone                     9895 7700


 Description                              Processing and Publication of Salinity related Datasets
 Project Completed: (Yes, as              Completed but not submitted for CEO sign-off.
 planned / Yes, with changes to
 project scope / No)                      No descision yet on location of website for project.
 Was the project completed as
 planned or were there considerable
 changes to the project scope or          Otherwise completed with changes to project scope :
 schedule? Provide details where
 significant variation occurred.          1) Scope reduced (no dedicated application to be build for display of
                                          salinity related layers)
                                          2) Budget reduced to $10,000,-
                                          after review by CANRI board on 15-05-2001
 Project Deviations                       See change of scope
 Document any exceptional or
 significant changes in project scope
 List of Deliverables                     1. Layers added to CANRI webmapping framework

                                          NSW Dams
                                          Regulated Rivers
                                          Pan Evaporation
                                          Groundwater Vulnerability
                                          Shallow Groundwater Prediction
                                          Dryland Salinity Hazard
                                          Irrigation Areas
                                          Irrigation Districts
                                          Wetlands Vegetation
                                          Subset of SPADE sites showing salinity
                                          Subset of RIIS sites with salinity measuring equipment
                                          Draft Salinity Mapping of Western Sydney

                                          2. Rastermaps made available for download

                                          Dams, Weirs and Barriers
                                          Groundwater Availability
                                          Groundwater Management
                                          Groundwater Vulnerability

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                                         Salinity Characteristics
                                         Surface Water Licensing

                                         3. Website giving overview and downloading links.

                                         Location of this website still undecided.

Project Website address                  Final location unknown. Internet hosting can be arranged at short
For projects without website access      notice. Planned URL: http://canri.nsw.gov.au/skol/skol.html
provide details of who has access
and how this access is made eg.


    STAGE and            Original Target      Actual Completion   Budget         CANRI         In-kind            Total
 Project Milestone      Completion Date              Date          ($K)        Expenditure   Expenditure       Expenditure
Project Brief               30.09.2000              30.09.2000          250              0           250              250
Project Plan                30.01.2001              17.01.2000          250              0           250              250
Requirements                30.01.2001              14.02.2000          500             70             0              250
Test Plan                   30.01.2001              31.03.2001          500             70                 0          250
Data                        30.05.2001              30.05.2001          500              0                 0            0
System                      30.05.2001              30.05.2001          500              0                 0             0
Load appropriate            28.02.2001              28.02.2001             0             0           350              350
Water Reform
catchment maps
for the Internet
Ensure data                 30.05.2001              30.05.2001        4500           9310                  0         9310
supplied is
compatible with
Create specific             30.05.2001              30.05.2001                           0                 0             0
salinity themes
viewable via either
NRA or a salinity
version of RIIS.
Acceptance of Test          30.05.2001                  Missing                          0                 0             0
CEO signoff                 20.06.2001                  Missing                          0                 0            0
Post                        20.06.2001                  Missing       2000              70                 0           70
Lessons Learned             20.06.2001               30.6.2001          500             70                 0           70
End Project                 20.06.2001               30.6.2001          500             70                 0           70

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 Total Project                                                       $10.000,-        9,660,-         $850,-        $10870,-


 Lessons learnt and                           Availability of inkind expenditure successfully avoided both
 recommendations                               duplication of effort between different sections within agency and
 What have you learnt from this                ‘freeloading’ by other sections within agency from project effort
 project that you would use again or
 advise for a similar type of project.
 What would you do different next
                                              Internal accounting costs (SAP) for running this project at DLWC came
 time?                                         to 72 percent of planned internal expenditure, yet there was no category
                                               in project plan to attribute this expenditure to.

                                              Project proposals involving third party software should only build on
                                               existing, proven technologies and tools.

 Useful references
 Please list any documents,
 specifications, etc which may be
 useful to others trying to
 understand the process or
 outcomes of your project. List any
 documents which others might want
 to use in future projects.
 Project self-evaluation                   No special promotion.
 and promotion
 Was the project implemented
 Do you have any specific indicators
 of success? (eg no. of website hits
 or users, user feedback)
 How has the project been


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