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					                                                                                                  Position Description

Position Description
Part A – Position Details

Title:                   Resource Management Consultant

Position Band:           TP12

Department:              Cleaner Production, Service Sustainability

Reviewed By:             Damien Connell                   Date:    2/12/08          Telephone:    9313 8308
Approved By Relevant
                         Geoff Gardiner                   Date:        2/12 /2008
General Manager:

Please ensure you complete the sections below to reflect the inherent requirements of the position (i.e., what are the
major accountabilities, competencies and experience needed to successfully meet the purpose of this

If a person is currently in this position, please remember not to complete the document to reflect what the
person currently does and the level they perform at, but what they should be doing and how they should
be performing.

Part B – Position Purpose
Indicate in a single sentence (if possible) why the position exists.

The purpose of the position is the promotion of water conservation and resource efficiency to
City West Water’s non-residential customers to assist in meeting the Victorian government’s
water conservation targets.

Part C – Position Impact
Indicate in a single sentence (if possible) why the position is important to CWW’s success.

This position will assist CWW achieve water, resource and energy efficiency targets set by the
Victorian Government. It will also enhance customer and community perception of CWW by
effectively engaging and educating commercial, industrial and institutional customers.

                                                                                                    Position Description

Part D – Major Accountability Areas
Broadly categorise the major accountabilities/responsibilities (five maximum overall) of the position and provide a
performance measure (Key Performance Indicator) for each Major Accountability Area.

                                                                           Key Performance Indicator
              Major Accountability Area                          (Based on SMART criteria = Specific, Measurable,
                                                                         Achievable, Relevant, Time-Limited)
Promote water, resource and efficiency to                       Engage with and educate customers within your
commercial, industrial and institutional customers,              portfolio to encourage water, resource and energy
                                                                 efficiency outcomes.
through a range of programs including:
                                                                Facilitate customer access to CWW services to
     Extended Cleaner Production program                        customers that minimise their water and resource
     Water Conservation Solutions program                       usage.
     WaterMAPs program                                         Development and implementation of Water and
                                                                Resource Management Action Plans with a focus on
     Support 155 program                                        customers
                                                                Present confidently and convincingly to a range of
                                                                 CWW non-residential customers to encourage WCS
                                                                 program participation and positive outcomes

Continue to develop, promote, facilitate and review              Effective project management of the Water
the Water Conservation Solutions program. Building                Conservation Solutions program in accordance with
                                                                  Government, CWW and customer deadlines.
strong relationships with customers and
                                                                 Build positive relationships and networks with
stakeholders.                                                     customer, contractor and associated organisations
                                                                  (e.g. Sustainability Victoria).
                                                                 Ensure presence at relevant internal & external
                                                                 Provide accurate advice and data to customers in a
                                                                  timely, effective manner.
Play a key role in the development and                           Develop an effective working relationship with the
implementation of innovative programs related to                  Coordinator of the Industrial group to provide
                                                                  assistance on key projects such as the development
cleaner production, energy efficiency and waste
                                                                  of the extended Cleaner Production program and
minimisation primarily through the new extended                   implementation of the pilot study.
Cleaner Production program.                                  

Part E – Competencies
Select five (5) competencies from the CWW Competency Framework, which are necessary to achieve the position’s
major responsibility areas. Also, indicate the level (including descriptor) of the competency

Competency           Definition                                         Level
Business             Maintains up to date knowledge about current       Proficient - Understands the key business
Knowledge            and potential future policies, trends,             drivers within their department; maintains up-
                     technology, and other information relevant to      to-date knowledge about current policies,
                     the business or the wider organisation.            trends, technology, and other information
                                                                        relevant to business
Influencing others   Persuades others to support or agree to a          Proficient – Influences others by using a range
and situations       concept by business case by demonstrating the      of influencing strategies; generates excitement
                     benefits, generating excitement and buy-in.        and secures buy-in.
Project              Plans, coordinates and delivers projects using      Advanced
Management           project management methods, tools and
Teamwork             Is cooperative and helpful to the rest of the      Proficient
                     team/other teams; Actively assists other team
                     members towards the achievement of a
                     common goal.
Communicating to     Conveys and explains information clearly; can      Proficient - Prepares routine documents and
others               get messages across with the desired effect;       comprehensive reports; can get messages
                     prepares routine documents and                     across with the desired effect both in writing
                     comprehensive reports; makes formal                and orally; makes formal oral presentations to
                     presentations to a variety of audiences.           both internal ad external audiences.
Customer             Consistently meets and sometimes exceeds the       Proficient - Sometimes exceeds the
Orientation          expectations and requirements of internal and      expectations and requirements of customers;
                     external customers; consults with customers to     consults with customers to better understand
                     better understand and anticipate their needs,      and anticipate their needs; educates customers
                     and educates customers about products,             about products, services and solutions
                     services and solutions available; seeks out and    available; seeks out and acts on customer

                                                                                                    Position Description

                     acts on customer feedback.                          feedback.

Problem Solving      Breaks down problems and situations and             Proficient - Looks beyond the obvious when
                     identifies key components; accesses and             analysing problems and situations; takes apart
                     interprets different options; weighs up and         problems and thinks through the pros and cons
                     prioritises options to arrive at alternative        of options.
                     solutions; uses this information to make

Part F – Compliance/Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S)
Specify any compliance/OH&S requirements or responsibilities relevant to the position. If training is a requirement,
please indicate frequency. Please note all staff must perform their roles in accordance to (a) the OH&S
accountabilities outlined in the QES Management System document PROG917s and (b) CWW’s Values, Vision and

   Maintenance of relevant OH&S records as required by OH&S policies and procedures
   Manual handling training as required

Part G – Essential & Desired Experience
Summarise the essential experience and desired experience (including years of experience, if relevant) necessary to
perform this position.

Essential                                                     Desired

 An understanding of the principles and                       A thorough understanding of the principles
  practices of energy efficiency in buildings,                  of sustainability particularly in relation to
  waste minimisation and/or cleaner                             the water industry
  production                                                   Experience in conducting water, waste or
 Well developed written and verbal                             energy assessments/audits
  communication skills, including an ability to                An understanding of Environmental
  produce clear, neat and precise reports and                   Management Systems
  deliver convincing presentations                             A demonstrated ability to participate in and
 Analytical, research and conceptual skills.                   influence negotiations.
 Ability to use the Microsoft Office suite of                 Experience in facilities management and
  packages: Word, Excel, PowerPoint                             operation of commercial facilities
 Knowledge of environmental management                        Experience in marketing or sales of
  principles                                                    products related to the environmental
 The ability to actively participate and                       industry.
  contribute to teams
 An understanding of water conservation,
  reuse and recycling principles
 Knowledge of occupational health and
  safety issues
 At least two years professional experience

Part H – Essential & Desired Formal Qualifications
Indicate the essential and desired formal qualifications necessary to perform this position.

Essential                                                     Desired

Relevant tertiary qualifications to perform this              Post graduate qualification in Cleaner
role which may include Mechanical or                          Production
Electrical Engineering or with a Facilities
Management and / or building services focus
including experience with Heating Ventilation
and Air Conditioning (HVAC) experience.

                                                                                                                    Position Description

Part I – Role Dimensions

(Indicate if the position is
responsible for a budget              Annual Operating Expense Budget                        $                           Per Annum
and/or revenue)

                                      Annual Capital Expense Budget                          $                           Per Annum

                                      Annual Business Unit Revenue                           $                           Per Annum

                                      Value of Assets Controlled                             $

                                      Expenditure Authorisation Limits                       $                           Per Annum

                                      The person in the position will be required to develop close working relationships with:
                                         Members of the Cleaner Production team and other Service Sustainability staff, such as
                                          Conservation & Environment, Trade Waste, and Water Recycling.
Customers                                Liaison with Marketing and Communications, Legal and Finance.
(Customers/stakeholders this             External agencies such as Melbourne Water, metropolitan water businesses, Sustainability
position services/liaises with)           Victoria, Master Plumbers, EPA (Vic), and other stakeholders as required.
                                         Customers, contractors, consultants.
                                         Other stakeholders, as required

Part J – Organisational Structure
Complete the details below and attach the department’s organisational chart (if available) by clicking on the following
                     Insert Menu > Object > Create from File > Browse >Insert > Display as Icon

                                      Coordinator – Water Conservation Solutions program
Reports To (position title this
position directly reports to)
Dotted-Line Report (if
applicable, position title this
position indirectly reports to)
                                      Number of CWW employees                                                       Directly
                                      supervised/managed:                                                           Indirectly

                                      Position bands of CWW employees                           To be determined by Human
                                      supervised/managed:                                        Resources.
Reporting to this Position
(indicate the number of               Number of Serco employees                                                     Directly
employees reporting to this           supervised/managed:                                                           Indirectly
position and their position
band)                                 Number of external contractors                                                Directly
                                      supervised/managed:                                                           Indirectly

                                      Position bands of external contractors                    To be determined by Human
                                      supervised/managed:                                        Resources.

Part K – Other Information
Provide any other information you think is necessary to describe this role (e.g., physical requirements, incident
management availability, drivers licence).

The position requires travel to stakeholder, customer and community forums and a driver’s licence is essential.

The position is required to work within budgets and report statistics and information to management, as required.

There may be some manual lifting of resources for customer use and to and from presentations/information sessions.