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									 EMS Environmental Monitoring Systems Ltd

EMS offer the full Quest Technology range including:         Noise / Sound Level And
•    ATEX Approved Intrinsically Safe Noise Dosimeters          Vibration Meters
     NoisePro Noise Dosimeter.
•    SoundPro real-time frequency analyser for full or
     one third Octave Band. Type 1 or 2 units with data
     logging for graphs, formatted reports and statistical
•    New EDGE Noise Badge. Very small and light-
     weight. Fully functioning Dosimeter in a badge-style
•    HAVPRO personal Hand Arm / Whole body
      vibration system.
•    All units operate with QuestSuite reporting software.

•Air Quality monitoring instrumentation
•Density and alcohol measurement instrumentation
•Emission monitoring systems
•Heat stress monitors
•Indoor air quality monitors
•Noise and vibration measurement systems
•Personal sampling systems
•Portable gas detection instruments
•Service and support
Anton Paar produce an unrivalled range of          Density /Alcohol Measurement
instrumentation for the determination of
Density and Alcohol levels in both laboratory
and process conditions, units available include:

•    DMA 4100/4500/5000M highly accurate
     bench top density meter.
•    DMA35N portable density meter
     available in standard / ATEX and
     petroleum versions.
•    Alcolyzer for the determination of
     alcohol concentration for use in both
     breweries and distilleries.
•    CarboQC for measuring dissolved CO2
     in carbonated beverages.

       Air Sampling Pumps                     EMS supply the full Sensidyne Gilian range of
                                              sampling equipment .

                                              •    All Gilian pumps are ATEX approved.
                                              •    Full range of low and high flow pumps.
                                              •    Accurate constant flow control at both high
                                                   and low flow rates.
                                              •    Primary flow calibrators allow accurate

                                                   Pumps include:

                                                   Gilian 5000 range 20cc to 5,000 cc/min
                                                   Gilian 3500 range 20cc to 3,500 cc/min
                                                   LFS 113 range 1cc to 350cc/min

Quest Technologies produce a range of Heat             Heat Stress Measurement
Stress instrumentation including the following

•     Wet / Dry and Black Globe
•     Humidity sensors.
•     WBGT indoor and outdoor.
•     Air velocity sensor.
•     Data logging with pmv & ppd calculation.
•     Reports can be generated using
      QuestSuite software.
                                Air Quality Monitors
                                          A range of instrumentation to allow you measure the

                                          •     Thermo i-Series gas analysers: for the am-
                                                bient measurement of NOx-SO2-O3-CO-CO2-
                                          •     Thermo TEOM– MAAP-SHARP: for the
                                                ambient measurement of ambient PM-10/PM-
                                                2.5/ PM coarse.
                                          •     Europa Environmental Omni: Battery
                                                operated sampler for PM-10 / PM-2.5
                                          •     Europa Environmental Web logger: allows
                                                the remote storage and collection of data from
                                                Air Quality instrumentation.

EMS are able to provide many solutions for the        Emission Monitoring Systems
periodic and continuous measurement of both gas and
dust emissions, including the following:

•    Sick MCS100E: Multi gas system for the
     continuous measurement of
     NOx,SO2,CO,CO2,O2,HCL,VOC, NH3.
•    Sick MCS100FT: Multi gas system for the
     continuous measurement of NOx, SO2, CO,
     CO2,O2,HCL,HF,VOC, NH3.
•    Sick S700: Up to 4 gas analyser for the
     measurement of NO,SO2,CO,O2.
•    Signal 3000HM: continuous analyser for the
     measurement of VOCs.
•    NEO LaserGas II: In-situ single gas laser
     system for the measurement of HCL, HF,
     O2,NH3 plus many others.
•    Sick RM230 / FW100 / FW300: Range of
     continuous dust emission monitors.
•    Sick Flowsic 100: Ultrasonics in-situ flow
     measurement systems for emission flow.
•    Sick MKAS: Complete system including gas
     analyser, sample conditioning, heated line and
•    CemView: Emission reporting software allowing
     the storage/reporting of emissions. data.
                                                      Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
IAQ5001 allows the measurement of Indoor Air
Quality parameters to allow the following:

•    IAQ Complaint Investigation and Mitigation.
•    Air Exchange Rate Measurement.
•    HVAC System Performance Monitoring.
•    HVAC System Balancing.
•    Mould Investigation and Remediation
•    Health and Comfort Assessment

                                     After sales service

EMS offers a full after sales service including:

•     Initial Commissioning and Inspection - The verification of new installations to ensure the
      monitoring system is fully functional.
•     Periodic Maintenance - Maintenance of the equipment to ensure complete reliability &
•     On-site & workshop Repair Service - repair facilities in the event of a monitoring system
•     Gas Verification - Verification with 2% standard gasses to ensure that the instrumentation
      is reading correctly. AST, QAL 2 and QAL 3 testing.
•     Technical Advice on-site - Site visits can be made to discuss any matters related to your
•     Service Contracts - Contracted regular system inspections and breakdown cover.

EMS Environmental Monitoring Systems Ltd
Unit 24 Stadium Business Park
Ballycoolin Road
Dublin 11, Ireland

Fax: 353-1-8853959
E-mail: mail@emsys.ie, Website : www.emsys.ie

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