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									Forum SuperTips
by Harvey Segal

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                                                       Table Of Contents

                    Table Of Contents

Chapter 1   Introduction

Chapter 2   Why Use Forums ?

Chapter 3   Discover What Questions Forum Visitors Are Asking

Chapter 4   How To Provide The Answers

Chapter 5   Which Forums To Post To

Chapter 6   How To Make A Great Posting


A1   How To Make Money With This Book

A2   Set Up Your Own Forum

A3   Ebook: Forum Profits

A4   About This Book


This ebook was set up as a free resource to introduce Internet marketers, or
anyone who wants to make money on the Net, to the profit−making potential
of posting at forums.

It can not be sold.

However you are welcome to customize the book and use it as free content at
your web site: for instructions see Appendix 1.

                                                         Chapter 1: Introduction

                 Chapter 1: Introduction

It's Harvey Segal of SuperTips here.

I'm a great fan of Internet marketing forums.

Every day I make my rounds of the top forums, picking up great ideas, getting
inspiration and best of all making highly profitable postings which get
targeted visitors flocking to my sites as well as any search engine can.

And it's all free !

 Here's an example which I'll refer to throughout this book.

 It's a site that I created and promoted without the help of any paid

                The Complete Guide to ClickBank

 By simply making timely and no−hype postings in forums I've attracted
 thousands to this site and enrolled them in my mailing list.

 You will see the techniques I used in this book.

An information site like this is the ideal vehicle for promoting via forums, but
if you don't have such a site don't worry.

You will see how to set one up.

Too much work ?

OK, then I'll show you how to set up a single page which will prove highly
effective for promoting in forums.

                                                 Chapter 2: Why Use Forums ?

        Chapter 2: Why Use Forums ?
There are 4 major reasons why people use forums − or discussion groups or
bulletin boards as they are also called.

     • 1) They can get advice: for example − to get their site reviewed, to ask
       for opinions about a product before purchasing or about a business
       opportunity or affiliate program they plan to join

     • 2) They can discover new products, ideas, tips, tools

     • 3) They can make contact with others, and possibly set up joint


       this book will concentrate on the 4th reason

     • 4) Site promotion

Site promotion

Site promotion at forums means making postings − which contain a link to
your site − so that readers will be persuaded to visit.

Why will they do this ?

They will do this for one reason.

Because your site is providing the answers they want.

And in addition, by providing these answers and specializing in a particular
area you will soon be recognised as the authority on the subject − with
additional benefits which I will demonstrate.

So posting at forums is also a form of 'self' promotion as well as site

Given that readers will visit your site if you are providing the answers they
want the next step is self−evident.

We need to find out what questions they are asking.

               Chapter 3: Discover What Questions Forum Visitors Are Asking

  Chapter 3: Discover What Questions
      Forum Visitors Are Asking
All day long, across countless thousands of forums on the Net, people are
asking questions.

     • Where can I find ___

     • How do I ___

     • What do I need to ___

Go to your favourite forums now and check this out.

Concentrate on these

     • the most frequently asked questions
     • the ones which get the most views (most forums provide this figure)
     • the ones with long threads

 You can see how often a topic is raised across a selection of forums by
 using Forum Tracker

Now take a question and approach it from another angle

     • can you expand it to be more general
     • alternatively can you narrow the focus
     • or can you find related issues

The idea is to come up with a TOPIC which would provide valuable and much
wanted information. A topic with a big appeal.

1. Examples

Here's a short selection that I quickly found while writing this book. After
each question I've added a few ideas for possible topic titles.

              Chapter 3: Discover What Questions Forum Visitors Are Asking

1.1. PayPal


− What is the security problem with PayPal ?


− Paypal Security
− Paypal Tips
− Paypal Alternatives
− Paypal Versus Clickbank

1.2 Hosting


− Where can I get cheap hosting ?


− Hosting For Less Than $20 Per Year
− Where To Get Multi−Domain Hosting
− Hosting Features Explained

1.3 PDF books


− How do I write a PDF book ?


− PDF Books versus EXE Books
− PDF Book Compilers
− PDF Rebranders

1.4 Pegasus


− How can I view images in Pegasus Mail?

              Chapter 3: Discover What Questions Forum Visitors Are Asking


− Pegasus Tips
− Pegasus And Eudora Compared
− The Problems With Outlook

1.5 Pop−Ups


− How do you make a pop appear after so many seconds ?


− The Pop−Up Guide
− How To Create Acceptable Pop−Ups
− Stopping Pop−Ups

1.6 Website templates


− Where can I find free templates ?


− Sales Page Templates
− Web Site Creation Tools
− Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Web Designer

1.7 Anti−spam tools


− Where do I find an anti−spam tool ?


− Guide To Stopping Spam
− How To Handle A Spam Attack

                  Chapter 3: Discover What Questions Forum Visitors Are Asking

1.8 Copyright


− Do I need to add a copyright statement at my website ?


− Copyright Rules For Internet Marketers
− Legal Help For Internet Marketers

And so on.

I'll stop there. The list of questions and potential titles is unlimited.

2. Choose a Topic

Pick a topic that appeals to you.

Of course don't restrict yourself to one topic. You can repeat this over and
over again for as many topics as you wish.

I'm going to show you

         • how to create a resource about this topic that will answer all the
           questions − and more

         • how you will then make postings at forums to get people to visit this

         • and how you will profit from their visits

                                       Chapter 4: How To Provide The Answers

       Chapter 4: How To Provide The
By now you will have picked a topic which is a regular item for discussion at
the forums.

We will now see how you can produce information about this topic, in other
words a 'resource', which will provide the answers that forum visitors are

This chapter will show the two ways to do this

     • 1. The quickest and simplest way is to build an information page:
       either at your existing site, if you have one, or at a new site.

     • 2. If it's a topic of considerable size you can consider developing an
       information site.

1. Build an information page

You will be creating a page of valuable information.

So how will you capitalize on this ?

This page will contain links to affiliate programs: and even if there are no
suitable affiliate programs there are still ways that you can profit.

So let's look at the components of this page.

1.1 Page name

If you have an existing site then ideally you should place the page in your
home directory with a meaningful name.

Why is this ?

Well, we will use an example title from the previous chapter and set up a page
about the topic "PDF Book Compilers".

Which URL below looks appropriate and more professional ?

                                      Chapter 4: How To Provide The Answers

− www.yourdomain.com/archives/reports/2001/jan/r29.htm

− www.yourdomain.com/pdfcompilers.htm

Our perception of the first is that the page is buried away deep inside the site
with lots of others, it's not special − it's just one of many and maybe out of

The second truly looks like a page built exclusively around a topic.

So if I was creating such a page it would be placed in

Now fortunately 'supertips' is a good generic name to host such pages but if
you have a site such as golftips.com then
golftips.com/pdfcompilers.htm is rather a mismatch.

Here are two ways around this

     • 1) Get a domain name such as pdfcompilers.com and have it point to
       that page.

     • 2) If you plan to produce information pages for many different topics
       get a new site with a good generic name. You can also use a
       subdomain feature if your host provides this and call your page

These solutions are very inexpensive if you know where to look − so see the
Tip at the end of this chapter.

1.2 Page content

Your aim is to produce valuable information for your visitors, independent
of hype, which will help them confidently click to an affiliate product on your

Remember that your visitors may simply be seeking an overall guide
summarizing the key essentials of the topic such as which product features to
look out for and which to avoid. So there's no need to produce thousands of

Now the topic you have chosen may be a subject you know little about.

So where do you get this information ?

                                     Chapter 4: How To Provide The Answers

     • Fortunately much of it will be waiting for you ready to copy and paste.
       Just visit the forums where the questions have been asked and study
       the responses already submitted. These should immediately give you a
       wealth of resources, tips and links.

     • Then of course you can do further research with search engines.

1.3 Affiliate programs

And now for the end goal of your postings and the reason why you have set up
a resource page. You will be promoting affiliate programs geared to the topic
on your page.

Remember, your audience will be arriving here looking for answers about this
topic, so they will be targeted visitors.

Where to find these affiliate programs ?

     • 1. Go back to those responses currently existing at the forums. Look in
       particular at the signatures of other respondents. They quite likely are
       also promoting an affiliate program geared to your topic.

     • 2. ClickBank offer a huge selection of ebooks. The best way to search
       for your topic is by using a ClickBank Storefront

     • 3. FutureWorld offer an excellent source of information products in the
       form of hard books and tapes. You need to pay to join their affiliate
       program but the commission is 50%, as well as residual commission
       for recruiting others. I joined them in 1996 − my longest running and
       most successful affiliate program.

So how do you include these affiliate links on your page ?

Forget banners or blatant ads. There are two ways:

     • Make your link fit in naturally with the content.

       For example: "... not all PDF Compilers can support such and such a
       feature, an exception being (your link)..."

     • Provide a review or personal recommendation − you can see exactly
       the methods I use at this Product Review page

                                       Chapter 4: How To Provide The Answers

1.4 No affiliate program ?

It's possible that the topic you have chosen does not lend itself to affiliate
programs. An example from our previous list is the topic 'copyright'.

So how can we make capital of the visitors to your page?

There are 2 ways.

      • Is there anything we can possibly know about your visitors − apart
        from their interest in the theme of your page ?

       The answer is, surprisingly ... yes

       They all use the Internet, they have PCs (or Macs) − so any product
       which is of value in these areas is a potential candidate (such as
       security, PC tools, ISPs)

       Look for affiliate programs about these products in the resources
       mentioned above.

      • Get your visitors to sign up to your mailing list.

       How do you do this ?

       You offer a free gift − ideally an item which is associated with your
       topic such as a bonus report.

       But here's another idea.

                                        Chapter 4: How To Provide The Answers


            There is one further fact we know about your visitors.

            They came from a forum posting, which means

            . . . they like to visit forums.

            * Do you think they may be interested in a free book about
            how to profit from making postings in forums ?

            * Did I mention that this book is yours to give away ?

            I'm sure they will be delighted to read about these profitable

            One condition − they need to sign up to your mailing list.

            But you can make this even more profitable for yourself. Get
            your own branded version of this book so that you collect the
            commissions from it.

            See Appendix 1 for the details.

1.5 Include an ecover

Now we will add that extra touch of professionalism which will make your
page stand apart even further from those with long inappropriate page names.

An ecover at your page will instantly boost it's credibility. And we will use it
again in our postings as you will see later.

Don't know how to create an ecover ?

Then read on.

                                      Chapter 4: How To Provide The Answers

                                You no longer need to hire an expensive

                                And you don't need any design skills.

                                This cover took me 2 minutes to create.

                                And I can now churn out one after the other in
                                the style of books, reports, magazines etc.

                                The tool I use is eCover Generator

2. Build an information site

Also known as a content site the characteristics of a typical information site

     • It is focussed on one main theme
     • It primarily relies on offering good information to visitors
     • It contains substantial content, it is much more than a one page site
     • It has a good domain name − you want people to easily recognize and
       recall it

Here is an example

 The Complete Guide to ClickBank (ClickBankGuide.com) is such a site
 where the primary focus is on providing useful content for ClickBank
 merchants and affiliates.

 Take a look at the menu and you will see sections like

       • Guides for merchants and affiliates
       • Security tips
       • Free ClickBank tools
       • FAQ
       • Product reviews

 The site is kept current by a continually updated ClickBank News section.

                                      Chapter 4: How To Provide The Answers

2.1 Making it profitable

So how does such a site make money ?

     • Mainly from affiliate programs which are non−obtrusive: they are
       interweaved into the content at appropriate places and also appear in
       reviews of products.

     • By inviting visitors to join a mailing list and building up a loyal
       following who can be kept informed of new developments at the site
       and will be amenable to future offers.

2.2 The benefits of an information site

Of course building an information site can be a lengthy, and ongoing, process
but the rewards are substantial.

Here are the main benefits.

     • An information site is easy to promote in FORUMS

        Let's look at the example of the ClickBank Guide with a common

        Someone asks a question about an aspect of ClickBank such as
        security. Another answers that product ABC is the best for the job −
        and adds his affiliate link. Similarly others post their affiliate links.

        But my posting says that there are a number of security products
        which can help (I don't show any affiliate links) and that they are all
        reviewed at the ClickBank Guide

        Which answer carries the most weight ?

                                    Chapter 4: How To Provide The Answers

    • You gain recognition as an authority and others recommend your site

       Here is my own experience

       − I have found that other sites voluntarily link to the ClickBank
       Guide, in order to provide useful material for their own visitors

       − Frequently, someone will respond to a forum posting and quote
       that my site is the place to look, kindly saving me the task of doing
       it myself.

    • An information site is welcomed by the free search engines looking for
      good content. And when it comes to pay per click engines consider
      which entry will attract the most attention if you are searching for
      information about ClickBank

      − Earn dollars at ClickBank with my new tool
      − ClickBank: The Complete Guide

When I first decided to produce mini sites and theme sites I needed to find
ideas, tips, resources − ideally from someone who had successfully
developed such sites.

I did not have to look far. Along came "Mini Site Profits" by the mini site
expert himself Phil Wiley.

I don't think I can give any better recommendation for this book than to say
that immediately after reading it I set up 6 mini sites.

In addition the book shows you where to get sites that cost less than $20 for
a year − and that includes both hosting and the domain name.

Read about Minisite Profits here.

                                          Chapter 5: Which Forums To Post To

 Chapter 5: Which Forums To Post To

1. Looking for a suitable forum

One quick way to find a forum associated with your particular topic is to run a
keyword search (at the search engines) and study the top ranking results. Visit
each site and it is quite likely that they will have a forum or may recommend

For an up−to−date guide to finding forums, as well as a list of the top Internet
marketing forums, visit the Forum List page.

1.1 Is it worth posting to ?

Before you start signing up for a forum (if registration is required) or plan
your postings you should first consider whether it will be worthwhile posting

Is it (1) an active forum and (2) are the visitors potential customers ?

Well you may not find the answer to part (2) till after posting − and we'll
cover that in the next chapter − but let's consider (1).

You don't really want to bother with a forum where the last posting was made
a month ago − or where every posting is read by just one or two people.

So check how many postings a day it receives.

Look at the number of views (the number of people reading postings) if given.

Some forums provide figures for the number of registered members. This
gives an idea of your potential audience.


 Even if a particular forum may not appear to be worth posting to it's
 possible that it gets submitted to the search engines in which case a posting
 could be beneficial.

                                          Chapter 5: Which Forums To Post To

2. The Two Types of Forums

There are two main styles of forum boards.

It is worth understanding the difference because a knowledge of the key
features will help you get the best out of your postings.

2.1 Threaded forum

In a threaded forum each individual posting in a thread is shown, in the
example below in ascending date order.

(Definition: A thread is the progression of a single topic of conversation
through a number of related posts)

     Google question
     Andy Ashton −− Monday, 24 February 2003, at 12:39 p.m.

       Re: Google question
       Barry99 −− Monday, 24 February 2003, at 13:35 p.m.

          Re: Google question
          Cyril −− Monday, 24 February 2003, at 14:11 p.m.

             NEW: Re: Google question
             Don Dixon −− Monday, 24 February 2003, at 14:45 p.m.

Key point: a new topic is always placed at the top which means that in a busy
forum a posting may not stay long on the first page. (A visitor may be able to
alter this sequence with his user preference options but this is the default and
most common).

                                          Chapter 5: Which Forums To Post To

2.2 Linear forum

In this forum only the topic headlines are shown, you need to click on the
topic to see all the messages. You can however see how many people have
already viewed a thread and the number of replies.

 Topic             Author       Replies   Views    Last Post

 Need                                              02/25/2003 10:50:50 by:
                   fred         9         140
 subscribers                                       beaver

 Google            Eric                            02/25/2003 8:10:30 by:
                                2         41
 Question          Evans                           Frank

 Can't use                                         02/24/2003 14:31:12 by:
                   Gerry23      6         57
 Paypal                                            harold hunt

Key point: The topics are in descending order of the date of the last message.
This means that a topic will rise to the top whenever a message is posted, no
matter how old it is.

3. Forum features

Here is a list of the main features found at forums. Some forums may have
very few of these and you will generally find that more features are available
with a linear forum.

3.1 Membership:

You may need to register particularly if you plan to post as opposed to just
view. Membership may provide you with various facilities, of particular use is
a profile section where you can set up your bio.

3.2 Message creation

You should be able to preview and edit a message before you post, some
forums allow you to edit after posting.

Linear forums may have a test posting section and the ability to automatically
add a signature file

                                          Chapter 5: Which Forums To Post To

3.3 Notifications

Look for these very useful features

     • A subscribe option for a thread, which will notify you when a posting
       is made to that thread.
     • A notification option for your posting , which will notify you of
       responses made to that posting.
     • A notification option of all new postings

3.4 Forum rules

You should always read the rules about posting in a forum: a key issue is to
know the rule about posting URLs, such as if these are confined to the
signature area. If in doubt ask the board owner or moderator.

Also note these common abbreviations:

     • DNO − do not open message (usually because it is empty, the subject
       content is sufficient)
     • NM − as for DNO
     • LINK − message contains a link
     • PIC − message contains a graphic


 In a forum where you cannot edit after posting you obviously need to get it
 right first time. You may need to set up as many as 7 fields, for example

        • Name
        • Subject
        • Email address
        • Message Content
        • Link URL
        • Link title
        • Image URL

 My method is to set up all this information first on a file, run a spell check
 and line reformat. I then copy it to the Message Content field. This means I
 now have all the information in one place and can simply cut and paste to
 the real fields. In case I accidentally hit 'Submit' during the process I leave
 the Name field to the last as this is a mandatory field so any submission will
 be rejected if it is not present.

                                     Chapter 6: How To Make A Great Posting

      Chapter 6: How To Make A Great
We have now reached the stage where you have your information page or site
set up and a list of suitable forums.

Most of the time you will be RESPONDING to postings. Remember − you are
providing the answers to the questions people are asking.

So first we will see how to locate and respond to a posting.

Then we look at making original or 'announcement' type postings.

1. Looking for your topic

a) Monitor your list of forums regularly.

Note that some forums have these features which can help

     • an option to list new postings
     • a search facility

 In order to quickly visit each of my favourite forums I list them in an
 HTML file along with other associated information, such as userid and
 password if required, and make that my browser home page.

b) Make use of the Forum Tracker tool, mentioned in Chapter 3, which
searches through various forums on given keywords.

c) Make use of any available notification features (see Chapter 5)

                                    Chapter 6: How To Make A Great Posting

2. Responding to a posting

Let us look at the components of a posting.

2.1 Name

Should you use your full name or a nickname ?

Harvey Segal or hs7432 ?

There's no question.

With every post you want to increase your exposure − so use your full name.

2.2 Subject

Threaded forums allow you to use your own subject. But how often do you see
a thread filled with numerous posts all with the same repetitive subject, like

       ClickBank security
       Andy Ashton −− Monday, 24 Feb 2003, at 12:39 p.m.

          Re: ClickBank security
          Barry99 −− Monday, 24 Feb 2003, at 13:35 p.m.

            Re: ClickBank security
            Cyril −− Monday, 24 Feb 2003, at 14:11 p.m.

               Re: ClickBank security
               Don Dixon −− Monday, 24 Feb 2003, at 14:45 p.m.

Now you want to make your post stand out from the crowd.

So spend some time on a captivating subject line just as you would on the
headline for an ad.

                                     Chapter 6: How To Make A Great Posting

Look at the latest entry below. Even if ClickBank security is not of interest to
you that headline should catch your eye.

     ClickBank security
     Andy Ashton −− Monday, 24 Feb 2003, at 12:39 p.m.

        Re: ClickBank security
        Barry99 −− Monday, 24 Feb 2003, at 13:35 p.m.

          Re: ClickBank security
          Cyril −− Monday, 24 Feb 2003, at 14:11 p.m.

             Re: ClickBank security
             Don Dixon −− Monday, 24 Feb 2003, at 14:45 p.m.

               There are SIX ways to lose commission ...
               Harvey Segal −− Monday, 24 Feb 2003, at 15:30 p.m.

By the way, that was actually taken from a posting I have made and you can
read how you can lose out on your commissions − and how to prevent it − in
my ebook ClickBank Affiliate SuperTips

2.3 Content

You must have a post that looks professional − so it should be neatly
formatted and spell checked.

And it should be understandable in isolation from prior posts − it helps to
quote any section of text that you are responding to (although there's no need
to repeat a complete message). This is particularly important in a linear forum
where your reply may not always follow in sequential order the post you are

The goal of your message will be to get the reader to visit your site.

The way to do this is, obviously, to provide solid answers to the questions
raised − showing your expertise on the subject.

But you don't have to completely answer the posting in absolute detail.

                                       Chapter 6: How To Make A Great Posting

      • You can withhold some information and conclude: "For a full
        explanation visit the site below"
      • You can give part of an answer and leave an air of mystery: "This is
        just one of three ways to do it"

so that the reader is tempted to click on your link.

2.4 Signature

A typical signature would be

      • Name
      • Descriptive site text (one or two lines)
      • SiteUrl

You may not want to include your Email address as it could be collected by
Email harvesting programs. An alternative is to replace @ with AT (for
example hsegal AT supertips.com)

Some forums allow you to attach an automatic signature. Consider varying the
descriptive text from time to time otherwise regular readers may become over
familiar and ignore it.

2.5 Link URL and Title

For threaded forums only: this is an URL which you are allowed to place after
the message. For example

                         A guide to PDF book compilers

It is an optional URL, and you may have already used it in the content or
signature, but even if you have DO use it here.

Why ?

Because it is clickable and saves the reader from having to copy and paste an
URL into a browser.

If you did refer to it earlier then here is an opportunity to use a different text
description. Put a different slant on it to entice your reader, for example

             Want to create a PDF book ? FREE report shows how

                                      Chapter 6: How To Make A Great Posting

Also, if this forum gets submitted to the search engines it will help rankings if
you include a keyword in the link title.

2.6 Graphic

Remember that ecover ?

If the forum allows a graphic then here is where you place the link to your
ecover. An ecover graphic can provide an eye−catching effect in a forum

 If you want to get maximum exposure for your posting here are some ideas
 to consider

       • Take into account the timing of your posting and when it can reach
         the maximum audience.
       • In a busy forum of the threaded type a thread will gradually slip
         down and out of the first page − so try to respond as early as you
       • Postings made by the forum board owner, or a moderator or a
         popular regular, tend to attract a big audience − so join in the thread
         where appropriate.

3. Announcement posting

The previous section dealt with responses to a posting.

But rather than wait for a posting opportunity to arise and have your
submission appearing deep inside a thread you may want to pro−actively
announce your site to the world. And the great advantage of an announcement
is that you have control over the subject and the timing.

Now we know that when you respond to a posting with useful information it's
quite acceptable to add a signature.

But when you are making an original posting it's a different situation. Suppose
you wanted to post news of a product of your own or a product you are

                                      Chapter 6: How To Make A Great Posting

affiliated with. Such a post would be an ad − and unacceptable.

However YOUR situation is entirely different.

Let's take the example of the one page site we discussed − "A Guide To PDF
Book Compilers"

It's a resource which answers many of the questions being asked at the forums.

So here's a posting which is absolutely acceptable.


 A Guide To PDF Book Compilers


 I've been searching for some time for an inexpensive way to create a PDF
 book. I've also noticed that many members of the forum have been asking
 how to do this.

 So I've put my findings in a guide which is free for you to collect at ....

See − no hype, no blatant promotion, no mention of the compiler that you use
or are affiliated with.

Now that you are in control of the timing of this posting there is no need to
submit it to all the forums in one go. Try the anticipated least responsive first
and wait for feedback so that you can adjust your resource page or your
posting appropriately.

4. Measuring the response

So, how successful have your postings been ?

How many visitors and better still, sales, have they created ?

The answer is − you don't know.

                                     Chapter 6: How To Make A Great Posting

How can you distinguish a visitor from a forum from all the other sources
where your URL appears ?

The answer is to use an ad tracking URL for all your links − even those
graphic links. The results will tell you the effectiveness of your postings and
the responsiveness of the forum audience.

Ad tracking programs are simple to use − my free ebook will show you how.

                                I'm a great fan of ad trackers.

                                I find them indispensable in my Internet
                                marketing business and use tracking URLs in
                                my ebooks, web sites, ezines and of course in
                                forum postings.

                                When I could not find any existing resources
                                about these programs I decided to develop an
                                information site and produce an ebook.

                                Does that sound familiar?

                                Ad Tracking SuperTips is a free ebook. Collect
                                it here

                                      Chapter 6: How To Make A Great Posting

 There may be forums with strict rules where it is not appropriate to show
 that you are using a tracking URL.

 But there are two ways around this

 1. You can disguise your ad tracking URL with a redirect file (explained in
 the book).

 2. There is also another little known way to track a page visitor using a
 perfectly acceptable URL. If your page URL ends in .htm say and access is
 attempted on .html then a 404 page error will normally occur.

 I use a program easyClick404 which can divert any 404 error to a given
 URL and send an Email notification. So I can post a valid looking URL at a
 forum and be notified every time someone clicks. This is just one of many
 unique features found with easyClick404

5. And finally

I hope this book has encouraged you to start using forums in a productive and
profitable way.

I leave you with three further ways to profit from forums

     • In contrast to making postings to a forum you can actually own one.
       You will see the benefits and how to set up your own forum in
       Appendix 2

     • There's another ebook about profiting from forums − see Appendix 3

     • But next, check how you can make money with this book

                             Appendix 1: How To Make Money With This Book

      Appendix 1: How To Make Money
              With This Book
Every day hundreds of thousands of people visit the online forums and make
postings. Many are trying to promote their site but using ineffective methods.

      • Do you think they would like to read a book which explains how to do
        it properly ?

      • And how to turn each posting into a profitable venture ?

      • And would they like it more if the book was free ?

The potential audience for this book is vast.

So here is where you can profit.

And here is where this is different from every book customization you may
have seen.

* You don't have to run a rebranding program or upload the book to your site

* It's free !

Click HERE for details.

                                         Appendix 2: Set Up Your Own Forum

 Appendix 2: Set Up Your Own Forum
We have seen how you can use forums to promote your own site, boost your
credibility and even become an acknowledged expert in your field.

But if you want to take this to an even higher level why not start your own
forum ?

What better than to provide and control a meeting place for everyone who
wants to discuss your particular subject.

Too costly ?

− you can set one up for free

Don't know how ?

− then read on ...

When top Internet marketer Michael Green decided to start his own forum he
could not find any useful guides to answer many of the issues in question.

After much research, which included locating over 80 sources of free forum
software, he has now built one of the most popular forums on the Net.

He has now put together his findings to produce this ebook.

                                Some of the questions answered:

                                     • Which forum software to
                                       use ?

                                     • How to promote and drive
                                       traffic to the forum

                                     • How to control the forum

                                     • How to make it highly

Click here to collect your ebook How to Start a Forum

                                      Appendix 2: Set Up Your Own Forum

Of course once you have your forum set up don't forget to offer your
members this book, Forum SuperTips: either the free version or your own
profit−making rebranded version as explained in the previous chapter.

                            Appendix 3: Forum Profits

Appendix 3: Forum Profits

        By strange coincidence Rebekah Nahai wrote
        her ebook at the same time as mine.

        You will find it an excellent complementary
        product to this book. It goes into more detail
        on certain topics covered here, an example
        being some really effective ways to formulate
        the subject line of your postings.

        Click here for Forum Profits

                                                 Appendix 4: About this Book

         Appendix 4: About this Book
Title:       Forum SuperTips
Version:     2.0, July 2005
Publisher:   SuperTips Marketing
Author:      Harvey Segal
Email:        hsegal@supertips.com
Web Site:     www.supertips.com

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