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                                       No. 64                                        OCTOBER 2009

 A Specialist Humanities College

Inside this issue:-                                  Anti -Bullying Week 16th -20th November 2009
Anti-Bullying Week                                     Every November the Anti-Bullying Alliance organises Anti-
No – Nails!                                            Bullying week. As a school this provides us too with an
Tree Appeal                                            opportunity to remind our students about what bullying is and

6th Form Taster Day                                    how hurtful it can be. We can also remind students that if they
Jeans for Genes                                        feel unhappy about the way they are being treated by other
Yr. 12 Teambuilding Day                                members of the school community then they must make these
International Schools Library                          feelings known. There is a summary of the school’s
Friends of Colet Quiz Night
                                                       anti-bullying policy in every student’s planner and there are
Holiday Dates
                                   posters showing the school’s anti-bullying charter in each form room and in
English Department Poetry
Building Learning Power
                                   corridors of the school. As a school we are committed to tackling bullying
Design & Technology Appeal         throughout the year but during the week beginning November 16th we will be
Knitting & Stitching Show          shining a light on bullying, sending a clear and positive message that bullying is
Primary Liaison                    neither acceptable nor inevitable in our school community.
News from MFL                      During the week there will be :-
JC Students Leading the Way
Yr 10 & 11 Leipzig Exchange        • Themed assemblies focusing on bullying;
Advertisements                     • A review of the school’s anti-bullying policy for all students in tutor time with
                                      their tutor;
                                   • Year 7 students will have a poster competition; the winning entries will be put
                                      up around the school.
                                   Tackling bullying issues is important as everyone in our school community has the
We would like to remind            right to feel happy and safe.
students and their parents                             Mrs McGinnity - Assistant Headteacher
that it is not permissible to
wear nail extensions in                                           TREE APPEAL
school. May we draw your
                             Following the mindless vandalism of the Quiet Garden on Friday evening 2nd
attention to our Uniform
                             October, when two 12 foot trees were snapped off at the base and an A level
Code which specifies :-      seating project was thrown down some steps; we have done our best to repair and
“Clear nail varnish may be   return the garden to its former condition. However, while we are able to repair the
worn but fingernails must be seating, the silver birch trees could not be saved.
short and nail extensions of As a school we are very confident that none of our students were involved in the
any kind are not permitted.” vandalism, outsiders from Aylesbury are being held responsible. As such there is a
Any student who is found to sense of anger and sorrow within the student population, that a well used and
                             respected area built especially for the students has been mindlessly damaged.
have nail extensions will be
asked to remove them.        Some students are organising some fundraising events in an effort to help to
                             improve the quiet garden and or replace the trees, on a like for like basis. We would
                             like to publicly say thank you for the support given by those parents who have
                             already helped with offers of parts and labour as well as flower bulbs for the Spring.
                             We are appealing for any like minded parents who feel that they would also like to
                             help in raising funds to rejuvenate and improve the quiet garden.
                                                                       Mr T Brand
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          Taster Day - John Colet School Sixth Form                                           Jeans for Genes
  On 1st September John Colet arranged a Taster Day for Year 12
                                                                              The students and staff of John Colet School have
  students. The Taster Day would enable the students to
                                                                              supported the work of the charity Jeans for Genes every
  experience their chosen A Level lessons and to find out more
  about the subjects they would be studying over the next two                 year since it was set up in 1996. On Friday October 2nd,
  years. To start with everyone met in the Lecture Theatre, where             we turned out in our jeans and raised £945 for this very
  Mrs Cobley introduced herself as Head of Sixth Form. After the              active and worthwhile cause.
  introduction the students went off to find out more about their
                                                                              This money goes to fund research into genetic disorders
  chosen subjects. I went to Geography, Art and Film Studies.
                                                                              which affect both children and adults. The work done has
  Each lesson had been carefully structured so we could clearly
  see what was expected of us over the next 2 years. BBQ lunch                improved the lives and life expectancy of thousands of
  was then provided in the Quiet Garden where we could sit and                children.    The charity also provides schools with
  talk. It was a really enjoyable day and everybody felt it useful to         information and resources covering the genetic science
  have this introduction to their subjects. It helped me to be able to        behind their work and the disorders.
  confirm which subjects I wanted to study as it gave me a real
                                                                              If you are interested in finding out more about Jeans for
  taste of what was expected.                    Grace Russell - 12B
                                                                              Genes, you can find a link to their website on the school
                                                                              site, www.johncolet.co.uk. This fund raising is supported
                                                                              by both students and staff throughout the school but the
                  Year 12 Teambuilding Day                                    effort and enthusiasm of the sixth form, who collect and
                           2nd September                                      help me to count the money is outstanding and deserves a
                                                                              special mention.
                       Just two days before returning to school to begin
                       our first year of 6th form, we were asked to                          Many thanks to all involved.
                       attend a teambuilding morning with the RAF. We
                       made our way up to the Sports Hall to begin a              Mrs V Walker—Jean for Genes Co-ordinator
                       series of team related exercises. Once inside,
                       we were immediately told to put ourselves in
                                                                                   INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS LIBRARY DAY
                       order according to our height; tallest one end,
                       the shortest the other.                                                     6th OCTOBER
We were then faced with a series of challenges, all of which would test                          This year we celebrated, in the John
to the extreme our ability to work as a team. The first challenge                                Colet School Library, a world wide
involved getting two groups of people across an imaginary river, while                           event to promote School Libraries.
blindfolded. The second, a see-sawing bridge that wasn’t allowed to                              Together with thousands of pupils
touch the ground, yet we needed to get our group across. We then
                                                                                                 around the world our Year 7 pupils
                                                                                                 took part in a lively quiz designed to
moved on to a spider’s web that involved us threading people through a
                                                                                                 get them using books as research
varied size of holes, without touching the netting. Upon completing the
                                                                              tools to find the answers to the questions. Normally a
spider’s web, our group was told to carry out a trust exercise. In pairs,     very quiet area, the Library was full of very noisy
we had to walk along parallel bars, which slowly moved apart, leaning in on   competitive Year 7s’ as they moved around the room
each other as we crossed. The penultimate task, involved our entire           filling in the answers to questions like, Who designed
group linking together to form a knot, then having to work out how to         Michelle Obama’s “Victory Dress?” and “ What type of
untie ourselves. Easier said than done!                                       climate do Shetland Ponies like?” and “What is the
                                                                              capital of Spain?”
Finally the last task involved a large area with numbers stuck to the
floor, one at a time, we had to run in and touch them in numerical            Despite being a very hoarse Librarian by the end of the
order. It sounds simple enough but we were being timed and a                  day, it was fantastic watching the students engaged in
competitive spirit among the teams meant that we needed to be quick.          finding the answers as quickly as possible and eager to
                                                                              move on to the next round. I think all the competitors
When the day ended, I think I can say that we all left having had a really    found it very useful as well as fun and we look forward
enjoyable time and that we had spoken and interacted with a lot of            to doing it all again next year!
people that we wouldn’t have normally. As a result, we all came out of it
                                                                              Congratulations to the winning team. “The Melting
feeling much closer and more united. As a year group we would all like to
                                                                              Snowman” who received chocolates and bookmarks.
extend our thanks to the RAF Officers and Personnel for putting on a
great morning.     Twanda Bwerudza & Sam Blakeney-Edwards                     Mrs Clark - Librarian     Mrs Fanchi - Head of Year 7

                                                   Friends of Colet Quiz Night
Our annual Family Quiz night was held on Saturday 17 November. It was a very enjoyable evening and needed a last minute tie-breaker to
separate the top teams. The evening raised £300. Many thanks to our team of Sixth Formers who hosted the quiz entertainingly, our
helpers, and of course all those who came along!

Our next event is the Christmas Fayre on Thursday 3 December from 7-10pm in the School Hall. We will be sending out flyers nearer
the time asking for donations to the bottle tombola, money tree and cake stalls. Please contact Friends of Colet via the School Office if
you can spare an hour or so to help on the night. We really do appreciate your support.

                                                    Isobel Harrision—Friends of Colet
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                      HOLIDAY DATES
                                                                            English Department Poetry
                                                                  The recent Poetry Competition on the subject of Heroes
October 1/2 term: school closes at end of afternoon on            and Heroines has drawn lots of entries which now go
Thursday 22nd October and re-opens on morning of Monday           through for judging by the English Department - winners
2nd November.                                                     will be announced after half term. The following wasn’t
                                                                  an entry for the competition but came out of some recent
FRIDAY 23rd October INSET                                         Year 8 work on Macbeth. We thought you might enjoy it!
FRIDAY 18th December - school closes for Christmas at                           THE WITCHES POEM
12.10 p.m.
                                                                  Hubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble
                                                                  Let my cauldron fill with rubble.
School re-opens on morning of Tuesday 5th January 2010.
                                                                  To cast my spells and throw some stones,
February 1/2 term: school closes at end of afternoon on           To change some creatures, enlarge their bones.
Friday 12th February and re-opens on morning of Monday 22nd

Easter 2010: School closes at end of afternoon on Thursday        I’ll brew and stir and plot and shriek,
1st April (Easter Weekend 2nd—5th April).                         When my potion bubbles, then I’ll tweak
May Bank Holiday 3rd May/ Spring Bank Holiday 31st May            Till all the ingredients merge into one,
SUMMER TERM 2010                                                  I shall be nasty and have some fun.
School re-opens on morning of Monday 19th April.

May 1/2 term: school closes at end of afternoon on Friday         To John Colet School my broom will fly,
28th May and re-opens on morning of Monday 7th June.              I’ll find those teachers, then I’ll try
Summer Holiday: school closes at 12.10 p.m. on Wednesday 21st     To drip my potion in their tea,
                                                                  I’ll leave with a whoosh and with such glee.
          Building Learning Power
As part of our Building Learning Power development, fifteen       When it comes to homework they try to set
students from Years 9, 10 and 11 attended a Building              My spell will kick in and they’ll forget.
Learning Power Student day at Dr Challoner’s School in
Amersham on Tuesday 29th September. We are part of a              They’ll stutter and stumble, and muddle their
Partnership Project with both Dr Challoner’s School and St        words,
Bernard’s School in High Wycombe. The aim of the day was          They’ll slowly grow feathers and turn into birds.
to enhance student understanding of how they can become
better learners. It also aimed to develop student portable
learning power and prepare young people for a lifetime of         Mr Chappell will quack, Mrs Froggatt will
learning. Building Learning Power is based on an extensive        squawk,
body of research into learning and the brain. It was developed
by Professor Guy Claxton who has pioneered research in            They’ll fly around school on a knife and a fork.
learning and is based at Bristol University Graduate School of    No homework they’ll set, for day after day.
                                                                  My potion has worked – hurray, hurray!!
The student day was very successful, as our students
enjoyed it and felt that they had learned a great deal. Part of
the day was about observing the learning that is happening in
lessons and this was then followed up by a full day’s Learning    By Chris Lightfoot 8C
Review that was carried out on the 13th October at John           (No teachers were harmed in the making of this
Colet. Our student reviewers were presented with a ‘Learning
Partner’ badge in assembly and they then conducted the
lesson observations of eighty-four lessons. The observations
were carried out with students working in pairs or groups of
three. This was quite an undertaking and the Learning
Partners can be congratulated on conducting the Learning
Review in a very professional and thorough manner.
The results of the Learning Review is currently being
analysed but the observations were of good quality. This will
lead to recommendations of how we can improve the quality
of learning in every classroom at John Colet School in the
          Mrs J Firbank - Assistant Headteacher
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                          An Appeal from the Design and Technology Department!
 We are always keen to receive donations. Should you have any of the following you would like to dispose of, please consider a
 donation to the Design and Technology Department? We gratefully accept any unwanted wood, metal, acrylic, fabrics, paper
 and card. All donations help to support students throughout the school. Thank you.
                                            Knitting and Stitching Show 2009
                     On Thursday 8th October 2009, 26 Year 11 students visited the Knitting and Stitching Show
                     at Alexandra Palace in London. This is one of the premier events in the textiles calendar and
                     is a must for anyone studying or interested in textiles. This year’s show was outstanding and
                      gave students an opportunity to be inspired by the work of textiles artists, meet recent
                      textiles graduates and, of course, shop for materials and notions to enhance GCSE project
                      work. Students could view everything from delicate hand stitching to the latest state of the
                      art sewing machines. The overall aim is to inspire their GCSE projects, provide extra
 resources and research materials.
 The trip did inspire and all students were buzzing with ideas and comments such as ‘I did not know you could do
 that…….’, or ‘I hope my mum won’t mind me buying this…….’! This has continued into the classroom and will
 make next years Design and Technology exhibition very exciting. It was a pleasure to take the textiles students
 out to represent the school, behaviour was exemplary and this made for a special day.
                                                        Mrs E Bond

                                              Primary Liaison
  There has been a lot to organise at the start of term and the new school year began with the setting
  up of a Sixth Form Working Party. Sixth Formers were invited to join the Primary Liaison Working
  Party and help the school Primary Liaison Officer undertake a variety of projects working with local
  primary schools. This is a new and exciting venture for Sixth Formers who want to contribute to
  school life outside the classroom.
  This group consists of nine volunteers who will help in various ways throughout the year. The
  volunteers this year are: Sophie Wharton 12C, Natalie Vere-White 12C, Faizah Khan 12C, Sian
  Burnett 12B, Steph Swain 12B, Katie Phillips 12C, Stef Mannion 12C , Tom Gabb 12D and Jade
  Gattlin 12D.
  Although we have only been working for half a term, the group have already attended three meetings
  where they expressed a keen interest in helping with a variety of projects planned over the coming
  year. These include an inter-school quiz, a drama project and helping one of the primary schools with
  their end of year production. Members of the Working Party have also been collecting resources for
  primary schools, such as collating and adapting resources for successful teaching of Macbeth to Year
  5 and 6, and helping out with general administrative tasks. Much of this work has been over and
  above their Community Service.
  Sixth Formers not in the Working Party are also welcome to help. For example, on Tuesday 6th
  October Georgia Brennan, 12C and Sian Burnett (a Working Party member) accompanied me to
  Halton Combined School to work with children from Years 5 and 6 on a poetry unit. We were each
  allocated a group of children and worked with them as they used their imagination to produce a
  poem about the sea. Our brief was to ensure they used metaphors, similes and descriptive words to
  personify the sea. The children appeared thrilled with the results and we have asked to be involved in
  the production of a book that contains their neat poems. Georgia and Sian really enjoyed the
  Mr Sullivan, the Year 5 and 6 teacher, sent me the following e-mail immediately after the lesson:
  “Please thank the sixth formers for their input, we had a great time, you all really helped the
  children achieve their best, Keith”
  I would like to thank the Sixth Form Working Party for their support in this venture and look forward
  to an interesting year working with the local primary schools.
  Julie Caplan - Primary Liaison Officer
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 NEWS FROM MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGES                                        John Colet Students Leading the Way
Years 7 & 8 - Next half-term our Year 7s will be having a          Members of the Sixth Form have been presented with
French Breakfast and I know our Year 8s are already
                                                                   leadership awards from the Chartered Management
anticipating their forthcoming trip to the German Christmas
Market at Köln.                                                    Institute. Twenty two students completed the new
                                                                   qualification, staying after school for 8 weeks to attend
                                                                   extra classes and working in their spare time on written
Years 11 & 13 French students will soon be off to Paris for a      assignments. Now they have received their certificates
few days in November.
                                                                   and are looking forward to including this innovative award on
                                                                   their C.V’s and university applications, showing off their
Years 11 & 12 students of languages had the opportunity to find    commitment to being leaders of tomorrow.
out about the exciting careers that are possible if you study a
                                                                   This is another valuable addition to the many
language to ‘A’ level or to degree level when they attended a
joint Schools Conference organised by Aylesbury High School        extra-curricular activities on offer in the 6th form. The
at Green Park.                                                     students have worked with drive and enthusiasm to learn
                                                                   new skills which will make them stand out from the crowd.

                                                                   In addition to practical leadership skills, students had the
                                                                   opportunity to learn leadership lessons from History.
                                                                   During a visit to London, City firm Morgan Stanley showed
                                                                   students how today’s leaders can learn lessons from great
                                                                   leaders of the past such as Elizabeth 1st. As a Humanities
                                                                   specialist college it is really good to be able to link learning
          Year 10 - 11 Leipzig Exchange Visit
                                                                   in this way.
             September 30th - October 7th
                                                                   On receiving her award, Head Girl, Emily Yelland made the
A group of 12 Years 10 & 11 German students                        comment that “This was a fantastic opportunity to learn
accompanied by Mr Phillips and Mrs Royle spent a week              and practise new skills. The award will really help me in the
recently in Leipzig on our fifth exchange visit with the
                                                                   future and we had a great time doing the exercises and
Werner Hersenberg Gymnasium. They were all very
                                                                   activities during the course.”
enthusiastic and really looking forward to it and I think it
was true to say the trip fulfilled all their expectations.         We look forward to inviting another group of students to
They all felt warmly welcomed by their host families and           train as leaders of the future when we run the course again
every one of them got on really well with their partners.          in the Summer.             Mrs Cobley & Mr Measures
It was a very busy week - trips included joint visits to the
zoo, a tour of Leipzig, a day trip to a castle overlooking
the River Elbe and a visit to the BMW factory where we                                     Leipzig Exchange
saw the assembly of various models from start to finish.
                                                                                  The Leipzig exchange was very
We made our annual visit to Berlin by train and enjoyed
the views of the city from the tip of the TV Tower as well                        nerve-racking at first but very
as seeing the usual tourist sites - the Brandenberg                               rewarding and a big confidence booster.
Gate, Parliament Building and Check-point Charlie.                                Everyone was nervous for the first day
Students also spent time in lessons as well as having                             but settled in very quickly. It was very
family time which included a variety of activities. We all                        different to our living environment at
returned exhausted but every one of them agreed it had            home but it was a very good opportunity to see how
been a great experience. It was a pleasure to take away
                                                                  other people live. We went sight-seeing in Leipzig to
such a positive group of students.
                                                                  the very big and famous Leipzig Zoo and we also
                                                                  visited Berlin and the BMW Factory.
Mrs H Royle
Subject Team Leader - MFL                                         We also attended school with our exchange partners
                                                                  and had a family day on Saturday when we had the
                                                                  opportunity to do different things with our host
                                                                  families. I am very glad I went as it was an amazing
                                                                  experience, where we met lovely new people and got an
                                                                  insight into someone else’s life. I would thoroughly
                                                                  recommend it as Leipzig is a wonderful city and it is a
                                                                  chance you may never get again.
                                                                  Charlotte Fisher - 10H
                                  14th november 2oo9

               ArtandCraft                                                     Fei Lung Kwan

                                     Market                        Traditional Chinese Kung Fu
             meet the artists and makers,                                       in Wendover
                     buy their beautiful work                  A syllabus designed for all abilities and levels of
                                                               If you are interested in:
                                                               •      Simple yet       effective   self   defence
                                                               •      Learning traditional Kung Fu in a fun and
                                                                      friendly way
                                                               •      Keeping fit and increasing your self
The Memorial Hall, Wharf Road, Wendover HP22 6NX
                                                               Come and join us every Thursday
open 10am to 4pm                                               evening 6.15 – 7.30 pm at John
Butlers Cross resident Sally Evans organises Art & Craft       Hampden School in Wendover
Markets several times a year - here is your opportunity        Sessions run by a fully qualified Amateur Martial
to visit one.                                                  Arts Association Instructor with 20 years
                                                               experience/CRB checked.
You will be able to choose from a broad range of products
made by established regular exhibitors such as Jeremy              For further information please contact
White and Wendy Lewis and many, many others. There                              Kain Walton
will be a selection of beautiful hand-made books, original             Email: yuan@fei-lung-kwan.com
works by artists, delicate pearl silver jewellery and so
                                                                             Mobile: 07876595222
much more!
                                                                All are welcome. FIRST SESSION FREE so come
       £1 entrance donated to MS Society, Halton                              down and give it a go
  refreshments available - sold by MS Centre volunteers

                                                             LEAFY LOFTS
                                                             Unique tree houses designed and
                                                             built to suit your trees.
                                                             For a free site survey call
                                                             Martin Davies on 07510 890
                                                             Squirrels, Carters Lane,
                                                             Long Crendon, Bucks, HP18 9DE

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