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									                      East Cambridgeshire District Council
                      Development Services
                      The Grange, Nutholt Lane, Ely, Cambs, CB7 4PL

            Guide to making a Planning Application
These notes have been written to help you complete the planning application form

INTRODUCTION                                             WHAT DOCUMENTS DO I NEED
                                                         TO SUBMIT WITH MY PLANNING
This guidance is designed to help you complete the       APPLICATION?
planning application forms.
                                                        The Council is committed to determining your
Please use this form to apply for planning permission   application as quickly as possible and to the highest
for the following types of development:                 standards. In order to achieve this aim it is essential
 Outline consent                                       that you provide us with all the information that we
 Change of use to an existing building                 need to make our decision. Where applications are
 New building works                                    not supported by the necessary information, then the
 Shopfronts                                            Council will consider imposing conditions requiring
 New access to a classified road                       that these matters be addressed prior to development
 Approval of reserved matters                          commencing or, where this is not appropriate, we will
 Removal/variation of conditions                       refuse planning permission.
 Mining, engineering and other                         If your application meets the definition of a “Major
    operations                                          Application” please submit the appropriate number of
                                                        documents, otherwise follow the requirements for “All
Do NOT use this form for the following types of         Others”
                                                        If your application meets the definition of a “Major
 Householder extensions, alterations and
                                                        Application” you will need to submit a greater number
                                                        of the required documents (see table below). Major
 Outdoor advertisements
                                                        applications are classified as applications which propose:
 Alterations to Listed Buildings
                                                        • residential development of 10 dwellings or more
 Demolition in Conservation Area
                                                             or with a site area of 0.5 hectares or more;
 Works to protected trees
                                                        • other developments where the new floorspace to
 Certificate of lawful use                                  be built or change of use proposed is 1,000sqm
 Prior notifications                                        or more, or with a site area of 1.0 hectare in size.
Please call us on the above number for a set
of forms, or visit the Council’s website on www.        You MUST submit all of the following documents with
eastcambs.gov.uk                                        your planning application.

You are strongly advised to read these guidance         Number of Documents
notes prior to completing and submitting your           required                            Major          All
planning application.                                                                       Applications Others
                                                        1. Application form                    10           6
Approximately one third of planning
applications received by this Council                   2. Certificate of
are invalid due to incorrectly completed                   Ownership of land                   1            1
application forms and failure to submit all             3. Site Location Plan                  10           6
of the necessary documents. This results in
                                                        4. Plans and Elevations                10           6
delay in dealing with applications.
                                                        5. Application Fee                     1            1
Please refer to the Development Services – Planning
Charter booklet which provides information about the    6. Any supporting information
standards of service you can expect to receive from        that is necessary to determine
                                                           the application. (See Part 6)       10           6
us. You can download the Development Services
– Planning Charter booklet on our website at            7. Design & Access Statement           10           6
www.eastcambs.gov.uk.                                   8. Where appropriate a draft
                                                           S106 agreement                      2            2
This guide is intended to help you complete your             an assessment. A flood risk assessment will usually
forms.                                                       need to address the likelihood, and possible effects, of
                                                             flooding on the development itself as well as the effects
1.     APPLICATION FORM                                      the development may have in terms of flooding on
You MUST submit six copies (or ten for major                 land and buildings outside the site area.
applications) of a completed planning application
form. Each copy should be completed in BLACK INK             Archaeology
or type.                                                     It is in the interests of the applicant, as part of their
                                                             research into the development potential of a site,
You can download the form online at                          to undertake an initial assessment of whether the
www.eastcambs.gov.uk or from the planning portal on          site is known, or likely, to contain archaeological
www.planningportal.gov.uk.                                   remains. The first step will be to contact the County
                                                             Archaeological Officer. There may be occasions when
Follow the guidance below for help with completing
                                                             pre-decision work has to be carried out on site. As this
the sections on the form.
                                                             has implications for the developer, it is important to
2.      CERTIFICATE OF OWNERSHIP OF LAND                     clarify this in advance of submitting an application.
You MUST submit one copy of a completed
Certificate of Ownership of land.
                                                             We require the submission of details of existing
Refer to the separate Certificate of Ownership               ground levels and proposed finished ground levels
Guidance notes for more information on completing            and floor slab levels of any new development
these forms.                                                 (excluding extensions). Applicants should note that
                                                             further comparative details such as sections or street
3.      SITE LOCATION PLAN                                   scenes may be requested where necessary to clarify
You MUST submit six copies (or ten for major                 relationships to existing dwellings. This information
applications) of an up-to-date site location plan            should include an existing datum point.
with the site area outlined in RED and nearby land in
your ownership outlined in BLUE.                             Contamination
A site location plan is a map that shows the location        The Council requires that all applications on
and extent of your land and property and roads               Previously developed land should be accompanied
                                                             by a statement setting out the history of previous
(including street names) in relation to the land and
                                                             land uses or activities in order that a judgement can
properties that surround it.
                                                             be made regarding the risk of contamination and
Plans MUST be to a declared scale of either 1:1250           whether remedial work will be required. Where this
or 1:2500.                                                   information is not provided, then the Council will
                                                             impose a condition on any consent requiring that a
4.    PLANS AND ELEVATIONS                                   risk assessment be carried out. Further details on the
When you are proposing external changes on building          issue of contamination can be found in the Council’s
works, you MUST submit six copies (or ten for                ‘Guidance for submitting planning applications on land
major applications) of both EXISTING and                     that may be contaminated’. A copy of this guidance
PROPOSED plans and elevations.                               can be obtained from the Council’s website.
The plans must show ALL elevations of the proposed
building(s) in relation to any existing building(s) on and   7.        DESIGN AND ACCESS STATEMENT
next to the site, and the existing and proposed plans        A Design and Access Statement is a short report
should be to the same scale to make them easier to           accompanying and supporting a planning application
interpret and understand.                                    to illustrate the process that has led to the development
                                                             proposal, and to explain and justify the proposal in a
Plans MUST be to scale, usually of 1:50 or 1:100 and         structured way.
units of measurement must be metric.
                                                             A Design and Access Statement will need to
                                                             accompany all applications except:
Planning Applications are usually subject to a planning      •   Engineering or mining operations
fee. In a small number of cases a planning fee is not        •   Development of an existing dwellinghouse
required. Please refer to the Planning Application Fees          or within its curtilage where no part of that
Guidance for more information.                                   dwellinghouse or its curtilage is within a
Planning application fees are not refundable once an             designated area e.g. a conservation area.
application has been registered and validated.               •   A change in the use of land or buildings

6.      SUPPORTING DOCUMENTAION                              The Design and Access statement should provide
Flood risk                                                   sufficient information for the planning officer (or
The Environment Agency provides a matrix outlining           member of the public) to understand the design
the likelihood of flooding in different areas which is       principles and concepts that have been applied to the
used to determine if a flood risk assessment is              development and how issues relating to access to the
required and the level of detail necessary within such       development have been dealt with.
The Design and Access Statement is a comparatively
complex document and reference will need to be                           DETAILED HELP WITH
made to the Department for Communities and Local                        COMPLETING THE FORM
Government Circular 01/2006 which can be found on
the DCLG website at www.communities.gov.uk.                  The following guidance relates to the numbered
                                                             questions on the application form and is intended to
The Commission for Architecture and the Built                assist you in completing your forms correctly.
Environment (CABE) has published a very helpful
guide, “Design and Access Statements: how to write,
                                                             1.     Name and Address of Applicant
read and use them”. This can be accessed via the
                                                             Give details of the applicant’s name, address,
CABE website at www.cabe.org.uk
An example is on our websire: www.eastcambs.gov.uk           telephone number and e-mail address

Relevant applications will not be registered                 2.       Name and Address of Agent
until the Design and Access Statement has                    You can complete this form yourself, or you may wish
been received.                                               to employ an agent to do this on your behalf. If you
                                                             are the applicant, please leave this section blank or
                                                             insert “not applicable.”
Applications involving nine houses or more may               If you are the Agent, provide details of your name,
need to make a contribution towards improving local          address, telephone number and e-mail address.
infrastructure and the provision of affordable housing.      Please note that all correspondence and negotiations
The process of negotiating these contributions can take      concerning the application will be dealt with through
a significant amount of time and it is therefore essential   the agent.
that applications be accompanied by a draft S106
legal agreement to ensure the impact of a proposal           3.      Details of the site
and proposed remediation can be considered at the
                                                             a)    Provide the full postal address of the
same time. If the Council cannot be satisfied that
issues of infrastructure provision or affordable housing           application site. If the site does not have
have been fully addressed then the application will                a current postal address, please define the
be refused. It is essential that you seek to resolve               address as accurately as you can eg. “land
these issues as far as possible prior to submitting your           to the rear of 23 High Street …” or “land
application.                                                       adjacent to 3 High Street.”
                                                             b)    Please state the current use of the land or
                                                                   buildings. If the property or land is vacant,
                                                                   please mark “vacant” and provide details of
                                                                   the last use and when last used.
                                                             c)    Provide details of the site area to which your
                                                                   application relates. This must be provided in
                                                                   either hectares (Ha) or in square metres.

                                                             4.      Description of the Proposal
                                                             Clearly describe the type of development you are
                                                             proposing in this application, e.g. “construction of
                                                             two detached dwellings” or “change of use from
                                                             dwelling to hot food take-away.”

                                                             5.      Site Ownership Details
                                                             a)    Give details of the applicants interest in
                                                                   the land, e.g. owner, tenant, prospective
                                                             b)    Tick the relevant box to indicate whether the
                                                                   applicant owns, or controls, any adjoining
6.      Type of Application                                d)     Removal or Variation of a Planning
You must indicate which type of application you are        Condition. If you wish to remove or vary a condition
applying for by placing a tick in the relevant box.        attached to a planning consent you MUST clearly
The following notes explain the different types of         indicate the reference number of the planning
application that can be made:                              permission, together with the number of the condition
                                                           you wish to vary or remove. Use section 4 of the
a)     Full Planning Permission is needed in cases         form to set out briefly what you are proposing i.e.
where you want all the details of a proposal to be         ‘Proposed removal of planning condition number 4
determined, or where a planning application cannot         (hours of operation) on application number 04/0123/
be considered without all the details.
                                                           F.’ Where you propose to vary a condition you should
                                                           set out clearly how you wish to vary the condition i.e.
b)      Outline Planning Permission is commonly
sought where an applicant wishes to establish              ‘Proposal to vary planning condition number 4 (hours
whether a proposal is appropriate in principle and         of operation) on application number 04/0123/F to
where detailed plans have not yet been drawn up for        extend the opening hours of a hot food takeaway from
consideration. In this case you must submit detailed       10:30 to 11:00 pm on Mondays to Fridays and from
plans at a later stage and indicate which matters you      10:00 to 10:30 pm on Saturdays.’
are reserving for future consideration by the Council.
The Council may require more details in order to make      You MUST submit a completed certificate of ownership
a decision and in those circumstances can require that     form with your application, but you DO NOT need to
some of the ‘reserved matters’ should accompany the        submit full plans.
application. Where this is the case, we will contact you
as soon as possible to seek additional information.        e)      Retrospective Planning Application
                                                           Indicate if the works you are applying for have already
With an application for outline planning permission,       taken place. The Council will determine retrospective
detailed information will always be required on the        applications in the same way as if the works had not
use and amount of development. In addition, even if        taken place. Please note that any work carried out
layout, scale, and access, are reserved, an application    in advance of receiving planning permission
will still require a basic level of information on these   is entirely at the risk of the Applicant.
issues in the application.
                                                           f)       Connection with Agriculture/
Where the development affects a Conservation Area
                                                           Horseracing Industry. If the proposal is required
or Listed Building, this council will always require
                                                           in connection with agriculture/horticulture or the
further information under section 3(2) of the Town and
                                                           horseracing industry, then you should indicate clearly
Country Planning (General Development Procedure)
                                                           on the application form ie. ‘Storage building for
Order 1995.
                                                           Agricultural Machinery.’ If you are proposing an
For change of use or land or buildings or for
                                                           Agricultural Dwelling you must complete the form
extensions, outline applications are not appropriate
                                                           entitled ‘Schedule for Information to Accompany an
and full applications should be submitted.
                                                           Application for Permission to Erect an Agricultural
                                                           Dwelling” which is available from reception. Applicants
c)     Approval of Reserved Matters must be                for agricultural dwellings are strongly advised to
sought for those details not approved as part of the       discuss their proposals and the information required to
outline consent. A condition on the outline permission     support an application with a Planning Officer before
will specify which reserved matters have to be             submitting a planning application.
submitted and the time period in which the application
must be made (normally 3 years). You must submit
                                                           g)     Change of Use (not involving building
all reserved matters within the time specified by your
                                                           works) Indicate if you are applying for a change of
condition. Where reserved matters are submitted
                                                           use, without any associated building works. Where
outside the period specified on the condition, the
Council cannot determine the application and will          a change of use involves extensions to a building
require that a new application be submitted for the        you should apply for full planning permission.
development being proposed. You must indicate on the       Where the proposal is to change the use of a whole
form the application reference for the outline consent     building or site, a site location plan only may be
and the date that outline permission was granted. You      required, although you may be asked to provide more
must also indicate on the forms which of the reserved      information if this is considered necessary.
matters you are seeking permission for, eg Layout,         In cases where the change of use is for part of an
Scale etc.                                                 existing building, i.e. for office use, details of existing
                                                           and proposed floor plans must be submitted so that
                                                           the Officer has the necessary information to be able to
                                                           determine the application.
7.       Materials
Please provide details of all materials you intend                      PRE-APPLICATION ADVICE
to use, where these are known ie ‘Brick - Ibstock           You are strongly advised to seek advice from
Hardwicke Beckstone Mixture DH2428’. If you do not          a Planning Officer before submitting your
know the details of brick or tile, indicate the type of     application for Planning Permission.
material that you intend to use i.e. ‘Buff Brick to match
existing.’ Materials should also be clearly shown on the    Pre-application advice can help speed up the time it
submitted plans.                                            takes to deal with applications and improve the quality
8.       Access to Roads and Public Highways                of development. If you have had pre-application
If your proposal involves the formation of a new, or        discussions regarding an application, please indicate
alterations to an existing vehicular or pedestrian access   the Officers name and the date on which advice was
to a public road, you should tick the relevant section      received ie.
and indicate the position of the changes on your plans.
                                                            “The attached application has been prepared following
9.      Drainage                                            pre-application discussions with Officer A by letter
Indicate briefly on the application forms how you intend    dated 20/June 2004.”
to dispose of foul and surface water (if applicable) ie.    For more information please call 01353 665555.
‘Main Drains’ ‘Soakaways’ ‘Septic Tank’ etc.                Application form checklist
                                                            The checklist is designed to ensure that you submit all of
10.      Landscaping                                        the required documents that comprise a (valid) planning
If your proposal might affect any tree(s) or hedgerows      application.
within your land or on adjoining land, you must tick
‘yes’ and indicate the position of the tree(s) on your      Please ensure that you refer to the Planning Application
plans.                                                      Checklist before submitting your application to
                                                            make sure you are enclosing ALL of the necessary
You must clearly indicate the position and crown            documentation.
spread of all trees affected by your proposal on your
plans. You should include details of the species and
health of affected trees together with a photograph.
If your proposal involves alterations to existing ground
levels or excavations within the crown spread of a tree,                 BUILDING REGULATIONS
you must submit these details with your application.
This should include plans showing ground levels across      It should be noted that most building work will require
the site and how those levels will change.                  consent under the Building Regulations, in many cases
                                                            even when planning consent is not required.
                                                            See exemption check sheet or contact customer
                                                            support on 01353 665555.
                                  Planning Checklist
The following checklist is designed to ensure that you submit the required documents that comprise a (valid)
planning application. You do not have to complete this checklist, or submit the checklist with your applica-
tion, however it will help ensure that we can register and determine your application as quickly as possible.
You Must submit the following documents with your planning application:                                    Tick
   1. Six completed Application Forms (Ten for major applications)
      · Ensure that each relevant section is properly completed. Refer to the Guidance notes
          for help in filling out these forms, or alternatively call 01353 665555 for further help.
      · Ensure that you have signed and dated each application form.
   2. One Certificate of Ownership of Land
      · Refer to the ‘Notes for Applicants on the Completion of Certificates of
        Ownership’ for help in filling out this form, or alternatively call for further help.

   3. Six Site Location Plans (Ten for major applications) 1:1250 or 1:2500 scale
      · If you require a site location plan this can be purchased from the Council
      · Ensure that the application site area is outlined in RED and any other land in your
          ownership in the vicinity of the application site is marked BLUE.
   4. Six copies of Plans and Elevations (Ten for major applications) (Where appropriate)
      · Plans and elevations are required for Full applications requiring building work and
          Outline applications where design and layout are not reserved matters.
          For further help refer to the guidance notes, or call 01353 665555.
   5. Application Fee
      · Refer to the ‘Scale of Fees for Planning Applications’ for help in determining the
        correct fee for your application. If you require further advice call 01353 665555.
   6. Six copies of Supporting Information (Ten for major applications)
      · Include with your application any information in support of your application that
          you wish the Council to take into account when determining your application.
      · Have you held pre-application discussions with a Planning Officer before submitting
          this application? If you have indicate who those discussions were with and when.
   7. Levels
      · The Council will require details of finished floor levels to be submitted for all new, detached
         development adjoining existing residential properties.
   8. Contamination
      · Does your scheme involve the development of a ‘brownfield site’? If so:
      · Have you provided a full history of previous uses and activities on the site in order
         for the Council to assess the risk of contamination; or
      · Would you prefer that a condition is attached to any consent requiring that a risk
         assessment be carried out prior to development commencing?
      · Further advice can be found in the Council’s Supplementary Planning Guidance on
         submitting planning applications on land that may be contaminated.
   9. Design and Access Statement six copies (Ten for major applications)

   10. Draft Section 106 agreement on proposals for nine or more houses. (two copies)
Caller Name:
Site Address:
Telephone No:

Description of Work         (please indicate if the works have already been completed)

All the criteria for a building must be ticked Yes for it to be exempt:
   Detached Garages and Cycle Stores                                                                   YES   NO
Will it be less than 30m in floor area?
Will it be single storey?
Contains no sleeping accommodation?
Will it be EITHER 1m from the boundary OR if closer than 1m from the boundary, constructed
of predominantly non-combustible materials, e.g. brick, block or concrete panel walls?

 Detached or Attached Carports                                                                         YES    NO
 Will it be less than 30m in floor area?
 Will it be open on two or more sides?
 Will it be single storey?

  Extensions i.e. Porches, Covered Yards, Covered Ways and Conservatories*                             YES   NO
Will it be single storey?
Will it be less than 30m in floor area?
Will it be strictly used only for above purposes (Not exempt if they contain sanitary
Will there be clear access from rooms above second floor level for fire escape purposes i.e.
Will not restrict ladder access from rooms such as loft conversions
Will there be clear access from designated fire escape windows in habitable rooms above
ground level?

   * Conservatories must also fulfill these criteria                                                   YES   NO
  Will at least ¾ of its roof and at least ½ of its walls be built to include glass or polycarbonate
Confirm that the conservatory will not be built over a flue outlet or airbrick?
Will the conservatory be separated from the rest of the dwelling by either a wall or
doors/glazed screen?
Will there be safety glass in any windows in critical locations? Etched in accordance with
Do the doors have safety glass?                                          BS6206?
If fixed heating installations are proposed, will they have their own separate temperature and
on/off controls?

  Detached Sheds                                                                                       YES   NO
EITHER    Will the shed be less than 30m in floor area?
as        Will the shed be single storey?
detached Will the shed contain no sleeping accommodation?
garages:  Will the shed be EITHER 1m from the boundary OR if closer than 1m, constructed
          of predominantly non-combustible materials, e.g. brick, block or concrete panel
OR        Will the shed be less than 15m in floor area?

 Greenhouses                                                                                           YES   NO
 Is the greenhouse for domestic use (no limitations on size/position)?

 Temporary Buildings                                                                                                             YES        NO
 Will the building be erected for less than 28 days?

Electrical Work                                                                                                                    YES         NO
Will any electrical work be carried out by a competent person
*IMPORTANT NOTE – Before answering this question please read the guidance notes

If you wish to receive a letter confirming the exemption please tick here and
return to the following address:
Building Control
East Cambridgeshire District Council
The Grange, Nutholt Lane
Additional Information

Part P – Electrical Safety
From 1 January 2005, all electrical work should be carried out by persons who are competent to do the work and the design,
       s t

installation, inspection and testing of electrical installations will be controlled under the Building Regulations.
Approved Document P applies mainly to dwellings. This includes the gardens and outbuildings such as sheds, garages and
greenhouses. (further details are available on our w ebsite – WWW.eastcambs.gov.uk)
The following information will be required by Building Control prior to completion: -
1. A copy of a signed Building Regulation self-certification certificate, issued under the Part P Self-Certification Scheme to the
            persons ordering the work.
2. A copy of an electrical installation certificate signed by a competent electrician and a relevant Building Regulations application

Persons registered with Part P Self-Certification Schemes will be fully qualified electrical contractors with the ability to design, install and
thoroughly test a circuit for safety. They will be able to issue certificates of compliance without the need for a Building Regulations application.
This will include members of the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC), the Institute of Electrical
Engineers (IEE) and the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA)
All other electrical work in dwellings or where the source power is from a dwelling (unless exempt see website www.eastcambs.gov.uk) will
require a Building Regulations application and an installation/design/test certificate from a qualified electrician. Note: Please pass this notice
onto the person carrying out the work, as failure to provide an electrical certificate could result in the Completion Certificate not
being issued, and the possible commencement of enforcement action.
Building Control Services, January 2005

Important note – If the proposed works deviate form the above information supplied the Councils confirmation letter will be
rendered invalid

The Party Wall Act 1996
If you are intending to carry out work on, or within, close proximity to your neighbour’s boundary or party walls, you will most likely have
duties and obligations under the Party Wall Act. This is designed to resolve any disputes that may arise between neighbours when building
work is carried out. The minimum requirements of the Act are that you notify your neighbour of the intended work. The Party Wall Act is not
administered by Building Control, but a Government explanatory leaflet can be obtained by contacting Building Control at the
address/telephone number below or on the ODPM website (www.odpm.gov.uk and click on Building Regulations).

Construction Related Websites

  Website Address                            Resources Available
www.eastcambs.gov.uk                     Local Building Control information including services provided and contact
www.odpm.gov.uk                          Information relating to The Building Act, The Building Regulations and the
                                         Building Control Approved Documents (Including New Part P – Electrical
www.labc-services.co.uk                  Local Authority Building Control (LABC) is dedicated to maintaining the
                                         highest standards in building design and construction. LABC is a publicly
                                         accountable, independent building control provider
www.corgi -gas-safety.com                Gas installation
www.oftec.co.uk                          Oil Installations
www.fensa.co.uk                          Glass and glazing regulations


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