Facilitation Planning Guide

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					                                             Facilitation Planning Guide

                                                      Facilitation Planning Guide
Topic                     Activity                   Outcome(s)               Materials                     Time
Self-Inventory            Standards-Based            To develop a clearer        Standards-Based            Dependent upon the number of
(Tab 2)                   Classroom Self-Inventory   understanding of the        Classroom Self-Inventory   characteristics being examined.
Slides:                                              components of a             handout                     Approximately 10 minutes
                                                     standards-based classroom   Pencils or pens                for each characteristic self–
                                                     and through self-analysis                                  analysis and reflection.
                                                     discover where an                                       Approximately 10 minutes of
                                                     individual falls on the                                    group interaction around the
                                                     continuum.                                                 characteristics.

Benchmark and Indicator   Benchmark/Indicator        To gain an understanding    Big Alignment Cards        Varies depending upon time
Matching                  Alignment Card             of how grade level          with Benchmarks            available (30-45 minutes
(Tab 3)                   Matching Activity          indicators align to         Indicator cards to be      minimum)
Slides:                                              benchmarks.                 sorted and matched
                                                                                 Answer sheets

                                               Facilitation Planning Guide
Topic              Activity                   Outcome(s)               Materials                              Time
Roles and          1. Roles and               1. To gain an                 1. Packet of Stakeholders         1. 30 Minutes
Responsibilities      Responsibilities           understanding of the          Roles and Responsibilities     2. 45-60 Minutes
(Tab 4)               Introductory Activity      different roles and           for each participant,          3. 45-60 Minutes
Slides:            2. Roles and                  responsibilities needed       Highlighters
                      Responsibilities           to implement               2. Packet of Stakeholders
                      Extended Activity          standards-based               Roles and Responsibilities
                   3. Roles and                  education.                    for each participant,
                      Responsibilities        2. To gain an                    Highlighters, Small bowl
                      ASCD Video Activity        understanding of the          or basket containing folded
                                                 different roles and           slips of paper, one for each
                                                 responsibilities needed       participant, One slip
                                                 to implement                  contains an X, all others
                                                 standards-based               are blank. The person who
                                                 education.                    draws the slip with the X
                                              3. To gain an                    represents the group/role
                                                 understanding of the          on the panel.
                                                 key role of the student,   3. Copies of the student,
                                                 the teacher and the           teacher and administrator
                                                 administrator in              (principal) Stakeholders
                                                 successful                    Roles and Responsibilities
                                                 implementation of             for each participant (to be
                                                 standards-based               handed out during step
                                                 education.                    #6), highlighters, chart
                                                                               paper, markers, video
                                                                               (ASCD Video Set: Using
                                                                               Standards to Improve
                                                                               Teaching and Learning –
                                                                               video #1: Improving Roles
                                                                               and School Structure).

                                              Facilitation Planning Guide
Topic              Activity                  Outcome(s)               Materials                       Time
Curriculum Tools   1. Use the Coaching      1. Refine and align          1. Mapping template (under   1. Based upon needs.
(Tab 5)               Points to assess         curriculum mapping           Tab 5). Standards         2. Based upon needs.
Slides:               current mapping          process.                     Documents.                3. Dependent upon the
                      status.               2. Refine and align          2. Mapping template and         number of standards
                   2. Revise current maps      curriculum mapping           standards documents.         being examined.
                      to align more fully      process.                  3. Chart paper, markers,
                      with Standards-Based  3. To have a clearer            glue/tape, scissors          Approximately 30-45
                      Instruction.             understanding of how         Copies of the academic       minutes to complete the
                                               standards, benchmarks        content standards,           matrix (steps 2 & 3).
                   3. A Constructivist         and grade level              benchmarks and grade-
                      Approach to              indicators link and to       level indicators being       Approximately 30-45
                      Examining Standards,     answer the question –        mapped for the analysis      minutes of group
                      Benchmarks, and          What do students have                                     interaction around the
                      Grade Level Indicator    to know and be able to                                    matrix (step 4).
                      Connections              do?

                                                To complete a matrix
                                                that provides a visual
                                                of the linkages
                                                between standards,
                                                benchmarks and grade
                                                level indicators.

                                                To clarify
                                                understanding of
                                                benchmarks and how
                                                the identified grade
                                                level knowledge and
                                                skills lead to being
                                                able to demonstrate
                                                mastery of

                                                        Facilitation Planning Guide
Topic                       Activity                   Outcome(s)               Materials                         Time
Instructional Planning to   1. Planning for            1. Identify approaches to   1. Chart paper, markers        1. 10-15 minutes
Standards                      Instruction Activity        planning.               2. Activity cards (under       2. 10-15 minutes
Slides:                     2. Card Sort Activity      2. To sequence the steps        Tab 8)                     3. 20-30 minutes
                            3. Re-Card Sort Activity       that teachers usually   3. Activity cards (under Tab
                                                           follow when planning        8)
                                                       3. To sequence the steps
                                                           that teachers should
                                                           follow to plan
                                                           instruction in a
                                                           education model.
Benchmark and Indicator     4-Square Activity          Analyze a benchmark and     Standard, Benchmark &
Analysis                                               he associated grade-level   Indicator Analysis Sheet.
(Tab 6)                                                indicators for a deeper     Correlation of Ohio’s
Slides:                                                understanding of what       Benchmarks and Grade-Level
                                                       students should know and    Indicators document.
                                                       be able to do and why.      Mathematics sample Analysis

   NOTE: Times should be determined based upon participant level of knowledge and background. All activities can be extended to provide
   dialogue, reflection and action planning.