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					                      Alyth Voice
AVID, Pitnacree St, Alyth PH11 8DY                                     62nd Edition, August 2002
Tel: 01828 632 339                                                     Minimum Circulation 1200
                                                                E-Mail                 Email:
                                                                   or                    Website:

                                                                                                                 from several locations, but most important
                                                                 ALYTH/DRUMDERG                                  to those present was the estimated details of
                                                                    WINDFARM                                     the delivery traffic summarised in the Table
                                                                                                                 opposite. Bird surveys are ongoing, noise
                                                                                                                 survey has started, archaeology completed,
                                                             At their meeting on Wednesday 24th July, the        a 40 mtr windmast installed to check wind
                                                             Community Council and fifteen members of            at different heights, viewpoints for assess-
                                                             the public, regrettably Mountblair CC, who          ment – agreed with national heritage. Na-
                                                             were invited, did not turn up, were given an        tional Grid connection will be via wooden
                                                             update on the S&SE’s current plans for the          poles.
        ESTIMATED TRAFFIC                                    site. To date it is considered a favourable loca-   Each generator would be delivered in 8
                                                             tion and they will probably proceed with plan-      parts, a Tower – 20-25 mts long, a Genera-
                Total     Daily   No of days                 ning application later in the year.                 tor – weighing between 70/80 tons, a rotor
                          Maximum                            During the presentation by S&SE, questions          hub and rotor blades up to 40 mtrs in
Turbine         184 (128)     8     23 (16)                  were invited from all present. The writer did       length. There are also many loads of con-
components                                                   not note any direct objection to the plans but      crete mix, cabling and building materials.
Concrete        736 (512)        32        23 (16)           there was great concern about a number of           Many questions on these matters were sub-
                                                             items with respect to access of the site.           mitted. S&SE went to great lengths to as-
Other           100              5          20               S&SE are now undecided whether to erect 23          sure those present these that a traffic man-
                                                             turbines or 16 larger ones – they also insisted     agement scheme through the town would
                                                             that they had no foreseeable plans to increase      be used and that they would do all in their
                                                             this number. Included in the presentation           power to ensure that everything would
                 Your Views                                  (copies of which were handed out to all pre-
                                                             sent), are Computer Simulations of the view
                                                                                                                 eventually be returned to status quo, if not

                                            Meigle Road                 JAM IN THE DEN CANCELLED
                                             PH11 8EU        JAM IN THE DEN has been fast becoming a             about missing Jam in the Den. Most of
                                              Perthshire     very enjoyable annual event in Alyth. It is a       them agree with me, that the drunken louts
10/07/02                                                     day when whole families from the very young         should be named and then banned from any
                                                             to the not so young, can come along and have        further events in Alyth:; then the rest of us
The Editor                                                   a good time. A day when it is possible to bring     can be left in peace to enjoy ourselves.
Alyth Voice                                                  a picnic, a bottle of wine, a few drinks maybe
AVID                                                         even a barbecue and listen to an amazing vari-      One of the saddest things about all of this is
Pitnacree Street                                             ety of excellent music. Music to suit all tastes    that Alyth was beginning to have such a
Alyth PH11 8DY                                               and ages. This music is performed by lots of        good reputation for it’s musical entertain-
                                                             different bands, from all over, playing for six     ment. Lots of people from outside Alyth
Dear Sir,                                                    hours and more For Free. There aren’t many          enjoyed coming here to listen to the many
                                                             towns where it is possible to attend a festival     bands and singers who came along to play ,
I refer to the article ’Alyth MAY GET Wind Power             of music like this for free. I have felt proud to   and this was surely a good thing for the
Electricity Turbines’ in the July issue of the Voice,        live in Alyth, a town which can produce such a      town.
and in particular to the question you raised of Access       brilliant event.                                    It must be very dispiriting for the organisers
for the construction traffic. You rightly identify this as                                                       of these nights. They put in all their time
the major problem from the town’s point of view.             This year is different though; the Alyth Den is
                                                             silent. Jam in the Den has had to be cancelled.     and energy to make everything as good as
Meigle Road from the roundabout is a B designated                                                                possible, just for some idiots to ruin it. I
road and like most of Alyth is a residential area. But       I believe the reason for the cancellation is
                                                             because of some mindless idiots fighting on         and I’m sure the majority of Alyth residents
that is not the only way to Airlie Street. There is the A                                                        would like to say a big thank you to all the
designated road from the roundabout-the A926 to              the night of Live on the Burn, another free
                                                             musical occasion when local bands come to           Organisers and Performers and tell them
Blairgowrie running straight ahead with access to the                                                            that their efforts are very much appreci-
right down to Airlie Street providing a more accept-         entertain for no recompense.
able route for the anticipated heavy traffic. Far from       I can understand why the event has had to be
this creating a major problem, it could be a heaven          cancelled, as no doubt there is a worry for         It is extremely upsetting to think that this
sent gift to get more of the heavy traffic ( which al-       people’s safety. It really annoys me however        may be the end of Jam in the Den and
ready daily whizzes along Meigle Road ignoring it’s          that all the law-abiding people who enjoy           Live on the Burn, which could be the out-
30 mph status) to reroute to the A926 on a regular           these musical events have to miss out because       come of all this mindless brawling.
basis. This would in turn lead to an environmental           of some drunken louts. Perhaps the names of         I hope these people involved in the fighting
improvement for the whole area. What you describe as         these people should be posted up around town        are thoroughly ashamed of themselves.
a problem becomes an opportunity for change for the          and pointed out as those responsible for ruin-
better.                                                                                                          Hopefully someone can think of a solution
                                                             ing the musical occasions in Alyth. I have          to save our musical festivals.
Yours sincerely                                              spoken to lots of people who are disappointed
David Grieve                                                                1                                    A Very disappointed Alyth Citizen
                            Dog Fouling                                                 Alyth Adult Education Association
                                                                                          Autumn 2002 Evening Classes
 This is one of the main issues raised in the questionnaire sent out by
 Alyth Environmental Group last autumn. In response to this the Group             Mondays          Alyth Primary School
 invited Perth and Kinross Council Dog Warden, Dennis Hearsum to
 their meeting on 16th May 2002 to explain his role and how he and the            Basic Computing                              7-9 pm
 people of Alyth can combat the problem.                                          Ladies Fitness Class                         7.30-8.30 pm
                                                                                  Art                                          7-9 pm
 The Dog Warden's role is to help stop the nuisances of stray dogs,               Interior Design (changing rooms)             7-9 pm
 barking dogs and dog fouling. The majority of their time is spent on the
 latter. Under the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 it is an of-              Tuesdays
 fence for anyone in charge of a dog to allow it foul a footpath, a grass
 verge next to a footpath, or areas used for children's play, sport or rec-       Advanced Computing                           7-9 pm
 reation, that are maintained by the council. This includes all the parks         Needlecraft                                  7.9 pm
 and pavements in Alyth.                                                          Golf                                         7.30-8.30 pm
                                                                                  Yoga ( Town Hall)                            7.45-9.15 pm
 Dog fouling is a problem in Alyth. It is not only a nuisance and can
 lead to a fine of up to £500, but there is also a risk of a disease called       10 week Classes Commence                     Mon 16th September
 Toxocariasis, which can cause blindness in young children. You can               8 week Class Commences                       Tues 22nd October
 help stop this nuisance by:                                                      Yoga Class Commences                         Tues 8th October

 •     Picking up your dog mess where ever it is (free rolls of bags are          Fees 10 weeks-£24 concession £22
       available from the Post Office)                                            Golf £30 ( sorry no concession)
 •     Use the dog bins provided at Jubilee Park, next to the Millennium          Keep Fit £20 ( sorry no concession)
       Clock at the Square, Market Muir, Burn Park and next to the
       Bowling Club.                                                              Enrolment in the first instance by post to
 •     If you see people letting their dog foul either remind them to pick        Pam Drysdale,
       up or two witnesses can report the incident to the Dog Wardens to          Annandale,
       deal with the matter.                                                      Parkhill Road,
 •     Report locations of frequent and regular fouling to the Dog War-           Blairgowrie
       dens who may be willing the stake the area out to catch the of-            PH10 7DS
       fender.                                                                    tel: 01250 873641
 •     Make recommendations to the dog wardens for any locations of               Remaining places at Post Office Airlie Street on Saturday 31st Au-
       new bins or signs.                                                         gust 10.30-12 noon.
 •     Bins and their emptying costs do mount up, so if you are a busi-           Please note-All classes except Golf and Yoga have a two week break
       ness consider sponsoring a new bin or its maintenance.                     Monday 7th October to Friday 19th October

 The dog wardens can be contacted on phone number 01738 476476.                     Foreign Language Speakers Directory
 The next meeting of the Alyth Environmental Group is 7.30 pm Thurs-
 day 15th August at the Thistle Lounge, Airlie Street.
                                                                                 It has been suggested to the Committee of Alyth & District Business
                                                                                 Association that there should be a Foreign Language Speakers Direc-
                                                                                 tory in Alyth to assist any foreign language only speaker visiting
                               W.M.C.                                            Alyth that may have a problem or require assistance in the town.
                    All Types of Jobs Done                                       If you can speak a foreign language and you would be willing to assist
                                                                                 can you please contact Michael Kay, by telephone on 01828
                         Painting etc                                            632252/632690 or e-mail to, who is
                     Phone 07732 827356                                          willing to collate the directory and issue one to any interested parties.

                     Alyth Voice Editorial Team
                                                                                      DATES FOR YOUR DIARY
Paul Ramsay                      632992          Editor                           FORTHCOMING EVENTS IN ALYTH
Jessie McLean                    632684          Treasurer/Advertising
Margaret Mackenzie                               Advertising
Marjory Macpherson                               Advertising
                                                                                August 10th/11th       Arts Festival/
Barbara Prettyman                633725          News                                 10th only        Street Market & Photo competition
                                                                                August 23rd            Scouts Good as New sale-Town Hall
Jim O’Brien                      632484          IBM Voice material/website     August 24th            Scouts Jumble sale
Will Burns Brodie MBE            632684          Scanning/ Printing             August 24th            Duck Derby Alyth Parish Church
Freida Murray                    632545          Layout/Typing                  September 27th         Stovie Dance-Alyth Scouts
                                                                                October 26th           Coffee Morning-Alyth Scouts
In Order to avoid disappointment please ensure that Articles/                   November 8th           Cealidh Dance-”Raise the Roof” fund
Ads for publication are submitted by 21st day of each month. Please send us details of your events for the diary...
Note: The views expressed in the Alyth Voice are not necessarily those of the
                                                                                                    Please note-
Editors, nor can they accept any responsibility for accuracy/spelling of any       Due to the disruptive behaviour on the night of
article.                                                                           Alyth Live — ‘Jam in the Den’ was cancelled

                                                                                                                              But the “icing on the
                   “ALYTH IN BLOOM”                                                                                           cake “ was when I
                        MEETS                                                                                                 had the opportunity
                                                                                                                              to meet
                  “PRINCE CHARMING”                                                                                           Prince William, ( I
                                                                                                                              thought ,”Can’t let
I WOULD LIKE TO THANK THOSE WHO NOMINATED ME                                                                                  this chance go!”) So
TO REPRESENT “A.I.B.” AT THE ROYAL GARDEN PARTY,                                                                              there he was right in
HOLYROOD PALACE ON 2ND JULY 2002.                                                                                             front of me, and with
                                                                                                                              a hand shake, a
                                                                                                                              lovely smile, a
It was a memorable day apart from one shower of rain, fortunately we were
                                                                                                                              friendly greeting, he
well under cover just before the party began. Beautiful surroundings (this was
                                                                                                                              moved off again
our first visit) and entertainment was a piper, fiddler and Gaelic singers and
                                                                                 down through the crowds. A truly unforgettable day which Donald
dancers, as well as two brass bands.
                                                                                 and myself really appreciated.
The refreshments were scrumptious. Talk about “Food Glorious
Fooooood” ( No sign of “Oliver” though) We couldn’t resist seconds! The
                                                                                 Yours sincerely
fashions were something else, all styles and colours and the HATS well, they
                                                                                 Marguerite McKenzie
are worth a special mention, equal to Ascot, I would say.
                                                                                 for Alyth in Bloom

                                                                                              ALYTH CHORAL UNION
                 Highland Dancing Results
                                                                                                 Where have all the singers gone?
Highland Dancing exams were held in the Ogilvy Rooms Alyth on 16th June
2002. Dancers participated in medal tests of the United Kingdom                  The members of Alyth Choral Union are busy preparing for their next
Alliance of Professional Teachers of Dancing. The examiner was Corrinne          session, and if you’re a Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Bass we’d love to
Easton from Perth.                                                               hear from you!
                                                                                 We start rehearsals on Tuesday, 17th September in the Hall at Alyth
Uni-ted                          (All Highly Commended)                          Parish Church from 7.30 to 9 pm, with time to relax at the end over
Laura Flemming, Kelsey Stewart, Louise Milne, Emma Bryce, Rebecca                tea/coffee etc. If you are new to the area and enjoy singing it’s an ideal
Fotheringham,                                                                    way to pursue your hobby and make new friends.
Kirsty Henderson.
                                                                                 Why not give us a try!
Introductory Grade 1               (All Highly Commended)                        We have a Carol Concert with Perthshire Brass on Sunday, 8th De-
Gemma Fiore, Laura Nicoll, Rachel Glen.                                          cember and a Spring Concert - a mixture of choral, solo and instru-
Bronze                             (Both Pass Plus)                              mental items. The date of the Spring Concert is Sunday March 30th
Lexi Plaster, Kia McNicoll                                                       2003 - the details of the programme have still to be finalised but it will
Silver                                                                           include works by Haydn and Vivaldi.
Erin Russell                       (Highly Commended)
Rebecca Barrett, Mairi Aitchison, Naomi Selfridge     (Commended)                We will also be holding a social event at some point in the session.
Gold                               (All Highly Commended)
Lisa Murison, Lindsey Milne, Danielle Barrett, Catherine Moran.                  Recently some of our members joined
Gold Bar 1                                                                       singers from many parts of Scotland (160
Fiona Martindale                   (Commended)                                   in total) in a performance of Haydn’s
Gold Bar 2                         (All Highly Commended)                        CREATION organised by Perth Choral
Lauren Aitchison, Joanne Smith, Ashley Davidson.                                 Society in aid of The Scottish Cot Death
Gold Bar 3                                                                       Trust –it was a wonderful experience.
Susan Maxwell                      (Highly Commended)
Majestic Award                     (Both Highly Commended)                       Because we’re a small group at present
Elaine Halliburton, Catriona Martindale.                                         (30 members) we are not able to perform works of this size ourselves,
10 yr Allegiance Award                                                           but with a few new members who knows what we might do?!
Carrie Ann Northcott               (Honours)
Introductory Blue Bonnets                                                        If you would like more details please contact the secretary, Dorothy
Lindsey Milne                      (Highly Commended)                            Lindsay, Tel. 01828 632 390. We look forward to hearing from you.
Introductory Scotch Measure
Lindsey Milne,                     (Highly Commended)
Danielle Barrett
Introductory Scottish Lilt
                                                                                                                   FOR SALE
Lisa Murison                       (Highly Commended)                                                            12 Chapel Street
Gold Village Maid
Susan Maxwell                      (Commended)                                                                   Alyth - £120,000
Gold Sailors Hornpipe                                                                        Immaculately presented individually designed
Joanne Smith                       (Highly Commended)                                                  traditional stone built Villa.
Jubilee                                                                                        3 Public rooms (26’ lounge/conservatory)
(Highly Commended)                 (Commended)                                                       3 Bedrooms (master en-suite)
Kelsey Stewart                     Kate Eno                                                         Spacious Kitchen/Dining Room
Louise Milne                       Naomi Selfridge                                                     2 Bathrooms + Cloakroom
Emma Bryce                         Lindsey Milne                                                               Utility Room
Rheanna Thom                       Erin Russell                                                               Integral Garage
Kirsty Henderson                   Rebecca Barrett                                            Pretty courtyard providing off-road parking
Rebecca Fotheringham                                                                          Spacious private gardens with gazebo to rear
Kirsty Henderson                                                                                             Full GCH & DG
Rachel Glen                                                                                     Quality Carpeting and fixtures & fittings
Ashley Davidson                                                         3                                  Tel: 01828 633368
Classic Car                                           Thinking about learning to drive!
Interiors                                              Worried about the theory test!         CLASSIC RESTORATIONS
Cambridge St                                         Don’t be, Get all the information you                WEDDING HIRE
Alyth, Perthshire. PH11 8AW                          Need, mock theory tests, CDROM.
Tel; 01828 632974                                                                            Pitnacree St,
                                                   Call Gladys on 01828 632135
All aspects of car trimming, redying, leather                                                Alyth, Tel:     Let us make your day extra
seats, new hoods, carpets etc... old and new            Pennycook Driving School                             special with our unique collection
                                                                                             01828 633293    of classic Rolls Royce Silver
cars catered for.                                  Clar-Innis, Meigle Rd, Alyth PH11 8EX
                                                                                                             Cloud, Bentley Mk V1 & Jaguar
We do a full upholstery work e.g. dining chairs,                                                             Mk 1X.
stools, new foam cushions.
Call in, or telephone for more information            VERY HIGH PASS RATE

       DAVIDSON CHEMIST                                                                             “L Y N D E A ”
                                                      AIRLIE GARAGE                          Beautician & Complemen-
         9 Airlie Street, ALYTH.
               Tel 632302                                                                    tary /Therapist
                                                          Telephone: 01828 633363             Based in Alyth, Perthshire.
     Prescriptions dispensed                         QUALITY USED CARS FOR                      Mobile visits available
    Delivery service available                               SALE                             Specialising in the application of
                                                       SERVICING: MECHANICAL                     skin camouflage to provide
                                                    REPAIRS, WELDING, MOT REPAIRS                  temporary waterproof
       HOPE PARK HOUSE                                       & PAINT WORK                      concealing of tattoos and non
         Residential home for older people             ALL TYPES OF                           infectious skin disorders includ-
                    DAY CARE                        VEHICLES INCLUDING                         ing scarring, birthmarks, port
               LONG STAY CARE                       CARS, COMMERCIALS
          SHORT STAY CARE (respite)                                                                wine stains, vitiligo etc.
                                                          & 4X4’S
                                                                                               ( Medical referrals welcomed)
   Tel: 01250 872349 for details of charges          FULL OR PART CAR
          and arrangements to view                                                           Extensive range of body & facial
                                                   STEAM CLEAN ENGINES & UNDER
                                                                                             beauty treatments. Special Wed-
                                                                BODY                         ding #packages available
  COLIN & CATHY FORD                               GARDEN MACHINERY SERVICED &
                                                    REPAIRED, GARDEN TRACTORS,                  Holistic /Therapies include-
          ARE NOW OPEN AT                               ROTARY MOTORS ETC..                           Aromatherapy
          Number 5 Toutie Street
                 Alyth                              FREE COLLECTION & DELIVERY
                                                             SERVICE                              Therapeutic Massage
                                                                                                  Indian Head Massage
            CHIROPODY                                                                                 Sports Massage
         SUGARING,FACIALS                                    NEW IMAGE                               Swedish Massage
                                                      Come and see Our New Stock of                   Touch Therapy
                   *****                               Kitchen and Household Items                  Hopi Ear Candling
            For an Appointment                        Now stocking children's toys and
            Tel:01828 632297                                      games                                 Reflexology
                                                              Also DIY Tools                       Hand/Foot Massage
                                                          Pop in and look around                    Back-care Massage
                                                     SECOND TIME ROUND                       For appointments -
             (Margaret’s)                                  3 Commercial St, Alyth            Telephone:- 01828 632820/640578
                                                                                                   ITEC    BABTAC     MGPBT BASC
 59 Airlie Street, Alyth. Tel: 632097
                 Open Tues - Sat
                                                                                   DAVID SIM
            Gift Vouchers                                                        IRONMONGER
                                                                     For all those household and Garden needs
        P C Consumables                                                     Crystal and Border Fine Art
        Ink Cartridges, Photo Papers
             CDR & Accessories                                            Garden Centre Now Open
    Visit our website for the full range of                          Large selection of Shrubs & Perennials
             or call for a pricelist
              45 Airlie St Alyth
                                                                         We promise a friendly, familiar welcome
              Tel: 01828 633346                                                and an excellent service.
      Email:                                              Tel: 01828 632309

                                                                                          CEILIDH DANCE
Public Notices                                                             (MIXED DANCING –OLD TIME, MOD-
           ALYTH GALA COMMITTEE                                                 ERN, SCOTTISH CEILIDH)
                                                                                   TO BE HELD ON
                                                                            FRIDAY 8TH NOVENBER 2002
                                                                                IN ALYTH TOWN HALL
Alyth Gala Committee will hold their AGM in the Alyth Town
                                                                               IAN CRUICKSHANKS BAND
Hall (Lesser Room) on Aug 19th 2002 at 7.30 pm. We are looking
                                                                                 TICKETS £5.00(DANCERS)
for new members to help run the Gala committee anyone who is
                                                                                   £2.00 (SPECTATORS)
interested should come on the night.
                                                                                      ADMISSION TICKET ONLY
                                                                                          SUPPER INCLUDED
                                                                                   THERE WILL ALSO BE A RAFFLE
                ALYTH SCOUT GROUP                                           TICKETS ON SALE BEGINNING SEPTEMBER OR
                   ( BEAVERS CUBS & SCOUTS)                                     NAMES AND MONEY CAN BE GIVEN TO
                                                                                               IRENE CRUICKSHANKS
Good as New Jumble Sale in the Town hall on 23rd and 24th Au-                                     TEL-01828 632730
gust                                                                                            ALL PROCEEDS TO
A social “Stovie Dance” evening is to be held on Friday 27th Sep-                                 ALYTH CHURCH
tember in the Town hall, tickets are on sale now from leaders, com-                             “RAISE THE ROOF”
mittee and Post office, price £5. Raffle and bar available, also please                                FUND
bring along your friends and have a great night.
Many thanks
D. McNee
Secretary Alyth Scout Group                                                         Scottish Country Dancing
                                                                                                re-starts in Airlie Street Hall
                            GRADUATION                                                               on September 12th
                          CONGRATULATIONS                                                         from 7.30 pm – 9.30 pm
                                                                                                         admission £2
                                                                                        All are welcome including beginners
                  Congratulations to Michael Lindsay                      Terminology and Geography will be explained and demon-
                  Graduated BSc with honours in Computing from            strated during our first two evenings, followed by basic
University of Abertay and has now started work as a programmer            dances
with Bibliocraft in Dundee                                                more information from Ruby –632939 or Helen –632929

University of Dundee
Morna Chard Sheildaig, Johnshill, Rd Alyth                                               SALVATION ARMY
Bachelor of Midwifery 11/7/02                                                             REFORM STREET
Ross Marshall 4 Isla Rd Alyth
Bachelor of Community Education                                                            COFFEE LOUNGE
12/7/02                                                                                       Open Mondays
                                                                                       (Pensioners Special Price Day)
Victoria Lennon 4 Isla Rd Alyth                                                                      &
Master of Arts, English 2nd class honours 12/7/02                                                 Fridays
                                                                                             10 am Until 1 pm
Donna May Hays graduated from St Andrews University on
Friday 28th June 2002 –Degree of M.THEOL SPECIAL
Donna is the only daughter of the late Jim McLeod of the Isla Res-            Art Festival / Street Market
taurant and of Lily Mackay and step daughter of Will Mackay High
Street Alyth.                                                                        Family Day
Donna has two brothers Captain Dennis McLeod Montreal Canada
and James who is a restaurateur in Fife. Donna was educated at                       August 10th
Alyth school and Blairgowrie High before becoming a primary
teacher.                                                                         Look Out for Posters
Well done and good luck to all of you.                                              Around Town

         Ian Miller Local Councillor. SURGERY AT ALYTH TOWN HALL
                   (Old Council Chambers) on 1st MONDAY OF EACH MONTH AT 7.00PM
                   OR CONTACT BY Tel: SNP OFF: 01250 876576 Home 01250 873304
                       P&K Council Tel: 01738 475018 E-Mail:
                                THE JUBILEE TEDDY
                                   BEARS TRAIL
                                The Jubilee Teddy Bears Trail is
                                sponsored by Alyth & District
                                Business Association and is a com-
                                petition that has been designed for
                                the young and the young at heart.
                                Collect a free entry form Alyth Post
                                Office, Airlie Street, AVID Office
     Pitnacree Street or The Spar Commercial Street follow the
     instructions which will lead you round the town. Look for the
     Teddy Bears/ displays in the shop windows, answer the ques-
     For the young ones taking part please look and listen for the
     traffic as you cross the roads. Once you have answered all the
     questions please take your entry forms to The Doll’s House
     Shop, Camno, Workshop, Commercial Street, Alyth.
    We hope you all have fun completing the Teddy Bear Trail,
    and visitors to the town have enjoyed their visit to Alyth.
    Thanks must be expressed to the compiler Mrs. J. McGill, for
    her work in producing the entry form, all the businesses for
    their Teddy Bear displays and their willingness to take part
    and to all who have entered and those who are going to do so.
    Have fun on the trail
    Thanks must be expressed to
    Mr.W.Gordon of Alyth Post Office
    and his staff, AVID and their staff and
    Paul’s Spar, Commercial Street and
    his staff for distributing all the entry
    forms and to everyone who takes part
    in the Teddy Bears Trail.
    The winner will be announced at the
    September committee meeting.                                                                     Michael Lindsay
                                                                                Graduated BSc with honours in Computing from University of
    TED                                                                                                  Abertay

                          ALYTH AFC                                            Another letter from one of Sam’s Tibetan Students
                                                                              Firstly I am one of Tibetan Buddhist monks called Thupten Tsullein. My
                                                                              monastery is called Dzong Choe monastery.
                                                                              Our monastery’s location in South India states called Karnataka and also
                                                                              our monastery a refugee settlement called Gurupura. Our monastery was
                                                                              built in 1972, at the time there had 22 monks who escaped from Chinese
                                                                              army but now these had 120 monks, and it’s not very big and there are not
                                                                              many monks, but the monastery is peaceful.
                                                                              In our monastery we have one shop, school, also small incense factory and
                                                                              handicraft. In our school we have eight teachers and two volunteers teach-
                                                                              ers from Scotland. In my school we learn English, Tibetan, Math and some
                                                                              general knowledge, and most Buddhist religion. In our monastery we have
                                                                              many trees and plants. And we have many special festival. To write more
                                                                              will wrote my ink and papers, so will stop here and I can’t enough to write
                                                                              more in English. So I am sorry.
                                                                              Thupten Tsullein

Alyth Amateur Football Club enjoyed a very successful season, win-            At Dzongkar Choe monastery.
ning three trophies, which included the two major cup competitions in
Perthshire Amateur football. The officials of the club are very aware
and most appreciative of the outstanding support they receive from the        Alyth District Alzheimer Carers Support Group
local community.
Due to this support the club are constantly endeavouring to improve
facilities in the Diamond Jubilee Park and over the last 5 years have     Our Annual Coffee Morning will be held on Saturday 7th September.
erected floodlights, (which are currently being improved) installed new   With the proceeds from our last Coffee Morning , we donated a TV &
showers in the pavilion and purchased a roller and mower to maintain      Video to the Princess Royal Trust Care Centre at Blairgowrie, which has
the quality of the football pitch. The football club is very much com-    been a great success. We continue to purchase Memory Boards, Baby
munity based and would extend a warm welcome to anyone who                Alarms, Incontinence Pads, Aids and new on the market, 2 x Seal
wishes to come and join our club either as a player or a committee        Alarms, these help to lighten the load fro “Carers” and the “Cared for”
member. We train at the park on Tuesdays 7 pm-9 pm and we would           We had hoped to buy a respite bed but as this has to be for a minimum of
be delighted to see you. ( Tea. Coffee, Bovril always available in our    one year & would cast approx £15,000 this remains a pipe dream or an
recently built kitchen.) Thanks once again to all who support us in our   awful lot of Coffee Mornings!!!!
efforts to promote football in our community.
Yours in sport Fergie Alexander (manager Alyth AFC}
              ALYTH & DISTRICT BUSINESS                                                     Air Training Corp-Summer Camp
      Notice of Office Bearers and Committee Members after the Com-                             2519 (Strathmore) Squadron, Air Training
                             mittee meeting on                                                  Corps, had a successful summer camp, from
                       Thursday the 18th of July 2002                                           the 22nd to 29th June with 14 other cadets
                                                                                                drawn from 38F (Perth) and 38(D/F)
                             Office-Bearers                                                     (Kinross) Squadrons at Royal Air Force
     Chairperson           Mr.Michael Kay                                                       Kinloss.
     Telephone Alyth 632252/632690                                                              The cadets who attended from 2519 were
     e-mail                                      Corporal. Rory Kemp, Cadets Duncan Telford and Craig Hanford (all from
     Vice-Chairperson      Mrs.Flo McNeil                                      Luncarty), Cadets Sean Donaldson and Mark Harper (both of Blairgowrie)
     Telephone Alyth 632986                                                    Cadet Andrew Rathband (Bridge of Cally) and Cadets Christopher Gordon
     Secretary /Treasurer Mrs. Nancy Kay                                       and Leo Plaster (both of Alyth).
     Telephone Alyth 632690                                                    Flight Lieutenant Roy Kemp (Luncarty), Flying Officer Michael Kay
                                Committee                                      (Alyth) and Padre Tom Tait (Blairgowrie) accompanied the cadets.
     Mr. S. Eno, Mr. D. Brough, Mrs. R. Hognadottir and                        The cadets experienced a week on a Royal Air Force base, which included
     Mrs. J. McGill                                                            R.A.F Kinloss’s Families day with flying displays by a locally based Nim-
                                                                               rod, also a Tornado, Hawk, Jaguar, Sea King, Harrier, Grob Tutor and the
                                                                               Royal Air Force Red Arrows aerobatics formation team. There were many
      The Salvation Army Annual Appeal                                         charity and amusement stands and the static aircraft line up included
                                                                               U.S.A. Force K C 135 Tanker and two F-15 fighters, the new RAF Hercu-
After a two year break from door to door collecting in Alyth we are
                                                                               les C-130J, and other RAF aircraft.
hoping to once again commence this very necessary task to enable the
                                                                               All the cadets were shown round one of the Nimrod’s based at Kinloss by
army to continue it’s social work in this country. Whilst the army’s
                                                                               two of the aircrew who explained all the equipment that is carried inter-
work is already extensive there is always more help needed and new
                                                                               nally and externally and all the work stations. The cadets received a wel-
services to be provided. In September 2000 the Guardian newspaper
                                                                               come to the station and a brief on the stations role and the units that are
highlighted the potential crisis faced by the Salvation Army, which
                                                                               based there.
threaten the organisations future role as “ The Guardian Angel of Brit-
                                                                               The cadets also carried out drill, a Church Parade, leadership, confidence
ain's Homeless, Poor and Needy”. The Salvation Army relies entirely
                                                                               course, orienteering exercise near Forres, a familiarisation and quiz exer-
upon funding from public donations to meet the growing welfare needs
                                                                               cise around the main station operating area and a night exercise under the
in society-in 2000. The services in the West Midlands alone cost £2.3
                                                                               guidance of the Station’s Air Training Corp Liaison team, range firing of
million!!!. The gap between what is needed and what the government
                                                                               the Mk 8 .22 rifle or the 5.65. mm Cadet L 98 rifle.
provided continues to grow.
                                                                               They also visited many of the units on the base such as Air Rescue Co-
As a charity, the Salvation Army is extremely efficient—approximately          ordination Centre, Fire Section, Air Traffic Control, R.A.F. Police Dog
93p in every £1 raised goes directly to the cause.                             Flight, Visiting Aircraft Servicing Section where they had the opportunity
                                                                               to see and speak with the crews of two Royal Australian Air Force and one
The Salvation Army is an International Christian Church working in             Royal New Zealand Air Force Lockheed P-3C Orion’s and a Royal Austra-
108 countries Worldwide. As a registered charity, The Salvation Army           lian Air Force Hercules C-130 J. The Armament Equipment Flight and the
demonstrates it’s Christian principles through social welfare provision.       Nimrod simulator in which all the aircrew for the Nimrods train on a regu-
The Salvation Army in the UK has 840 local church centres, 85 social           lar basis and were given the opportunity to experience a take-off and land-
service centres with 5,662 employees including S.A offices ( ministers),       ing from Gibraltar from the pilots position in the simulators flight deck.
these include 49 centres for single homeless people, 18 centres for the        The cadets visited and used The Sports Hanger for playing various team
elderly, 6 substance misuse centres, prison visiting services and a fam-       games, the Stations Go-Kart section, where after a safety brief a le Mans
ily tracing service, handling 5,000 cases annually with a success rate of      type competition was run with teams competing against each other and
83%.                                                                           R.A.F. Lossiemouth was visited on two occasions to use the ten-pin bowl-
As you can see from this short summery, the need is great, so as the           ing facilities there. One day Historic Fort George was visited and the ca-
local Salvationist who organises the annual appeal in this area, I ask that    dets had two hours exploring/shopping in Inverness.
if anyone would be willing to collect in their street, would you please        During the week 9 cadets and two staff had the privilege of flying on dif-
contact me on– 01250 870692 (BT Answer service) Just a couple of               ferent Nimrod’s on training flights lasting between 3 and 4 hours to see for
hours of your time could make a lifetime of difference to some one less        real how the aircraft and its crew operate.
fortunate.                                                                     On Saturday the 29th of June a final parade was held, before departing
We have an annual review of the “Army’s” work which is free and can            R.A.F Kinloss, during which various presentations were made, including
be collected from No 1 Reform Street Blairgowrie on a Monday or                certificates to cadets who had achieved their Royal Air Force Swimming
Friday ( when our coffee lounge is open –from 10 am until 1 pm ) or            Proficiency and to Cadet Leo Plaster (2519) Squadron for being the best
our charity shop on Monday—Wednesday & Friday.                                 cadet during the week, for which he received a certificate and a print of a
                             A Real Scot                                       If the above interests you and you are between the ages of 13 years old to
                                                                               18 years old come along any Wednesday evening between 7.00.p.m. and
                        It is not about a nation                      to 2519 (Strathmore) Squadron, T.A.V.R.A. Building, Union
                          the feeling is inside                                Street, Blairgowrie and speak to the Commanding Officer, Adjutant or any
                   you are proud of what you are                               of the Cadets.
                 and if you are challenged woe betide
                        A true Scot is a person                                                  Alyth Brownies “Raise the Roof”
                who loves his country with fierce pride
                      his family and his heritage                              I would like to thank everyone who sponsored the 2nd Alyth
                         will be his only guide                                (Tuesday) Brownies sing song. We raised the fantastic sum of £584
                                                                               in aid of Alyth Parish Church “Raise the Roof” fund. Once again
                      The mountains and the lochs                              we appreciate everyone’s continued support.
                       are all there for one to see
                                                                               Well done to all the girls for their super effort. ( the singing was
                        but that is only part if it
                        there is also you and me                               good too!!)
                                                                               Yours in guiding
                      Edith Sweeney (nee Conner)                                 Sheena Fotheringham (Guider)
Alex of Shoe Care Centre                              G B BUICK & SON                           ARNOLD WHITE
          Is poised and ready to
                                                       CENTRAL GARAGE
           STITCH, STRECH                                  ALYTH                                  JOINER AND CONTRACTOR
         *Your Shoes and Boots*                                      *
                                                       FULLY STOCKED SHOP
 Look Them Out NOW! And hand them                              WITH
      into SEASON’S SHOP                                  BATTERIES, ETC
                                                  AND FOR THE HOME MACGAS LPG                                  All types of
      -Pick Up THURS - 2 pm                       13KG OR 7KG BOTTLES FROM £10                           Joinery/Carpentry work
                  DAVID SCOTT                     WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL OUR FUEL                        i.e.-Extensions,
                  FUNERAL DIRECTORS                CUSTOMERS AND RIX PETROLEUM, OUR                         Loft Conversions,
                          &                       INDEPENDENT FUEL SUPPLIER, FOR THEIR                Double Glazing, Conservatories,
                  MONUMENTAL AGENTS                       CONTINUING SUPPORT.                                    Kitchens.
                                                                                                      Harwood & Laminate Flooring,
                                                                                                             Fitted Furniture
                                                  GREAT OR SMALL AND STOP THE MAIN OIL
                                                    PRODUCERS CLOSING DOWN RURAL
                                                            PETROL STATIONS.
                                                                                                1 Strathmore View    Telephone
CONTACT DAVID SCOTT LTD 7 TOUTIE STREET                                                         Alyth               01828 632467
       ALYTH TEL: 01828 633433
          OR 65 HIGH STREET                       CALL NOW FOR APPT 01828 632492                Perthshire      Mobile:07736248718
    BLAIRGOWRIE TEL:01250 876400                                                                PH11 8JD

                                                                                                             Carpet Care
     ART                                    Drumnacree House
   SCHOOL                                                  and                                          Carpet, Upholstery and Leather
 Learn to Draw                                  The Oven Bistro                                             Cleaned and Protected
   And Paint                                                                                                           Call
  Beginners very welcome                Do you find yourself dreaming of sun, sand and                        Neil Stewart
                                                delicious Mediterranean Cuisine?                   for a Free Quote:

          Contact                       Well we can’t promise you the sun and sand but             01828 632771 or 01250 875216
       Jean Redgrave                                               we
                                        can offer our Bistro menu packed with delicious
                                                                                                          Mobile: 0771 391 5546
        16 Toutie St
                                                      Mediterranean dishes
                                          all cooked in our original wood burning oven.
        Tel: 632039
                                           Why not come along and enjoy the warm,                                Established 1975
    GEO’s BAR & THISTLE                   atmosphere along with fine food and wine?                  MURRAY PENNYCOOK
          LOUNGE                                      Children are welcome
                                                                                                        PLUMBING & HEATING
                                            and can eat from their own special menu
      Tel : 632276 Fax: 633939                                                                          GAS, OIL & SOLID FUEL
     e-mail:               Evening meals are served from 6 pm
  Lounge available for meetings                         Tuesday to Sunday inclusive
                                                         For reservations please call                Clar-Innis, Meigle Road, Alyth
                                                                     01828 632194
                FOOTBALL                                                                              Tel: 632135     Fax: 633980
                                                          You know you want to!!!!!
                  ‘LIVE’                                                                                 Mobile: 07850-733-481
                 on Sky & Five

          The Property                                                                                                     market in
            Alyth had been so buoyant over the last few months that our shelves are bare and we need to restock! Summer’s a
           great time to move, so please don’t hesitate to have a chat with Valerie in our Airlie Street office; she’ll give you all
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