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  Ford Village Newsletter
                      Summer 2009 ~ Irene Clyne ~ 851126

   Autumn newsletter ~ all copy, changes or deletions by
                September 30th, please.

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                           FORD PARISH COUNCIL
Chairman Mr W Clyne, 3 Quail Ridge, Ford, SY5 9LF. Clerk Eric T Jones, 7 Kingston Drive,
                                    Shrewsbury SY2 6SD
                    Tel. 01743 247985

Mr Clyne presided over a meeting of Ford parish Council on Tuesday March
    Ford Youth Club continues to function well but not without its problems. Two
volunteers have left but thankfully two more have joined. Adrian Jones and Pauline
Matthews have done sterling work within the group and both Stephen Jones and Bill
Clyne spoke highly of them. The Parish Council will recognise their efforts.
    The council has been in touch with Amey Mouchel which confirms that surveying
along the A458 recently is concerned with the construction of a safe right turn into Ford
service station which will also contain a pedestrian refuge. Amey Mouchel is unable to
say when the work will be carried out but has previously suggested that the work will be
done during the coming financial year.
    There is considerable work yet to be done on the erection of neighbourhood watch
signs and a couple of extra street lamps. Permission from proposed site owners, approval
of Police and the planning authority is all work in progress.
    Vandalism has caused difficulties with the recently erected “Narrow bridge” signs
Two of the signs have been removed and dumped (One of them twice) They will be
The concrete litter bin near to the entrance to Manor Crest has also been smashed and
The Council is seeking to have it replaced.
    Shropshire Council has also indicated that it will undertake the repair of the bridge
over the Cardeston Brook. The damage was caused when a large vehicle drove across.
The severe weather of the winter has exacerbated the problem.
    Because of vandalism Ford Village Hall Committee has suggested that the planters on
the car park be removed. Work carried out in planting and replanting only to see them
pulled up is both futile and costly. However The Parish Council does not agree on the
grounds that a few mindless people should not be allowed to spoil the enjoyment of the
majority. It will ask the committee to reconsider and to give support to a project which
will involve Ford Youth to take part in the planting and maintenance of the tubs.
    Central Networks has responded to a request for them to look at low cables in
Shoothill. They report that the cables are well within their safety standards
BT has also inspected wires at the same site but to date has not reported back
    The delegation of services to Town & Parish Councils by Shropshire Council along
with the proposal to make a grant of up to £3000 was not well received but may be
looked at again should suitable work need to be done.
    Planning applications in The Parish were discussed at some length. including a
section 106 agreement relating to ten affordable houses on land adjacent to The
Leasowes . In particular there was some concern about the payment of £8500 in lieu of
play provision.
    A retrospective application at Manor Crest where considerable work has been done
disregarding planning regulations caused The Council to question how this can be
allowed to happen, particularly as the development affects neighbours.


   The Council expressed disappointment that an appeal at Clover Cottage was allowed,
but hoped that everything would be done to minimise the intrusion into neighbouring
   The Council noted the closure of Montford Bridge Post Office and its replacement
with an outreach mobile service. Seeing that Ford has been without a post office for many
years enquiries will be made to see if the same mobile facility can be made available in
   Elections to form a new Parish Council will take place on June 4th. (At the same time
as elections for Shropshire Council and the European Parliament)
With this in mind The Council agreed that a normal meeting of The parish Council will
be held on Tuesday May 19th.2009 and that THE ANNUAL PARISH MEETING (A
public meeting) will be on Tuesday May 26th.2009
THE ANNUAL PARISH COUNCIL MEETING will be on Monday June 15th. 2009.

Mr Clyne presided over a meeting of the parish council on Tuesday May 19th 2009.
    Ford parish hall committee has agreed that the planters adjacent to the hall should remain..
Ford young persons will share the planting and maintenance of the tubs which will give them an
interest and help to stop vandalism which has occurred in the past.
    The Council agreed that the cost to The Village Hall committee as a result of recent vandalism
should be borne by the community and not just by the committee which works hard to keep the
hall functioning and viable.
The Council agreed therefore to reimburse the village hall committee in the sum of £526.40.
    A request to assist with the cost of repairs to boundary fencing was deferred until the exact
ownership of the boundaries is confirmed.
    A contract with Sodexho to maintain the playing field for the next twelve months was accepted.
There has been no increase in cost over last year.
    The Divisional surveyor and Shropshire Council have complied with some of several requests
by The Parish Council, but a number are still ongoing.:
 The narrow bridge signs have been reinstated.
 A “No Through Road” sign has been erected at the entrance to manor Crest.
 The bridge over the Cardeston Brook has been repaired,
Still outstanding are-
The removal of graffiti on the railway bridge in Back Lane, improvements to the road surface in
Back Lane, replacement of a litter bin at the bottom of Butt lane,
and repairs to the foot bridge carrying the footpath out of Manor Crest.
    There will be no poll for the election of a new parish council on June 4th. 2009.
There have been eight nominations for nine seats.
There will therefore be a vacancy which will be advertised and filled by co-option unless ten or
more of the electorate demand an election.
Persons interested in filling the vacancy should contact The Clerk
Eric T Jones. 7 Kingston Drive, Shrewsbury SY2 6SD
Tel 01743 247985. -
Upon the election of Shropshire Council on June 4th. 2009, Ford will be allied to Hanwood,
Longden, Minsterley, Pontesbury, and Westbury
in the formation of A “Local Joint Committee” (LJC)
    The Council heard that the cost of street light maintenance will rise by 7% to £681.12 plus
for 2009-2010.
    Two options drawn up by Shropshire Council to regulate parking outside Ford School were
studied and The Council will advise of its preferred choice


   The Council has provided ten “Neighbourhood Watch” signs which will shortly be erected in
the parish.
   A number of planning applications in The Parish were considered but there were no
objections to any.
Note was taken of two applications which have been refused
1) A retrospective application at & manor Crest
2) Erection of a 5 bed bungalow at Station Bungalow, Ford.
The Audit of Parish Council accounts is now being attended to and the electorate will shortly
have the opportunity to inspect the accounts and ask questions about them

The chairman of Ford parish council Mr W Clyne presided at The Annual parish
Meeting in Ford on May 26th. 2009-05-29
    The parish Council accounts to March 31st 2009 were presented by the clerk and
adopted by those present.
    Mr Clyne spoke of the parish council‟s busy year and was able to relate many
successes and plans for the future. A new council will come in to being on June 8th.
after an election on June 4th. Eight persons have been nominated for nine seats, therefore
there will be one vacancy which can be filled by cooption unless ten or more of the
electorate demand a further election.
    Steve Jones reported on Ford Young Persons Group which continues to function
mainly in the form of a youth club held on Thursday Evenings in Ford Parish Hall. The
group enjoys bingo, beauty, cooking and craft demonstrations . There is also a Wii
facility available. The group has been engaged in litter picks and now will plant the tubs
on the parish hall car park. The group now has fourteen persons registered as helpers ,
but unfortunately has not been able to engage a qualified youth worker.
    David Roberts gave a brief report on the unitary council which is at present being run
by an implementation committee and hard working appointed officers.
The Council will become fully operative after elections on June 4th.2009.
    Mr Pye (Head Teacher) having apologised for absence presented a comprehensive
written report about Trinity School in Ford.
It is apparent from the report that Trinity is a successful school with dedicated staff at all
levels and enthusiastic pupils
    Mr Britton Chairman of Ford parish Hall Committee said the hall operated on a firm
basis during the year. Income proved adequate despite some losses. A grant from
SABC had enabled the installation of a new ceiling greatly enhancing the internal
appearance of the hall. A spate of vandalism during the year had resulted in expenditure
of £526 and there was still some damage to fencing to be attended to.
Mr Britton thanked The Parish Council for providing funds to cover this cost. And also
PC Colin Barrett and CSO Keith Hadfield for their assistance, particularly in identifying
the culprits
     Gerald Teague having apologised for absence sent a written report to the meeting
regarding neighbourhood watch. Mr Teague is Chairman of the committee. He thanked
The Parish Council for providing “Neighbourhood Watch “ signs to be erected in The
Parish and agreeing to the principal of extending footway light so as to eliminate dark


spots. The lights would be subject to planning permission. The NW meetings are not
well attended and Mr Teague appealed for more committee members .
Also whilst giving the number to call he emphasised that it was important to report
suspicious occurrences to 0300 333 3000.
   There was some discussion about the regulation of parking outside Ford School.
Proposals have been made by Shropshire Council in conjunction with Mr Pye and The
Parish Council is fully supportive.
   It is hoped that after being asked to refrain there will be no parking of vehicles on The
Village green by adjacent building workers.

                                              West Mercia Police
                                       Our beat officer is Colin Barrett
                                 Our community police support officer is
                                                Keith Hadfield
News from St Michael‟s Church, Ford
          Unfortunately, Revd Val has not been able to contribute to the newsletter, so as churchwarden, I
am contributing in her place, to let you know what has been happening in the Ford Group of Parishes over
the last six months and what we have planned for the future.
          Since April last year, Rev Val has been very busy with the extra responsibility of looking after
another 2 churches in Gt Wollaston and Middletown. These additions have meant extra baptisms,
weddings and funerals and Christmas & Easter Services as well as administration duties within the 6
churches. A successful „Experience Easter‟ presentation took place at St Michael & All Angels
church, Alberbury, leading up to Easter Sunday, and children from Bryn Hafren, Trewern and Trinity
School attended. This presentation was prepared and looked after by members of all the churches in the
group of parishes, who organised and facilitated this event. “Thank you” must go to those people who
put a lot of time and effort into this event.
          Also during the months leading up to May there was the preparation of 16 candidates, who were
confirmed at Middletown Church. (see the Parish Magazine „One & All‟). We were fortunate to have
Bishop Michael of Ludlow to preside over this service, as it was the last time he would be visiting the
parishes before he retires this month. The Diocese of Hereford is currently seeking a successor to this post.
          The increased work load, and events that have taken place during the last year have taken their toil
on Revd Val, and her health has suffered as a result. Revd Val would like to „thank all‟ who have
supported her during the last year and continue to give her support at services throughout this time.
          We are also thankful of the continuing support from our two Readers in training, Steve
Jones and Sue Gaulton, both from Ford. They are now in their 2 nd year of training and are moving to other
churches on a period of secondment. Steve and Sue have started to take services as part of their training
and to help Revd Val with the Christian ministry within the Ford Group of parishes.
          It has become apparent that our regular pattern of church services within the group cannot be
sustained in its present form. Rev Val felt the pressure of the extra churches considerably even though
some help has been given from the other parts of the Deanery. Unfortunately, due to the relocation of Rev
Phillip Harratt of Chirbury, and David Hewlett of Pontesbury, that help is no longer available. With this in
mind, it has been necessary to discuss the re-arrangement of church services within the Ford Group of
Parishes and a combined meeting of all the PCC members will take place at Alberbury on Thursday, 4th
June to discuss the way forward. Inevitably, there will be changes, but hopefully, the new pattern of
services will ensure that a range of service timings will be available to worshippers in all the parishes. It is
hoped that we can agree to these changes taking place in July, so please take note of the arrangements
in the „One & All‟ parish magazine, and on the Parish notice boards of the new pattern of services and their
    Our Annual Parish Meeting took place in March, and Muriel Edwards and Peter Benford have continued
as churchwardens for another year. We offer our thanks to Lisa Harries for coming forward on to the
PCC. Her support and new ideas will be very welcome as we are looking for new people to support the


church if it is to continue in Ford. Our thanks also go to our new treasurer, Beryl Askew for taking on
this role after the sudden death of Marion Roberts. As we were without a treasurer for some months, Beryl
has worked had to put the accounts in order for our Annual Parish Meeting in March.
          We continue to explore the idea of a Local Ministry Development Group within this
group of parishes, and those recommended to represent us will be meeting in the coming month to look at
the way forward to encourage and develop new worship methods within our parishes.
          „So as the world is changing around us, so are the ways of being Church in our times, and just as
the Church community is addressing these issues – so must the whole village as a community too. We all
need to think hard about what it is you value about your Church, how you might offer support through your
God given gifts and talents to ensure it continues as a place of worship to share the joys and sorrows of life
with one another just as it has for previous generations over these past 700 years – not just a place, but a
Holy Place – standing as a symbol of Gods presence in our midst‟.
A quote from Revd Val‟s last entry in the Ford Newsletter of Autumn 2008.
Fundraising: “Thank you” We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Muriel Edwards and
Shirley Cocker for a very entertaining and successful evening concert in the church last month with the
„Two Gareth‟s‟, their supporting choir and other singers.
          The „Halfway House Choir‟ are to perform another concert in the village hall on Saturday,
June 6th at 7.30pm. hosted by the Friends of Ford Churchyard. Notices are around the village,
please do come and support this evening and ring for tickets or they will be available on the door
and funds raised at this event will go towards the work which has been carried out over the last six months.
“Thank you” must go to Cliff Hannah, Chairman and his team, for all their valued support in enabling
us to have a disabled access to a totally rebuilt disabled toilet, renewed anti-slip tarmac paths within the
churchyard, a new handrail to the War Memorial and other projects still to be completed.
          Our annual Parish Church Fete will take place at Trinity School on Saturday 11th
July commencing at 2.00p.m. All are very welcome. A number of our stalwart helpers from past
years are unable to attend this year and we will always welcome those who can give 2 hours of their time to
run a stall, or, like the „Star Wars Trooper‟ last year, just come and raise funds for your local church. We
would like to thank the headmaster Mr Martin Pye for kindly allowing the use of the school for this event.
If you would like to volunteer your services or donate articles or cakes/confectionery for sale on the day,
please contact either:
Muriel Edwards 01743 249986 or
Peter Benford 01743 851099 or Rev Val Tait 850254

                                         STREET LIGHTING
                               For problems with street lighting in
                            Manor Crest or Quail Ridge call 0800286046:
                                all other areas call Eric – 247985
Welcome packs Are you a new resident or do you have a new

neighbour? The pack contains useful information on schools, doctors,

local events etc

.Contact Sue Gaulton – 850987

Ford Young Person’s Group

                                     Are you aged 12 – 16?
                            If you are not already a member of


                Ford Young Person’s Group come and join us on
Thursdays at 6.30pm in the Village Hall

Since the last newsletter there has been an increase in vandalism and wanton damage to
properties in the area, the Village Hall has been the main target but some individual
properties have also been subjected to these mindless acts. A meeting was convened with
the Police, along with representatives from the Village Hall Committee and Ford Parish
Council. The Police agreed to circulate a letter around the village stating these acts of
vandalism were getting out of hand, any perpetrators would be severely dealt with when
caught. There has also been a greater Police presence in the village. The combination of
these two actions has resulted in a significant reduction in the vandalism. Let us hope
that this continues.
    I would again remind residents that there has been a change in the telephone number
to report information to the police, the new telephone number is 0300 333 3000. Please
keep this safe by your telephone. This number replaces 08457 444888, which is shown
on the yellow „Notice to Callers‟ sign that had been distributed to all properties in Ford
some time ago. The police can only act if they are informed of any problems, no matter
how trivial.
    Planning approval has been received from Shropshire County Council for the erection
of 10 Neighbourhood Watch signs. The signs have been delivered and await erection;
this should be done by the end of June.
    Subject to cost and receiving planning approval it has been agreed with Ford Parish
Council that two additional street lights are erected in the village. These will be located
at either end of the Leasowes by the Bus Stops.
   Please help to keep Ford safe by reporting any concerns to the Police on the new
                             telephone number 0300 333 3000.

                            Friends of Ford Churchyard.
Much has been happening in Ford Churchyard.
     There is a newly built disabled toilet that has been paid for by Lottery & Local Authority
     The footpaths have been given a non-slip surface with funding from Ford Parish Council.
     There will be a new notice board and new seating in the near future.
     The grounds are now being managed for wild life and are much improved in appearance.
   There is still more to be done so to raise money and awareness we are holding an evening in
Ford Village hall on 6th June 7.30pm. when the Halfway House Men’s Choir will entertain.
Seating will be at tables so please bring your own drinks and glasses.
        This should be a very sociable evening so please make every effort to attend, hopefully
 encouraging a few of your friends to join you. All money raised will be used for future projects
   in the churchyard which in turn helps make Ford village a much more pleasant place to live

Royal British Legion
Dedication of a New Branch Standard
The Ford and District Branch of the Royal British Legion are to unveil and dedicate a new branch
Standard at the Branch Annual Church Parade on June 14 .The parade will march off from


Bicton Village Hall to Bicton Church at 6.15p.m. for the service of dedication commencing at
6.30p.m. After the service the salute will be taken by the County Chairman Mr D. Moss. The
parade will return to the village hall for refreshments. Dedication of a new standard is a very rare
and special event so please take this opportunity to support your branch.
Poppy Appeal 2008-09 The branch Poppy appeal Organiser would like to thank all those people
of Ford who helped with the Poppy Appeal. Through your efforts we managed to raise the
excellent sum of £6032.80. This was about a £400 increase on the previous year.
Branch Lunch The next branch lunch will take place at The Four Crosses Inn at 12,30p.m. on
25 June. The Menu will be Roast beef followed by a choice of Pavlova or Apple pie and the
cost will be £9.95. To book your place please call the Branch Secretary Val Thompson on 01743
850479. The date has been chosen to celebrate Veterans Day, (renamed Armed Forces Day).
          SSAFFA – Forces help Shropshire is holding a concert on 25 June at 7.30p.m.
                                   Wine and canapés from 7.00p.m.
                             Tickets £10 are available from 01948 841082
                                            or 01743 362872.
Women’s Section – Ford branch has now disbanded after many years of work to help and
support the British Legion.This is as a result of falling membership numbers
Westbury Medical Centre – Ford Branch Surgery
 Ford Village Hall on Thursdays 12.15 – 12.45
For consultation and dispensing medicines only.

                                    Alberbury Quilters.
First Showcase of work in Alberbury Village Hall on Saturday June 13th from 10am till 5pm
                           Refreshments, Tombola, Sales Tables
                        Admission £2 (partners and children free)
                         Proceeds to The County Air Ambulance
                       and Lingen Davies Cancer Centre Appeal
                         Enquiries to Margaret Davies Tel:850757

Ford Bowling Club
We have started a new season with some mixed results. The Premier team have already
played nine games, although fourth from bottom, they are only a few points from a mid
table position.
The first team are currently mid table of the Shrewsbury League Div 1.
 Both the Reserve teams are pushing for honours at the top end of their respective
 The Wem ‘A’ team are still enjoying their Monday evening bowls, they are currently at
the top end of Division 1.
Unfortunately, our Wem ‘B’ has yet to achieve a win in Division 3, however, the novice
bowlers playing at this level are displaying great promise.
   We have played our first Cup competition, the Price Cup. Regrettably, it only
attracted eight entries, but we enjoyed some good weather and a good competition.
After the initial games it became a family affair at the semi final stage, Gavin Price was
beaten by Phil Price (his dad) in a closely fought contest, the result was 21-19 to Phil. In
the second semi final Andy Price beat his Mum Barbara 21-7. In the final Andy
overcame Phil 21-5.
   We have a provisional date of 25 June for the Youth Club to enjoy an evening of
bowls, we are confident that all those attending will have a fun event.
   Several new signings for Ford Bowling Club means that we now have a pool of 75
league bowlers. We are extremely pleased that our membership now includes 11
female bowlers, they are making a major contribution to our teams.


   All spectators are welcome, watching a competitive game on a balmy evening
along with a cold drink is highly recommended.

 If you have a daughter aged 5 or 6 who would be interested in joining the Rainbow Unit
           in Ford Village Hall on Fridays from 4.30pm – 5.30pm please contact
                      Barbara Evans, Rainbow Guider on 01743 850047

Shropshire Flower Club –
                        Meet at Westbury Village Hall on the
                    third Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm
                     Annual membership is £20, Visitors - £4
                                Friends of Ford Churchyard.
                    announce a Charity Concert that will feature the
                              Halfway House Male Voice Choir
                                      and Supporting Acts .
                   to be held on Saturday June 6th in Ford Village Hall
     Proceeds will contribute to the ongoing improvement and maintenance of the
                            the most recent example of which is
                    the upgrading of the toilet to a modern standard
                              to include handicapped access.
                         At the concert Friends of Ford Churchyard
                    will have on display an exhibition that will explain
                         our objectives for the Ford Churchyard as
                     an essential element of our village heritage and
                               a place for all to visit and enjoy.
                      Tickets £5 will be available from early May via
                                Cliff Hannah on 01743 246235,
                               Irene Clyne on 01743 851126 or
                                Rod Summers on 07966493566.
                         Tickets will also be available on the door.

                                       Ford Church Fete
                           on Saturday 11th July at 2.00pm - 4.00pm
                                       at Trinity School, Ford
                              (in support of St Michael's Church Ford)
                               There will be a Grand Draw with stalls
   to include a bookstall bric-a brac, toys, crafts and gifts, plants and produce, a cake stall and
                                     a chance to win at tombola.
                                   Refreshments will be available.
                                         Music and Dancing.
                                Come and join a family afternoon.
        Any donations or offers of help please contact Peter or Joan Benford tel:851099

                                Do you buy central heating oil?
  If so, you can save money by ordering oil with the Ford Oil Group (FOG). So far over 85
   households have registered their interest in FOG which aims to reduce the amount we
 pay for central heating oil by ordering in bulk. If there is sufficient interest, FOG will order
                            oil for delivery during the last week of
                                every month starting from June
If you'd like to be involved please contact Nick Deane at


                           Or on 861195 to register your interest.

                        Registered Childminder         Ford Village Area
                        Care available before and after school (Trinity)
                        Occasional and flexible childminding undertaken
                                   also during school holidays
                   For further details contact Mrs. Karen Philips on 850620

                           Rotted Manure and Rotted Bark Mulch
                           £5 a load or £1 a bag - ~ Tel 850336

                                         Weeds United
                       Meet monthly in Alberbury Village Hall at 7.30 pm.
                                Visitors are always welcome.
18th June - Visit to Marehay Farm, Gatten, Pontesbury
 16th July - Visit to Rowan House, Leighton, Welshpool
 August - No Meeting
 17th September - Sweet Peas - Mr J Cobbald
 15th October - Climbers - Jim Almond
 19th November - Vegetables - Mark Hall
 10th December - General Knowledge Quiz
                               NB 2nd Thursday in December
 For Further Information Contact:
Yve Griffiths 01743 884472

                             Ford Baby and Toddler Group
Are you interested in a baby and toddler group in Ford Village Hall on Friday mornings?
We are looking to start one up but need to have an idea of numbers. Would you be able
                        to help out or do you fancy coming along?
                                 If so, please let us know.
                           Claire 01743 851335 / 07285381245
                           Laura 01743 850971 / 07779642971

                                        Bicton Pre-school
                          Bicton Village Hall, Church Lane, Bicton
                                Monday 10.00am – 11.30am
                           (mums and toddlers at the village hall)
                                 Tuesday 9.15am - 2.45pm
                              (optional lunch club 11.45 – 12.15pm)
                        Wednesday and Thursday 9.15am – 11.45am
                                   Friday      9.15am – 2.45pm
                            (optional lunch club 11.45am – 12.15pm)
                       If you would like further information please phone
                             Sarah Fox on 01743 851309 or myself
                              Samantha Robbins on 01743 289212.

                                Little Oaks, Wattlesborough
                              Little Oaks Pre-school is based at
                              Wattlesborough Community Centre


                                and is registered with Ofsted.
                       For more details contact Little Oaks on 884076
                         Or the chairperson, Heidi Smith on 821301

                       Wattlesborough Parent and Toddler Group
                             Meets every Wednesday morning
                        10- 12noon in Wattlesborough Village Hall.
                         £1.50 per session inc. drinks and biscuits.
                           Lots of toys, friendly mums and dads.
                                    Everyone is welcome.

                                  Tom’s Gardening Service
                            All aspects of gardening considered,
                               from cutting lawns or hedges to
                                      painting the shed.
                            Any jobs considered, no job too small
                       Tel ~ 01743 860231 ~ mobile 07932 716699

                                   Shrewsbury Dial a Ride
 provide a door to door service for people without cars who have difficulty using conventional
                               Weekly from 8.45am to 4.30pm.
Journey prices are based on local bus fares and transport tokens can be used for all or part of
                                            the cost.
                               Annual registration is necessary.
                           For further details contact 01743 450350
                           To book the service call 01743 450270.
                        The service for Ford is Mon, Wed and Fridays

                                       Open Garden
                            The gardens at Cruckfield House
                             will be open as part of the NGS
                          on Friday June 12 between 2 and 6pm
                                Adults £4.50, Children £1
                 Tea and cakes will be provided by, and proceeds will go to
                      the League of Friends at Shrewsbury Hospital.

                Flowers by D-Zine - Pontesbury Village
                           Bouquets - Posies – Sprays
                            Baskets for every occasion
                                     Specialists in
                  Wedding Flowers and Funeral Tributes
                            Call Helen & Richard on
                     01743 790821 or 07799 751558

                                 Alysanne - Florist
                       3/4 Greyfriars Bridge, Shrewsbury


                        Home visits available out of hours
                          for funeral and wedding orders
             Data base for anniversary and birthday reminders
                                Daily delivery service
               Tel:01743 232052             Wbsite:

                          Dave Randles Lawnmower Repairs
                              10% discount on servicing
                                 15 years experience
                              Free collection and delivery
                           Contact 01743 860898 after 6pm

                                  Planning Drawings
                          Building Regulations Applications
                              Extensions       New-build
                              Renovations Conversions
                                   CAD Drafting etc.
                               phone/fax: 01743 821418
                                 mobile: 07746 976679

                           Garden Services – Gary Seabury
 General gardening - Mowing - Hedge cutting Ornamental work - Tree pruning and
                         Fencing - Any odd jobs as requested
                                  Reasonable rates
                    Tel – 01743 850113       Mob. – 07814 771765

                              West View - Weekly Activities:
                          Tuesdays - 10.30am - Coffee mornings
                              2pm – Craft - Ford Sewing Group
                          Wednesday - 2pm – 3.30pm EXTEND
                             (recreational movement to music).
                          Limited numbers, please contact Helen
                                       st     rd
                         Thursdays (1 and 3 ) – Bingo 7 - 9pm

                                 Ford Village Hall
                      Bookings secretary – Carol Britton 850685
Weekly events
Monday             Judo       6–9pm
Tuesday            Whist Drive    7.45pm
Wednesday          Judo      6–9pm
Thursday           Westbury Medical Centre
               12.15-12.45pm – Urwick Room
                   Youth Group       6.30 – 8pm
Friday             Rainbows       4.30 – 5.30pm
 Other events:
Saturday June 6 – Halfway House Choir Concert
Saturday November 9 - Psychic Supper


Due to sell-out success of previous event - further details in the next newsletter or contact Janice
Laxton - 851245

               Ford Village Hall
Former doctor’s surgery available for
                   Suitable for
     beauty therapy, physiotherapy
                 ,chiropody etc.
                                  Wattlesborough Village Hall
   Couch, washbasin, water heater,
Weekly Events
Sundays – 8pm - Halfway House Male Voice Choir
Mondays –          room heater
                   5 - 6.30 – Beavers
                   6.30 from
 Further details – 8 - CubsCarol Brittton
Tuesdays –         8pm -Ladies Choir
Wednesdays –         - - Line Dancing
                   8pm – Whist Drive
Last Friday of the month – 8pm
                Sequence Ballroom Dancing

                                 Central Rural Area Team Bus
                                    is at Dinky’s Dinah lay-by
                           every Wednesday evening from 7.30 to 9.30.
                             Everyone from 13 years old is welcome.
                                Entry 50p. Contact Di Hankin on
                                  01743 791777 or 232338

    Sessions are held on Monday and Wednesday evenings at Ford village Hall from 6 – 9pm
                      The first session is free. Come along and have a go!
                               Contact Roger Houston on 358415

                              Ford Sewing and Craft Group
                               meets on Tuesday afternoons
                                at West View from 2 – 4pm.
                       Everyone is welcome to come along and join us.

                                          Mobile Library
                                Visits Ford on alternate Tuesdays
                                 West View from 9.15 – 9.35am
                                   Village Hall 9.40 – 10.05am
                                   Ford Heath from 4 – 4.20pm

                                          Paul Forrester
                                   Quality Carpentry and Joinery
                          in the Home and Garden at affordable prices
           For a professional, friendly and enthusiastic response call 07795 170938


                                      Chop and Chip
                         Tree Surgery, chipper and tree specialist.
                         Strimming and mowing.      Logs for sale.
                         Tel Adrian on 884133 or 07740 403010
                         Or Paul on 01691 610191 or 07740 402929

                                    Beauty Treatments
                            inc. Waxing, Facial massage, Facials,
                            Eyelash tint, Pedicure and Manicure
                            Book now with Sue Gaulton BABTAC
                              Tel: 850987 - Quail Ridge, Ford

                     Dinky’s Dinah The Lay-by, Ford            Tel:850070
                               Open 24hours, 7 days a week
                                  Take away food and café
We also supply newspapers, Dickie’s clothing, CB equipment, Alfred Sargent shoes, Rigger boots
                     and wellies, binoculars, insulated travelling mugs,
                            2lb packs of bacon and sliced bread

                                 Country Habits Farm Shop
                         We are based at Oakfield Farm on the B4386
                                  between Nox and Cruckton.
                            Monday through Friday 10am– 5.30pm
                          Saturdays 9am – 4pm       Sundays - closed
                     We specialise in local produce particularly potatoes,
                     also cakes, preserves, ice-cream and meat products.
                                      Tel: 01743 860396.

                                       Woodhall Pigs
 ½ pigs available for the freezer, ready cut up and bagged – joints, chops, sausages,
                    pork & apple burgers, Chinese spare ribs and
                           traditionally cured bacon and hams.
                 Selected joints as requested. All locally produced.
                        Tel Peter or Fiona on      01743 884074

                            Clock Repairs & Restoration Service
                                 Call Arfon Parry on 850696
                              E-mail -

                          Efficient and Reliable Window Cleaner
                                    Ford and Fords Heath
                         For further details contact Bryan on 235158

                                         Sew What
                      Curtains and clothes alterations undertaken
                              No job too big or too small
                       Contact Sally on 860231 or 07782314171


                          Milk - Early Morning Doorstep Delivery
                             6 days - Call H.P.Price on 850581

                                  Churncote Farm Shop
                              Welshpool Road, Bicton Heath
                        Tel 017438502763 -
                       Butchery Counter - Traditionally Hung Beef
                          Home Reared Free Range Pork & Lamb
                     Free Range Chickens Fresh Fruit & Vegetables
                     Wide Range of Cut Cheeses      Free Range Eggs
                              Organic Flour & Porridge Oats

                               H and S Plumbing Services
                                    Tel: 01939 290402
                             Mob: 07875 335303 / 07980793382

                                   Dragon Alchemy
    We produce and paint hand-made tiles and other ceramic articles. Find us at Unit 41 in
               Shrewsbury’s Indoor Market Hall on Fridays and Saturdays
                          Website -
                                  Tel: 07866053999

                                       Pets Direct
  Free pet food delivery – we can deliver to your door most dry and tinned feeds and
accessories for dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, chinchillas, ferrets, fish, wild
                       and caged birds. We are also suppliers of
                      the holistic Burns range of dog and cat food
                   Tel Brian and Janet on 790695 or 07711 527812

                                        Age Concern
In order to carry out our work Age Concern Shropshire Telford & Wrekin relies on voluntary
                  support including legacies, donations and volunteering.
                        If you or your organisation is able to support
 Age Concern please phone us on 233123 or visit
                       and click on How can you help Age Concern?

                     Autonomy             Shropshire Autistic Adults
This is a group for adults and young people over 16 with autism or Asperger Syndrome
                    Their website is
 The newsletter, activities and website are organised by Sara Heath. Contact her on
                                     01743 821363


                           at The Cross Gates in Ford:
                              IN ADDITIION TO THE FULL MENU
                          OUR POPULAR ROAST DINNERS ARE NOW
                                AVAILABLE EVERY LUNCHTIME
                             Monday to Friday - 12 noon to 2.00 pm
                                 Saturday - 12 noon to 5.00 pm
                               STANDARD ROAST DINNER £5.85
                      SMALL ROAST DINNER (for children & pensioners) £4.85
                                         8.00 PM - £7.30
                      'COFFEE BAR' STYLE COFFEES & TEAS
                          WITH HUNDREDS OF TITLES TO CHOOSE FROM
                                     AND GROWING DAILY
                          YOU ARE SURE TO FIND SOMETHING FOR YOU.
                            JUST BRING ANOTHER BOOK TO EXCHAN
                           TO THE AIR AMBULANCE COLLECTION BOX.
                             YES IT'S BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND
                           PHONE US FOR MORE DETAILS ON 850332
                           OR e-mail; "

                                     Saffron Cottage
                  Sunday Buffet "All you can eat" between 1.00pm - 5.00pm
                                 £9.95 Adults - £5.95 Children
                      Contact 01743 850 167 for bookings and enquires
             Lunch time special between 12.30pm - 5.00pm (Mon-Sat) ONLY £6.50
                      Contact 01743 850 167 for bookings and enquiries

                      Fed Up of Other People’s Rubbish?
                             Check out this website:-
Who is interested in setting up an informal anti-litter group with
                       neighbours on their own patch?
        Some concerned residents have already started clearing up
                             around their own areas.


If we all looked after our own pavements, lanes, hedges and grassy
     areas Ford would be much more pleasant for everyone.


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