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					                                XYZ & ABC, P.C.
                                1239 Street Lane S.E
                               Grand Rapids, MI 49555
                                   (616) 555-1212

                       LEGAL SERVICES AGREEMENT

Identification of Parties:
This agreement is made between the law offices of XYZ & ABC, P.C. (the “Firm”),
and Jane Doe as the representative and owner of MMM Inc. (“Client”).

Legal Services to be Provided:
The Firm will represent Client in the lawsuit filed by John Doe against Client
through the conclusion of trial or settlement of this lawsuit. Trial or settlement
means representation at a trial court in Michigan. If legal services are requested
for services excluded from this agreement, a separate Legal Services Agreement
will be required.
This agreement does not include representation for legal services related to this
lawsuit such as if:
    A. an appeal from the judgment becomes necessary, or
    B. a counter-claim or cross-claim is filed against any other entity including

Responsibilities of the Firm and Client:
  1. Responsibility of the Firm: The Firm has a duty to represent Client in
     a competent manner, to act with reasonable diligence and promptness,
     and to keep Client reasonable informed of developments in this lawsuit.
     The Firm is also charged with keeping all communications between the
     Client and the Firm or its agents confidential. Firm agent includes
     associate, paralegal, investigator, expert witness or any other entity
     working with the Firm regarding this lawsuit.

   2. Responsibility of Client: Client has a duty to be truthful and to
      cooperate with the Firm. Client has a duty to keep the Firm reasonable
      informed of any developments related to this lawsuit; changes in address
      or telephone number; and whereabouts of Client. Cooperation includes
      but is not limited to producing documents; appearing at depositions or in
      court; and keeping appointments with the Firm.

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Costs, Fees, and Related:
  1. Costs: The Firm may advance court costs and expenses associated with
      the litigation of this lawsuit; however, Client must reimburse the Firm for
      such costs no later than ninety calendar days following conclusion of trial.

   2. Fees: The Firm charges an hourly rate for services rendered by lawyers
      and paralegals. The hourly rate charged is determined by factors such as
      the complexity of the case; experience, reputation, and ability of the
      lawyer or paralegal. In order to keep fees manageable for Client, the Firm
      will use available timesaving methods. The hourly rates for services to be
      rendered in representing Client will be as follows:
                     XYZ, Esq.                  $300.00
                     ABC, Esq.                  $200.00
                     Penny Paralegal            $100.00

   3. Statement of Services Rendered: The Firm will send monthly
      statements to the Client itemizing costs and fees associated with
      representation; amounts applied from payments; and current balance
      owed. The monthly statements will also include the method of

   4. Payment for Services Rendered: Client must pay each monthly bill in
      full no later than thirty calendar days from the date on the statement. If
      Client does not make a timely payment, the Firm may cease providing
      further services until the payment is made.

   5. Disputes over Costs or Fees: In the event that a dispute arises over
      fees or costs, the Firm may postpone this lawsuit to resolve the matter by
      participating in arbitration. If instead of arbitrating the fee dispute, the
      Firm chooses to file a lawsuit, then the losing party will pay the prevailing
      party all costs and attorney fees associated with the lawsuit.

Termination of Services:
   1. By Client: Client may terminate the Firm’s services at any time by
      notifying the Firm in writing. Once the Firm receives the written
      notification of termination, the Firm’s representation of Client will end.
      Representation ending means the Firm will discontinue providing services
      and advancing costs on behalf of Client. Representation of Client will
      terminate when the Firm sends Client a final statement of services. Client
      is responsible for paying the Firm the reasonable cost of services to-date,

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       as stated in the final statement of services. These costs must be
       reimbursed within thirty calendar days from the date on the statement.

   2. By the Firm: The Firm may choose to terminate representation under
      circumstances allowed by the Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct. A
      lawyer may terminate representation of Client if:
          A. the representation will result in violation of the Rules of
             Professional conduct or other law;
          B. the lawyer’s physical or mental condition will materially impair the
             lawyer’s ability to represent the client;
          C. the lawyer is discharged;
          D. the client is using or has used the lawyer’s services to commit a
             criminal or fraudulent act;
          E. the client is insisting on a course of action the lawyer finds
             repugnant or imprudent;
          F. the client fails to pay the lawyer or fulfill other obligation;
          G. the representation will result in an unreasonable financial burden
             on the lawyer; or
          H. other good cause for withdrawal exists.

       Representation of Client will terminate when the Firm sends Client a final
       statement of services. Client is responsible for paying the Firm the
       reasonable cost of services to-date, as stated in the final statement of
       services. These costs must be reimbursed within thirty calendar days from
       the date on the statement.

Release of Client Property:
Upon termination of representation or termination of the lawsuit, all documents
such as depositions, exhibits, or physical evidence will be returned to Client, if
Client requests such documents. If Client does not request such documents, the
Firm will store all Client documents in a secured storage facility.

Agreement and Modification
This Legal Services Agreement contains the complete agreement between the
Firm and Client. Neither the Firm nor Client may unilaterally change the terms of
this agreement without the written consent of both signatories to this


Copry right 2010. All rights reserved.   3
If any part of this agreement is determined to be invalid by a judge or arbiter,
the rest of the agreement will continue to be effective.

I have read this Legal Services Agreement. I understand and agree to the terms
of this agreement. I am signing this agreement upon my free will.

________________________________                       ___________________
Client                                                      Date

___________________________                            _________________
XYZ (P44444), Attorney                                      Date

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Description: I prepared this retainer agreement for my Pre-Trials Skills course in law school. This is not a real attorney-client retainer agreement. This is only to be used for law school purposes.