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									                           Allegany Franciscan Ministries
                            2009 Tampa Bay Tau Grants

Allegany Franciscan Ministries’ 2009 Tau Grant Program provided $241,600 in funds
to organizations in Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties that implement creative
programs and services to children, adults, and families in local communities. The
program specifically supports work that promotes healthy behaviors and prevention
from physical, mental, spiritual, societal, cultural, and safety aspects.

211 Tampa Bay Cares, Clearwater, Florida
2-1-1 Online Database Project $10,000
2-1-1 Tampa Bay Cares provides information and referral services to over 5,000 human
service programs and crisis intervention centers through a call center and web
services. The organization also provides a centralized web-based database that allows
human service providers to manage and share client information and free voice mail
boxes for low income and homeless individuals. The Database Project will upgrade the
website to become more user friendly and provide hands on training on the new web
portal for low income clients, non-profit health providers, the medical community and
the faith based community.

Community Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Florida
Learning to Lead: Anytown Youth Leadership & Diversity Education Program
Community Tampa Bay offers programs that teach young adults and adults to be
community leaders and combat discrimination. The Learning to Lead: Anytown Youth
Leadership and Diversity Awareness Program will have three, five day sessions during
the summer of 2009. Each session will have 50 to 60 young adults (ages 14-18) and 20
volunteer counselors and will include skill-workshops, interactive educational
activities, case studies and discussion groups. The grant funds scholarships for
participants who would otherwise not be able to participate in the program.

Cornerstone Family Ministries, Tampa, Florida
SHARE Express $10,000
SHARE Florida Food Network of Cornerstone Family Ministries is an organization that
sells discount food packages of 5 to 6 frozen meats and 6 to 7 fresh fruits and
vegetables once a month to the underserved of Hillsborough County. The SHARE
Express project will use a refrigerated truck to deliver food packages three weeks of
the month to offsite locations that are more accessible to the underserved

Corporation to Develop Communities of Tampa, (CDC), Tampa, Florida
CDC Technology Infrastructure Improvement $10,000
The CDC provides job training, job placement services, financial counseling, home
pre-purchase counseling, foreclosure counseling, and youth development programs for
underserved residents of Hillsborough. The Technology Infrastructure Improvement

program supports upgrading the IT Network of the organization and the website so
that the organization can increase its fundraising capabilities, marketing, and make
the system more user friendly for clients.

Daystar Life Center, St. Petersburg, Florida
Volunteer Recruitment, Retention and Training Program $10,000
Daystar Life Center provides emergency basic needs services, medication,
transportation to doctors appointments, job interviews and social service
appointments, food, clothing and personal hygiene items for those in need. The
Volunteer Program will create a presentation for volunteer education and recruitment
with community partners, grant makers and other organizations. Grant funds are
being utilized for personnel and supplies, to assist their volunteer-driven staff in
helping to meet the needs of clients served.

Earth Force, St. Petersburg, Florida
Water Audits at School, Conservation through Education $10,000
Suncoast Earth Force offers training to students and teachers in environmental
science, life skills, problem solving and leadership. Teachers are trained in an
environmental curriculum and students work on a year long scientific project of their
choice. The funded program allows students to study the water use and design a
water conservation program at their school. The students will then share the program
with the school, parents, teachers, students and other Earth Force students at the
annual Suncoast Earth Force Youth Summit.

Faith and Action for Strength Together (FAST), St. Petersburg, Florida
Local Investment Project $10,000
FAST has 35 member congregations who work together to better the community and
advocate for change. The Local Investment Project is a capacity building project
designed to increase the amount of local financial investments (or donations from
those who benefit from FAST services) FAST receives. Grant funds support personnel,
supplies, and staff training.

Faith in Action of Upper Pinellas, Dunedin, Florida
Strong for Life (Exercise Program) Site Expansion Project $10,000
Faith in Action of Upper Pinellas provides non-medical services to the elderly
community of Northern Pinellas County. Services include transportation to medical
appointments, grocery shopping, housekeeping and laundry help, and resistance
exercise programs. The Strong for Life program is a resistance based exercise program
designed for elderly people to work on strength, balance, and increase mobility. The
Site Expansion Project is a year long program designed to expand The Strong for Life
program into new facilities.

Florida Consumer Action Network Foundation, Tampa, Florida
Health Care for America Now $10,000
Florida Consumer Action Network Foundation advocates on healthcare, the
environment, utility and insurance rates, in partnership with other non-partisan

community groups. Funds support the work of staff in following legislation, providing
non-partisan fact-based information about proposed legislation as well as legislation
that is passed. Public information sessions will be held to help both community
members and organizations understand the components and impact of legislation.

Greater Mt. Carmel Development Corporation, Tampa, Florida
AIDS Care Station $2,500
The Greater Mt. Carmel Development Corporation has worked since 1990 to aid the
marginalized people of Hillsborough County by providing economic, educational and
social assistance. The AIDS Care Station project has been in existence for 15 years
and provides personal care kits to a minimum of 70 families each month. The kits
include specialty items for infants, laundry detergent, personal hygiene items and
school supplies for children.

Greene Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Largo, Florida
HIV/AIDS Action Project $5,000
Greene Chapel is an African American Episcopal Church that is a licensed test site for
HIV/AIDS. The HIV/AIDS project raises awareness about HIV and AIDS in the African
American community. The project offers HIV/AIDS testing, workshops on the disease,
and distributes educational information on HIV/AIDS. Grant funds will be used for
supplies, equipment, food and educational videos.

Healthy Together Tampa Bay, Tampa, Florida
Prime Time Sisters Circles and Community Health Education $10,000
Healthy Together Tampa Bay provides development, planning, coordination and
implementation of local health and wellness projects. Prime Time Sisters Circle is an
evidence-based, culturally competent, health education & self esteem building model
for African American women between the ages of 40 to 70. Women learn to make
enduring personal health choices for their own well-being. Funding supports two 12-
week programs with 60 participants each and will be used for educational materials
and newsletters.

La Clinica Guadalupana, Clearwater, Florida
Natural Family Planning Initiative $10,000
La Clinica Guadalupana provides non-emergency medical care for those who meet
state poverty guidelines. The Natural Family Planning project is a bilingual program to
help infertile couples have babies naturally. Patients voluntarily enroll in classes
taught by certified volunteers and they are given instructional materials and a video
to take home.

Life Center of the Suncoast, Tampa, Florida
The Suicide Support, Loss & Intervention Project $5,000
The Life Center provides counseling, group support, education, and prevention for
victims of trauma and grief. The Suicide Support, Loss and Intervention Project will
provide counseling groups for those who have lost someone to suicide, a public

awareness campaign to prevent suicide and support services for those grieving from
the loss of a loved one.

Life Enrichment Center, Tampa, Florida
Life Enrichment Center $10,000
The Life Enrichment Center is a senior center with academic, creative, health and
wellness classes. The Life Enrichment Center offers on going classes for active senior
citizens at a nominal cost and offers them the opportunity to stay active, socialize
and learn new skills. Grant funds support operational costs such as personnel,
scholarships for the elderly to attend classes, and instructor travel so that classes can
be taught at nursing homes.

Meals on Wheels of Tampa, Tampa, Florida
Healthy Meals for the Homebound $10,000
Meals on Wheels provides hot meals 365 days of the year to independent living
homebound and senior individuals. The Healthy Meals for the Homebound program
helps to offset the cost to seniors who cannot afford to pay for any portion of their
meals. Grant funds will purchase healthy and nutritious food and supplies.

Operation PAR, Pinellas Park, Florida
LiveFree: Pinellas Resiliency Education Vigorous Enforcement Training $10,000
Operation Par is the fiscal agent for LiveFree!, an organization that promotes public
awareness of alcohol and drug use in Pinellas County. The Pinellas Resiliency
Education, Vigorous Enforcements Training will provide health education, messaging
and social marketing on underage tobacco use, binge drinking, prescription drug
misuse and illicit drug use among middle school and high school students.

PARC, St. Petersburg, Florida
PARC's Diabetes Care Program $10,000
PARC offers programs and services in education, employment, and advance
development capabilities for people with developmental disabilities in Pinellas
County. PARC's Diabetes Care Program will educate PARC participants in diabetes
awareness, testing and treating the disease. The program will also help PARC
participants with diabetes by increasing their physical activities, introducing
nutritional activities and health screenings for clients.

Pinellas County Coalition for the Homeless, Pinellas Park, Florida
Project Homeless Connect $10,000
Pinellas County Coalition for the Homeless provides cold night shelters, free bus
passes, community education and technical assistance to local homeless
organizations. Project Homeless Connect is an annual one day event that provides
free health screenings, personal care services, legal services, free eye glasses, Florida
IDs, food, hair cuts and bike repair for the homeless, low-income and uninsured.

Project GRACE, Clearwater, Florida
Respecting Choices-Train the Facilitator $9,000

Project Grace provides Advance Care Planning and resources to families and
physicians so that they are prepared to honor end-of-life medical wishes. The funded
program will implement a series of one-day workshops with certified "Respecting
Choices" trainers at St. Joseph's Hospital and The Hospice of the Florida Suncoast. The
workshops will be provided for social workers, registered nurses, physicians, and
caregivers; providing training on how to provide the best options on Advanced Care
Planning based on cultural, familial, and religious beliefs.

Sisters Network, Tampa, Florida
Gift for Life Block Walk $3,600
Sisters Network Tampa-Bay provides breast cancer and breast health information to
the African American community. The Gift for Life Block Walk program is a one-day
event to promote breast cancer awareness in the African American community of
Tampa. Breast cancer survivors go door to door in African American neighborhoods
distributing brochures, resource lists and collect data on the health of the
community. Events for participants and members of the community bring speakers
and additional support services regarding breast cancer.

St. Peter Claver Catholic School, Tampa, Florida
Setting an Agenda for Excellence: Church and School as Partners $6,500
St. Peter Claver Catholic School was established in 1894 as an educational institution
for the African American community. The Setting an Agenda for Excellence: Church
and School as Partners program will provide resources for strategic planning and
partnership development designed to ensure students receive a full range of health
services and the school has a strong economic basis for the future.

Suncoast Haven of Rest Rescue Mission, Pinellas Park, Florida
Bag Lunch Project $10,000
The Rescue Mission provides clean clothes, hot showers, food, crisis intervention,
online food stamp applications, telephone access, and a mailing address for the
homeless and impoverished families. The Bag Lunch Project provides food to 11 day
labor sites in Pinellas County. The lunches include a sandwich, a beverage and fruit.

Tarpon Springs Shepherd's Center, Tarpon Springs, Florida
Field Outreach $10,000
Tarpon Springs Shepherd Center offers a food pantry, community kitchen, thrift store,
outreach programs and holiday programs for the unemployed, homeless and under
employed. The Shepherd Center has five satellite soup kitchens that serve 4500 meals
per month.

The Spring of Tampa Bay, Tampa, Florida
The DOVE Project $10,000
The Spring operates an emergency shelter for victims of abuse, a domestic violence
hotline, children's services such as counseling and educational classes, and
transitional housing. The Dove Project is a collaboration between Big Brothers Big
Sisters of Tampa Bay and The Spring. The project provides one-to-one comprehensive

mentoring to children who have been victims, witnesses of, or are first time offenders
of domestic violence.

The Ophelia Project & Boys Initiative of Tampa Bay (OPBI), Tampa, Florida
Strategic Planning, Collaborative Labs $10,000
OPBI provides youth programs on self-esteem, leadership skills, peer relationships and
how to stop bullying. The organization also provides community education and
professional training for adults working with children. The Strategic Planning
Initiative will support facilitation of staff, board members and stakeholders working
together to re-examine their brand, areas of expertise, program offerings and target

Willa Carson Health Resource Center, Clearwater, Florida
Nurse Practitioner Program $10,000
The Willa Carson Health Resource Center provides access to quality healthcare for
uninsured and underserved persons at no cost. Volunteer medical practitioners
include a medical doctor, a pediatrician, a dermatologist, a health educator, and a
gynecologist. The Nurse Practitioner Program will hire a full time nurse practitioner
for the center to ensure medical coverage during clinic hours.


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