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Circular No.24                                                        4th April 2009
To All Members
(Please Circulate)

                           MINDLESS EXPANSION
We reproduce hereunder Circular No.52 dated the 3rd April 2009 issued by All
India State Bank Officers’ Federation, the contents of which are self-explanatory.

                                                          GENERAL SECRETARY
                                                           (D KRISHNA KUMAR)

We had conveyed our anguish about the manner in which the branch expansion
is taking place in the country which is bound to affect the quality of service
offered by the Bank and also put the officers into difficulties due to the absence
of proper infrastructure and manpower at these branches. However, the
Corporate Center has ignored our concerns and has forwarded a simple
communication stating that the Bank has recruited sufficient number of clerks
and officers during the last one year and hence there is no shortage of staff in
these branches. But the fact remains that, the additional recruitment was just
sufficient to take care of huge shortage in the bank. While making the
assessment of the requirement of the staff, the Bank did not take into account
over 3000 branches which were being added to the branch net work of our bank.
We have opened over 2000 branches in just over one year, without any
additional staff. They have also gone to the extent of stating that there is no need
for a minimum complement of 2 officers for the smooth and efficient running of
the newly opened branches. In order to marshal our arguments and place the
correct data before the management for their consideration, we have collected
the data on a) the number of branches working only on the basis of servers b)
the branches which do not have any infrastructure c) the number of branches
working only with one officer. We were in for a great shock when we received the
data from few circles. The position is alarming as could be seen from the
following table:-
                      Branch Expansion – Circle – Wise data
Sl.                        No. of          No. of         No. of     Branches
                         branches        branches       branches     opened on
No.       Circle         opened in       with one         without      Server
                           2009           officer     infrastructure
 1    Chennai                 60            188             35             04
 2    Hyderabad                *            126             14             02
 3    Ahmedabad               23            163             89             03
 4    Bangalore               11             55               7             -
 5    Mumbai                   *             *                *            13
 6    Kerala                  22             14               5            10
 7    Bhubaneswar             17             57             12             07
 8    Bengal                  49             -                -             -
 9    N.E.Circle              495            64               2             -
10    Lucknow                 62             *                *             *
11    Patna                   26            192               -             -
*information to be received

2. The position in Circles not reported above i.e., Chandigarh, Delhi and Bhopal
are also equally bad. The Officers' Federation holds a strong view that the branch
expansion is one of the avenues of expanding not only our business but also
capturing the lost market share and retain the premier position of the Bank.
There are no second opinions on this count. However, it does not mean that the
management is given a free hand to open the branches without providing certain
basic requirements which is essential for the effective and smooth functioning of
the branches. The Corporate Center opines that the Federation has been
appreciating the initiative of the Bank in opening more number of branches and
hence the issue of mindless expansion should not have been raised by the
Federation. We would like to re-iterate that the Federation in fact appealed to the
officers fraternity to extend total support to the management for reaching the
target fixed by it. The first target was to reach 10,000 branches and thereafter
11,111 branches. However, we had to cry a halt to the manner in which the
branches were being opened only in the interest of the Bank.

3. The data collected reveals itself. It is now for the members to decide whether
the Federation was reasonable in its stand in halting the mindless expansion in
the interest of the image of the Bank as well as the customers service required to
be extended in the newly opened branches.

4. Hence, we are justified in striking work in case the bank remains insensitive to
problems of Officers.

With greetings,                                                        Unquote”
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