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					ENG2D             A Midsummer Night’s Dream                                                       Fahrenheit 451
Study of            It is human nature to want to be with people who love you, and to             Culture is a measure of man’s humanity
Human               revolt against those who attempt to prevent your love (consider                Man can endure and prevail (consider the difficulties of
Nature              Hermia & her father)                                                            Montag’s life and the outcome of the novel)
                   people are naturally jealous of others                                         It is human nature to question those things which seem
NOTE:                  o Causes people to hate & causes problems between friends                    morally wrong (destroying the life – or taking of a life –
consider three         o When you desire things that other have/not happy with your                 of someone who simply wants to read
ways in which                things (Greed)
humans react           o Jealousy leads to anger, which can lead to revenge.
instinctively          o Jealousy is when someone else has achieved your fantasy
                       o Oberon doesn’t get the boy / Hermia plans to physically hurt
                             Helena / Helena reveals Hermia’s secret
Appearances       Dreams reflect reality                                                           The entire town appears to be living in a utopian
vs. Reality            - reality is that there is conflict involved in love…while in the dream-     society, but in reality, they are living in a dystopian
                          like state, there was great conflict with the lovers                      society
NOTE:                  - play-within-a-play (dreamlike because not real) reflects the reality      It appears to the townspeople that Clarisse is crazy and
consider three            of what happened in AMND                                                  a deviant, but in reality, she is living the most pure life of
different          When a dream has been cast, it is typically been to serve the                   all
concepts that       purpose of another (selfish reasons)                                           It appears that technology is making lives better, but in
appear to          Dreams are not reality…but actually interpretation of your fantasy              reality, it is destroying the humanity of the these lives
mean one            (which what you want for your reality)                                          because of the fact that it is the struggles that one goes
thing, but in     Fantasy - illusion, potions, spells, involves enchanted creatures                 through in their lives that make the good moments so
reality, are       It can change our visions (perceptions)                                         much better. When there is something to work for, and
something          Magic is symbolic of our true emotions or desires:                              one is able to achieve one’s goals, that is where true
different         o Titania – loved another; a donkey is known to be stubborn and so                happiness come from. When one does not have to
                       is Oberon. therefore, she really does love her husband                       work for anything, life becomes meaningless.
                  o Lysander – He loved Helena – is a kind gentle person who is very
                       dedicated to the man she loves, therefore, Lysander Wants a
                       woman who deeply cares for him.
                  o Dem – He loves Helena – fate…she is the woman he was meant to
                       be with.
                  o Bottom – his desire was to be the cent. of attention And he got that
                       through the fairies waiting on him.

Loyalty and        Oberon’s treatment of Titania in making her fall in love with Bottom           Mildred betray Montag when she reports his book
Betrayal            and stealing her newly adopted child                                            reading to the authorities
                   Lysander promised himself to Hermia and then betrayed that love by             Montag betrays his co-workers when he begins stealing
NOTE:               confessing his love to Helena and claiming that he is disgusted with            books
consider three      the fact that he ever loved Hermia                                             Montag betrays a co-worker/friend when he plants a
types of people    Helena betrays Hermia by revealing her secret to Demetrius about                book in his home
to betray or
three ways in
                    running away and marrying Lysander                                             Montag betrays Beatty when he kills him to save
which a person     Hermia betrays her father when she refuses to comply with his                   humanity
can be              wishes
Individual               Elizabethan theory about balance:                                                Montag murders Beatty and now the city is chasing him.
Freedom vs.               Rulers/Parents make decisions for their children - lovers rejecting            Censorship & how it limits thoughts and knowledge; free
Society                    the laws of Athens have to leave and go to the woods                            speech being outlawed; book burning
Conformity                rebellion by two individuals also implies a rejection of the norms of          Hiding books (freedom to read) vs no reading so that
                           he society                                                                      everyone knows the same things (conformity so that all
NOTE: consider
three laws that
                          society’s view of the importance of men over women                              are equal)
inhibit the individual    conflict between social classes – upper class mocking the lower
Ambition &                Bottom ambitiously seeks the best roles in the play & causes the               Seeking happiness at any cost is not advisable.
Lack of Self-              other actors to distance themselves from him                                    Montag has a desire to achieve true happiness but this
Control                   Oberon, as the leader, wants the boy, and ruins his marriage in the              affects everyone in his life in a negative way:
                           process as a result of his lack of self-control                                 Montag reads to the ladies (Clara Phelps and Ann
                          Oberon ambitiously decides to take the fate of young lovers into his             Bowles) and upsets them
decision                   own hands, and because of his overly-ambitious plan, he ends up                 Clarisse yearns to discover the world, in a time that
making,                    destroying the love life of another young couple in the process.                 such desire for knowledge is shunned, she failed to
behaviour, and                                                                                              control her yearnings, and she paid for her ambition
eventual                                                                                                    with her life.
Alienation                      Lysander & Hermia attempt to isolate themselves from the laws of         The mass media has made us a mindless society
(Isolation) as                   Athens…they felt that by running away (alienating themselves from
a Form of                        the rules of society) they would be protected                            The devotion to television and all mindless activities is
Self-                                                                                                      really the attempt to protect oneself from a world where
Protection /                    Helena eventually tries to leave (after Demetrius and Lysander            emotional or physical pain is inevitable…if one does not
Self-Fulfllment                  both claim to be in love with her) to protect herself from being hurt     socialize; they believe they cannot be hurt.
                                 emotionally by what she believes are the hurtful words of the two
NOTE: consider
three ways people                young men.                                                               The old woman who dies with her books and Faber
separate                                                                                                   alienate themselves in order to protect themselves from
themselves to                   Helena tries to get away from Hermia to protect herself from being
protect themselves
                                                                                                           a world that does not understand them…they have
or three things                  hurt physically (after Lysander informs her of his love for Helena)       almost stopped living too.
people need to
protect themselves
from that cause
them to isolate
Morality                        Bottom covets the wife of another                                        Montag lies to his wife
                                Puck/Oberon bear false witness against all those to whom they            All people with books are breaking the law, causing
NOTE:                            apply the magic flower juice                                              potential havoc in the lives of those who surround them,
consider three                  Consider if they have broken any of the commandments                      should they be caught
moral issues                    Titania commits adultery (though she was under a spell)                  The government attempts to suppress freewill (a gift
that occur in                   Hermia does not honour her father                                         given to us by God) and general expression of freedom
both pieces of                  Oberon covets Titania’s goods (the Indian boy belongs to her and         Theft – Montag steals books which are to be burned
literature                       he takes him from her)                                                   Consider if they have broken any of the commandments
                                                                                                          Mantag kills
                      Demetrius loves Hermia But she didn’t love him                           When there is a lack of communication between a
The Difficulty        Helena loves Demetrius but he no longer loves her                         husband and wife, they grow apart.
with Love             Lysander loves Hermia but Egeus doesn’t want his daughter to
and Marriage           marry him                                                                Because Montag does not share his feelings with
                      Hermia Love Lysander but her father has forbid her from this              Mildred, she continues to live her separate, isolated life.
NOTE:                  marriage and attempts to force her to marry Demetrius
consider three        Sometimes in love you have a love triangle: A) Demetrius, Hermia, &      Had he revealed himself to her, slowly & over time, he
problems with          Lysander B) Oberon, Titania, & Bottom C) Demetrius, Lysander, &           may have been able to save his marriage, & have a
love and               Helena                                                                    companion to support and love him.
marriage              Sometimes a love circle: Demetrius, Hermia, Lysander, Helena
                      Theseus won his wife Hippolyta…suggest that marriage is a game;
                       women are treated like a possession rather than an equal
                      Arranged marriages do not always work
                      Oberon and Titania: lack of respect and equality – Titania refused to
                       share the boy or even discuss the option of what to do with the boy.
                       Oberon does not respect her choices…she wants to be a mother.
                      Trust: T. can’t trust O. because he put a spell on her and made her
                       love an a**
                     Time: often rushed or decided by other people than those who are to
                       be married (parents)

Rational vs          Helena is irrational in her devotion to Demetrius, her opinion of         Mildred is irrational in her actions when she reports
Irrational            herself, and her accusations against Hermia (b/c Demetrius love her        Montag to the fire department…obviously, doing this is
Behaviour             instead)                                                                   going to cause her to lose everything too
                     Hermia is irrational in her hatred toward Helena, when Lysander           Montag is irrational in his actions when he sets Beatty
NOTE:                 proclaims his love for Helena…obviously Helena wants nothing to do         on fire…a rational person would have considered the
consider three        with Lysander because of her love for Demetrius                            fact that he/she would be hunted down for such an
ways in which        Oberon is irrational in his behaviour for wanting the Indian               action and what this sort of betrayal would do to the
one’s irrational
                      boy…obviously Titania love the little Indian boy and wants only the        society as a whole
behaviour acts
as a catalyst for     best for him                                                              Beatty was irrational in his choice to force Montag to be
change               Bottom is irrational in his desires to play the role of every
                      character…obviously he can’t be a one-man-show

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