End-of-the-Year Review Guide by guy22


									                                      End-of-the-Year Review Guide
In approaching the end of the last quarter of this school year, it is time to begin the end-of-year review of
your current school improvement plan to evaluate formative and summative data to progress toward
achieving your school-wide goals.
Even before CRT results are in, it is important to determine where your school has used resources and
applied effective procedures in implementing new programs, developing professional development plans,
and monitoring student progress to assure appropriate and timely interventions to assure adequate student
Some questions to ask might be:
    How effective has the implementation process of all adopted curricula and programs been?
    How have standards and assessments been applied in classroom practices?
    What is the stage of development of your site-based teams?
    What professional development was most successful in directly impacting student learning?
    How effective was your progress monitoring system?
    What is the status of your formal student academic intervention program(s)?
    How has your school community, including staff, students, and families perceived the work done this
       year at your school?
Individualized questions tied directly to your goals and objectives should look at both the quality of the
implementation of strategies to bolster the use of best practices throughout the school AND the impact that
these strategies had on student outcomes. For example,
     Was the SIP implemented as originally intended so that the school’s overall program was improved,
         i.e., the use of best practices increased?
     Was progress made throughout the school towards using best practices in reaching benchmarks by
         grade level and by all subpopulations?
     Did the achievement of students in meeting the State’s academic standards increase to the desired
         level, particularly for those students who had been farthest from achieving the standards?
Upon receiving CRT and writing assessment results, the SIP evaluation process might reflect on the
following questions:
     Was the target percentage of students meeting State/District standards reached in all grades?
     What percentage of students, as a whole and in disaggregated groups, achieved proficiency relative
        to the State/District’s standards and how does this compare to the percentage that achieved
        proficiency before the SIP was implemented?
     What does other student achievement data indicate about student progress toward meeting
        benchmarks, including pre-and post- test scores, grades, formative assessment results, or other
        diagnostic classroom or school-based results?
Questions that look at both the implementation of the school-wide program and the results achieved provide
the basis for program evaluation and improvement. A school that monitors and adjusts its program based on
specific feedback will become increasingly effective. The purpose of the annual review is to ensure that the
strategies described in the SIP are implemented as designed and that its implementation has had a positive
effect on student achievement. It is not expected that the school will start over again with a new plan, but will
revise its existing plan to incorporate revisions and reflect the school’s commitment to continuous
improvement in order to raise student achievement levels.
         Washoe County School District School Improvement Plan End-of-Year Review

Meeting Date
Team Members Present      Administrator(s):
                          Teacher(s):

                          Non-certified staff:

                          Student(s):

                          Parent(s)

                          Other stakeholder(s):

School Improvement        Review SIP Monitoring Plan to ensure that proposed actions have been carried out as described in the plan
Monitoring Plan Review    Review resources and budgets to ensure appropriate percentage of expenditures (grants and local funding
(Check all that apply)   sources)
                          Review student achievement data and update Action and Monitoring plans as needed
                          Consult the SIP Timelines for your school’s calendar
                          Review the professional development action steps to be sure they have been carried out
                          Review of parent involvement activities/timelines
                          Review the previous Biannual Review Feedback Reports to determine if suggested changes have been
                          Other areas reviewed by the SIP/Leadership Team (List):
                                                Evidence of Plan Review
Using the data collected through the school’s Monitoring and Evaluation Plans over the course of the year, give a summary of
the school’s implementation of the plan for each goal(s).

            Goal                Goal Met/Strengths/Progress                Concerns                   What modifications,
                                 (List and explain briefly, if    (List and explain briefly, if    additions, and/or deletions
                                         necessary)                       necessary)               need to be included in next
                                                                                                          year’s plan?



                                      Professional Development Activity Review
Using the Professional Development Calendar, review the school’s professional development activities/action steps. Summarize
the effectiveness of each activity and its impact on instruction and student learning.

 Professional Development Activity              Summary of Effectiveness                 Impact of Activity on Instruction and
                                                                                                  Student Learning
                                         Parent Involvement Activity Review
Review the school’s parental/community involvement activities/action steps. Summarize the effectiveness of each activity and
its impact on instruction and student learning.

 Parental/Community Involvement                 Summary of Effectiveness               Impact of Activity on Instruction and
             Activity                                                                           Student Learning

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