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					                                  ROUTE 12 : ROBERTS
                                                                                                                 LEICESTER-SHIRE ARTS IN EDUCATION
a) Ibstock - Melbourne Rd, The Crown                                  Depart 8.40 am                               SATURDAY TRANSPORT 2009 / 2010
b) Nailstone - A447 Crossroads                                        Depart 8.45 am             Arts in Education – Saturday morning mobile number 07770 685392
c) Market Bosworth - The Square                                       Depart 8.50 am
d) Barlestone - Red Lion                                              Depart 9.00 am             (FOR GENUINE EMERGENCIES ONLY – not to report absences.)
e) Newbold Verdon – Desford Road                                      Depart 9.05 am
f) Desford Library                                                    Depart 9.10 am                                              ROUTE 1 : CONFIDENCE
g) Kirby Muxloe - Station Rd/Barwell Rd                               Depart 9.20 am
h) Ratby Lane (A47) - Garage                                          Depart 9.25 am
i) Western Park - Park Gates                                          Depart 9.30 am             a) Melton Mowbray Upper School                                   Depart 8.45 am
j) Southgates (inbound) St Nicholas Circle / Castle street Outbound     Depart 9.35 am           b) Melton Mowbray - Bus Station                                  Depart 8.50 am
k) Knighton Fields, Welford Rd/Herrick Rd                             Depart 9.45 am             c) Asfordby – Halls shop (Co-op)                                 Depart 8.55 am
                                                                                                 d) Kirby Bellars – Flying Childers                               Depart 8.58 am
l) Welford Road/Overdale Road                                         Depart 9.47 am
                                                                                                 e) Frisby Top / Great Lane                                       Depart 9.00 am
Wigston - Guthlaxton Campus                                           Arrive 9.55 am
                                                                                                 f) Brooksby College                                              Depart 9.04 am
                                                                                                 g) Rearsby – Horse & Groom                                       Depart 9.07 am
                                 ROUTE 13 : CONFIDENCE
                                                                                                 h) Queniborough Turn                                             Depart 9.12 am
a) Thorn Lighting                                                     Depart 9.00 am             i) Syston Railway Bridge                                         Depart 9.18 am
b) Northfield House School, Gipsy Lane                                Depart 9.07 am             j) Thurmaston Barclays Bank                                      Depart 9.21 am
c) Humberstone Park - Scraptoft Lane (By Petrol Station)              Depart 9.10 am             k) Melton Road / Doncaster Road (Melton turn)                    Depart 9.25 am
d) General Hospital/Broad Ave/Gwendolen Rd                            Depart 9.15 am             l)  London Road – Old Horse                                      Depart 9.31 am
e) Evington Lane/Coplow Avenue                                        Depart 9.20 am             m) Knighton Fields Centre – Welford Rd / Herrick Rd              Depart 9.35 am
f) St. Philips Church                                                 Depart 9.25 am             Wigston – Guthlaxton Campus                                      Arrive 9.55 am
g) Knighton Road / London Road                                        Depart 9.30 am
h) Knighton Road / Carisbrooke Road                                   Depart 9.32 am                                              ROUTE 2 : CONFIDENCE
i) Chapel Lane / Welford Raod                                         Depart 9.35am
j) South Knighton – Shanklin Drive / Link Road                        Depart 9.40 am             a) Billesdon - Market Place                                      Depart 9.00 a.m.
k) Oadby Church                                                       Depart 9.45am              b) Houghton on the Hill (Rose & Crown)                           Depart 9.05 a.m.
Wigston - Guthlaxton Campus                                           Arrive 9.55 am             c) Thurnby Lights (A47 Garage)                                   Depart 9.10 am
                                                                                                 d) Thurnby (Station Road/Somerby Road)                           Depart 9.12 am
                                   ROUTE 15 - ROBERTS                                            e) Scraptoft (The White House)                                   Depart 9.15 a.m.
a) Ratby – Dane Hill / Groby Road                                     Depart 9.10 am             f) Scraptoft Lane - Colchester Road                              Depart 9.17 a.m.
b) Groby – Co-op/(Stamford Arms on rtn)                               Depart 9.15 am             g) Goodwood Road/Coleman Road                                    Depart 9.20 a.m.
c) Groby - By-Pass                                                    Depart 9.18 am             e) Evington - Marydene Drive                                     Depart 9.23 am
d) Glenfield - County Hall                                            Depart 9.20 am             f) Evington - Golf Club                                          Depart 9.25 am
e) Glenfield Road / Ambrose Close                                     Depart 9.25 am             g) London Road/Shirley Road                                      Depart 9.30 a.m.
Knighton Fields Centre, Welford Rd/Herrick Rd                         Arrive 9.40 am             h) *Oadby Church                                                 Depart 9.35 am
Wigston - Guthlaxton Campus                                           Arrive 9.50 am             Wigston - Guthlaxton Campus                            Arrive 9.45 am - Depart 10.00 a.m.
                                                                                                 A50 Herrick Road for Knighton Fields Centre                      Arrive 10.10 a.m.
                                                                                                 Wyggeston & QEI College                                Arrive 10.15 a.m. - Depart 12.30 p.m.
            COACHES DEPART FROM GUTHLAXTON CAMPUS AT 1.00 PM                                     A50 Herrick Road for Knighton Fields Centre                      Arrive 12.35 p.m.
                                                                                                  Wigston - Guthlaxton Campus                           Arrive 12.45 pm - Depart 1.00 p.m.
The places listed on these sheets are the only official picking-up and setting-down stops.                    (*Connects with Route 8 - LSSO Bus - on inward & outward journey)
Drivers are instructed to adhere to them unless asked to revise the schedule through the
Leicestershire Arts. Students are advised to be at the stops 5 minutes before the
departure time listed. Students at Little Hill, Overdale Primary and Infant Schools,                                              ROUTE 3 : CONFIDENCE
Samworth Academy and Eyres Monsell Primary School will get shuttle buses to and                  a) Market Harborough – Bus Station/Indoor Market                 Depart 9.10 am
from Guthlaxton Campus. (All these coaches are operated by Confidence                            b) Market Harborough - Police Station Bus Stop (Leicester Rd)    Depart 9.12 am
Coaches.)                                                                                        c) Kibworth - Rose & Crown                                       Depart 9.25 am
                                                                                                 d) Great Glen - Greyhound                                        Depart 9.30 am
                                                                                                 e) * Oadby Church                                                Depart 9.40 am
NOTE All pupils travelling South and disembarking at Welford Road, Herrick Road ARE              Wigston - Guthlaxton Campus                                      Arrive 9.50 am
REQUESTED TO USE THE PELICAN CROSSING and walk along Herrick Road. All
Pupils travelling north towards city centre and embarking at Welford Road, Herrick Road,                     (* Connects with Route 8 (LSSO Bus) on inward and outward journey)
must do so at Bus Stop between Herrick Road and Great Arler Road. (Top of Herrick
Road, turn right.)

                   ROUTE 4 : OMEGA TRAVEL                                                  ROUTE 8 : MICHAEL ROBINSON (LSSO/BALLET MEMBERS ONLY)
a) Sapcote Crossroads                                      Depart 8.45 am             a) Hinckley Bus Station                                         Depart 8.45 am
b) Lutterworth – Wycliffe Rooms                            Depart 9.05 am             b) Hinckley - Ashby Road/Netherley Road                         Depart 8.50 am
c) Dunton Bassett - Coopers Lane                           Depart 9.15 am             c) Barwell - Top Town                                           Depart 8.55 am
d) Leire (Main Street Post Office)                         Depart 9.20 am             d) Earl Shilton - Constitutional Club (Station Rd)              Depart 9.00 am
e) Broughton Astley Crossroads                             Depart 9.25 am             e) Sapcote Crossroads W.M.C.                                    Depart 9.05 am
f) Cosby Library                                           Depart 9.30 am             f) Broughton Astley - Sutton Hill Bridge -XRds                  Depart 9.10 am
g) Whetstone Kaffir Inn                                    Depart 9.33 am             g) B4114 Croft turning near Council Depot                       Depart 9.12 am
Wigston - Guthlaxton Campus                                Arrive 9.55 a.m.           h) Narborough - 'Foxhunter'                                     Depart 9.17 am
                                                                                      i) Blaby - Shops                                                Depart 9.20 am
                                                                                      j) Countesthorpe Square                                         Depart 9.25 am
                                                                                      k) South Wigston - Parklands School                             Depart 9.30 am
                     ROUTE 5 : CONFIDENCE                                             l) Wigston - Station Rd (Opp' Guthlaxton CC)                    Depart 9.35 am
                                                                                      m) Wigston Library                                              Depart 9.37 am
a) Braunstone - Edward Avenue                              Depart 9.15 am             n) ** Oadby Church                                              Depart 9.40 am
b) Enderby Main Road                                       Depart 9.20 a.m.           o) London Road (Corner Shirley Road)                            Depart 9.45 am
c Narborough - Foxhunter                                   Depart 9.25 am             Knighton Fields Centre, Welford Rd/Herrick RdArrive 9.50 am - Dep 12.50 pm (See note)
d) Blaby Social Centre                                     Depart 9.30 am                      ** Connects with Routes 2 & 3 on INWARD and OUTWARD journey's
e) Countesthorpe College                                   Depart 9.35 am
f) Countesthorpe Church                                    Depart 9.40 am
Wigston - Guthlaxton College                               Arrive 9.55 am
                                                                                                                    ROUTE 10 : CONFIDENCE
                                                                                      a) Loughborough - Beacon Bingo*                                    Depart 9.05 am
                                                                                      b) Birstall - A/6 Bentley Road Bus Stop                            Depart 9.15 am
                      ROUTE 6 : ROBERTS                                               c) Birstall - A/6 School Lane Bus Stop                             Depart 9.18 am
                                                                                      d) Leicester - Prebend Street                                      Depart 9.30 am
a) Burbage - Parish Church                                 Depart 8.45 am
                                                                                      e) Knighton Fields Centre, Welford Rd/Herrick Rd (See note)        Depart 9.35 am
b) Hinckley - Bus Station                                  Depart 9.00 am
                                                                                      f) Wigston - Guthlaxton Campus                                     Arrive 9.55 am
c) Hinckley - Ashby Road/Netherley Road                    Depart 9.05 am
                                                                                      South Wigston - Countesthorpe Road                       Arrive 10.10 am - Dep 12.40 pm
d) Barwell - Top Town                                      Depart 9.10 am
e) Earl Shilton - Hinckley Rd/Belle Vue Rd                 Depart 9.13 am                                On return journey, Loughborough stop is the BUS STATION
f) Earl Shilton - Hinckley Rd/Almys Lane                   Depart 9.15 am
g) Thurlaston Turn                                         Depart 9.20 am
h) Holiday Inn (Braunstone Lane East)                      Depart 9.35 am
i) Middleton Street, Aylestone                             Depart 9.37 am                                           ROUTE 11 : CONFIDENCE
j) Saffron Lane (south of Pork Pie roundabout)             Depart 9.40 am
                                                                                      a) Barrow on Soar - Jerusalem Roundabout                         Depart 8.45 am
Wigston - Guthlaxton Campus                                Arrive 9.50 am
                                                                                      b) Quorn - Cross                                                 Depart 8.50 am
                                                                                      c) Mountsorrel - Green                                           Depart 8.55 am
                                                                                      d) Rothley - Traffic Lights                                      Depart 9.00 am
                      ROUTE 7 : ROBERTS                                               e) Rothley – Westfield Lane / Brownhill Crescent                 Depart 9.03 am
                                                                                      f) Thurcaston - Wheatsheaf                                       Depart 9.05 am
                                                                                      g) Cropston - Bradgate Arms                                      Depart 9.10 am
a) Ashby de la Zouch - Hood Park (Health Centre)            Depart 8.40 am            h) Anstey Nook                                                   Depart 9.15 am
b) Ashby de la Zouch - Hospital                             Depart 8.45 am            i) Bennion Road / Boston Road                                    Depart 9.18 am
c) Ravenstone - The Plough                                  Depart 8.55 am            j) Beaumont Leys School                                          Depart 9.20 am
d) Hugglescote - Central Road/Jacksons Shop                 Depart 8.57 am            k) Anstey Lane/Blackbird Rd - Bus Stop (near Marconi)            Depart 9.25 am
e) Coalville - Long Lane Surgery                            Depart 9.05 am            l) Leicester - St. Margaret's Church                             Depart 9.30 am
f) Coalville - Broomleys Junior School                      Depart 9.07 am            Knighton Fields, Welford Rd/Herrick Rd (See Note)                Depart 9.40 am
g) Coalville - Forest Rock                                  Depart 9.08 am            Wigston - Stage Motel                                            Depart 9.42am
h) Markfield, Field Head A50 (opp. ‘Now)                    Depart 9.15 a.m.          Wigston - Guthlaxton Campus                                      Arrive 9.55 am
Knighton Fields Centre, Welford Rd/Herrick Rd      Arrive 9.45 am    (See note)
Wigston - Guthlaxton Campus                                 Arrive 9.55 am


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